Arsenal WILL NOT throw in the towel

Even the most optimistic of Arsenal fans, and I am not sure how many of them are left after what has happened to the team since the turn of the year, will be having trouble maintaining anything more than hope about our chances of ending the wait for a Premier League title this season.

On the other hand we do tend to blast the players and the manager for not playing with belief and confidence, so even if it turns out to be misguided then we should all want the Arsenal players to have an unshakeable belief that they will end up victorious, whether it be in a single match or the season as a whole.

Our Brazilian centre back Gabriel seems to be one Gunner at least that believes that Arsenal still have a good chance of claiming the title in a couple of months and in an Evening Standard report he explains why. The core of his belief stems from the fact that Arsenal are used to taking blows and coming back from them, so even though the last few months have been hard on Arsene Wenger and the squad, Gabriel reckons that we can take it and bounce back.

He said, “We have a great chance to be champions this season. However, we went through a period of bad form and it left us behind Leicester, who are having a great season.

“But we do not throw in the towel and we can make a difference in the battles we have to fight for the Premier League title.”

Gabriel may turn out to be wrong but does his belief make it more or less likely that Arsenal will pull it off? I know which way I would rather have the players approach a game. What do you guys think?

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  1. Correction Gab, we HAD a great chance to win the league but we’ve blown it, we aren’t second but 3rd, both Leicester and spurs (auto correct said sours lol) are above us and even if they weren’t thinking of winning the league at the beginning they surely would by now, it’s Leicester’s to lose and sours to challenge, sadly, we have become an “also ran” team, again. Everyone who cares about this club and is in a position to do something that matters should really sit down and think for a long moment about what we’ve become, I don’t care if it takes our preseason just ensure our mentally, manager, players or whatever is wrong with us doesn’t follow us into the next season

  2. even if that were the case.I honestly do not see leicester losing more than 4 points in the remainder of fixtures.
    They are true worthy champions

  3. the team of the season till now.
    de gea
    walker alderwierld huth fuchs
    mahrez kante alli
    Vardy Kane

      1. walker has been better than bellerin tbh.
        But if I were to chose the best quality team.
        then it has to be
        koscienly stones kompany
        debruyne silva ozil hazard
        sanchez Aguero Kane.

        This is my dream team

  4. Arsenal has 6 easy games
    5 of which are at home while
    we also go to Sunderland.
    73 points minimum.
    Leaving City and Westham away as bonus games.
    Leicester has 4 challenging home games
    Southampton Westham and Everton plus Swansea.
    They might gain as few as 6 from these four home games.
    They then have Man U, Chelsea + Sunderland away
    so might take no more than 1/9 away thus 73 in all.

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