Top Gunner Ozil WILL stay if Arsenal make BIG transfers

Maybe I am reading too much into the comments of the Arsenal and Germany international star, and Mesut Ozil just happened to be talking about Zinedine Zidane for a completely different reason. But with the Frenchman being the current manager of Ozil’s former club Real Madrid and with recent Arsenal transfer rumours suggesting that our creative star might be ready to move on with Madrid one of the clubs linked, I am not so sure.

The German was reported in the Daily Mail saying that he has no intention of making the transfer back to his former club even though he was full of praise for Zidane. So why bring it up at all Mesut?

He said, ‘I got to know him after his active career as someone who is always willing to lend a hand.

‘But that does not say anything about my future. I am only thinking about Arsenal. There is no truth in the speculation linking me with a return to Spain.

‘I have watched a lot of games involving Zidane. He was one of the most clever players in the world.

‘He was able to read the game and direct play without any unnecessary tricks and showboating. That’s what makes him so special.’

The Arsenal star was also reported by the Daily Mail as being full of praise for Arsene Wenger as well, insisting that the prof was a major factor in his decision to come to north London and the Premier League in the first place. But he also talked about the need for some serious summer spending on transfers by the Gunners to avoid the problems the team has suffered this season happening again next year.

He said, ‘We will only see more good players in the Premier League in the future due to the new TV deal.

‘Teams will only get stronger and Arsenal will have to strengthen as well. This season has shown that we struggle when we are missing a number of key players. We cannot allow this to happen again next season.’

He can hardly make the message any clearer to Wenger can he?

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  1. if Wenger doesn’t get us a CB, DM, RW/LW and quality striker (chicharito for example) ozil and sanchez might be gone sooner than we hoped. Please LISTEN TO EVERYONE Mr Wenger please.

  2. Ozil’s own place in the Arsenal team may be under threat next season with the return of Serge GNABRY! So tread softly matey 😉

    1. Now I remember, your that one dude who believes Gnabry is dynamite.

      Iwobi, Adelaide on their way up. Joel beginning to show some great signs, Ramsey no place in centre so will get games out there.

      Welbeck, when we sort out striker position will play on the wings, even if we don’t sort it out Arsene will come back to Giroud.

      Then we have Walcott and Oxlade who most likely aren’t going anywhere.

      Not forgetting either how Arsene will play Ozil & Cazorla out there if needs must.

      Lastly, we need signings.

      So am afraid Gnabry’s time has come and gone, him and Wellington Silva. I cant really see the point in keeping them around. Well Gnabry’s time is up I’m sure of it, Silva will probably get a quick once over.

  3. The highest paid players: Ozil, Alexis and Walcott need to put pressure on Wenger for Wenger to sign top players

    Wenger won’t listen to the fans. He even said 2 weeks ago that he doesn’t care what fans think.

    Wenger has got the backing of Kroenke and Usmanov. So no pressure there

    The ONLY way to make Wenger sign top outfielders this summer is by pressure from top players

    1. I think the fans have more power than you tnink, they won’t just act on it. If fans decide to boycott 2 o 3 games, trust me they’ll start listen. But the board knows the fans are coward and like to whine on the internet. That’s why the board and AW will continue to take that loyalty for granted

  4. If he insists on big summer signings in other words he is saying he is leaving. Wenger hardly signs big name players. He would rather have the ‘Wenger out’ banner than losen his wallet.

  5. I just think he’s being honest, honest about Zidane who he looked up to as an inspiration. Honest about what he thinks might happen with the new PL money. Honest when speaking about his reasons for joining Arsenal with Arsene being a deciding factor, and then telling us that this hasn’t changed. Finally, he told us how these rumours are media driven lies.

    Was he asked some questions here, sounds like he would’ve been with how he jumps from one opinion to the next. So it’s maybe not a case of him just bringing up Zidane for no reason, and you need to remember that he likely idolised the man as well as knowing him very well from his Madrid days.

    Arsene often speaks about other people and other matters that are none of his concern, and he does it without papers directly linking him to the story. So I think you are maybe reading too much into it.

  6. I wish we could just raid Dortmund for Hummels, Aubameyang and Reus. But alas, Aubameyang doesn’t want to come here, Reus doesn’t want to leave and Wenger won’t pay the money to tempt Hummels.

  7. Do we know for certainty if the Boss’ decision to limit his signings to Cech and Elneny this season isn’t entirely his own making? But could be a final decision taken by the Arsenal Board to limit their spending on new recruits to a certain amount this season.

    Let’s not bother so much on the likelihood of Ozil leaving Arsenal maybe next season if Arsenal failed to lift the Barclays Premier League title this season. Because that’s the crust of the matter that is making Ozil talking of his frustration of playing in a big club like Arsenal who always blow their title winning chances away since he joined them. The singing of news top quality players Ozil is quoted to have said, is linked to winning the title and the Ucl.

    If only the Gunners will step it up and win their remaining 8 BPL games, who knows Arsenal could lift the title trophy this season and Ozil will extend his contract deal at Arsenal. And the pressure on the Boss to over recruit new players will lessen as he will buy at his pace after carefully reaccessing the current quality Gunners in his squad.

    1. Last summer there was £30m to pay due to clauses in existing contracts, in other words deferred payments to players previous clubs. Hence little money to spend on new players without dipping in to cash reserves.

      As we have all read, kroenke is not interested in winning, only making money

  8. Wenger said he has a little list of transfer targets. I would say you would need a microscope
    to see it. Wenger will not spend much this summer mark my words. He will put two fingers up to the Fans and do his usual and tell the Fans there was no one available. It will be the same old move along nothing to see here,

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