Cech transfer has already won Arsenal 10 extra EPL points

It is impossible to judge beyond a shadow of a doubt how many extra Premier League points Arsenal have earned with the former Chelsea keeper Petr Cech between the posts but after another stunning performance from the 33-year old stopped Stoke City taking all the points at the Britannia Stadium yesterday it is clear that the Chelsea captain’s prediction that Cech would be worth an extra 12 to 15 points for Arsenal is close to the mark.

So the Daily Mail have looked back at the 22 Premier League games that the Gunners played so far this season in order to put a points number on the Cech effect. The paper’s football experts have had to rely on their own opinion and the report admits that they have decided to disregard things like the calming influence Cech has on his team mates in the Arsenal defence and also games like the heavy wins over Man United and Swansea even though Cech made great saves at key moments that might have influenced the course of the match.

So this is probably a conservative figure that they have reached but they reckon that Cech has already been worth an extra 10 points like so:
Arsenal 0-0 Liverpool – One point.
Arsenal 2-1 Everton – Two points.
Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham – One point.
Norwich 1-1 Arsenal – One point.
Arsenal 3-1 Sunderland – Two points.
Arsenal 1-0 Newcastle – Two points.
Stoke 0-0 Arsenal – One point.

Assuming they are about right, without the transfer of Cech in the summer the Gunners would have 34 points and that would put us down in 8th place and facing our usual fight for the top four. Instead we are in top spot and fighting for the title so was this the most important single signing Arsene Wenger ever made for Arsenal?

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  1. Great game by Cech however Butland from Stoke was not too shabby. The save he made off Giroud’s header was one of the best I’ve seen this year. When a ball comes in and you put it back from where the ball came from, along with the pace of the header should of given us the 3 points.

  2. Whilst I think Cech is probably in the top 3 or 4 transfers Wenger has made in his 20 years at AFC I think these “points saved” stats are a bit dodgy to say the least. Are we assuming that another goalkeeper would not have made any of the saves in those matches and only Cech was capable of doing so? Bit of a stretch if you ask me. IMO, his influence, leadership and experience is having a much more far-reaching impact than his brilliant goalkeeping.

    1. Exactly my point. There is nothing really extra special about him. He has saved us points and he has equally caused us some. Looking at the premiership, after the first 22 games last season, we had conceded 25 goals and scored 39, after 22 this season, we have conceded 21 and scored 37. Looking at this, there is really no big difference between the two to warrant someone saving us 10 points! Currently, we are at the top of the table not because we have significantly improved from last season, but because the so called big 4 have been poor this season. Chech is good and that’s all it is.

    2. Hahahaha……… Facts……. Facts……. Even Ospina saved us some points Last season even tho he isn’t on the same Level as Cech!

  3. I don’t think we would
    be in 8th place, the league
    is too weak for that.
    More like 4th/5thplace
    like we used to be.
    Mertz Kos Bellerin Monreal Coq Giroud
    defending have saved us points also.
    DeGea and Butland have saved
    Utd and Leicester the same amount of points.
    Also Cech has had a couple
    of poor games where he was at fault.
    So I would say he has saved us
    10-12 points but cost us 3-4
    So 7-8 points is more accurate and equals
    the gap between us and 5th placed Man U.
    But Cech can not be given all the credit.
    Its about having good players all over the pitch
    Remember Szcz shared the golden gloves with
    Cech one season but the rest of out team had problems.
    Now we have Coquelin Ozil Sanchez
    a great back 4 and Giroud in form.
    The overall strength of the team is better.
    The manager has also begun to tighten Arsenals style like
    how he parked the bus at Stoke something he never did before.
    It’s a combination of factors and Cech
    is one of those important factors.

      1. Yes he swapped with
        Shmeichel yesterday 🙂
        My point being that there are
        many GK’s saving teams points
        Courtois Lloris Elliot
        Butland Degaea.

  4. just saw some coment of a dude who mentioned kos first year at arsenal with vermaelen to make a point about pairing and mestersack, and how s… kos was back in the dazs. my question to this dude is, how come you forget to mention mertesackers first years at arsenal and try to make some comparesing about him.

    kos came from the second french leauge, getting used to high standart football was his thing, and not this babbling of pairing bs.

    gabriel needs to play, and wenger needs to spend some money bec we are short. not in players, but in quality.

  5. wenger has a thing about spending players to secure us the 4th place. sometimes its an half seasn wonder in ramsey, before it was a van persie, then sanchez, and now cech.

  6. To win the PL you need a GK like Cech. Almunia, Fabianski wasn’t good enough
    Cech was an amazing Signing

    Ozil’s number of Assists is even more awesome considering the poor finishing of OX, Campbell and Walcott. I feel a lot of Ozil’s passes are going to waste

    We desperately need Alexis back and Giroud to remain health
    Walcott needs to find the form that got him 20 goals a few seasons ago

  7. 16 games left,

    we can’t afford to gamble on duds like OX/THEO. We need players that will deliver or will be benched regardless of whether they’re english or not. Where’s the accountability? Unlike many other managers wenger is in a position of authority, which means, he could yell at any players he so chooses and if they don’t listen he has the absolute power to ship them off.

    Walcott is better suited for the 100m sprints not football, Ox needs to figure out what position he really fits in and practice like his life depends on it. Ramsay will hold on to his position until cazorla/coquelin come back at which point he will go to the bench. He’s not better than Coq/cazorla or Elnenny imo

    Lastly, Cavani wants out, the club wants to rid of him. We need to get that player and give him minutes if we’re serious about winning the double this year because city looks like they’ve found rhythm right now and we can’t afford to gamble on this season. An injury to Giroud and we’re done!

  8. I believe Cech will continue to earn Arsenal many extra points. Absolutely.

    Now if Wenger could only enjoy the same corrupt influence over the FA and match officials that Fergie had we could add at least another 10 points per season. That should put us over the top.

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