Top marks to Arsenal for going all out for the League title

I have always said it’s up to Arsenal to prove me wrong. by Dan Smith

I pleaded with our owners to act from a position of strength. Instead of waiting till the summer, spend some of that budget now and it could be the difference between being Champions or not.

Would the Kroenke Family only care that the Gunners are in a great position to return to the Champions League and the revenue that guarantees?

Or would they look at our situation on sporting merit, accept we might not be in this position again, that our rivals will improve and that this was the opportunity to write themselves into our history and become immortal .

Make zero mistake Leonardo Trossard is a signing that can get us over that finish line.

Eddie Nketiah is holding his own but in general there is a drop in quality if anything happens to our front three, with Arteta not quite trusting Vieira.

Compare that to Man City, who put 4 past Spurs while De Bruyne and Foden were unused subs and Silva only off the bench for the last 10 minutes.

It means the Champions can fight for three trophies by playing different elevens every few days.

It’s believed the Gunners were long term admirers of Mudryk but we didn’t need a player for the future, we needed a player for now.

At 28, Trossard knows the division but is hungry enough to make that next step up.

For 21 million you can’t get better than that.

By taking advantage of his contractual situation at Brighton, it proves that you can better your squad by being creative in the market.

I remember a team of a young Fabregas, Nasri and Van Persie being in title races, but the club refusing to purchase the experience to help. For too long as a club we have been afraid to  take that next step.

All I ever asked is Arsenal try to be the best version of themselves.

If we don’t lift the Prem at least we can say we done that.


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  1. Yes. I’ll be so happy if we win the PL Title. It’s been 2 decades

    Today we play United and City are at home against Wolves. We need to assume City will win so we must get a result preferably a win


    1. we are guaranteed to win the title unless we blew it

      just like liverfool in 2020….

      form is excellent, motivation and determination is high

      we need experience players to guide the team to victory

  2. Spot on Dan. Leo is a signing that in all likelihood can get us over that finish line more than Mud. We have a golden opportunity to win the league this season. We need players who are already performing in the league – players who can hit the ground running, without any time to adapt.

    Call me shortsighted, but I care way more about winning the league this season than if Mud wins the Ballon d’Or in 5 years

    1. Ain’t happening, that dude is not ballon d’or material. Unless they bring politics back into football and hand him one for just being a Ukrainian. He is/going to be good player but that is where it stops he is never going to be world class. Ppl forget Pepe on his debut took van Dyke in prime to cleaners. Mudryk on the other hand was against 37 year old Milnear and he still missed a sitter with bad touch. No thank you he is no way near the price tag Chelsea paid. Just for hate of Arsenal all media are hell bent on forcing the issue of praising him as some next incarnation of Ronaldo or messi.

  3. The news that we were ready to trigger the release clause of a Real Sociedad DM fills me with even more hope. Even though the player reportedly prefers not to move just yet , it shows that Arsenal are after an upgrade Partey option;
    and that they are ready to spend decent money for the position

    1. Apparently we were willing to activate Martin Zubimendi release clause but the player rejected us. Personally I think we should be looking at his teammate Mikel Merino who can play CM/DM to provide competition for both Partey and Xhaka.

  4. I am more and more inclined now, in the light of the fact that KSE are at long last allowing more spending, to the view that KSE may well be seriously attempting to win the title , with a view to a sale if and when we achieve it.

    AFC would then be at the maximum value to prospective buyers.

    I see Kreonke being fully aware that when countries , rater rthan private equity investors buy clubs, they are financially powerful enough to blow privately owned clubs out of thre water We now have City, Newcastle and a strong rumour of a Qatari state led bid for United.

    Kroenke is many things, most of which I much dislike but he did not become fabulously wealthy by being unaware of trends and is always ahead of the financial situation.

    A sale ere long would not at all surprise me therefore, despite KSE saying we are not for sale. KSE WOULD SAY THAT WOULDNT THEY!!!.

    1. Don’t believe there is any chance of KSE selling up anytime soon. It makes little sense on multiple levels

      Firstly the time and effort it took them to wrestle control of the club coupled with the fact they they haven’t sold their other older franchises makes it seem to not be how they’d be planning to operate personally . Add in Josh Kronkes closer involvement in the club who I believed before the Amazon documentary had got a bit of the football bug and developed an affinity for Arsenal it’s hard to see them selling on a personal level.

      The reason more likely to resonate with you is the fact it doesn’t really make financial sense right now either. The league/club is still growing revenues so it won’t have topped out in value that way yet. Also the market for buyers is reduced currently Newcastle/Chelsea were both taken over recently taking those buyers out the market. United are explicitly for sale and Liverpool were for sale supposedly and certainly are still looking for investors. It just doesn’t make huge sense that end of the season would be a good time to sell even purely financial.

      Finally the structure of club top down makes it unlikely. Having slowly but surely attempted to change various facets of the club since taking over full control they finally seem to have hit on something that works. Surely they want to exploit and gain as much success/reputation off the back of that first even if the plan was to sell eventually. Everything behind the scenes seems to have improved. Particularly our recruitment set-up/policy and you would surely want to see how long you can pull rabbits out the hat for before selling up that way. The manager obviously being the youngest in the league and who could have a very high ceiling you would want to let him continue to raise your profile. Then the squad itself being the youngest in the league with a potentially very high ceiling and certainly with the right investment the chance to compete at the top level for years to come. Why win one title and sell when you could potentially win multiple titles basically and then be extremely attractive proposition even in the face of extreme investment at other clubs.

      1. Angus I did not say and don’t believe that AFC will be for sale at the end of THIS season, as you seem to believe I was saying. I was NOT.

        I was saying that first KSE need to maximise our sale value and just winning ONE title, which is anyway a huge task, will not maximise our sale value.

        I think your post has some validity, but only in the short term.

        But KSE is and always has been an investor looking to make money and NOT, obviously not, fans in any way, despite your view about Josh, which I do not share.

        I DO AGREE JOSH, unlike Stan, shows personality and social skills in abundance but personality does not make one a fan, but rather a shrewder and more modern in outlook INVESTOR.

        I MAINTAIN MY VIEW that it is more likely than not, that down the line, KSE is preparing the club to be sold. I believe that unlik emany of our shorter sighted fans who stupidly called for MA’s head asecently as last season, that KSE always saw and recognised thatvin MA they had a winner ans one who would be her and would upgrade Arsenals value and that backing him ,in the =short term was wise and financially sensible But no sale is going to happen this summer.
        TIME ALONE will show when, but IMO the ground is OBVIOUSLY being prepared for whenever KSE considers it MOST profitable to sell.

        It could well take five years or three or two but not one, from now.

        1. My mistake I took your opening statement to mean if we win the title this year they sell up after that.

          Down the line think it’s very much open for debate if your talking 5 plus years. Have the feeling even Stan views sporting investments as a safe haven for cash compared to other investments and would prefer to hold them long term.

          Can see the scenario your describing potentially convincing them to sell if these clubs with massive backers are able to completely distort the market and get around ffp or the like with impunity and willing to just keep investing then they may feel they’ll potentially lose to much holding on.

          Still even with Newcastle, City, Chelsea and potentially United soon having such backers. They could realistically expect to be in the CL regularly. The times they outperform their backing and get top 4 outright, the times under the new CL rules coming in where they are one of the highest rated teams to miss out and get a place that way and through winning the Europa League itself. That is firmly a time will tell one but with the strength the PL has over other leagues you would expect them to have 5+ teams in the competition regularly going forward and that they would do well enough in it itself.

    2. Jon,the Kroenke have never sold even one of their sports franchise.i doubt they’ll sell Arsenal,by the looks of it,it seems that Arsenal has become Josh’s project/baby.

      1. Siamois, It seems that way to YOU, plainly it does.

        But I am more life experienced and have met many people in life who are not as they appear to be and most of them are out for making money for themselves.

        I do NOT believe that JOSH, for all his social skils and pleasant demeanour, is at heart a TRUE Gooner, but is an investor to his soul and will do whatever it takes to make HUGE profit.
        Just like his father but he will speak and appear human, unlike his silent robot like DAD!

  5. There might still be more incoming. We fans criticised and bashed Kronke for not spending money ok club looking at few past windows I think it proves many people wrong and they should admit it. Credit should be given to owners for full support of this project.

  6. The gaffer wants to buy a young and powerful midfielder, that’s his number one priority the problem is its difficult one readily available.
    The perfect player that would fits his plan in my opinion is Declan Rice but getting him now is easier said than done, unless he’s able to find £90 mil to test the Bubbles resolves.

    The best option is paying over the top for a loan deal at the old lady, Madrid or PSG.
    But one thing for sure you can see that the gaffer is thinking.

    1. The younger Thurmam, Khepren is a fantastic young
      DM talent @ OG Nice. Reminds of a Cavaminga during
      his years @ Rennes before moving to RM. The young
      Frenchmen ticks ALL THE BOXES for what MA is
      searching for in a future successor to TP and would
      be perfect as an immediate upgrade over ME in
      both EL and Cup games.

      At bargain £30-35M

  7. Would of trusted the Arsenal recruitment team if we had shelled out a major amount for Mudryk and he does look exciting but Dan’s completely right that Trossard is a more known quantity for the here and now and at the price getting great value even if he just plays a Shaqiri at Liverpool role in the end that is still valuable.

    Mostly impressed with fact after accusations of dilly dallying as soon as the deal fell through we moved on and acted decisively on a winger, then straight away on a lcb, that is has all been backed up by continued pursuit of a RB and moves for a DM. Positive action.

  8. @Logic, as your name implies, you truly are logical in thinking.
    Mudryk, is a fantastic player but time will tell if he’s at the world-class level.
    Our pepe is a fabulous player just didn’t fit into the current system at Arsenal. Nevertheless, we all saw flashes of his brilliance. Therefore, let’s wait to see if Mudryk gets to the hieght of his potential at Chelsea.

  9. We’ve got top 4 sorted now and are leading by 5 and need to build a squad for the rest of this season and next so actually if we are really wanting the league, EL & FA Cup and to compete in the CL next season then go in for Rice now. Get him in and familoar with the team so we hit the ground running next season. Why wait if we gonna get him in the summer that means the money is there so do it now and then we’ve got a great chance to win the lot this year and get to the CL semi’s next.

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