Top of the League! A Merry Xmas morning to all JustArsenal readers

Good Morning and Seasons Greetings to all our rich and varied readership here at JustArsenal.

It has been so many years where we were nowhere near the top of the League at Xmas and resigned to yet another season without the biggest prize, but now we are having our second year in a row looking down at the chasing pack, it’s a wonderful time to be an Arsenal fan indeed!

I am very happy to have to spend all my days reading and writing about our mutual passion for Arsenal and the game. I have now been running the site for well over ten years, and I just love sharing mine and yours opinions on all things about our beloved club, and although we have had quite a few downs in that time, we are now definitely on an upwards trajectory, and long may it continue!

It may not come to pass this season, but I am enjoying having the belief that we can honestly challenge for all major titles again, and you can bet there are very few teams in the world that would not be VERY worried about facing Arsenal in any competition at the moment, and with a little bit of luck, I believe we could even see the Gunners in another European Final in the very near future.

So it is a Happy Christmas to all, and a positive and exciting second half of the season to come. Let us support this great team to give us some happiness in our lives, while the world around us is going to the dogs. With so much misery and pain on the news every day, we are lucky to have one bright spark in our lives to keep a smile on our faces.

Once a Gooner, always a Gooner!


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  1. Merry Christmas everyone wishing you all good health and happy holidays.

    Truly a bright spark in these turbulent times Pat.

    I am confident we will be playing at the Wembley on 1st June 2024!

  2. Merry Christmas to you all. Exciting times to be a Gunner. A trophy at the end is all I wish for. Thanks pat for creating this wonderful debating site. Please stay safe wherever you are and happy holidays.

  3. Merry Christmas and thank you for running this site Pat. It’s always been great to be a gooner over the decades whether we won trophies or not. I do wish that there weren’t so many commenters who make personal insults and even use acronyms to facilitate using profanity.

    1. And to you BB.
      I do try my hardest to cut out any personal abuse and insults, but obviously some days we have our 300 comments and it can be difficult to police them all. But I do try!

      Let’s all hope for more joy and less killing of civilians in the New Year (Well, I can dream!)

      1. Thank You! I know it must be difficult. I take Arsenal matters very serious myself but try not to hurt others just to try to put my points and opinions out there.

  4. Happy Christmas one and all.
    No mean feat AdPat keeping us all under control. I hope it’s hot and sunny in Spain for you and not damp and dreary like Blighty.
    COYG for 2024

    1. And to you Dear Sue, yes it’s a balmy 17 degrees here , not a cloud in the sky.
      We are having serious drought down here in the desert, and had one night of rain in last 3 months!
      Anyone know a good raindance??

      1. @Ad Pat Here you will find various rain dances to fit your needs, location or situation)
        A gift from me to you for all you’ve done holding this site together. Enjoy

        And a Happy Festivus to all you Goonerettes and Gooners.
        Jus sayin 😁

  5. Have a Wonderful Christmas & a Marvelous New Year Everyone. Champions league & Premier league trophies await. Lets go……

  6. Merry Xmax everyone and thank you Adm Pat for running this site. And special thanks to these people, ken 82, Jon fox, Dan kit, guy, loose cannon, keV 82, keV, Dboy, Eddie, Durand, Thirdman Jw, goonster, Dan Smit, sue, suep, HH, TRVL. And Angus. I do really enjoy your comments

  7. Merry Christmas one and all – hope it’s a wonderful new year for you, yours and , of course, the mighty Arsenal and JA itself.

  8. Well said Pat. I echo your optimism and kind best wishes to all our fans.
    We Gooners are indeed fortunate, even though many, esp myself, often forget how lucky WE all are to support the best club in the whole world.

  9. Congratulation to my favorite club for been at the top of the table.but we need to sign a players to face a champions league.i am an arsenal fan from taraba state of Nigeria

  10. Merry Christmas to you AdPat for this wonderful site which is my everyday go to and also thanks to AdMart and all the article writers. A special mention to Dan, as how he finds time to run the Prediction League with his demanding job is beyond me. Not forgetting all the commenters on here, Merry Christmas and a very Happy, Healthy Gooner New Year to you all. Peace and Love from GB.

  11. Christmas Wishes to all Arsenal Fans around the World. Win Lose or Draw we will always follow the Arsenal

  12. Merry Christmas Pat and the JA family.
    Cheers to us and wishing us a fabulous second half of the season, hopefully with silverware.

  13. Have been a viewer of this site for years ( I only become member recently) and it’s just a joy to read some articles that provoke arguments between fellow gunners and make it look like we’re a rival club fans. Every single article will bring opinions of different shades from different fans from different countries and cultures but brought together by one club… The argument section is what attract the most to this site and there are days that I don’t even bother to read the article just jump straight into the comments section and I will understand everything about the article…
    Have always found football arguments as a hobby but its mostly against fans of other teams but this site made me realize it’s even more fun if you indulge fellow fan, having a go at each other just because we both want the best for the team… At times I ignore arguments that involve people who we are together and can see for the fan I don’t know and millions of miles away from….. But the passion you can feel. Am glad have join the family and we’re already celebrating Christmas together 💥💥💥✌️. Looking forward to join the banter with you guys and MERRY Christmas to you all gooners 🥂🥂

  14. Merry Christmas to all ,no matter my differences with some JA fans as I have no malice to anyone ,even though I come across sometimes as I do ,much love to every Arsenal fan today and in the future .🥂

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