Mikel Arteta says that Top of the Table doesn’t mean anything after Bournemouth win

After losing to Brentford at the beginning of last season, an away trip to Bournemouth yesterday was a potential banana skin for Arsenal, but there were no mistakes made at the Vitality Stadium.

Arsenal are full of confidence and that was made clear as we steam-rolled over Bournemouth to get three wins in a row at the beginning of the season for the first time since 2003. In fact the game was practically over after the first 11 minutes as captain Odegaard scored two goals to put the game beyond the reeach of the Cherries.

Of course Mikel Arteta was very happy but still thinks the team has room for improvement. “I am very happy. It’s really difficult to come here and win 3-0. So credit to the boys, the way we played, especially the way we started the game and continued to play. It’s not easy and we have a good example when they played Aston Villa how different the game was and how different the game became in some parts of the second half as well. At the same time, we have to look at ourselves and in many areas we can still get much better.”

Arteta was then asked how it felt to be top of the League after our first three games, but he prefers the players to keep their feet on the ground and just concentrate on our next game. “It’s just three games. It doesn’t mean anything, there any still other teams that have to play. What it means is that we have managed to win three games, that we are scoring goals, keeping clean sheets, the team is playing and performing well, competing really well, but it’s about Monday, start training again and start to get better at the other things that we have to do as well, and focus on Fulham.”

It may not mean anything right now, but for the fans it feels good to knock the Sp*ds off the top, and of course all Gooners will have the bragging rights at hand this morning…

Watch Mikel Arteta’s full after-match conference below…

Arteta talks about Jesus, Odegaard, Saliba and the League table after Bournemouth win.

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  1. We are a better proposition than last season but Carlise United 1n 1974 taught me a lesson as a kid. They were top after three games and Grandstand did a special on them asking whether they could maintain their form and win the league. Their players came across as very confident unfortunately for them they finished bottom and kept dropping through the leagues like a stone. It taught me never to blow the trumpet too early.

  2. Too early to conclude! Arsenal has improved compared to last season. Consistency is the key!. I’ve been critical about Arteta, but for now he is buying me over. To be candid he is trying. Kudos to the team!

  3. He’s right, it’s early days and we won 3 on the trot last season as well, even against teams like WHU, Chelsea, Man Utd in quick succession.

    But there’s another factor to this while the transfer window is still open – the impression it makes on players who might be doubtful about joining us. They’ll be watching early matches and thinking twice about committing 5 years of their career to clubs like Man Utd.

    With 2 weeks left of the window time is getting tight, since sensible clubs want to replace anyone they sell, but some players will be keener to join Arsenal now and may be thinking about what a 5-year contract really means instead of just this season.

  4. So far, so good. Big Ups to The Coach and the lads for a stunning start out the blocks. Let’s keep our heads and continue to focus on who’s in front of us on the day.

  5. We’re nine points safer from relegation? All the pundits are bent out of shape because we’ve had a good start.


  6. What’s important to note is that we are finally scoring many goals to win matches! The confidence is there too That’s what top teams do, and this gives hope to the fans that just probably, that this winning streak might be sustainable after all. I’m positive of the wins running longer.

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