TOP striker transfer available but can Arsenal wait for summer?

The problem for Arsene Wenger during this January transfer window is likely to be the same one that Arsenal fans have been hearing for years, lack of availability. The Frenchman has said over and over again that he will not sign any players for the sake of signing someone, although the current injury situation in the Arsenal midfield may well have been behind the imminent transfer of Mohamed Elneny from Basel.

I know that we are sick of hearing it but Wenger does have a valid point, especially when it comes to finding a striker. The prof will only sign a new forward if it improves the quality of his squad options With Alexis Sanchez on the verge of a comeback and with Olivier Giroud in good form and looking set to increase his goal stats for the fourth season in a row since becoming a Gunner, an upgrade will be very hard to find.

There are some big name forwards out there but they are hard to come by, especially halfway through a season. One that has constantly been linked with Arsenal is the PSG and Uruguay star Edinson Cavani and the good news, according to a Metro report, is that he could be available after issuing his current club with an ultimatum about his role in the side compared to team mate Zlatan Ibrahimovich.

The bad news is that we would have to wait until the summer to sign him. Can Arsenal really afford to wait?

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  1. NY_Gunner says:

    Cavani? For real? Dude will be like 30 something.

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      there are talks of EL-neny already in London……… Please, who have seen him?

      A pix as proof could be of help…… Photoshoppers beware! L()L

    2. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Cavani to Arsenal idea………. Long dead

      just what we don’t need…. 30 something year old Liabilities heading to the Emirates with their Luggages…

      CheLski can have him!

    3. sanmi.marvellous says:

      I think Cavani is 28

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        I think that you are right but most fans are adding the travelling time for him to get here! ?

        To be fair, It has taken Elneny, what seems like year’s to arrive in London from Paris…( That’s where he has been staying for the past week or so )

  2. Nassan from uganda says:

    Cavani is past it….we should for the future

  3. Twig says:

    Has Theo Walcott passed his audition as a striker?

    Yes – thumbs up
    No – thumbs down

    1. Nassan from uganda says:

      Theo upfront means opposition defenders shakes..he is dangerous coz of his pace,

      1. GoonerLad says:

        But he’s so wasteful that eventually defenders are no longer afraid of giving him space, like in the Bayern game, he only turns up once every 5-6 games. We need strikers who take their chances within the first 10min of EVERY game game, that’s how you psychologically beat your opponents and finish with 5-0 wins on a frequent basis. We need more ruthless players like Alexis, pace alone doesn’t cut it or justify being the 1st team striker.

        1. napersie says:

          OFF TOPIC: this talk of liverpool injury is bulls***. remember when we played them at Emirates, the worst happened when Kos and Mert were not fit and we came out with the inexperienced Chambers and match rusty Gabriel pairing that almost cost us a point.
          just hope when we beat them all this injury talk wont take the shine off it. we even have Coq, Sanchez and Cazorla injured. fffk!

        2. Grazza says:

          I think Theo done well during his spell
          upfront !!

    2. Jim A says:

      Watch when Cech lofts a goal kick and watch OG fighting with a CB who’s elbow is planted in his back. Theo doesn’t even try to do that. OG wins a few possessions every game for us with his battles.
      So many think he’s a striker just score. What makes OG so valuable is he does that and much more.
      Last game I remember OG coming all the way down to Cech to make himself an outlet for Bellerin’s throw in.

      OG is closing in on 20 goals this season.

    3. 007 says:

      I think he still needs more games for up top for us to make solid conclusion. At the moment I still few his better off playing on the wing or as second striker. His showed good flashes but each time we have faced a team that seats deep and man makes him he looks like he runs out of ideas quick.

      When Welbz is back and we have OG fit, do you really think Theo will be picked ahead of these guys to lead the line????????????????

    4. Gunnerphyte says:

      Theo has played 8 games as CF this season, and he’s managed 3 goals & 3 assists. So he’s turning out OK.
      Its not only that, against top teams that are likely to come at us, Theo’s pace is crucial because it gives him the ability to impose himself as a great counter-attack threat. That means opposition teams are less likely to throw their full backs at us knowing that he is right there waiting to pounce on a counter attack opportunity.

  4. Invincibles49 says:

    Let it go man. 28 years, underperforming and gigantic transfer fee. I would support Wenger fully for not going after this. A faded phenomena.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Exactly. Dude should have left PSG last season since knowing he was going to play second fiddle to Ibra. There’s always the Chinese and Indien Leagues if he wants a huge payday…

  5. Zulu-boy-SA says:

    A Cavani rumour again, I suspect a Huguin rumour on its way.

  6. infumous25 says:

    I wanted Cavani 3 season ago forget him now he is getting old turning 29 in Feb…I would much rather prefer Alvaro Morata he is young, fast, hungry good in the air and good with his feet..we would have to pay a decent amount for him £25M-£40M (max) but he is an investment..But as we have seen quality=££, ££=quality.


  7. Davros says:

    Firstly, I think Cavaniis too old for £40 million
    I would prefer someone younger

    Also don’t get your hopes up. Wenger didn’t get any outfielder this summer.

    He may say that we have enough forwards ie Theo, Giroud, Alexis, Oxlade, Campbell, Iwobi

    I disagree. I believe that we need to get one top quality goal scorer whether a striker or winger.

    One good thing Wenger said yesterday or day before is that he thinks OX is more suited to central midfield which makes me think he could get a forward this summer

    I think we should next season loan Iwobi, Akpom and either loan or sell Sanogo
    Keep Campbell as he has proven himself a capable backup
    Sign a top quality forward
    I would avoid older and expensive players like Cavani, Higuain

    1. GoonerLad says:

      We should go for Draxler and convert him into a striker, apparently Wenger saw RVP in his playing style.

    2. Davros says:

      Sorry I forgot to mention Danny Welbeck lol
      He has been out so long I forgot about him

      Next season we should have Alexis, Theo, Welbeck, Giroud, Campbell, Oxlade and new striker

      Loan out Iwobi, Akpom and Sanogo

      1. Tas says:

        i love the way this guy Iwobi plays and don’t think he needs to be loaned out he just needs some games under his belt and he will be force to recon with next season

        1. Tas says:

          lets not forget when we loan out a promising player to another team he could pick up bad habits or most likely not being around top players he could slow his development

  8. napersie says:

    this talk of liverpool injury is bulls***. remember when we played them at Emirates, the worst happened when Kos and Mert were not fit and we came out with the inexperienced Chambers and match rusty Gabriel pairing that almost cost us a point.
    just hope when we beat them all this injury talk wont take the shine off it. we even have Coq, Sanchez and Cazorla injured. fffk!

  9. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Ibrahimovic is leaving PSG at the end of the season and will be available for FREE! ?
    So this Cavani rumour doesn’t make sense as he will be their main striker next Season.

  10. TheRealGunnerSA says:

    How’s alexis in the middle for some games?

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