Top summer winger target issues come-and-get-me plea to Arsenal

Arsenal had a very very busy summer, with the return of William Saliba on loan, five new arrivals and an attempt to sign Douglas Luiz on deadline day.

There were also many other rumours circulating, with Ruben Neves, Luiz, Danilo and especially Leicester’s Youri Tielemans. There was also much talk towards the end of the window about a ‘mystery winger’ being wanted as backup to Bukayo Saka.

But one of our reported ‘mystery wingers’ was the young Ukranian Mykhaylo Mudryk, who has proven to have been extremely talented since breaking into the Shakhtar Donetsk first team. Just this week he scored one and provided a couple of assists in the 4-1 win over Leipzieg in the Champions League. He is sure to be a hot property this winter, and it would appear that he keeps an eye on the Arsenal live scores and watches some of our matches when he’s not playing, as he indicated during the below interview that he liked our style of play.

During the interview, when Mudryk was asked about his future by the CBS journalist Ben Jacobs. he replied: “In winter we will see.”

And then when asked about the Premier League, and particularly the Arsenal rumours, he responded: “Yes, yes. I think every guy dreams about the Premier League.”

“Arsenal is a very good team, very good coach. I like the way they play.

“From my side, I can’t say no…”

Here is a short excerpt from the interview from CBS given out in a tweet…..

Mudryk has always been highly rated and has played for Ukraine from U15s onwards, and has already made 5 appearances for his country’s senior side alongside Oleks Zinchenko. Obviously with Donetsk being in the frontline of the war with Russia, the team are now having to play all their League games from Lviv, with their headquarters in the capital Kyiv.

They are currently unbeaten in their first three games (and the Champions League) and are very likely to be challenging for the title, so Donetsk may not be keen on letting their new star leave in the middle of the season, but who would deny such a promising player to try his luck on the biggest stage of all in the English Premier League.

He sounds like a perfect player to join Mikel Arteta’s youthful revolution at Arsenal. Do you agree?

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  1. I don’t find his skills impressive in his highlights, but maybe some Shakhtar fans could tell us more about his abilities

    If he is a very good LW, he could click well with Zinchenko on the left wing and compete with Martinelli. Then Smith-Rowe could be moved to the half-space area to compete with Xhaka

    However, I guess Arsenal’s main priority is currently Douglas Luiz or Palmeiras’ Danilo

  2. Wouldn’t call that a come get me plea, all I hear is someone who is being modest and polite. He looks like the sought of player who would be quick to ditch us when the citey’s and real Madrid’s and Barcelona’s of this world comes knocking. We should go after players who will gladly play for us out of genuine love for the club and not one who sees us as a stepping stone/spring board for their careers.

    1. Sorry Emperor, but I have no idea where you got the idea that he would ditch us from.

      He mentions only our club (unless it’s somewhere else in the interview?) says he watches us, like the way we play and that’s about it!

      With Zinchenko here already, this would be an ideal “buddy” to help him with his career.

      If we signed him, we would have Martinelli, Saka, Marq and Mudryk vying for and covering for those wide positions.

      I really would like to see this one happening in the January window, but, if not, further down the line.

      1. Yes I get what you’re saying, but I have this gut feeling about him. He reminds me of samir nasri probably why.

  3. The timing might not be perfect for this kid.

    Marquinhos bold attempt of rooting up a few trees may cool our intrest out side the club in this wide position

    I suspect our intrest will amplify in defensive midfield

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    1. Samuel, thank you for your heartfelt message.
      It is a sad time, but, as usual, you contribution is one that I always read with interest.

  5. On the possibilities of Arsenal signing in the next winter window of the Shakhata Donesk’s left-winger, Mykhayio Mudrky, and the dmfs: Youri Tielemans of Leicster City or Douglas Luiz of Aston Villa or Danilo from the Brazilian club side Palmeiras. Who all in the last summer window were linked with Arsenal for their possible signings. But the signing of any of them by Arsenal did not come to fruition before the end of the window.
    Apart of Arsenal now have the young Brazilian left-winger, Marquinhno in their ranks. Who they have signed early last summer window. Who has now started to perform well in games for Arsenal as seen when he scored a goal and assisted another one for Arsenal in their 1-2 win awa to FC Zurich in the Europa League group A first round first leg match last Thursday night.
    But nevertheless, Arsenal could still sign any of. the above mentioned quartet players in the next Winter window to bolster their first team squad so as to have an enhanced title winnings season campaign this season. Or move to other better new top quality targets than those above four who they’ve seen and found and wanting to sign them after the world cup.

    1. Tielemans would be free in next summer…..

      signing him in winter window would be a waste

      he would be available for free in 4 months after winter window ends

  6. I’ve seen his games and Mykhaylo Mudryk is impressive for his age. Brilliant dribbling, outstanding balance and sudden pace. And I like the most of his merciless and killer look and attitude when he has the ball despite that boyish face. Kinda remind me of Alexander Helb at full flight.

  7. Mudryk looks to be a very talented winger and Arsenal must go in for him in the winter, he would be a very good back up to Martinelli and could also take over from him if Martinelli’s form drops or needs rest.

  8. Mudryk looks to be a very talented winger and Arsenal must go in for him in the winter, he would be a very good back up to Martinelli and could also take over from him if Martinelli’s form drops or needs rest.All gunners must be proud that Arsenal was the only team ever in PL history to have been invited for tea by Her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace in the year 2007. Arsene Wenger and Henry led our team to the Buckingham Palace.

  9. From what I have seen, he is extremely talented, a very good dribbler and very direct. If his mentality is good, which it appears to be, then I see him as the perfect competition for Martinelli.

    As much as I love Martinelli, I am a bit worried he would play himself into the ground if not managed, and I am a tad more worried about ESRs injury problems leaving Gabi with little backup.

  10. FACT: No player at all will be coming for certainly almost four months That is a long time away and talk of this player is idle chat at best. I prefer to concentrate on who is here NOW, and NOT who might wish to come ,if it were up to him , which it is NOT.


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