Petr Cech SERIOUS about Arsenal move

Even though it is looking very good for Arsenal and our hopes of completing this very important piece of transfer business, we still have at least a week to wait before we know for sure whether the Chelsea and Czech Republic keeper Petr Cech will be playing for the Gunners next season or not.

As reported by The Mirror, however, the 33-year old has just dropped a massive hint that his decision would be to stay in London and so if he wants to continue to play at the top of the game and in the Champions League, that means Arsenal.

But Cech also admitted that he was still not completely sure that his current club Chelsea would abide by their promise, reported earlier this year, that they would reward his years of top service by allowing him to make his own decision as to where he would be playing next. He is still hopeful that they will though.

Cech said, “I believe that for what I have done for the club and what the club has done for me, we can arrange it so that we are all happy.

“First I have to agree with the club what will be the conditions for me leaving. Next week we will have a meeting with Chelsea.

“At the moment we are at the phase where my agent resolves things. When it is clearer and the cards are put on the table then we will decide.

“I will decide based on what for me and my family is the best. It does not matter whether it is in England, Germany, France or Spain.

“If I move it brings difficulty. We must change everything, looking for housing, a school for children and so on.”

Arsene Wenger will no doubt be eagerly awaiting the outcome of that meeting between Cech and his club, but will Chelsea really allow him to join arguably their strongest rival for the Premier League trophy?

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  1. We need cech desperately.

    actually the major areas we need improvements are ST, DM and GK .

    cech coming to arsenal will meaning massive progress. hope he joins

    1. Hope Arsene is looking for reinforcement in the goal keeping position, this is why he has not handed a number 1 shirt to Ospina. I will be more than satisfied if we get Petri Chech. I remember Sir Alex said “you can’t win a EPL if you don’t have a good GK, there is a lot of shots coming on your side, you need some to stop most of them”

  2. Hullo my 1st comment on this site..I have followed this site for over 2 or more years..A Nigerian gooner,in love with the Arsenal and a general optimist…hoping am welcome by all on this site…Thanks
    Amyways I think Cech would be a fantastic signing for us n could be d difference between a title challenger n actually winning d title

  3. i’m i bothered if cech comes or not?………. I DO NOT THINK SO!………if we ignore the other key positions that requires strengthening, We know how the story ends!

    1. GK is a key position though… Don’t know why fans are ignoring the hints about Ospina not being good enough. If you want to win prem then its time for better players. Ospina is a good keeper, but he’s backup quality for a club with large ambitions.

      1. Maureen also saying that anybody looking to land cech must also give him a player from his team and rumours has that he is interested in either Walcott or Ox. I don’t think we have to do that cos he will be gaining while we lose. better we look elsewhere.

        1. Mourinho rates Willian but is not entirely in love with him. Great work rate but little creativity or threat (to think he was Shaktar’s up and coming Brazillian creative playmaker – their most dangerous player. What does Mou do to them, spay them during the medical?). Cuadrado – yeah we should give him more time but the signs are not good. Still it was only £55M for the pair so what the heck. Ox or Theo? Interesting from the point of view that several on here have been spinning the “no-one accept Sanchez” would get near this team. Anyhow Ox or Theo story is bull imo and NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

        2. We’ve already given him Fabregas who’s won the league for him, isn’t that enough for his reserve goalkeeper?

      2. GK, absolutely key – could easily make a case for it being the most important position on the pitch. But two things puzzle me (and to be clear, on balance I would be OK with PC signing):

        1) How anyone, especially the watching media and the joe public punter can write off DO completely and assign him the “never gonna make it” tag. Half a season, new club, new country – a couple of errors in 20 appearances? Come on guys. And don’t start the too short s**t!! I could list you more errors in the last month from all the world’s alleged top GKs than this guy has had. And listen, I am not saying he is going to be top class but frankly you’re at risk of making yourself look pretty foolish if you want to say with certainty he is a “fail”.

        2) And the second thing that puzzles me is the absolute certainty that PC will just put the gloves on and carry on where he left off at Chelsea.

        A big part of me does not want any “gifts” from Mourinho. Another part of me says “hey, indirectly you got the Cesc gift from us and we were man enough and straightforward about it”. He was rambling on the other day how he would like there to be “London Classicos” each year and how he would like London to steal the thunder from the north west. I’m not so sure.
        One thing for sure, if 10% of this PC saga is true then Mou must be the tiniest bit concerned by us. Made me laugh to think Man U looked the more likely outcome – is Mou sanctioning a MU move over a Arsenal move. What does that say about United? Maybe he just hates Wenger.

      3. I think that’s a tad unfair to Ospina, who played very well for us this season and for Colombia last summer. Now, Cech would be great to have. But only for an exchange of cash. None of our talent, thank you very much. And certainly not at the expense of failing to acquire a top striker and another CDM.

  4. ‘As reported by The Mirror, however, the 33-year old has just dropped a massive hint that his decision would be to stay in London’


    “I will decide based on what for me and my family is the best. It does not matter whether it is in England, Germany, France or Spain.”

    what exactly is the hint in favor of Arsenal there? If anything, I think it doesn’t rule out clubs in other countries so it evens the odds, but that’s just me I guess? Still hope (and have faith) he’s coming though!

    1. There is a quote attributable to Rosicky, a good friend of Cech, although not sure if it adds anything!!!!!

      “I know some things from both sides but I will not interfere,” he told Czech newspaper Daily Sport. “It could even turn against me. Both sides know what they are doing. Arsenal are a top team in the world. Players want to be transferred there, that is nothing new. It is a fantastic club.”

  5. If He is available and wants to come to Arsenal’ Then He is welcome….I wish we get another DM (Coquelin can’t play all games in a season) and a striker to add to the mix….Let’s see how the window unfold.

  6. Lol. Yes the report contains
    a massive hint that no one
    has a clue where Cech will
    end up 🙂

  7. Honestly, If Cech comes he will be welcomed with open arms. He is top quality

    This should be priority
    1. Lacazette or Martinez or Higuain
    2. Kondogbia or Schneiderlin or krychowiak or Vidal

    Extras if possible
    Reus or Greizmann or Sterling

  8. When cheLski makes “Green” a Target, he becomes a Back-up to “Courtois” ……. When Arsenal makes Cech a Target, he becomes RepLacement for Ospina…….. SIMPLE LOGIC!

  9. Hope this kind of c*** isn’t the first swallow in another summer of poorly thought out transfer drama …. Gk is not where efforts should be targeted if we are to move beyond third place nirvana and actually challenge for top honours … A dominant DM and no coquellin isn’t that yet …maybe one day but he should be back up for a world class DM …some serious attacking option on the right side … Difficult I know but essential especially if the whippet is to get his deluded wish and moved to CF … And a world class left back … Need to clear out 6 or 7 of deadwood move a few youngsters up pecking order … The man is paid 8 m to get this sh** right

    1. Whooa – serious anger there, wrong side of the bed this morning? I think all the “drama” is in your head rkw. Chill out a little.

  10. However if we do
    bring in Cech then that
    is a strong hint that the
    gaffer has no confidence
    in Ospina or Szczesny
    and is prepared to put sentiment aside
    and be ruthless in search of victory.
    If so would the gaffer also show the same
    ruthless approach to the deadwood
    Ryo Campbell Podolski Flamini Arteta Rosicky Wellbeck
    and the perennially injured Diaby Sanogo Jack Ox Theo and Gnabry?
    All for one, one for all touche turtle and awaaaaaay 🙂

    1. Sell 100%: Ryo, Campbell, Poldi, Flamini, Diaby,
      Sell Maybe: Arteta (Wenger likes him too much), Walcott (if a good offer comes. use that money on striker), Rosicky (would like him to stay but might be moving on)
      Loan: Gnabry, Sanogo, Jenkinson
      Keep: Ox, Wilshere, Welbeck. Main reason to keep Wilshere is just to keep him away from rivals. I sincerely hope AW doesnt try again to build the squad around a constantly injured player again. It’s what ruined the beginning of our season last time.

      Buy ST: Martinez, Lacazette, Vietto,
      Buy CDM: Kondogbia, Schneiderlin,
      Buy GK: Cech, Sirigu (if Cech goes to PSG)

  11. Cech is obviously welcome if he comes, would be a great addition and it would be nice to pick up a player from a rival. Rosicky has also been talking and while he hasn’t committed to saying Cech is coming, he has dropped big hints as well. Looks good.
    Also we will know where Jackson Martinez is going soon as his agent said a club are willing to pay the release clause and everything will be resolved in the next few days. Most definitely could be us that are willing to pay for him.
    Could be a good first few weeks to the transfer window if we pick them two up early.

  12. rumours rumours rumours!!! arsenal fc fans like rumours more than any other fans in the world..forget that..after all this article has no sense…i don’t see where cech says he will remain in London..RUMOURS WILL KILL US..we always do that season in season out..we have been used to it such that we no longer have a transfer period..we speak transfers as early as the season begins and on to the end..

  13. Having Cech would be great: he brings winning mentality, experience and know how…but Ospina as done great & statistically one of the best in EPL wouldn’t mind sticking with him between the posts. If our #2 can sort of have grown from being on the bench and erased is lapses & mental issues with obvious talent, quality as well as money being better spent elsewhere…Cech for me would be the icing on the cake of a transfer window well done and starter if he comes

  14. The article is so funny.
    Title:Petr Cech SERIOUS about Arsenal move

    The main point in the article: I will decide based on what for me and my family is the best. It does not matter whether it is in England, Germany, France or

    In conclusion: Peter Cech has no idea where he is going to end up.

    1. Hey kam, be thankful for small mercies, the fact that it looks probable he will leave Chelsea is a quantum leap in terms of the quality of rumours being discussed.

  15. Title:Petr Cech SERIOUS about Arsenal move

    The main point in the article: I will decide based on what for me and my family is the best. It does not matter whether it is in England, Germany, France or

    In conclusion: Peter Cech has no idea where he is going to end up.

  16. Don’t get your hopes high. Mou has made it very clear that he is not so stupid to let Cech go to an EPL team with nothing in exchange. “If you need Cech then I will grab one of your best players which I really need. Simple!” That is why he has called for a meeting with Cech, and the first item on the meeting agenda “1. Persuade Cech to stay”. I am eagerly waiting for the result of this meeting.

  17. I don’t think Mourinho this happened, we all know how much he hate Arsenal and Wenger, but I hope we buy a proper goalkeeper that can bring point for us like de Gea for United or Courtois for Chelsea. This season Wenger must spend money and bring player who can change the game, let’s hope he will do that

  18. Cech would be a great addition, ospina is solid, very few mistakes. But cech is the sorta keeper that will save shots you wouldnt reasonably expect him to.

    Cech, martinez and solid cover for coquelin and i think we are pretty set.

    With a bit of luck the injury curse will leave us alone and we can lift the championship at the endof the year.

  19. Still don’t think a Cech deal is a hugely positive piece of business. Mourinho will make sure it doesn’t go that well, Cech is almost on his last legs and has spent a season off the pitch, it will disrupt BOTH of our Goalkeepers, Cech won’t be second fiddle and would be hard to bench, we limit ourselves as we’ll have to buy again within 3 years and have 2 unsettled goalkeepers in the meantime…

    I honestly just don’t see it as good business. IF you can get a young worldy, great. I just don’t see Cech as this super amazing signing.

  20. According to Wenger Ospina has the best stats in pl. I have checked on squaka. Comparing Ospina, Courtois, De Gea and Hart, premier league games, statistics per 90 minutes played. Ospina concedes fewer goals, makes more saves per goal conceded and has more clean sheets. For example, goals conceded per 90 minutes played
    Ospina 0.61
    Courtois 0.96
    In other words, Courtois concedes 50% more goals per 90 minutes played than Ospina. De Gea and Harh have similar stas to Courtois. If you look at youtube and the world cup game against Argentina, Ospina was awesome and definately affected the outcome of the match, argentina were unable to beat him.
    I wish that fans who want to change Ospina would look up the stats and then make a reasoned argument for their case.
    As far as I am concernred, we should stick with Ospina, sooner or later he will make an awesome save in an Arsenal shirt and no one will want to change him. My only concern about him is that he is fearless and will get injured.

  21. i ve alays liked cech, seems like a nice fella.
    great keeper but he hasnt played that much lately.
    wuld be more like a statement no?
    althugh i agree with some here….Ospina and Wojo really dont deserve to be benched.
    que será será, i would be sad if Cech comes

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