Torn: What Arsenal want out of Man City’s CL semi-final

Manchester City take on Real Madrid for a place in the final of the Champions League tonight.

The two sides failed to score in the first-leg last week at the Etihad, and Man City will now travel to the Spanish capital to try and earn a place in their first ever CL final.

The Sky Blues come into the game knowing that if they manage to get on the scoresheet, Real will have to win the match or be eliminated, due to Real failing to notch an away goal in the 0-0 stalemate.

Arsenal come up against the only English side still in the elite European competition on Sunday, and I’m torn about what exactly I want to come out of tonight’s encounter.

We need to secure our place in the top-four, and should need two points (unless United manage to win their three matches by 14 goals in total) from our remaining two matches to do so.

The obvious thing to want out of tonight is for the City players to be tired, and a 0-0 90 minute result would ensure an extra 30 minutes of play. It would also most likely be a big blow to their confidence if they were to be eliminated from the competition, playing on their minds entering their match with us at the weekend.

I’m a lover of the English game however, and regularly (quietly) support the other English sides (not Tottenham) participating in Europe. There is also the fact that the better our teams do in Europe all adds to our coefficient points, which currently ensures we can enter four teams for the Champions League competition.

Our place in the coefficient table is not at risk at present, and while we still stand a chance of finishing above THAT team in second-place, any increase in our chances of winning on Sunday I will take.

So will we all be cheering the goalkeepers for the first 90 minutes, before switching our support to the Spanish team to destroy City and make them cry?

Maybe that’s just me…

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  1. ya let just live on the mercy of other team !
    our players have nice rest of a week and our players are back from injury so v should b ready even for the strongest team of man city
    they win or lose it should not effect us !
    and GOD please no Giroud in starting XI

    1. This article sums up how I feel exactly. I am patriotic BUT Arsenal comes first for me.

  2. Dunno or care what people think……… Want Citeh to eliminate tonight


    Then Go on and be eliminated in the finals against athletico Madrid!

    Got a soft spot for that team…..they remind of the struggles….the effort….the desire…..the Hunger….UCL final twice in a row….Boy! They Deserve it!


    1. cant say i agree bro, simeone has got the most out of those players of which maybe two are world class, so hes done brilliantly. but lets not kid ourselves, there football is not that different from mourinhos negative style…its anti football.

      i would have it here as we dont have a quality team either but diego would push them to there limit for him but athletico dont play real football, they dont inspire people like the barcas an bayerns of this world.

      two finals on 3 years btw not two in a row.
      still great
      i hope man city win the cl for our leagues reputation.
      if not not bothered cos real an barca both play exciting football but they have cheated there way to cl glory more than once.

  3. If Ronaldo is back then Real Madrid will beat City
    by at least 2 or 3 clear goals… A humiliating defeat would be nice though ?? Yeah, Yeah we need all the help we can get, afew injuries to their star players would be great ?

    In other news!… Gazidis shares Arsenal fan’s disappointment and says that he will review ‘what went wrong’ at the end of the season. .. he also stated that wenger had £250 million to spend on transfers for the past four seasons! ?? Bulk and double Bulk ??

    1. Not so sure…they may surprise us all!

      Will be a good match to watch no doubt and may the best team win for the right to be called champions.

      Well done the foxes!!

  4. Not me. I want city to win.

    Always have wanted a premier league team to win in a European game (unless perhaps the spuds:) of importance.

    Let’s stop hating other clubs who build for success on the field and get our own house in order first!

  5. Simeone trophies earned as manager of Athletico Madrid,
    1* Uefa cup
    1* Uefa super cup
    1* Copa del ray
    1* Spanish super copa
    1* Laliga
    2* UCL finalist

    He is one win away from being a UCL winning manager. Then if Athletico Madrid goes on to win the World club cup, he would’ve won every trophy available to a manager in club level. He built the team from being a Europa league to now almost winning UCL, whilst selling big players, replacing them and now in 1-2 seasons time they will also be in a new stadium.

    Now does Wengers excuse hold weight? Athletico Madrid team came from behind, went through the same thing as us, that is selling best players and replacing them whilst moving up the ladder of european giants whilst also building a new stadium.

    1. He’s just FOUR trophies behind Wenger – which, given the fact that our current situation is unlikely to change, he will very likely surpass over the next few seasons, whether he stays with Atletico, or he goes elsewhere. Oh, well!

        1. So what does that say about Wenger? He last won the league when there were two big teams one of which was Arsenal.

          1. @ha559
            In a league with no winter break and any of the mid/lower table teams capable of beating you. As opposed to 2 teams playing in the sunshine all season and still gettin a winter break, plus “siesta”, playing against the equivalent of League 1 teams …
            Get real dude.

            1. I have heard it all now. Are you wengers’ advisor on excuses?

              Perhaps you and your ideas are what Stan charges services for? 😉

    2. @ha559
      AW’s reasons hold weight when it pertains to the EPL. You can’t compare the 2 Leagues

      1. @NY_Gunner

        You’re right, you can’t compare the two leagues. The Premiership is very open and competitive, whilst La Liga is almost impossible to win unless you’re Barcelona or Real Madrid…yet Simeone managed to win it, thus proving how good he is! He also managed to do it on a smaller budget than Wenger and whilst losing some of his best players.


          1. It’s not funny logic, just logic.

            Man U have featured as winners, finalists and semi finalists of the UCL from the same league with the same breaks. So have Liverpool.

            It’s no excuse. Still any reason possible why we hav failed to valid I guess…

      2. You are right we can’t compare the two leagues. However If Arsenal was in La liga we wouldn’t have won it there either.

  6. It will be good for English football if ManCity are to go all the way and win it. Most players talk about joining epl as a step down. Despite our troubles englixh football has to thrive so as to attract quality stars.

  7. I wonder why my comment was deleted? i can not express my opinion ADMIN? or you are targeting anyone who said something wrong about Wenger? what’s the point then having an open site? there was nothing wrong with my comment. i know you are pro wenger but please freedom of expression.

    1. You can express your opinion BUT your comment contained a swearword and was stopped by my filter.
      So accuse me of being biased against swearwords then????
      Don’t be so quick to blame others for your mistakes. ……

  8. City did not do nothing to go to the bryune crap..sterling’s no brain..kun isolated..bye bye. not even team spirit and then on sunday if Arsenal ca not beat them then is curtains…AVERAGE TEAM

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