Torreira – ‘Arsenal is a fantastic opportunity’

At long last the Uruguayan midfielder Lucas Torreira himself has confirmed that he on his way to Arsenal, after being questioned at Moscow airport before boarding a plane to London.

When he was asked why he didn’t go back with his uruguayan team-mates for the home-coming celebrations, Torreira said: “I would have been very happy to be able to return to Uruguay with my teammates, but this is a fantastic opportunity [to join Arsenal] and I do not want to waste it.”

He was also very pleased with his performance at the World Cup, despite finally being beaten by France. He said: “It’s true that in the end I got into this squad, although I was not part of the qualifiers but happy with the performance I had personally.

“In the first games I entered the second half, I was gaining confidence until I won a place as a starter.”

So we have finally got our little terrier of a DM at last, although I doubt we will see him in our opening few games as he settles in to the Arsenal way of life, but if he is as good as most pundits think he is, he will have a big effect on the coming season…

Darren N


  1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    Ffs sign him without medicals ?

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Two medicals taking place at Arsenal today – 22-year-old Uruguay midfielder Lucas Torreira from Sampdoria and 19-year-old France Under-20 midfielder Matteo Guendouzi from Lorient. Torreira key signing for immediate term, Guendouzi high-potential prospect for future #AFC #URU #
      David Ornstein

      1. Roehahn says:

        Jean Michel Seri has been spotted in London. Is he also here for his Arsenal medical or is he off to the Chavs ??

    2. Patrick_G says:

      I thought we always done that?… HAHA explains why most of our players use to get injured alot haha 🙂

  2. waal2waal says:

    … torreira welcome to arsenal – just as marcus arillius of the film gladiator (was advised) you should win the crowd. I suggest in order to do that you stay fit and work your sox off as not only is it a “fantastic opportunity” its a privilage.

  3. CannonSpike says:

    Who the hell needs a medical, we all saw him in Russia.

    1. Darwin says:

      hahahaha. thats true.

      However I am curious though as to what exactly happens during a players medical, like which tests are done, what they check etc. If anyone can share the details, I will really appreciate. cause i searched on the internet, and all the things mentioned are very vague.

        1. Declan says:

          The medical is not only to see if there are hidden things that only MRI scans etc can see but is also a requirement of the insurance company covering him.

  4. TongaBull says:

    OT…. That French kid(Matteo Guendouzi) we are being leanked to is a really promising talent. Strong and skillfuf though poor shooting like Elneny. A very good box to box midfield. Buy him please. And does anyone know anything going on with Renee Alderaide……. Chap just disappointingly slipped off the Ladder

    1. Goonstar says:

      It’s no surprise. Nearly 100% of our academy prospects ever make it. I think we are at about 0.5% progression rate when it comes to these academy prospects. It’s terrible. Lol
      Reine Aldelaide.
      Daniel Crowley
      Reiss Nelson

      1. Naija Jollof says:

        Take Iwobi off that shitty list of yours. How dare you ???

        1. Phil says:

          Yeah take Iwobi off that shitty list and put the USELESS player on the TRANSFER LIST

          1. Naija Jollof says:


            ODE! Why so bitter bruv? Take a chill pill

          2. Phil says:

            Not bitter pal-Iwobi is USELESS.And it shows just how far the standard of Nigerian Football has dropped that Iwobi can even get into their squad.And how did he do at the World Cup?DROPPED after the first game.
            So basically if he is NOT good enough for a SECOND RATE African National team how on earth can he ever be considered good enough for Arsenal Football Club?

          3. Hilary says:

            Hey mate, I am sure there is more than enough points with which you can base your argument against Iwobi without taking a swipe at Nigeria as a country. Stay objective or get a Racist name tag…Thanks

          4. Phil says:

            Hey mate- Calling the Nigerian National Football Team SECOND RATE makes me a REALIST not a RACIST.

          5. Hilary says:

            If calling the Nigerian national team Second rate is what gives you a hard on, then that fine, go on, help yourself.
            However, if Iwobi in the team is what makes it “SECOND RATE”, then by your logic we can also say that Welbeck in the English National team is Proof that the team is second rate with very low standards.
            Because every “REALISTIC” (Not delusional) Arsenal fan would agree that Danny Welbeck is a USELESS FOOTBALLER WHO WILL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB.

          6. Phil says:

            Ok Hilary-let’s address this one at a time.
            Nigeria IS a second rate Football Nation.Thank you For not arguing this point.Now If a talentless player like Iwobi is not considered good enough to get into a Second rate International Football Team then to my reckoning this makes the player pretty much below par in terms of ability.So why would I want Second Rate (at best) players like Iwobi at Arsenal?
            I can also tell you that I am fortunate enough Boston physically and mentally not to have to rely on useless arm-flapping players like Alex Iwobi to get myself a hard-on.I do however wonder exactly what you are up to at the moment to even consider writing something like this.But hey.Each to their own pal.
            In regards to Danny Welbeck I totally agree that the player is definitely NOT International quality and is definitely NOT a Player I feel is good enough to play for Arsenal.The fact you bring up Welbeck is quite irrational and unrealistic.If you ask me which one I would take given the choice it would be Welbeck every time.Mind you I would take ANYONE over old FLAPPER IWOBI every day of the week.A talentless player going NOWHERE.Again I quote that if he wasn’t considered good enough for Nigeria then he should NEVER be an Arsenal player.
            Now in reply to Samni.marvelous-I can only apologise for not being taught how to read VOODOO so I have no idea what you have written.If you do become a regular contributor to this site I will buy myself some BONGO BONGO drums and see if I can understand what you are saying then.

          7. Naija Jollof says:

            You call Iwobi “Talentless” and “useless”, yet with all the talent you have, you’re only good enough for the comments section on

            There’s so much hate and jealousy in your comment bro. I ask again, WHY SO BITTER?

            But hey, each to their own eh? so KNOCK YOURSELF OUT! I don’t blame you, if your dad had used a condom we wouldn’t be in this mess. You’re better off in there. You know why? I’ll tell you. You’re USELESS. At least Iwobi pops up with goals and assists every now and then to the delight of thousands if not millions of Arsenal fans worldwide. But you, OH Please! ? just another wasted sperm that OGUN will soon strike with thunder. Go hug transformer joor. ODE!

          8. Phil says:

            Well mate you have now gone quite personal.I could if I wanted to say things like If you Africans wore condoms then the world would likely be rid of the aids epidemic.But this is a football site so I won’t go there.As for what I have accomplished in life then I would just say I have most likely achieved quite a bit more than you are likely to.Retired from work 14 years ago at 48 years of age.Own. 7 Bedroom family home (me and the wife) plus a Penthouse flat in London.Spend most of the summers in my Villa in Spain and have a 3 bedroom apartment in Dubai that I try to visit at least 5 or 6 times a year.My son runs my business and I earn more now I’m not working than I did before.This allows me to follow Arsenal FC home away and Europe.I play golf at least 3 times a week and just now and again find time to talk to the wife.(who also goes to most games home and away).My father was actually killed in a car accident when I was 4 years old so I never really knew him.But I will allow your comment regarding him keeping his condom on as to be honest I found that very funny and it put a smile on my face.
            Again I find myself having to face words obviously written by your village witch doctor.Havent got a clue what OGUN and go hug a transformer JOOR mean but I’m sure if I visit the third world village you live in then someone no doubt can translate for me.
            I find you and your like quite pathetic and meaningless.I do not rate Alex Iwobi as a footballer.Thats my opinion.If you can only reply as you have done then you are obviously a sad and childish person.
            Right that’s enough from me.Im going to throw another Lobster on the barbecue.What are you eating tonight?Roasted GOAT?

          9. Hilary says:

            Spot on @Naija Jollof…
            The dude is just sick with hate for Nigeria and anything related to the country that you can almost see him jumping when I agreed that Nigeria had been underperforming.
            He claims he is a Realist. Lmao… Bloody Racist!
            Well you said you will have Welbeck any time of the week over Iwobi, that just about settles the whole matter. So how about you take you headless chicken of player who can’t score a goal all year to save his life, and go do some serious thinking about a change of profession?
            Unai Emery sees something I the Lad and that’s why he is going to be an integral part of his rebuilding process… Unfortunately i can’t say the same for you useful, non arms flapping, bench warming Welbeck

    2. X says:

      The Matteo lad is alright, nothing wow.
      I’d rather the club sorts out Nwakali’s work permit ASAP. He’s much better than this dude… Shoots better too.

  5. Counsel says:

    Matteo and Torreira both undergoing medical BBC divided ornstien reports.Welcome lads!

  6. Sue says:

    I’m hoping Stuart Macfarlane is taking photos right now of Torreira in his Arsenal kit as he’s passed his medical…… ??

    1. nassan says:

      Will he play the mancity game

      1. Sue says:

        My comment was hypothetical…….
        Fingers crossed he’ll be ready to go against City ?

  7. The cassette says:

    Can someone please tell me what happened to Zelalem and where on earth is he? He was one players i was really looking forward to seeing, its a pity he got injured last year as he would have featured in the EL. Also i can’t really understand why we are after a winger i mean don’t we have enough youngsters. We have Nelson, Jeff, Rowe-Smith can play there, why not just give this guys a chance? for me i am satisfied with our transfer business the only other player i would have wanted to sign was a player in the mold of Cesc or Santi, someone that can carry the ball out of tight areas and dictate the tempo of the game for us, otherwise we have really done a good job in this window. I’m also all for giving everyone a clean slate, hopefully some of this guys can come good under different tactics. All hail Unai of the Emirates. Good times ahead.

    1. Sue says:

      Been injured for about a year… but back in training now I believe

  8. Elvinho says:


  9. ozes says:

    nice but where is nwakali

    1. stubill says:

      On loan, thank god. 4 goals in 45 appearances, at that rate he’ll never make it.

  10. Adajim says:

    I’ll prefer we give Nelson a chance, and maybe Nketia too. Perez staying is another plus dude make top 9 Europe most chances created of last season. We need such players that will create chances as we now have strikers fast enough to cause opposition damages. As for the offensive part of our games, I am pleased and d defense has been address too, with toreira addition we are good to go. Most ppl feel Mustaphi isn’t good enough but I beg to disagree, dude helped us keep 6 clean sheets in his 1st 6games, it all just got started when he settled to arsenal way of defending. Most player we buy shows glimpse of their real potential at first but along the line something just changed, I want to see everyone given equal chance to win fans back including Mustaphi

  11. Simon Williams says:

    Mateo looks awesome.

    Very happy for him to join us 🙂

  12. Phil says:

    @Hilary-again I’m called a racist but I can assure you I am anything but.You say I hate anything Nigerian but again I can assure you this is not so.In my opinion Alex Iwobi is a sub-standard footballer.That is my opinion.The Nigerian Football Team proved to be not very good at all during the very short time at the World Cup.Again this is proved as a fact.Get over yourself if you feel differently.
    I have clearly stated I don’t rate Danny Welbeck as an Arsenal quality player.But I did say he was a better option than Iwobi.Cant you read? Do you not understand what I clearly wrote.
    And when did Emery say he saw Alex Iwobi as an “ integral part of his rebuilding process”.
    Trust me when I say that if Emery HAD said that then the vast majority of supporters would seriously question the qualifications of our new manager.I have been watching Arsenal for long enough to know if a player is good enough and I am not wrong when I say that Alex Iwobi will NEVER be good enough to play for Arsenal.Just look at the players we have.Do you seriously believe Iwobi is better than them?Do you seriously believe that Arsenal Football Club will not buy players of a similar or better standard when they are ready to be replaced?Get real FFS and realise that Alex Iwobi could be British and he still would not be good enough for Arsenal.
    Now as far as this subject is concerned that is as far as I’m going.A USELESS player.
    However if you wish to continue with the personal insults then trust me I’m well up for that.The trouble with people who start calling others a Racist is that they tend to be more of a Racist themselves.I can’t help the fact you and your like live in arguably the most corrupt Country in the world.There is a saying about your countrymen-“You never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity”and that Pretty much sums you and your countrymen in my mind.I can’t help you are from a Third World Country with a regime as corrupt and despised as any in this world.You obviously are not educated to a standard to that you are unable to comment without relying on fairly vile and vicious diologue.But then again I am able to go both ways when giving an argument and NEVER back down to absolute idiots like you and your mates.
    So if you feel this is not the end of our “conversation” then I look forward to taking things up again in the future.

  13. kumssa says:

    y do we need z kid though?

  14. kumssa says:

    i meant z french one not lucas

  15. nonny says:

    ​Arsenal manager Unai Emery has hinted that he doesn’t intend to play with a front two next season – which makes it seem unlikely that strikers Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette will be deployed together.

    In a wide ranging interview with Spanish journalist Martí Perarnau – quoted by ​Football.London – Emery expressed his preference for a 4-1-4-1 system.
    Arsenal v Burnley – Premier League
    “If the ball is in play, you press. If play stops, you reposition yourself. For me, the 4-1-4-1 is the system which facilitates that type of pressing,” Emery said.

    If Emery uses this system at the Emirates, it is difficult to see how two strikers could be deployed together – which likely means that only one of Aubameyang or Lacazette will feature in the manager’s first choice lineup.

    This may prove controversial among Gunners fans, as the two strikers showed last season that they can be effectively deployed together. Aubameyang created goals for Lacazette against ​Newcastle United and ​West Ham United, as well as showing extraordinary selflessness when he let the Frenchman take a penalty against Stoke City – the Gabon international was one goal short of a hat-trick at the time.

    Aubameyang’s arrival from Borussia Dortmund in January was one of very few positives from last season for the Gunners, as he netted ten goals in 13 Premier League appearances.

    If Emery drops one of the two strikers, it seems likelier to be Lacazette – the Frenchman scored just four more league goals than Aubameyang but made 31 Premier League appearances in Arsène Wenger’s final season at the Emirates.

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