Torreira brutally snubs Arsenal as he confirms joining another club

Lucas Torreira has brutally snubbed Arsenal while announcing that he has joined Galatasaray.

The Uruguayan was on the books of the Gunners from 2018, but only his first season at the club saw him play for them regularly.

The midfielder was never considered a player that fitted Mikel Arteta’s system, and they loaned him out to Atletico Madrid and Fiorentina in the last two seasons.

He returned to the Emirates this summer, and he was a part of Arsenal’s preseason plans.

However, the Gunners always kept him transfer-listed, and several clubs were linked with a move for him.

Galatasaray eventually won the race, and he would restart his career at the Turkish club.

He has confirmed his departure from the Emirates, but he brutally snubbed Arsenal in a tweet he posted on his page.

He wrote: “I am very happy and excited to be a new @GalatasaraySK player. I am convinced that this is the beginning of a long and successful history together. Thank you for trusting me and I promise to leave everything for these colors. Let’s go Gala !”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Torreira is clearly unhappy with the way he was treated at Arsenal, and the midfielder has the right to feel that way.

However, we are a part of his story, and some fans loved him while he played for the club.

He should have at least sent a message to them for their support, even though the club’s manager didn’t like him.

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A happy Arteta would have liked a couple more goals against Palace. Wouldn’t we all!

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  1. When a player is considered not good enough I don’t expect him to be happy. Torreira is a good player but not what we need if we have ambitions. Would, Liverpool, or Chelsea have bought him?

    1. I disagree that those teams wouldn’t want him especially if you consider his first season performance.
      You realize a lot of players improved in those teams you mentioned.
      Especially Liverpool and City.
      And not all the players they sign turn out to be outstanding despite their ability to improve players.
      It’s also depends on the player fitting their system. Some players do well in a system and struggle in others.

      1. Well, they had a chance to get him cheap but they didn’t want him. He’s only 26 years old but almost impossible to sell.

    2. @didrik
      That sums it up. No top club in England or abroad wanted him, and among the clubs below the top no club wanted to pay much for him.
      Says it all.

  2. You guys need to stop this.
    Don’t start, don’t create something out of nothing so the fans can bicker about and tear into another previous player.
    This ain’t it.
    He announced his new club and thanked them for the opportunity he’ll be getting. Is it obligatory he mentions us?

  3. Did he though?

    “Right after Arsenal announced Torreira’s departure, the Uruguayan took to Instagram Stories and had his say.

    “Always Gunners,” he wrote followed by emojis of a heart, a flexed bicep and a football.”

    -Source: TBR

  4. I still wonder how emery was blamed for how this guy turned out.
    Arteta had 2 and half years to have put him back in his preferred position but he never trusted him a bit.
    Meanwhile many blamed emery for using him as AM in few games which in my opinion was very far from his downfall.
    The likes of Kante played a similar role for Chelsea when they use jorginho and and kovacic, Liverpool use Henderson, fabinho, and Thiago, Madrid use kroos, modric, and casemero.
    All these teams never use attacking midfield and they all won Ucl in recent. It’s about using what you have to get a result.

  5. Torreira. Hanging around like a bad smell. Finally got his dream move to Turkey. ALL the Italian clubs didn’t think it was worth a bid

  6. Torreira is right to snub mentioning us in his comment because Arsenal( Arteta) let him down. I remember hw bright he was under Emery but the emergence of Arteta saw an end to his uprising.

    Also, it is very unfair of whoever told him or maybe, it is even MA that told him that he has no room in the club. It is so so pathetic of the club to tell him that!

    Despite our team lacking a DM, we still sold out what I suppose he’s the best we got.

    1. It was okay For Emery to tell Wilshere and Ramsey straight up that they’re no longer needed, but it’s a crime for Arteta to tell Torreira he’s not needed in his plans?
      Make it make sense please.
      Considering the fact that LT was already moaning about being homesick and not adapting to England before Terta came.
      If you wanna create an agenda, at least make it a sensible one you can deceive people with

      1. Where did you heard emery told Ramsey he wasn’t needed again? He was offered a contract but refused to sign. If that was the case he would have been sold the moment emery took over. Perhaps if he was awarded the contract he wanted, we will still be the one to be crying of high wages. Even juve had to terminate his contract with that ridiculous wages.
        Wilshere wasn’t going to play any more minutes than he had done in the past. Hence he’s now a manager at 30.
        He was released and that decision wasn’t even bad considering he’s injury prone and was earning high wages.
        Only one emery let down was elneny and he wasn’t sold but let him go on loan.

      2. @Eddie
        100 % agree
        Some are willing to clutch at any straw to keep up their anti Arteta agenda.

      3. Don’t even go there!@Eddie Because, you don’t like Arteta than I do!💯 .. I will never allow my admiration of him, stop me from tellin’him off, regarding what is apparently wrong. He should know that asset management is key to whatever he is aiming at.

        I will type it again; Torreira is better than any of our present DM.

        1. A few considerations. Believing something, however fiercely, does not make it true. In this case, it is simply your opinion and others disagree.
          Torreira has had opportunities to demonstrate that he is a top class midfielder. None of the top teams in Europe are convinced. Arteta was unconvinced; nor are many other Arsenal supporters. I am also amongst the doubters even though I agree that he had a good spell when he was with us.
          He is still young and now has another opportunity. If he is as good as you seem to think he should flourish at his new club.
          He is leaving us now so all we can do is wish him well.

          1. Don’t know if the above is meant for me @David. But, a better look at my comment will help you understand that I am only justifying Torreira’s decision not to mention Arsenal in his comment; not even a thank you to the fans. And my opinion of Arteta is the most absolute truth; He lacks asset management skill. I support Arteta, nonetheless.

          2. And mind you, top teams in Europe would have been convinced if he was available on a free or not an ARSENAL player.

    2. I still wonder why he wasn’t used in his prefer position, even though we lack a real defensive midfielder

    3. This is a total re-write of history. He was not bright under Emery. he had max 2 good months then quickly became average/injured and couldn’t get into the XI. He wasn’t given a chance under Arteta because he wasn’t good enough. And the fact the only club in Europe that paid pennies for him is Galatasaray, and Valencia wasn’t even willing to throw a few more quid at him, really tells the whole story. It’s obvious you have a clear agenda against Mikel. No he hasn’t always made the right decisions, but Lucas Torreira was NEVER good enough for Arsenal and Mikel did right by the club getting rid of the flop.

    4. And your whole argument is that we “need a DM”. And you dont seem to care who that DM is, just any one will do. Because if you did care you would not be pretending Torreira is a good player. Elneney’s previous season is lightyears better than anything Lucas did for us.

  7. Bought him for £27,000,000 – sold him for £5,500,000……as for giving a “brutal snub” to the club, does anyone think:

    1. Anyone at the club gives a damn?
    2. Lucas Torreria gives a damn?

    Really sorry it didn’t work out for him, but we move on.

  8. I thought Torreria didn’t want to stay in London mid way in to his first season he hated everything specially our weather, wasn’t it Torreria who wanted to be sold to an Italian club any Italian club?

  9. I watched serie A alot last season and this fellow was an absolute beast for florentina…. I rest my case

    1. If he was as good as you are saying then how come Fiorentina refused to sign him on a permanent contract? We gave him away for £5 million, but Fiorentina couldn’t be bothered?

  10. Who is Lucas Torreira? …that’s why he could not tie down a place in the many clubs he has been to, perhaps Galatasaray is his best fit, let him stay “down” there.

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