Torreira medical confirmed as Arteta promises three days of decisions

It has been a very long and frustrating transfer window for Arsenal fans so far, but now it has come to the last few days of madness. It certainly looks like the Lucas Torreira move to Atletico Madrid is in the final stages as his agent has announced that he is set for “medicals” today. When asked whether Torreira was now unlikely to go to Roma, Pablo Betancur told InsideFutbol: “Yes, Roma is out. Now Atletico. Yes, tomorrow medical visits.”

We are all hopeful that the Uruguayan will be the first of many outgoing players to bring in funds for our main targets, as Mikel Arteta has made it clear that we now have to act in the transfer market as deadline day approaches. Arteta told the Metro: ‘Well, I am very confident in what we are trying to do internally. [I am getting] clarity and support from everybody at the club to try and improve the team if we can.

‘But most importantly as well, to get the right balance in the squad, for now and the way we want to evolve the squad in the future. We are all very much aligned but I’m afraid that I cannot give you any updates or news.

‘I think it is a crucial moment because in the end it defines the people, the players, the balance and the quality that you’re going to have for the rest of the season.

‘We need to make some decisions in the next three days, I think everything has been delayed so much, not just us but probably every team because of the context that we’re in at the moment.

‘We will try to make the best possible decisions and at the end, whatever we have, we go for it fully convinced and prepared to have a good season.’

Going by the Boss’ words, I am hopeful we will have a hell of a lot to talk about in the coming days, and we will be seeing the new arrivals coming in that will give Arteta the balance he is looking for in the Arsenal squad.

Fingers crossed….


  1. If it all goes well, best of luck to Lucas T.👍👍
    Once a gunner, always a gunner💪💪
    Now hopefully more business will happen.

    1. Well looks like won’t be getting either of our major targets with Madrid and Chelsea reported to be entering the race will all be down to not paying what the clubs want would have had both players weeks ago had we just paid the proper money will prob panic buy a couple of average players now we missed out on the quality ones that were available!!

      1. I sympathise with your feelings but I really don’t think the club are in a position to spend, spend,spend. If the surplus players won’t move on then funds will be even limited AND we still have four more years of instalments for Pepe.

        My cup is a very much half full that something good will happen (gulp)

  2. Apparently it’s all agreed for Aouer with his terms to come its just getting Lyon to agree to the £36m+£10m in add ons. Be alot harder now Mardid have entered the race!

    Lucas going to AMadrid is interesting one with us so interested in Partey and him willing to come to Arsenal! Wonder as soon as Lucas signs will we activate Thomas’ release clause?

    Papa to Everton instead today aswell, Fair enough & Good luck, £5m please!

    I think still to go will be Kolasnic & Chambers to get some money in.

  3. Auor to arsenal is more realistic but partey is zero, as they have identified chelsea’s jorginho for loan deal with us

  4. It’s surprising because from what is making rounds in media that we’re nowhere close to signing Partey, and we’re releasing our only true DM to them without an agreement in place to get Partey. Well, I’ll be watching these few remaining days of the transfer window with a keen eye.

  5. I must admit, having watched Aouar for multiple times yesterday, we have to do what it takes to get him.

    His anticipation of moves, challenges, and his technique,,, is only comparable to Arthur (a world class player that people at Barcelona sold for peanuts to juventus.)

    For Torreira, am massively surprised he has suitors, because his recruitment along with Guendouzi are the sole reason we’re in this midfield predicament.

  6. Spot on Ad Pat WHEN YOU SAY FINGERS CROSSED! Despite the Covid extra problems, we ALWAYS have this last minute nonsense and have done for years past. So have most, though not all, other clubs. Its just how the horse trading works and we have no choice but to accept it, frustrating though it is.

    I remain very confident of landing Aoure though , but think he will be the only import of substance,unfortunately.

    Whatever else happens, IF we have to keep Elneny in as a regular then we are truly stuffed for top four hopes. I do not remotely share the way some are now trying to rewrite history on this willing but severely limited player. In my view he is not PREM standard,even at lower Prem clubs level.

    A player of such low ability should NEVER have been anywhere near our club at all and not have been bought by “you know who”! He is being played ONLY because right now there is no one else of ability who is ALSO willing to work hard.

    1. your knowledge of football is often weird. Football is not philosophy man. Luckily your opinion does not count. What right do you have to say he has low quality? Any footballer who makes it to the professional level has loads of ability. You fans are just something else. Why the need to bash and insult? These footballers are human beings you know? Imagine you were told you had low ability at whatever it is you do, would you like it? Doubt it would make your day! Our squad is imbalanced and that’s what Arteta is hoping to fix. Just support the team. Being an old timer you certainly know that clubs would go through different phases of success. Enough of us bashing our players. especially players who have so far this term done the job the manager has asked of them

  7. Arsenal management or should I say arsenal bourd they don’t want to spend money.since how many years arsenal do not gaulifile for champion league they supposed to know that you will use money to fined money but I can say they knows what there are doing

  8. After last season’s display and final standing which confirmed our worst in fifty years, are we really that much stronger now? We have made two signings so far. William and Gabriel. Saliva will go out on loan so we have Holding. Willian is basically cover for failing Pepe? If we fail to strengthen now I can’t see us having a better season than last! We need a better midfield with added creativity and defensive stability!!

  9. Speaks volumes for state of club that we couldn’t find a way to play torreira but have held tenaciously on to elneny and xhaka who are utterly substandard and no one wants even in the second tier of European football while torreira goes to one of europes elite teams … If we dont bring in quality midfielders in next 72 hrs we will be finishing outside top 6 this season …. Very sad indication of the decade long descent of the club

    1. I’m loving how he’s called Saliva so often, cracks me up!! I know he’s a mouth-watering prospect, but come on!!! 😜

  10. Without any midfield reinforcements we are unfortunately destined for 8th at best. Gabriel has/will reinforce the defence but we will be exposed by our stagnant midfield.
    The current midfield is in my opinion one of the worst in The Premiership. Yes we seem more organised but the amount of chances we are creating up front is a huge cause for concern!

  11. To keep pace with the others we need to sign Aouar or Partey ideally both!
    However none of our swollen squad have moved so far as expected.
    So this could be where we get in effect a bridging loan from Stan or Josh.
    Borrow the money and pay it back when we do manage to sell the players maybe in Janiary when people need cover for injuries etc.
    Truly is ridiculous that Saliba is muted to go on loan again as we cant shift the others.

  12. What scares me is that we will have a midfield of Elneny, Xhaka and Ceballos after Monday. To leave our midfield down to the wire when Boubakary Soumaré is buyable RIGHT NOW…..and the player wants to come to Arsenal. If Plan A is Aouar, the for ****s sake do plan B before we get double stuffed. I totally support Arteta but my woory is he gets obsessed with who he wants and misses other top players. Boubakary Soumaré was a top player last season in Ligue 1.

    1. If all fails MA said he will work hard with what he has. Smith Rowe and Luis should be moved to midfield. Luis has some good passes

  13. Watching holding yesterday only reaffirmed my grudge against British media’ s over hyping a British player. He, ( holding), is totally championship level. Kept getting jittery even when not under pressure. That is the effect of paying grossly average players huge wages who can’t be moved on due to the comfortable wages they earn here.. I totally agree that i t would be calamitous if by the morning of Tuesday , we have only xhaka, ceballos and elneny as our first choice midfielders. Am tired of elneny’s and xhaka’s frustrating sideway passes. I was cringing all through the EFL cup match against Liverpool. I long for the day when rosiky, hleb, fabregas and flamini zip the ball around opponents in a blur of exquisite movement. That quartet was second only to xavi – iniesta- busquet- Pedro midfield ( in my opinion). I personally do not rate aroua much( too similar to cebalos). Watched partey against huesca, he was immense. Get him asap

  14. @muyizo
    Ah yes what a mf you mention 🙂
    I remember not so long ago cazorla from deep with Wilshire Giroud Ramsey etc think v Norwich Wilshire goal 🙂 if only Ozil would leave!

  15. its a relief, all the suspense and waiting is over. we will send someone out and there will be no party to auor us.

    we may get a panic buy maybe

  16. Also watching Everton omg James Rodriguez and Doucoure wouldn’t have been too bad for us!

  17. Are you telling me Torriera is worse then Elneny and Willock?? Why we are valuing our player when he is demand, other clubs are after him, has age on his side and is an international for a good team. where we want to spend twice the money on 28/29 year old who apart from Arsneal no one is interested in….don’t give the reason because he said he likes Arsenal. There have been and are a lot of players who are in love with one club but are sold or bought by some other club.

  18. London Gunners can’t you people protest against this kroneke guys and force them to leave the club like Liverpool forced their former owners. Eche from Nigeria

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