Torreira was overjoyed at the phone call from Unai Emery – So were Arsenal fans…

We have heard many times over the years of how Arsene Wenger made personal phone calls to Arsenal’s transfer targets to persuade them to join Arsenal, but this is the first time we have heard of Unai Emery stepping in and doing the same thing. We have been led to believe that under the new regime at Arsenal it is Sven and Raul who deal with all the incoming players, but according to Lucas Torreira, it was Unai who sealed the deal. ‘At the end of my last season at Sampdoria there were lots of teams being talked about,’ Torreira told ArsenalMedia, as reported in TalkSport.

‘I never imagined coming here to England because it was mainly Italian clubs being mentioned.

‘Before I left for the World Cup I got a call from the coach which was a massive surprise for me.

‘I knew that I had earned it because of all my hard work and everything that I had done. That phone call made me a happy man.

‘It allowed me to relax too because it allowed me to focus all my attention on the national team and the World Cup. I’m so proud to be part of such an important team.’

That phone call has also made lots of Arsenal fans happy as well! He was the Gunners Player of the Month in November and started December with a stunner against the Spuds, and then scored a fantastic goal against Huddersfield at the weekend too.

He has all the attributes to become an Arsenal legend in the future, and hopefully help us to win many many trophies as well….



  1. Th14 says:

    Emery definitely deserves more credit don’t you think. What a great signing.
    I just wish the club will show more ambition and back him up in the next transfer window.

  2. ken1945 says:

    Absolutely agree with this post.
    Torreria has been brilliant for us and it is great to know that Unai Emery carries such weight with players.
    Our club has had such great managers over the years, especially when one considers just how many goes spuds had before they found Poch!
    Two excellent stories in one from this post, great to have news like this that can only excite and unite our fanbase.

  3. Auba-toreira of Lagos says:

    Just give him an improved contract ASAP before those bhigsh*t clubs start coming over

  4. gotanidea says:

    Because you mentioned about Wenger’s personal approach, I remember he went to Mbappe’s house to persuade him

    Luckily Emery managed to persuade Torreira. I hope Emery can give us another surprise

  5. jon fox says:

    Torreira has to be the number one player and the number one fan favourite player. He is IMO the ONLY regularly proving REAL world class player we have . Auba is world class at times but were he not so relatively lazy he would be more obviously praised. Some have suggested leaving him out for some games but NO-ONE EVER suggests leaving Torreira out, which proves my point. Ozil WAS once world class but true world class players turn up in games, week in week out, which disqualifies him from that word. Leno and Laca are both top players but somewhat short of true world class.

    1. Durand says:

      Torreira continues to play as if he has something to prove, and he is one of the few players who has nothing to prove. His work rate, positioning, intelligence, unselfishness, and contributions have helped make Arsenal the team it is now.

      In a few years, with better adjustment to the language, I hope he is considered to be one of the captains.He does a bit of everything for us, and I’m sure he is well liked and respected in the locker room.

      Injuries are the only reason to keep this beast out of our lineup, and let all the other clubs moan, groan, and wish they have him at their club. I love so much about this guy, his approach, unselfishness, intelligence, and willing to fight and scrap for any little piece of the ball.

      All I have to say is, “thank you,” and may I please have some more.”

      Oh,and the praise he is getting from some of our former players and greatest players says everything. Wrighty praising him is all that needs to be said really.

      I bet he would find a way to play himself onto our great Invincibles squad as well. Nothing but praise for this guy, and he is deserving of at least 3 songs from the Emirates, at least!

    2. Midkemma says:

      Our WC strikers have lacked a link up player to allow them to truly showcase themselves.
      Laca has worked hard but again, with little service then he is left dropping deep to try and become that link the CM to attack, which we have seen him do a few times to feed Auba nice balls. (That almost sounded dirty… lol)

      The way Emery likes us to play out from the back and our reputation of being weak in the middle has done nothing but highlight how good Torreira is but I do feel the strikers are let down without a class player linking up the CM to attack.

      Please think about it…

      Mkhi has been moaned about, Iwobi has failed to deliver consistency, Ozil is too busy on Fortnite and Ramsey is Ramsey.

      What players play in between the Xhaka-Torreira partnership and the strikers?

  6. Innit says:

    This must be the 100th time Ive said how much I love Torreira (and Guendouzi)

    When Emery signed Torreira, that was confirmation that we left not only the Wenger era but also the Wenger way of thinking. A defensive midfielder is a MUST in today’s game

  7. ozziegunner says:

    We have to trust the Arsenal Trinity of Sven, Raul and Unai to find gems (“uncut diamonds”) similar to Lucas Torreira to fill the other deficiencies in the squad. They will have to make do with the funding provided by scrooge Kroenke under the self sustaining model.

    1. Midkemma says:

      I think Gazidis has done more to hurt us than Silent Stan who is saying we can spend all of what we make… The meaningful question of why we can’t spend now I feel is overlooked when the finger is pointed at Silent Stan because he hasn’t acted like City.

      Over the past 5 years we have spent about £110 million more than Chavski (total).
      About £40 million more than Loserpool.
      About £220 million more than the Spuds.

      UTD have spent about £250 million more than us in the same 5 year period, UTD who was bought using their own money by an american businessman. We have a tight fisted American businessman as well..

      Something tells me that the owner isn’t the issue, it was our leadership, we also had a CEO happy to sell of talent for UCL fee rather than push for all we can along with penny pinching to the point that Arsenal wasn’t getting the talent in as young players to develop. Signings like Perez when the manager wanted Laca and taking his time (years in some cases) meant we had to pay more in the end for the same player.

      I say all that with the hope that Raul and Co will not be as wasteful and we will see our Arsenal grow over the next few years into a club that it should already be.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        That’s can’t be true. A list of all Europe’s top spenders came out. Most money spent since 2010. Arsenal were fourteenth on the list, spending roughly only 60m more than Everton. Liv had a similar spend to utd. Man C was top. Chelsea second. R Madrid were eight, which surprised the hell out of me. Barcelona third, PSG fourth. Man U, Juventus and Liverpool, were very close, three of them came in at 5th, 6th, & 7th place. They spent just under 1 billion. Arsenal were in at just over six hundred million. A Madrid spent more than us, and we spent close to 70m more than Spurs. Everton, spent similar to Spurs, that was also surprising.

  8. nikkogunners says:

    Emery should extend his super call persuasion mode to this guy – Udinese’s Rodrigo de Paul, agreed? The guy might turn out to be the next Messi. Plays with similar tenacity and urgency like both Messi and Torreira have, beats defenders with dribbles and generally piles pressure on opponents…

  9. Goona says:

    Wenger was good in that, the personal touch

  10. Sue says:

    Is ESR injured?

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