Torreira’s agent confirms Arsenal will get £12.8m summer boost

The Uruguayan midfielder Lucas Torreira has spent the whole of this season on loan from Arsenal at the Italian giants Fiorentina, after being told by Mikel Arteta that he was no longer in his plans.

Torreira appeared to be in a bad place in London and never seemed to settle, and when he had some family issues back in Uruguay it looked like he was willing to give up everything and return home to his family.

Arsenal bought Torreira from Sampdoria after an impressive season and a great Copa America, but after his unhappy time in London he spent a season in Spain with Atletico, but again found it hard to get games and was suffering menttally, but this season’s return to Italy seems to have rejuvenated the 26 year-old, and according to his agent Pablo Bentancur, Fiorentina will certainly be taking up the 15m Euro option to buy at the end of the season, despite any bad feeling from Arsenal about the failed Vlahovic deal in January.

“Fiorentina logically want to buy him because he is playing very well. He has returned to having an impressive continuity and dynamism,” Bentancur told Sport890, relayed by

“Now, Arsenal are a bit angry because they wanted Vlahović. Fiorentina wanted to sell him, but the agents said he had to go to Juventus: you always do what the player wants… Lucas is happy in Florence and I think they will take him, to date he is one of the most loved players by the fans.”

Arsenal may only be getting back half of the fee they originally paid for Torreira, but at least there will actually be involved for a change. And it will be a nice little boost to Arsenal’s summer budget.

And great news for Lucas too, it’s good to see that he is enjoying his football again…

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  1. We are getting quite a bit less than half of what we paid once you take inflation into account, especially player price inflation.

      1. How much has your last car purchase devalued?

        My financial advice on that is don’t buy one, take a taxi, plane, train or bus.

  2. Not a good price, but yet another self inflicted financial wound.

    Tends to happen when you broadcast to everyone he is not wanted by the club. Arteta didn’t bring him in, but he does bear some responsibility for the devaluation of the player, along with Edu, upper management, the board and ownership.

    I’m sure the loses suffered by the club are staggering in terms of valuation loses. This has been an issue for several years now, and hopefully coming to an end soon.

    1. no doubt Durand…based on how this situation has been mishandled, I would be incredibly surprised if we get even that amount for LT…how many times can we get caught up in these amateur hour scenarios before we make a concerted effort to change our piss-poor management practices…it’s PR 101 GD it!!

  3. Cue all the would be Arsenal accountants, complaining about money lost by a company they have no financial interest in.

    I don’t understand why it bothers people so much? They whinge that the company doesn’t spend enough money, then the company buys the players the fans all crave, then the fans whinge when the company recoups half of the money they laid out 4 years ago.

    Most importantly, it is not your money, get over it!!

    I wonder if any of these people have ever bought a car for example?

    1. It bothers people because it affect future business. If you are good at business it makes you far better than if you aren’t. Obvious really!

    2. It affects the players would could or could not bring in the future. Hence staggering losses on the ones we moved out, so there is less to put towards new additions.

      Of course it is not “our money” but it does affect the number and quality of players we can bring in the future.

      Thought it was pretty self-explanatory and easy concept to understand, guess not for some.

  4. Seems likes these players have new lease of like when they leave Arsenal. Looks as if Emirates is the new hell fire of EPL.

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