Torreira’s agent gives more proof that Arsenal players are unhappy with Emery

Lucas Torreira is not happy; Emery should take note

If recent reports emanating from Lucas Torreira’s agent is anything to be taken seriously, then Arsenal need to find out how to make their star players happy or risk experiencing an exodus of their star players.

I don’t want to sound like a song on replay, but I can’t just help crying out that we are at risk of losing our star players, unless something is done to steer the club back to the road of success and maybe start playing our stars in their best positions. Some weeks ago, it was Granit Xhaka. Last week, it was Mr. Aubameyang and now, it is Lucas Torreira’s agent that has come forward. Who knows who else will come out to voice an opinion next week?

Speaking on the subject of his client, agent Raffaele Bentancur told Radio Marte (as quoted in the Mirror): “Anything is possible in football. Torreira is happy at Arsenal, although the change in role has not made him happy. It must be said that this year the whole team is not doing well. But I believe Arsenal wants to keep him.”

What a subtle way of saying “Buckle up or lose me”. No footballer likes being left out of the action on the football pitch, and Lucas coming out to complain is very normal. Player management is what is needed to keep players happy, while sitting on the bench during a game. Sadly, we have a coach who is bad at managing and motivating players and this is one of the reasons we have been playing badly lately.

Lucas Torreira, who was one of the players Emery bought when he was appointed Arsenal coach, has been reduced to just four Premier League starts this season after the manager’s decision to move him into a more advanced midfield role. This is not how to treat a player who is an international player and has played in the best football competitions in the world. He is a defensive midfield player and should be allowed to play in that role. Xhaka has no business playing the defensive midfield role, when we have Torreira. A good coach knows how to play his players according to their strengths, and I am wondering if Emery knows that.

What we need at this trying period is a united team and not a team with so many unhappy people. Personally, I feel Torreira has not been played to his potential yet at Arsenal. What do you think Gooners?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Torreira can’t play as a central DM like Fernandinho/ Fabinho/ Matic, because he can’t cope with the physicalities of his opponents in EPL. His role is supposed to be like Kante’s, who is a mobile DM

    Unfortunately he has not impressed as a mobile DM either. He can move if there is a good offer for him, because we already have Chambers that was fantastic as a central DM and Arsenal have to transition to 4-3-3 anyway

    We need players that really want to play for Arsenal, not big complainers that always blame someone else but himself

    1. You keep saying this but it’s just not true… he was fantastic for most of the season last season in the dm role and was a big part of us going 21 games unbeaten and helped our midfield tick really well and got a few MOTM awards too, and hes not ‘always blaming someone else’s hes being played out of position of he has not going to be as effective, just like putting auba on the wing, if we let him go we will regret it.

      1. You have enough energy to reply this gotnoidea of a guy, he just prioritizes on commenting 1st rather than making sense

        1. Lol…
          And he keeps mentioning Chambers Playing as DM because he did so at Fulham even when he hasn’t starred in that role for Arsenal, and it doesn’t look like he will do so anytime soon under this current management

  2. Torreira seemed to me an excellent DM when he arrived. Maybe with Ramsey departing, Emery thought to himself that it’s a good idea to turn Torreira into a Ramsey.

  3. Strange, but I didn’t see Torreria complain anywhere in this post.

    Instead I read comments from his agent saying that he is happy at The Arsenal, but doesn’t like his current role…does anyone who watches our club disagree with that statement?

    He was brought in as a DM and played as well as anyone could have wanted last season, until that is, UE decided to change his role.

    Now, the fanbase doesn’t like his current role, because he is ineffective in it and that is probably the reason the player himself doesn’t feel happy.

    Instead of saying he is a complainer and should be sold, gotanidea, perhaps you should take a deep breath and consider why so many of our players seem unhappy at the moment.

    1. Exactly mate!! The wee man was a force last season in his proper role and now many people are just seeming to forget this in the space of a year 🤦‍♂️ I pray we dont get rid of him hes a quality player with much to offer in his preferred role.

    2. No one could put it better than you have. Torreira is being played out of potion
      Torreirra is an international DM who is good at his role. Unfortunately he doesn’t
      have a good manager just like all the Arsenal players. They need a manager, Unai is a

  4. Torreira was moaning last year too about the weather and life here. He isn’t happy. Get rid of him and Xhaka in Jan and get Upamecano or Torres. Chambers or Luiz are two players who are dms and seem to play better than there than other positions.
    Doing this may improve our defence and even distribution from the back…a bit. Only a bit because every day Emery stays is a day further away from top four and a healthy squad atmosphere.

  5. Torreira is a good DM, not great but is a little warrior though Xhaka doesnt bring out the best in him, well everyone tbh. If he had a decent CM alongside him that can actually defend aswell as attack then it could be better as Lucas is a baller too to be fair but needs help.

    Unai doesnt rate him anymore but none of us rate Unai at all, I’m sure some of the players feels the same. If we are going to play Torreira & Guendouzi then for God’s sake they need direction from the coach and that’s not really coming across the way Emery wants or the players understand.

    He needs to gamble now Emery as one foot is already out the door at the end of the season, maybe both before that if he doesnt take a chance.

    Put our strongest team out in the league every game, work around Europe and Fa Cup with what we have left.



    Pepe or Martinelli

    both play the holding role, let Mesut do the magic for the front 3 as both Lucas & Matteo are fighters. It’s all we have atm and they can sit infront of the back 4 to protect and lay it off for the forwards. Give Mesut the free role and see what happens…

    Cant be any worse than what we have saw this season already and hes on the verge of losing the dressing room as I think he already has with the fans.

    January is round the corner so Xhaka can leave and a replacement brought in will help out Lucas & Matteo.

  6. Torreira should leave if he can’t do what the coach want him to do. This explains why he hasn’t been starting most premiership games, he wants to dictate what his role to the coach. The coach is only doing his job. Torreira’s agent should tell him to watch Kante and try to do what he is doing. He’s lucky to be a somewhat first team player at Arsenal, he will certainly be on the bench of most EPL top 10 teams. Pettiness like this may be what has been affecting their performances.

    1. Lol…he was arguably our best player last year in his natural position what are you on about?!? So it’s his fault he was bought and played as a Dm for a season then forced to changed position to the detrement of the teams performances and his own? And your comment regarding him being on the bench for most of the top 10 epl teams is nonsense, other coaches would know how to utilize him properly.cant believe how short some peoples memories are on here.

      1. You are entitled to your opinion, but you don’t think the coach is the only one that knows and trains with these players and can make best decision as to where they can best help the team? Most teams that have beaten us this season have been tactically and physically better than us especially in the midfield, we ain’t just the old Arsenal anymore. Yes, Torreira had a great run last season because we had a Ramsey marshaling the midfield. Who picks up the pieces now?
        If you really watch other teams play, watch closely the midfielders of top 10 EPL clubs and tell me who Torreira match in physicality and ball movement.
        We can ask for the head of the coach when we lose but we won’t let him do his job as he deem fit? Torreira is a developing player.

        1. ‘Most teams that have beaten us this season have been tactically and physically better than us especially in the midfield’ so you say this ‘tactics being the key word… who is in charge of the tactics? Who is playing torreira out of position? And while he might not be as physical as some other pl midfielders his ball movement is fantastic, great technical ball control and a gifted passer and would slot straight into most other pl teams as he would be played in his proper position, he was fantastic last season but you all just seem to forget that, he was man of the match against spurs (and scored) man of the match against liverpool, infact he won arsenal man of the match 5 games running during that run consistently playing as a dm and had the stats to back it up. And again not his fault the coach decided to change his position after Ramsey left, again the managers fault for not being able to mould the rest of the midfield.

    2. The Urugyan is normally the first
      name at DM for his country, a
      position he thrives in yet Emery
      believes he is the next coming of
      Aaron Ramsey at B2B. Check

      Dani Ceballos, at every level for
      the Spain National set up has been
      deployed in the engine room of the
      pitch, pulling the strings in
      midfield yet Emery consistently slots
      him in on the wings negating his
      playmaking prowess. Check

      Auba on the left wing. Check

      Pepe asked to play more central and
      concentrate on his defensive
      resoinsibilities. Check

      Kola consistently being featured at
      LB when Tierney has proven he is
      the answer @ the position. Check

      You really think Torreria is the
      problem? Its become quire transparent
      why Nacho and Boss were desperate to
      leave this sinking ship.

  7. Torrieria has been poor his whole arsenal career. The only time he was decent was the 22 game unbeaten run against poor opposition last season. He is too small, too weak and his stamina his poor. Having the body of a 12 year old girl isnt going to cut it in the premier league.

    1. Absolute garbage comment, against poor opposition? He got arsenal man of the match 5 games running including our win against spurs(scored in this match too) and our draw against liverpool, had most man of the match performances, was our best player for most of last season, wasnt too small or weak then, honestly think before you type bro.

  8. I think we can do better without our usual suspects in the midfield. An experimental lineup to say the least, but I see some potential in this formation.

    Basically, we have quite a many CBs in our team. Chambers, Holding, Luiz, Sokratis, Mustafi, Mavropanos. The problem we are facing is a DM position.

    Now what are the traits of a good DM? Good physicality and decent pace, versatile ball distribution, comfortable with carrying the ball, strong presence in air, defensively better than the rest of the midfield, good tackling and intercepting game, etc. So far, only Luiz fits the bill in our current squad. Luiz is the basis of this formation. The captain, dare I say.

    Here is the slightly modified 3-4-3 formation:




    Bellerin (RM)………………………………Tierney (LM)

    …………….Ozil/Laca/Martinelli (AM)

    Pepe (RWF)………………………………..Saka/Martinelli (LWF)

    …………….Auba/Laca/Martinelli (CF)

    Benefits of this formation: Tons of attacking outlets, PACE, creativity, good ball distribution potential to mix the game up. Defensively quite strong. When without the ball ,Sokratis can join Luiz forward to display some solid tag team wrestling in the middle of the pitch, while Bellerin and Tierney can fall back to form a more traditional 4 man defense. Safety inside the box, wrestling outside the box!

    When with the ball, Bellerin and Tierney can play as usual fullbacks or in inverted positions, combining with Pepe, Ozil and Saka/Martinelli in so many ways. Bellerin and Tierney can sorta play like how Ryan Giggs used to play, or Beckham, providing long early crosses to Auba from the wide midfield, or cut in the midfield to join with Luiz and Ozil to draw players towards the center, allowing our wingers to run wild in the wide areas, and with Ozil and Luiz in the center, they can find our wingers well.

    And the best part, in case we are caught with our pants down higher up the pitch, we have pace on many players to track back in time.

    1. Spot on about Luiz, he is the best possible option for us in the DM role. In fact, I think he has potential being another Vieira for Arsenal.

  9. From my take on the article, it doesn’t say or mean anything of the sort, in fact quite the opposite. It does seem that every article written is being twisted and turned around to sound negative and not actually to whats been said or written. I find it tedious, i only like stuff that actually has substance positive or negative, not twisted.

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