Tottenham announce their new ground will be bigger than Arsenal’s

Tottenham Hotspur have made an official announcement that the new plans to increase the capacity of their new ground has been accepted by the local council, and it will now hold 1,299 more fans that Arsenal, which is currently the largest capacity ground in London.

The official announcement said: “We are pleased to announce that Haringey Council has approved our application to increase the capacity of the new stadium,”

“Improved seating layout design has meant that we have been able to increase seating in several areas of the stadium. This will now see our official capacity rise to a total of 61,559.

“The biggest gain will be in the single-tier South stand, which will now be able to accommodate 17,500 spectators, an increase of 500.

“The new stadium will be the largest capacity football club stadium in London.”

Obviously their new ground it is not expected to be opened for another year and they will be playing their home games at Wembley next season, where they have not been very successful with their Champions League games this season.

Hopefully they will be just as bad next season in the League and drop back down the table.

There is not much point having that much capacity if you can’t fill it with fans….



  1. frustrated gunner says:

    great!!! they now play better than us finishing above us n gonna have bigger ground

  2. FRANK says:

    It’s ok everyone, don’t worry, our board will still make more money for Kroenke than the spuds because of the inflated ticket prices.

    1. Gooner John says:

      Unfortunately spuds corporate offering is mind blowing and that’s where the money is made. Our corporate client base will be spending their money at that new ground and the grove will no longer be a cash cow for us.

  3. Kedar Damle says:

    Why are we comparing ourselves again and again with Spuds?? Past few days I have seen few articles about comparison between Arsenal and Spuds… We need to understand that our competition is not with Spuds but with Chelsea, City and United…. Spuds is only a wind flow for some time… Over period of 2-3 seasons they are gonna fade… So we need to think much about other 3 teams mentioned above apart from Spuds…

    1. Spaticus says:

      You are a total idiot if you think that. Why are Spurs suddenly gonna fall away and Arsenal jump 4 places? Also, at the moment you are competing with Utd as they’re also yesterday’s news. Tottenham have a very young talented side. If you want to kid yourself with rubbish like that, keep it to yourself or back it up with a decent argument. I’ve heard crap about “Spurs are gonna have to pay for the stadium so won’t be able to spend big”….newsflash!! Spurs don’t spend big now!! Tottenham aren’t even thinking about Arsenal, they’re just concentrating on improving season on season. You sound like a child…..give me one reason why what you hope and pray for will actually happen?

      1. dutchy says:

        They play at Wembley next season, which will be half full. After that they will play in a new stadium. Look at the numbers they produced at Wembley and how teams normally play at there new stadiums, Arsenal or West Ham for instance..
        Furthermore they will never hold this team together. Probably next season yes but after that, no way. They can update there seating plan but that doesn’t make them a bigger club. They just copy Arsenal, doing a good job at that, but i wouldn’t be jealous if I were you..

      2. Martin says:

        The point he’s trying to make is that we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves with Spurs or any other team. There are 19 teams to play and we should just concentrate on the next game whoever it is against. This fixation with Spurs is pathetic.

    2. Gooner John says:

      Unfortunately spuds are here to stay now. As I mentioned above their new stadium is effectively taking away our cash cow at the grove and them lot are going to be making so much money for the foreseeable future, unless chelsea can edit their plans for new Stamford bridge and come up with something decent. Meanwhile how are we to compete with anyone with an incompetent owner and manager.

    3. Bermy Ras says:

      We should be comparing ourselves with teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Dortmund, PSG. That’s the reason why we don’t excel in the Premier League. We should be reaching higher than Chelsea and City and that should be from the owner right down to the ball boys!

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Dortmund don’t belong on that list, we are a bit like Dortmund it’s just that Germany hasn’t got three Bayern’s.

  4. GrahamB says:

    Their stadium was always going to be bigger than ours by over a 1000 and the recent statement a few days ago was that they were installing another 99 seats so this is old news. In fact though, who cares? Of course it will be full every week just as Wembley was for them but it’s not full stadiums that win trophies, it’s good teams and unfortunately they are better than us at present. Having said that, they will win nowt this season but at least we gave a fair chance of winning the FA Cup again.

  5. JPS_AFC1 says:

    Why don’t we just worry about our own backyard and not bother with comparing ourselves with other teams. Who cares what all the other teams are doing, let’s just worry about what is going on at AFC and how we are going to get rid off this incompetent owner and manager and replace them with an owner and manager with ambition who will sort out the team and play the kind off football that will put us back at the top. If we do that then comparison’s with other teams are irrelevant.

  6. Gooner Craig says:

    There seems to be a lot of Spuds fans infiltrating this site nowadays! Also most of you so called ‘fans’ need to liven up and stop being a bunch of whiney lil b!7ches!!! Ffs you’re driving me crazy! Bunch of faggy lil emo’s supporting the club now?! Spud are and always will be a small team in comparison to AFC! 1 or 2 good seasons, simultaneous with us having a poor season (AW? Injuries? Both? Board? All?) isn’t going to change anything! All you mugs crying all the time need to take it elsewhere you’re just embarrassing the rest of us and the club! I bet you go on just tottenham or whatever their fan pages are called lol pathetic

  7. Gooner Craig says:

    OH no! Spuds have 1,299 more seats than us! ?? so f’ing what?! How many seats does Stamford Bridge have? Looks like they’re winning the title regardless of seating capacity lol West Ham playing in a big new stadium as well so what? Spurs don’t have many fans outside of London, let alone England lol them extra seats are going to away fans, neutrals and businessmen ??

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