Tottenham believe they can catch Arsenal in Top Four race, is it possible?

So, we all can sit back and take stock in the international break, and Mikel Arteta will be praying that all the Arenal players return refreshed and injury-free ready for the crucial last quarter of the fixture list.

Tottenham are currently only 3 points behind us in the table with a North London derby still to come. If we lose the derby we will still have one game in hand, but it could be argued that our rivals have the easiest run in compared to us. Other than the Arsenal game, here are Tottenham’s remaining fixtures….

Obviously there is still some way to go, and there are no “easy” games in the EPL any more, so there will still be nail-biting moments to come, but according to Hugo Lloris, speaking to HITC, Spurs belive they are far from beaten yet. “There are nine games to go,” he said.

“So, 27 points is a lot on the table.

“We need consistency. But we believe that we can do it. I think it’s important to keep this ambition high and to push together.

“It’s the international break. It’s important to manage it well and get back strong, then return for the final race.”

Just for comparison, here is Arsenal’s run-in as we aim to return to the Champions League….

I am of course hopeful that Liverpool will give them a beating, and I would love to see Newcastle give them a shock after the break, but could Fourth Place be decided by the North London Derby?

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PRESS CONFERENCE – Arteta is very happy after Aston Villa win!

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  1. It’s more than 100% possible.
    We are just 3 points ahead with about 10 games to play. About 30 points to play for.

  2. As mentioned many times in this site and in other media, they have the easiest fixtures as compared to the other fourth place challengers. I hope Kane will be unfit after returning from his international duty

  3. It’s not matches v City, Liverpool or Chelsea whch will define our season. It is the 1-0 v Norwich at home and the away 1-0 v Burnley, Villa and Wolves which count most. We need 5/9 from the away games at Palace, Southampton and Newcastle. Beat Leeds Brighton and Everton at home to reach 68 points. Then we need 5/12 from Man U at home Spurs, Westham and Chelsea away to reach 73.

  4. Spurs v Arsenal will be a tough game. We defeated them at the Emirates so they will be looking to revenge. However, the icing on the cake is defeating them again….

  5. I think it is still a long way for the season to end, about a quarter of it is yet to be played. Anything could happen within this time span, there will be ups anddowns for all teams. The team with the most consistency will make it to the top 4. Given our current form and confidence, I am sure we will be fighting till the end and something tells me that the final CL spot could even be decided on the last day of the PL. That said, hope we continue our good form and remain injury free. Time we returned to the CL. We are Arsenal and we deserve to be there, our history speaks for itself.

          1. And I don’t like people who make disgusting insults to fellow Arsenal fan…

            Don’t do it again!

      1. “We”? So you claim to be an Arsenal fan then?
        Odd that, as your unfanlike post reads and smells like one coming from a troll!

  6. Ignore him he is just trying to be a leader,what makes him think we will drop points more than they will despite having a game at hand.yeah they stand a chance to do it provided they can grab all 27 points remaining but not until we give them a beaten of their lives and shatter their hopes infront of their home crowd.

    1. In reverse fixture we have lost points against crystal palace, Brighton, Chelsea, man united, everton. Other than these we still need to play direct rival Tottenham and west ham. So among 10 we have 7 tough games. So finger crossed at present. We have to play each game as final if we have to have any chance of qualifying for champions league. Moreever 4th might not be enough if west ham wins Europa.

      1. If west ham wins europa (which I doubt) and we finish 4th. 5 English teams will be in the champions league. Whatever anyone does outside the top 4 doesn’t affect those who finish in the top 4

  7. I’m trying to be focused on the strength of character from the players which is half the battle. The never say die attitude
    Tricky fixtures are Burnley for Spurs as they will be scrapping and Everton for us, if they haven’t pulled clear of the relegation tousle. Easy on paper but it rarely works out like that

  8. Just have a funny feeling we are going to end up third,
    My reason is and am going after history here, we always finished strong especially when we are playing free flow football as a team.

    If one looks at the Villa match, even though the score line was thin, we were in good control of the match and I suspect there will be quite a few others like that.

    Am predicting we will be winning seven of the remaining match along with drawing two I can’t predict the Chelsea one

  9. It’s possible as they are our biggest rivals for fourth place. Hopefully they will get all spursie and bottle it as usual though.

  10. Many a slip between the cup and lip as they say. The season is far from over and we are far from having this in the bag.

    Spuds can score goals as we obviously see as of late, and if they can steady their defense, it will be a very tight finish. Utd can also go on a run, if they can find their form here near the end.

    I have been among those warning about boasting too early, as there is a lot left to be done.

    Thankfully, our fate is in our own hands, and if we do the job at hand it doesn’t matter what the spuds or Utd do.

  11. Lol,what makes him an arsenal fan cos i’ve never seen him here before and is yet to respond to show he has not visited the site since then, he probably found this article in their spuds news feed then chose to make a disgusting comment to our club.we all can’t stand them,can we?

  12. We know what Spurs are going to do. Disrupt and break up our play at every opportunity, which they’ll most definitely do by being overly physical and aggressive. And then just keep feeding Kane and Son with long balls and exploiting the space that we give them. I can see the likes of Saka, Oedegard, Martinelli and Lacazette being kicked to f@&k and manhandled. Cedric will have to be right on his game as Son will terrorise him if not. He can’t be left isolated by whoever is playing inside of him…. probably White!

    Given the importance of this game not just the win over Spurs but the rewards which will come with it ie moving three points further away from them, the confidence of beating one of our toughest rivals and….the bragging rights.

    We have to match them with the same type of guile, clinical efficiency and ruthlessness. It might give us the extra push we need to continue the push to secure a top four place!

    I know by a lot of people’s exacting standards that top four won’t be an achievement but, just as beating spurs will be a means to an end in the long run. Securing will also be such a means in the long run for our future campaigns and once again, more importantly, title contenders. It’s the long haul we have to consider for now!

  13. Question:
    Would reaching just the Europa League (fifth place) will allow us to have enough money to make some good signings (who will take us to the next level, as per MA)? or CL is essential for that?

  14. My answer to the question put is YES! and NO! Yes, because Spurs for the last five seasons runnu have been finishing above Arsenal in the table and are qualifying for European places. As against Arsenal who have in the last five consecutive seasons not playing in the UCL but in the Europa League. Or have missed out on European football altogether due to their below par finish in the table in the last two seasons.

    NO, I think Tottenham Hs are nursing a belief which they are believing through their Hugo Iloris that Arsenal will cave-in to stutter in their 10 remaining matches of the season to fail to win some of those their 10 matches. So that they Spurs will capitalized on Arsenal failing to pick a UCL spot this Season as Hugo Iloris has believed for Tottenham Hs.

    But what IF Arsenal did not stutter but continue to ram-in the wins winning all their 10 remaining matches of the season to place 3rd or 4th in the table? And thus qualify to play in the UCL next season with two games to spare. For. This is a possibility that can happen for Arsenal in the run-in to the season as it pans out. But which Hugo Iloris has not considered a possibility that can come to pass for Arsenal this season. And which I believe will come to pass for Arsenal this season. For, I am confident it will. Principally because Arsenal have in their recent past games now make it a tradition of theirs to beating the teams who are below them in the table.

    In the meantime, let Arteta and his coaching staff, the Gunners and us Gooners try to go game by game to not lose our focus on our next match away to Crystal Palace that’s another MUST WIN match by the Gunners for Arsenal. Which must not be missed to win. But won to keep Arsenal UCL qualification momentum this season going and unstoppable.

  15. Just red an article.
    Mikell Arteta gave Xavi a reference on Auba.

    If what am reading is indeed correct, Arteta have shown outstanding character in the whole Auba epistle.

    Having put asides his differences and to highlight the strength of the talisman speaks volumes,
    The article went to say Xavi of Barcelona a former team mate of the gaffer and now head coach of Barcelona, was actually intrested in Alvara Marta.
    It now appears the glowing reference from someone the Barcelonan man knew personally did the trick despite being warn from countless others about Auba discipline issues.

    Now the whole saga is history, what is not history is that we have a young coach demonstrating personality,character and a high level of maturity not seen by some of his peers

  16. Definitely possible. They have the best deadly combo in the league – Kane+Son. Hopefully they will not get top 4 and some big clubs come to prise one of them away and break their

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