Tottenham blows Arsenal away to close in on Premier League midfielder

Tottenham will beat Arsenal to the signature of Yves Bissouma after they reached an agreement with Brighton on a £25million deal.

The midfielder has been a long-term target of the Gunners, and he recently dropped a hint that he would gladly move to the Emirates.

However, Mikel Arteta’s side has been slow to make signings this summer and have now missed out on his signature, according to The Sun.

The report claims he was entering the last year of his deal at the Amex, and Spurs capitalised on it to sign him for a fee believed to be a steal.

The midfielder was the subject of interest from Aston Villa in January, but their bid was rejected out of hand.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Bissouma is one of the finest midfielders in England, and we should have added the Malian to our squad.

With Thomas Partey constantly injured, we need another midfielder who can deputise in his absence and partner him in midfield as well.

Bissouma seems suited for that role, but now we will struggle to convince him to join us because he will want the prospect of playing in the Champions League.

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    1. Seems like a steal. But what are the details? Was our approach dependent on selling Xhaka? Is Spurs selling
      Winx? Is it salary related? Is it connected to a 50m bid for Jesus
      and the supposed interest in Tielemans? Is it to do with his off field issue? Are we prioritizing other areas? Until the window closes we won’t really know.

      1. That’s the thing I’ve been saying you just need to get the right players in and they don’t always have to be star expensive players

  1. Fact!!!!!! We are not as ambitious or as good a club at this moment in time and probably wont be for a good few years. They have an ambitious owner (group) a bigger stadium, are regularly getting CL football, have better players and a better manager. Every pundit under the sun predicted we would crumble and spuds would beat us to 4th when we were well clear. We are growing into a non entity and not a top club. Our management duo are no pull to anyone and they have proved so far incapable of building a top team with very good funds. The disaster in the January window (and it was a disaster) was unforgivable not to make sure we secured a top 4 from where we were. Spuds are ahead of us at the moment in every department and that is unforgivable.

    1. Bigger stadium by just 2000. They signed a top manager last summer and won the league after 3 games and 12 games later sacked the same title winning manager. Conte just about resigned after 9 games said he could do nothing with the squad. Spurs threw 50 mill in Jan. Now they are throwing money every where and are putting themselves under huge pressure of expectation which is what making CL does. We don’t have that pressure and I’m OK with that and I am sure Mikel is too. Spurs do this every year putting expectations through the roof and end up winning the usual…. nothing.

      1. Appreciate your honest opinion, I’m being sincere. You don’t have expectations of top 4 and CL, so Arteta is fine for you as manager.

        IMHO Arteta is not ready, still a few years away. He has no established philosophy or style, terrible man management, and can’t deliver when pressure is on.

        The club and rebuild task is too big for him, how many hundreds of millions will we waste figuring that out?

    2. Spurs can only try but can never be a bigger football club than Arsenal. In all those years they have ended the season above Arsenal, what have the won? What is it that they have to show for it or brag with. When you’re big, you’re big.

  2. I feel like this Bissouma thing is going to turn into another “EMILIANO BUENDIA” to Aston Villa kind of sensationalism this summer.

    Fasten your seatbelts..

    1. Yes and he was disappointing for Villa plus, though I’m pissed we didn’t get Bissouma, if our club were not interested in him then it’s not spurs blowing us out of the water.

    2. Buendia wasn’t someone i wanted but his stats are not a million miles different to Odergaard. I dont rate Buendia too much but i dont Odergaard either. I dont see how it was such a big issue that we got Odergaard ahead of Buendia. Bissouma is a completely different proposition, he is a top midfielder and has proved his ability in the Premier league.

  3. Hard to imagine Arsenal wouldn’t be interested in Bissouma. Better than Xhaka, ElNeny, and Partey so far from what we have seen of him in the PL.

    Bissouma better than any of our midfielders performances last year. I’d take Bissouma over any of the lot we currently have wearing our shirt.

    Partey is a regular in the treatment room, ElNeny isn’t that level, Xhaka is slow, immobile, and a red card waiting to happen.

    Why would Arsenal want to upgrade on any of them? Especially for the low low price of 25 million?

    Nah, let’s stick with our porous midfield devoid of any DM for a decade at least. This year will be different.

  4. In life for you to succeed you gotta be willing to be misunderstood.Any decision made by the arsenal hieriarchy is believed to be for the best,i’m so sure about that and i urge you melts to do the same.COYG

  5. Deja vu. 🙂 Arsenal slow in the market once again. Maybe Tielemans prefers a club playing CL as well.
    We had everything in our hand to reach Top 4 but failed by loosing games, we shouldn’t. We are now paying a high price for that, I think players are doubting, we can make it next year.

  6. Take a chill mates. That was how Aston Villa overtook us last season and signed Emi Beoundia (apologies if that’s not the real spelling) and all hell was let loose and many Arsenal fans stayed late every night wailing and crying over missing out on him. We signed Odegeard instead, and in the end, what happpened. Let’s not give up on the transfer window already cos it’s still early days. That we’re missing out on Bissouma doesn’t mean that thee transfer window is already a mess. Good player anyway, but we can still do something better. Take a chill guys!

  7. tbh, im more interested who we sign up front, bissouma has always been 2nd or 3rd choice behind other potential signings that we are linked with, dont worry what the spuds are doing, we will be above them next season!! COYG

    1. They also signed Spence.
      And we have Tavares, Tierney who spends more time on the treatment table than on the pitch. Truth be told, Edu and Arteta are both clueless.

  8. To be honest… I’m really not fussed.

    I already know what shit show of season it’s gonna be come August. If you don’t… just watch the last two years of the utter bile we paid for and you won’t be too far wrong.

    1. Top comment buddy
      Just how I feel ,no expectations from me same old same old ,whoever we get in wouldn’t make a difference as we still have the same manager in charge .

  9. I’ll be surprised if we do any decent business until the last few days of the window the the management can say the player isn’t fit and we wont play said player until we have lost 2 or 3 games.
    We should always do it early but for some reason we wont. Also we will be linked with every Tom, Dick and Harry and then sign someone most of us have never heard of but looking forward to the new season and I’m just hoping we dont sell our best players

  10. thats no good. two years in a row we could’ve signed this guy and we’ve stuck with Xhaka, lol. And im honestly still 50/50 if I think Tielemans will make us better and push us towards UCL. Transfer windows are such a miserable time for this club…

  11. He was not a target this season. Arsenal obviously do not want him, they skipped him last years and no one mentioned him as a target this year.

    He has off pitch problem, speeding until not being allowed to drive and then he was arrested in a night club over suspicion of sexual assault. Regardless of being true or not, Arsenal cares about off pitch behavior and does not want to invest in a player who may spend time in jail.

  12. Tony Adams did time !

    Was our greatest CB ..

    Church go ers don’t always have fight instilled in them !

    1. May be you heard about Mason greenwood situation in Man utd.
      I am not saying Yves B. is not a good player who is not needed in Arsenal. I am saying it is risky to invest in a player who may be sentenced for at least a contract time plus explaining what I think from past events MA’s views in recruting players. He won’t bring a bad apple.
      It is the same reason why I do not think Arsenal would bring H. Auoar even for a low price (in comparison to their bid).
      I hope that made sense.

  13. We need a top quality DM specialist, who can ‘reliably’ win the ball back and then distribute the ball to set us away on counter attacks and Bissouma is one of many options out there who could fufill that role adequately, so in theory it’s not the end of the world to have missed out on him, however the caveat to that is I don’t think Arteta is looking for that type of midfielder(which is a big mistake imho) and when you factor that he uses Partey in the lone holding role in a 4-4-3 and he gave Elneny a new contract as the back up option along with Lokonga who he has also used as a no.6 then this no surprise to me. Which is why I expect us to sign only one midfielder for the no.8 role-Tielemens? Unless Xhaka unexpectedly leaves.

  14. Until he has signed on the line he isn’t a spurs player, if we are really interested in him then all we have to do is match the offer & let him choose clubs, if we don’t then we can assume that 99% of the stuff we read on here & most other sites is utter crap
    Let’s face it, if he really is a gooner(as the press claim) he wouldn’t even consider their offer to play for the spuds

  15. Honestly Leon, We are officially a joke.

    Going by common sense, Arteta should have signed players on loan in January. He was naive and arrogant to think he could rely on Lacazette to get the goals.

    We lost to Southampton and Brighton. Matches we should have won. In those 2 matches, Lokonga started ahead of Elneny.
    These stupid errors should have cost Arteta his job.
    We can’t even buy the players we need.
    Xhaka should be sold asap

  16. The transfers at spurs are alarming, not just because of the players they’ve getting but because it shows they have a clear idea of what they want/need and have the will and ability to get it done. I’m not sure that’s the case here.
    Hopefully they prove me wrong and sign jesus and tielemans – not because I believe these are the best players for the team (the management can absolutely know better) but because it would indicate a level of planning and control over proceedings. We’ll see.

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