Tottenham branded arrogant by Poch while Arsenal sneak up the table

Our noisy neighbours Tottenham have supposedly their best team ever in the Premier League era, but after looking like genuine title challengers they have suddenly imploded and have taken just one point from their last four League games (thanks to Aubameyang’s missed penalty). They are now in big danger of dropping out of the Top Four completely as their next game is away at Liverpool while Arsenal, Man United and Chelsea are hot on their heels. I would much rather be spending my money on a roulette wheel found through than bet on Tottenham finishing in the Top Four right now!

After yesterday’s loss at Southampton, Pochettino gave a bizzare rant that branded his players arrogant and saying this defeat may get through to the players that they still have to fight right until the end of the season. He told the Metro: ‘I think it’s good now [that we’re in a battle for the top four] that people are going to realise our real level and stop with the perception,”

“I am a little bit worried about the change from the first half to the second is mental. It’s about arrogance in a bad way.

“It shows we need more. We need to increase everything if we want to arrive as one of the best clubs in Europe. There’s been a lot of talk about being in the last step, winning some trophies. We live in the perception and reality. This is the reality. We have two faces.

“It’s important now to know that we need to fight a lot until the end of the season. We are in the Champions League but of course the Champions League can disappear quickly and the Premier League is going to give the access next season to play again if you are in the top four.

“Of course I’m going to say what I said before. I am a little bit worried, this change too much from the first half to the second half is only one reason, it’s mental. It’s about complacency. It’s about arrogance in a bad way. You use the first half like an example, arrogance, playing with intention, focus, concentration, we matched them in everything and we were much better.

“In the second half it was arrogance in a bad way. I think it is a very good example for everyone of how you need to play for 45 minutes and how not to play for 45 minutes. That is of course the responsibility of everyone. I put myself ahead of everyone. I don’t want to blame someone or the team. I want to blame all of us, the club of course.’

As an Arsenal fan I just love to see Tottenham’s usual end of season collapse, and to see them embroiled in a cat fight for the Top Four that they just can’t win. Wouldn’t it be great to see Arsenal in the Champions League next season while the Spuds return to the Thursday night show….

Darren N


  1. People live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones – it was arrogance that doomed us at Rennes. The game with ManU is going to be a dog fight where players need to give absolute everything. At this stage of the season no one should to take anything for granted. Rather than snickering at our noisy neighbors to justify our own mental deficiencies I’d rather see team be mentally ready to capitalize every opportunity.

    1. Bullshit it was a stupid mistake by an experienced player that cost us. Our defeat at west ham is arrogance and complacency.

      1. Sok had a bad game but Emery has more of the blame IMO. He is the man who could have swapped the formation after the sending off… He could have done something more than he did do.

  2. We can only finish in top 4 if we play every game like a final now and ready to put 150% effort
    But if we continue being poor away from home and let teams like Rennes harmer us then i can imagine what premier league small teams can do

    1. Okikor, you are exactly right; Arsenal need to concentrate fully on their own performances. One game at a time, hopefully three points at a time; Arsenal keep winning and the srason is in their hands.
      We can talk about other clubs at the end of the season when the table is finalised.

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