Tottenham deserved to win – The Arsenal manager tells the truth!

I must say that I was impressed with Arsene Wenger’s post-match summary after the defeat to Tottenham yesterday, and it looks like he was completely honest for a change. There was no blaming the referee, or the pitch, or the weather. In fact he said that the Arsenal players were not creative enough and were lacking in confidence, which seems like a fair description to me.

This is what he said, according to “It’s a big blow [to concede two goals so quickly] but I think on the first goal we were a bit naive and that was disappointing,”

“I felt it was a tight game until they scored the first goal. After, we conceded the second one straightaway and then mentally we were under shock a little bit. From then on, it became difficult for us.

“Overall I think if you look at the chances created, Spurs deserved to win the game. We didn’t create enough, we didn’t take our chances. There was plenty of room in the first half to do more than what we did with the balls we had. That is the regret of the game today.

“I think the players really wanted it and gave everything until the end. But we lack something at the moment that is a mixture of confidence, creativity, quality to finish what we start. I think recently the team is still not completely back to the confidence level that is needed.”

And they certainly are not going to regain any confidence with performances like that! Wenger used to be great at getting his players to “bounce back” after disappointments, but it seems that that ability has deserted him, as well as the team.

So how are we going to fix this next season?


  1. Ibrahim danbaba says:

    If he is to stay then he needs change his mentality of familiarity, he can’t always allow players to stay morethan 10years andd allowing others old players receiving money for nothing, but the best. Things is for him (wenger) to accept the change tha is shoul give way for someone who have never give us any trophy who is Reay to work with any goo player no matter what. Please wenger should do good to himself to go and leave arsenal for good, before the. Worst next season. We are facing man u next, hmmm

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    New manager release at least.16 players….force the billionaire owners to spend big and we will be in a good position next season

    Fans need to protest correctly instead of just wenger out only

  3. ArseOverTit says:

    Get rid of wenger! Full stop!

    Is the only way to get our club out of this great decline.

  4. PV4 says:

    That was big of him! He’s turned us into an almighty disappointment, week in-week out. If he really loved the club as he says virtually every week, them he’d f**k off and let a young hungry and ambitious man put us back where we belong.

  5. AndersS says:

    You can talk about lack of confidence and lack of creativity all you like. The fact is all season (and many seasons before this one) we have a shown inferior motivation and commitment against the other big teams in the league.
    But worst of all, Wenger is to tactically inept and we are so badly organized defensively, that almost any team runs straight through our midfield and create chance after chance.
    No players in the world can keep their confidence, when the manager can’t create a winning team.

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I actually felt sorry him During that interview, Wenger looked like a Rabbit who was dazed by the headlights from the on coming juggernaut.
    I’m sure that he mentioned something about the players not having the freedom for room ?? how selfish & unthoughtful were those pesky Spuds??

  7. John0711 says:

    I’ve just seen him say on sky it could have gone either way ??? Wtf they could have easily won 4-0

  8. ArseOverTit says:

    If you want Wenger gone
    Give some money on Chris butlers just giving page:


    There is talk of another protest in the match against Man Utd that involves sheets of A4 paper with the words ‘No New Co tract’ on it. The sheets will be printed out and handed out before the game so people can hold aloft when the main core of protestors lift theirs. It’s a simple and effective protest similar to ‘time for change’ but now there is more groundswell.

    So if you attend this match keep an eye out and help your club by either donating or being there and showing your unhappiness to the board and Wenger of the suggestion he has earnt a new contract.

    The protest idea is not confirmed yet but whatever it is your money (no matter how small the contribution is) will be put to good use.

    1. John F says:

      Any funds raised is being matched by a group of Gooners.I wish Wenger would be honest with himself and realise that it is time to go.

  9. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Did anyone else notice the seriously focused expression upon Walcott’s face, ?? I was impressed with that up until he hit a lame shot straight at their keeper… Then I thought Nah, that was probably just his pissed off facial expression, for being subbed on with ten minutes remaining.

  10. Janssen says:

    There is no fixing this unless you address the problem. The problem is Wenger doesn’t understand the game any longer to the extend his competitors do. Arsenal have become an easy fixture for the top 6 teams.

  11. Janssen says:

    I think the players really wanted it and gave everything????? When is going to stop lying to us? Everyone watching that game knows Spurs wanted it more. We coverd 10km less ground than Spurs that is 1000 meters per player that is the length of 10 football pitches per player!!!!

    We gave everything???? BS!!! We were lame. Be honest about that.

  12. Thierryzil says:

    This man has become so predictable it’s now a joke!

    Immediately spurs hit the back of the net, I turned and said to my buddy “he’s going to take out either one of the midfielders now and throws in Weblz” and Mr. Dinosaur didn’t disappoint.

    At a point we’d 3 fullbacks on the pitch (with Nacho supposedly playing as a center back) WTF?!!!

    Let’s be honest, Wenger is way past it. The board might have their flaws too, but having Wenger in the dugout is a BIG problem.

  13. gooner4life says:

    It appears to me that there are too many players who are only here for the inflated wages on offer,yet they contribute very little to the teams performance.It’s like playing as though we had players sent off what did Ozil contribute to yesterdays defeat Alan Green commented during his commentary is Ozil playing? I think that sums up how much impact he had on the game .But he wasn’t the only player who went missing yesterday maybe we should pay players and manager on results and effort.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Ozil < Erikson

      Erikson assists,passes, shoots,tackles, closes down and gives100% effort throughout the game.

      Ozil is a luxury and a passenger in big games.

  14. Rony Gooner says:

    nowadays I don’t watch Arsenal matches coz I’m tired if lining up @ é chemist every wknd for stress relievers.I mean we’re such a joke!!!Wenger no longer understands this Century’s futbol & we desperately need a new manager.I also blame our board cns thy are comfortable with é results cns they get money for round of 16 & top 4 finish hnc éy don’t care about silverware.Arsenal’s troubles aren’t only 4rm Wenger bt the board & passengers lyk Ozil who just came 4 salaries & not 4 é team’s progress. I stand 4 Wenger out & massive reinforcements, otherwise…….Arsenal is history

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