Tottenham fans put rivalry aside to show support for Saka on his return

Tottenham’s fans showed some class and sportsmanship when they supported Bukayo Saka on his return to the football pitch after Euro 2020.

The Englishman had been in the spotlight after he missed the final spot-kick in England’s Euro 2020 final loss to Italy.

He suffered racial abuse from some online fans and viewers, but an overwhelming number supported him as well.

He was given an extended break because of his contribution to the England squad for the competition and returned to preseason late.

Mikel Arteta named him on the bench for Arsenal’s last preseason game against Tottenham this afternoon.

Spurs and the Gunners are fierce rivals and their fans don’t exactly love each other that much.

However, Arsenal’s neighbours put their rivalry aside to show the young attacker some support.

Talksport reports that there was a message created in support of Saka that was on display throughout the match.

It reported that the message read: “North London stands with Bukayo Saka and all players against racism and discrimination. COYS”

This is a very classy gesture considering how much both clubs loathe each other and Saka enjoyed the love they showed to him in that regard.

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  1. s6man says:

    thank you for that all tottenham fans who supported saka coyg

  2. Stephanie says:

    ❤ Love the gesture and Love Saka

  3. Sue says:

    Very classy from the Spuds! Listening to that reception, you’d have thought we were at home. And Saka’s acknowledgment, was great to see! Bless him…

    1. Andrew Elder says:

      Didn’t see the game Sue but hats off to them, classy indeed. Must have given young Saka a huge boost!!

      1. Sue says:


  4. apw says:

    Nobody deserves that disgusting treatment he got.
    Love the gesture and from interviews I have seen of him I have to say as I spurs fan he seems like a really nice chap! COYS

  5. Lucky Guboh (@glen_olenga) says:

    For this I love Spurs but I still love my team more..
    Thank you all Spurs fans love you all…

  6. jon fox says:


    Good advice actually but completely unrealistic in practise. But kudos to the Spuds for their SAKA gesture.

    PS, and making a serious point, I suggest that getting Gooners to love Spuds and vice versa is as hopeless as trying to get Xhaka to play faster OR Bellerin to defend properly.

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