Tottenham fans set to cheer on Arsenal! HaHa!

We could have a very United North London on Cup Final Day, with the very unusual sight of Tottenham fans cheering on Arsenal against Aston Villa, much to their chagrin!

The fact of the matter is that Tottenham are currently in 7th place in the League, and if they stay there, which is highly probable, then they NEED Arsenal to beat Aston Villa on Cup Final Day to ensure that the Spuds get their usual Thursday night dogfight.

In the old days (like last year lol) if Arsenal (or any team in the Top Four) won the FA Cup, then the runners-up in the Cup Final would take their place in the Europa League, like Hull did last year, but now UEFA have changed the rules so that if Arsenal win the Cup again, then that last Europa place will go to the next highest-placed team in the League table.

So Tottenham’s European place could be at the mercy of Arsenal winning the Cup! Conversely there may be many Spurs fans that would rather NOT be in the Mickey Mouse Thursday League, but then us Gooners will also get the pleasure of pissing those fans off as well, by ensuring they can’t escape the competition.

Its a win/win for Arsenal fans as far as I can see!


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  1. That so called”Mickey Mouse Thursday League” is not as easy as some think. It takes a tough squad to roll out on Thurs. night and then have enough in the tank to roll out on Sun or Mon.
    Not to mention the top teams in the Europa League have either qualified for the CL in their respective Leagues, but have also shown they are CL material. It’s only the luck of the draw that separates…

    1. I agree somewhat. I think the group stages and first few rounds are a joke playing teams in eastern Europe etc. but once it gets to the R16 it gets serious and the teams are good. I’ve been watching the EL and there’s teams like Napoli, Wolfsburg, fiorentina, zenit, Sevilla who are all quality

      1. Well, Zenit is from Eastern Europe. And is freaking cold out there in the group stages. Besides, in this competition the clubs from eastern europe gives a good run for the money especially to the English clubs. Ask Everton or Liverpool. Or even Manure or Spuds.

    2. Simple math – you play twice a week. It’s as hard playing thursday-weekend as weekend-Tue/wed.

      It’s a walk in the park until the quarters/semi.

  2. Lol no Tottenham fans will be cheering us on, Europa League is a waste of time and energy for clubs in it’s current state.

    1. Except for the monetary gain. Europa League still offers a fair financial windfall to any club. There is no way the Tottenham brass will want them out of Europe – same for any sane fan. With the building of their new stadium looming they need every pound they can get and a seventh finish without European football and few assets left at the club could be a real problem. They could wind up forced to sell Kane and slip even further off the pace.

      Not that I’m complaining either way – a weary spurs side is good too 😀

      1. Yes, Tottenham “brass” are desperate to qualify. Every Spud supporter doesn’t give a monkeys about EL and will be cheering Villa make no mistake.

  3. An honest question for Admin, if Europa League is a Micky Mouse cup, what does FA cup suppose to be?

    1. who plays in the community sheild? league cup? its widely known you play to win in the fa cup,

  4. The FA Cup is our biggest knockout tournament (every country has a top knockout tournament)

    The League Cup is a Mickey Mouse knockout tournament

    FA Cup > League Cup
    PL > Championship and under
    CL > Europa

    Should compare like for like

  5. Yeah exactly my point.There are
    CL and EL,
    PL and FA cup ( every league has two cups),
    If you say EL is Micky mouse cup, you are saying the FA cup is as well since both came next to major trophies ( CL & PL).
    Calling League Cup Micky mouse is understandable but saying EL is just ridiculous.

  6. off topc but what a beat down on porto from bayern, 5-0 at half, barca smacking around paris too,

  7. Tottenham building a new stadium they will need every penny they can get their hands on. Wenger spoke about how the minimum requirement was to get champions league football almost every year to pay for our stadium so surely Tottenham must do similar. Not sure how much teams get in the Europa League but the new BT deal come in next season so your probably talking 10m + easily if they get to the last 32 (an extra knockout stage in the Europa league).

    Also Tim Sherwood said all the pressure is on Arsenal but the Europa League would be a decent little pay day for Villa too & they only get it if they win. Although Europa league could do more harm than good for villa but with the New PL TV deal and Europa league money they could spend big… ish.

  8. Calling community Shield and league cup Micky mouse is correct.And yeah, its widely known you play to win in the Europa League as well specially since money is involved.

  9. what did Mickey Mouse do to deserve being compared to Spurs, its just not fair to Mickey…

  10. As of 2015/16 season, the winners of the EL qualify for the CL, not so Mickey Mouse now it offers another avenue into the best club competition in the world.

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