Tottenham getting ridiculous stalking Arsenal transfer targets

I am not going to complain but Tottenham is making themselves look ridiculous with their constant stalking of Arsenal’s transfer targets.

First, they tried to hijack the William Saliba deal with St Etienne and that came to absolutely nothing, then they try to derail our plans to loan Dani Ceballos from Real Madrid and of course, that has come to nothing.

Now, they are looking to try and snatch Celtic defender Kieran Tierney from under our noses, according to the latest reports.

It is rather pathetic of them, to be honest, and remember they have a history with this amateurish behaviour when they tried to stop us buying Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid.

This proves my point from an earlier article about them never being as big or classy a club as Arsenal and that is why player after player is snubbing them for us even though we cannot offer Champions League football.

This crude attempt to sign Tierney shows how paranoid they are when it comes to Arsenal. Maybe it stems from the humiliation we dumped on them by signing Sol Campbell, I don’t know, but I do not take them seriously anymore when it comes to them trying to snatch one of our targets.

In fact, to be brutally honest, I 100% expected them to come after Tierney, I can read them like a children’s book now.

Bottom line is this, they will not be signing Kieran Tierney whether we do or not.


  1. Admin Martin, has the news that the spuds have made an offer appeared on either the spuds or celtic official sites?

    we should also remember that they are actually looking for a new left back, after selling Trippier.

    The real problem is ours, if we had acted professionally and offered somewhere around the perfectly reasonable transfer figure, the player would already be ours.

    We have left the door open for them to come in and I don’t blame them for one second…our actions are not those of a “big club”.

  2. It’s always been about class and setting standards. Arsenal have always excelled at both whilst Tottenham have always behaved like spies. They will always try to please their supporters with childish headliners but in the end you just have to count the trophies.

  3. Tierney made less than thirty appearances in three seasons, due to injuries:

    2015/16: 23 appearances
    2016/17: 24 appearances
    2017/18: 32 appearances
    2018/19: 21 appearances

    He is similar to Oxlade-Chamberlain, another injury-prone player that never played more than thirty games in a season at Arsenal. Probably because of their high-octane playing styles that rely on pace, power and leg-breaking dribbles

    I personally like gutsy wide players like them and they are usually able to break the opposition’s defense, unlike our risk-free no 10s that like to play very safe. But I believe there are more skillful LBs that can avoid bad injuries like Grimaldo

    1. Don’t know where you get those figures from but soccerbase dot com shows his figures as:
      15/16 – 34 apps
      16/17 – 43 apps
      17/18 – 60 apps
      18/19 – 43 apps
      Now maybe the figures you gave are just his SPL appearances but if so then obviously he missed some games through international duty too,plus European matches and Cup competitions.

      You may not rate KT and your free to your opinion but try not to skew the information in your favour.

      I’ve watched the lad since he broke through into Celtic first team and then made the position his own. His work rate is fantastic, great positional awareness, good with the ball at his feet, can pick out a pass, makes beautiful overlapping runs and can put in some sublime tackles….everything you want from a modern fullback.
      In his early days his crossing was his weakness but has made great efforts to improve that side of his game.
      For me personally…. Give him a little while to adjust and he will fast become the best LB in the league (it took KT being injured for Andy Robertson to take his starting spot for Scotland) and even without adjustment is still miles ahead of our current options.
      Grimaldo seems a decent enough LB but doesn’t even compare if you ask me

      1. More facts about KT…
        80.4% pass accuracy
        8.38 passes into final third/game
        4.34 passes into the box/game
        4.26 dribbles/game
        24% tackle success (Robertson as his closest comparison only gets 20%)
        18.53 duels won/game
        5.06 interceptions/game

        The lad is destined for greatness whether he comes to us or not imo

        1. When Virgil Van Djik was at Celtic, people were saying “Virgil who?”, when people like me were posting for Arsene to buy him. Instead he went to Southampton and the rest is history.

          1. Virgil VD had/has the best physique of all defenders plus the skills.
            The only way Tierney had the same potential would be if he were at least as fast as Bellerin.
            So stop with the VVD comparisons

            Also, all those stats mean shit as they’re from the Scottish league. Kolasinac was the best LB in the Bundesliga, so his potential was closer to VVD if you will, but look how that has played out.

            Another thing: every club haggles in every deal. It’s how it’s done, and it’s Celtic who’s behaving like amateurs thinking Arsenal has to pay whatever price they set AND all of it upfront. You’ll find top professional teams almost never do that, there’s always a give and take.

    2. Ok genius, you looked up his spl appearances per season and you concluded that he is injury prone without any facts to back it up. The stats you provided can also mean, as a 18 years old player in 15/16 he was a back up left back and so his coach then avoided burning him out or gave him not much responsibility. The same reason can be given to his appearance in 16/17 season and when he became the number 1 choice as a left back of his team in 17/18 he made 32 appearance. Last season he had double hania operations which prevented him from making more than 21 appearances. Unless you provide evidence that he’s injured every season your stats means nothing

    3. In his last season, OX was our BEST squad player by far.

      That’s why Liverpool wanted him

      Also, Arsenal are known for injuries. Everyone who comes here gets injured
      So doesn’t really matter

      1. Innit, suggest you go and read an article on the website “untold arsenal” that compares injuries to players at our club versus others.

        They carried this out, because of statements similar to the one you have made.

        The results might surprise you!!!

      2. There was never ever a season when Oxlade Ch. was out best player. Never ever.

        Horrible crossing for a winger, defensive lapses all the time for a wing-back, only a powerful physique and stamina.

        I guarantee he will not be a starter for Liverpool in this season or the next.

    4. I love Grimaldo I favoured him last year already. But what worries me Gotanidea is the fact that Barca isnt after him despite having inserted a buy back clause when they sold him and they are actually in the market for a back up for Alba. They are looking at Alaba and Philip Max

  4. Daniel Levy trying to tell Real Madrid not to sell Ozil to us is probably the most pathetic thing I have ever heard in the historic rivalry between Arsenal and The Spunks……..also the most laughable after the time many moons ago when we done them out a place in top division !

    1. Doesn`t matter who or what player it was, it just shows the desperation of Levy to try and stop Arsenal …………but hey, carry on with the delusion that the tiny totts are as big as The Arse`! 😆

  5. Tbh, Ceballos was linked to Spurs before he was linked to us, so you’re actually not right with this one. They did it with Saliba though and there are some links with Tierney

    1. Mr Lucky, from what I understand the sticking point for Spurs was that Real Madrid would not include an option to buy for Ceballos.

  6. I think if not that to get a natural top left-back/wing-back at the price range of £25m is scarce to get signed in the transfer market this summer, but for his being an injury prone player who could be missing games for Arsenal like Kieran Gibbs if they sign him – Kieran Tierney this summer, who is even reported to be recovering from 2 medical procedures and will not have any pre-season training and games this summer from all indications before the new Premier League games kickoff in early August, I would have suggested Arsenal should please abandon their pursuit to sign the Celtic left-back Kieran Tierney this summer to Tottenham Hotspur to sign him. So that they will be satisfied in their delusion and obsession to hijack an Arsenal target which they’ve at long last succeeded at doing it if or when they sign Tierney.

    In the main time, Monreal and Kolasinac are looking will be on Arsenal books as 2 left-backs/wing-backs. But I think an top quality left-back/wing-back signing upgrade is desirous in this position in the squad to give competition to Monreal and Kolasinac for option and cover and even as starter should his class and quality are above that of the duo left-backs/wing-backs of Monreal and Kolasinac.

  7. Mark, thanks for taking the time out from your obviously high brow intelligent position in life…how I envy your superior level of being as you so modestly see it:

    May I humbly ask you, as my superior, to go and check sportslens, football news and football blog for starters via the Arsenal News blog?
    If, in your arrogance, you can’t be bothered, read my post again…slowly…digest it…think about it…then go do whatever it is you do with yourself!

    As an obviously higher level thinker (in your humble opinion of course) your insider knowledge is really remarkable – especially as you couldn’t even read the post properly.

    I asked if it was official, I mentioned that spuds were looking for a new left back and I remarked that IF we lost out on Tierney, it would be our fault completely… all clear so far or do you need it in a simpler form?

    It’s only really stupid and ignorant people, who think they are actually superior. You fail miserably to read something correctly and compound that ignorance by not having the intelligence to absorb the contents and questions within the post…get your head out of your a**e and have a little humility, even if you THINK you are a superior being.

  8. Well, we keep reading you haven’t won the league for nearly sixty years, surely that’s not true is it?

    1. Spurs have a rich history of trailing in Arsenal’s wake, the banter between us is more friendly than anything else and by any measurable yardstick we are a bigger club with more trophies and history.

      Having said that, Spurs seems to be a better run club at this moment!

  9. Why take the Spud comments off AdMart ?…………….I enjoy the banter and it`s ironic as to it`s not like they are going to win any arguements just like they dont win any trophies !

      1. Just a Tiny Tott getting delusional and being put in their place, Sue, I have a degree in Spud bashing ! hahaha

  10. Innit, suggest you go and read an article on the website “untold arsenal” that compares injuries to players at our club versus others.

    They carried this out, because of statements similar to the one you have made.

    The results might surprise you!!!

  11. Maybe a player just believes, if they perform, they have more chance for playing time presently at Arsenal?

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