Tottenham give up on playing North London Derby at the new Toilet Bowl

There were many rumours going about this morning that the Spuds were aiming to make the North London Derby against Arsenal the inaugral match at the new White Hart Lane Stadium, but that theory has now been shot down in flames as a letter has been sent out to local residents advising that Tottenham have asked for permission to carry on playing their home games at the Hallowed Turf until the end of the season.

Misterscoop revealed on Twitter…

Strangely enough Lord Sugar himself helped to reinforce Arsenal fans perception of calling the new WHL ‘the toilet’ bowl, when he said: “I had a tour of the new Spurs stadium yesterday,” he tweeted. “It’s amazing the best in UK and Europe and possibly in the world. Most important thing is I had the honour of being the first person to take a pee in the directors lounge loo.”

Is that the most important thing Alan??? lol



  1. gotanidea says:

    Currently Tottenham might have financial difficulties due to the development of their new stadium, but it will be their major money-making machine in the future

    Arsenal should reinforce their brands in Asia, Africa, America and other parts of the world, otherwise Tottenham will catch up with their new asset. Investing in big name players like Aubameyang is a good move

    1. Break-on-through says:

      The prices (Stadium) have gone up, inflation and all. But with the money in football, inflation wise, it’s on another level altogether. I still say you are right, because these days, every extra million counts. City, Che, Manu, make sure of that, Liv have almost joined them. So that leaves us and Tott, we got to play it smart, smarter than some of the others.

      I don’t think Tott will have that huge learning curve we had. And we don’t even know if it was a case of our owner and the board members, milking it for everything it was worth. It seemed to take too long, we were getting CL money, we were selling players, we were spending F all for a long time. I reckon we might see four or five seasons were Tott are hit hard due to expenses/loans/bills/mugs.

      Tott however, might actually have wanted this thing delayed. Wembley is a huge stadium, and some fans are going to those matches because it is at Wembley. They struck a good deal, they might be paying a good chunk of it off, before they even move back home. When they go back, they might not have to spend as many years in debt, as they would have otherwise. Or it could seem that way because of how many seasons they get with the new ground before they are back to earning huge profits.

  2. Sue says:

    Nice one Admin!
    Maybe Andrex will be their new sponsors!!

    1. Andrew E says:

      Sue, I really look forward to your comments – so sharp and witty!!!

      1. Sue says:

        ? thank you Andrew…

  3. Break-on-through says:

    That stadium will never compare to the homes of those two giants in Spain. The only thing that bothers me is how they mentioned how they will put the fans closer to the pitch, and it was after seeing our stadium and knowing how that used to be a draw at our old Highbury ground. It was pathetic how they made sure to get a few hundred or so more seats than us, really pathetic, most people would go for a nice round number and if there is space left over then you just fill it. But these guys put it in their plans to go over sixty thou and more seats than the Arsenal. Wenger gave a good come back that made it sound childish in the first place, he said sure we could always add another couple thou on top of it. One other thing bothered me too, they got to build there’s at the old grounds. The people living in Highbury would not all sell up.

    1. Mark says:

      So naive. Any self respecting club or business should want to be bigger than their rivals. For Tottenham to not build a bigger ground would be a dereliction of duty. Tottenham looked at The Emirates and saw how far the seats were away from the pitch and wanted to recreate the atmosphere of WHL not Highbury.

      1. ken1945 says:

        It’s one thing wanting to be, but it’s going to take along long time to actually be bigger than their rivals of course.

        Two seasons, a new stadium (when it finally opens) with a thousand more seats doesn’t come near to what Arsenal have achieved football wise, but I understand them looking across the road and learning from us in every aspect of the game.

        The apprentice boasting about having the first wee might just cause a stir if the plumbing goes wrong again.

        Shame it’s cost them a reported £850,000,000 ( and still rising?) instead of the estimated £450,000,000.

        Atmosphere is one thing, winning the league (let alone the fa cup) after over 60 years abstinence is another thing entirely, so let the games begin….when the bowl’s finally ready of course!!!

        1. Andrew E says:

          If your reported figure of £850m is right Ken, compare that to the £390m we paid for the Emirates. That’s £460m more for a few hundred extra seats!!!

          1. ken1945 says:

            Andrew, that’s what the media reported, sometimes you want to believe them and sometimes you don’t!
            I’ve just read that Ramsey will get a four year deal with Juve worth £10,000,000 if he signs a pre deal in January!
            Check it out on Google!!
            The mind boggles at the amount of money floating about in football!!!

  4. Jake says:

    Thought this was an arsenal site.just looked in to see how things were going at the new highbury but all I ever find is articles about Spurs. Surely to God we can find enough to write about than talk about any other teams.

    1. Admin says:

      Haha I love your objectivity. I only checked the last 40 stories and this was the ONLY one about Spurs. You need to check in more often or maybe stop moaning and send in an article??

      1. jon fox says:

        One in 40 million stories is still more than enough about Spuds! ThOUGH I FOUND IT INTERESTING IN A GLOATING WAY SEEING THEIR FURTHUR STRUGGLES TO OPEN THEIR TOILET.

  5. snowden says:

    It would be interesting to know why and understand why the Stadium has not been built on time.

    When it eventually arrives according to the stadium design it will be a stadium to be admired. A stadium a supporter could be proud off.

    I have written this as one who when a kid looked upon Highbury as ‘my Saturday home’ and as an adult have ‘pitched my heart’ on the center spot at the Arsene Wenger Stadium.
    I think spud fans have been badly let down by their club. By all means lets laugh at the floundering of the club management, but not their fans for they are suffering through no fault of theirs.

    If Kronke runs to form we could be on the ‘2nd rate shelf’ in no time atall and we Arsenal fans suffering the horror of it all.

  6. Kenny Rolfe says:

    They always said it was a possibility, time to increase the capacity to 80,000. With a waiting list reported to be 40,000, why not?

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