Tottenham have Zac Efron, Arsenal have rap gods, rock stars and Olympic gold medalists

A teenage heartthrob turns up at White Hart Lane (is it even called that anymore?) and they get all giddy, I have to tell you that I found it quite embarrassing, especially when you realise that teenage heartthrob Zac Efron, was pictured wearing an Arsenal shirt just a few years back lol.

But the main reason that I found it embarrassing is that Zac Efron is not exactly what you call a real celebrity fan, no, you want a real celebrity then get a load of this lot

Rap superstar Jay Z with Chris Martin from Coldplay

Two time Oscar winner Spike Lee with Arsene Wenger and Thierry Henry

Four times Olympic Gold medalist Mo Farah

And there are more, as an example Mick Jagger, Prince Harry, Piers Morgan and so on

So, the next time Spurs parade a celebrity that is not an Oscar-winning film director, one of the worlds biggest rappers, the lead singer of one of the biggest bands in the world or a multiple Olympic gold medalist then they risk making themselves look really sad wannabes.

Quality celebrities support quality clubs, teenage heartthrobs support anyone that gives them a photo opportunity.

Just saying.


  1. A few of my favourite gooners :- Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32, Greg James, Anthony Joshua, Tom ‘Spiderman’ Holland, Reggie Yates, Dermot O Leary, Rob Beckett & Jack Whitehall

    Who needs Zac Efron ?

  2. Let’s not forget our real celebrity supporters, (D)DT, Gangsta Troopz, who comes from the ghetto, otherwise known as the Grahame Park Estate, and of course Heavy D, who is the most punchable of the lot.

  3. Let’s not forget Harry Kane and Serge Aurier, both have been snapped in their Arsenal shirts, hell one of them has even played for the club and danced in the streets when we won the league.

  4. Don’t forget Her Royal Majesty “Queen Elizabeth the 2nd”.
    Rumours are that She’s a Gooner.

    Imagine the lows we are at that we are now comparing who has the best Celebrity fans.

    Smh. Lol

    1. How I feel your pain at this fake article and share your pain too. Almost everything worthwhile in life sooner or later gets so dumbed down – usually to make more money by those running it – that the thinkers leave to go elsewhere. I have long known this will apply to me when the end of my patience is finally reached.

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