Tottenham in meltdown as they lose again at lowly Brighton

Tottenham in freefall as they lose again

There are lots of happy Arsenal fans this afternoon as Tottenham have been soundly beaten once again, this time away at lowly Brighton, who were without a win since the opening day of the season.

It was hardly surprising even, considering Spurs haven’t won away since January last season when they beat a relegation bound Fulham. They were a little embarrased by losing to Colchester in the League Cup on the Tuesday before last, just three days after losing at Leicester, and then this Tuesday were totally destroyed by Bayern Munich at the New Tottenham Stadium, before making the trip to the South Coast to face Brighton.

Vertonghen said to Football.London after the Munich humiliation: “It was a painful night for us. They punished us with every single mistake we made and we let the fans and everyone at the club down with this result.”

2pur7 confidence must be at all time low, and Vertonghen went on to describe the feelings in the dressing room. “Bad. Everyone is ashamed of this result. There’s not too much I can say about this.

“I think everyone will have a bad night’s sleep and probably a couple about this.”

“It is up to us to try to change it as quickly as possible. This is part of football, sometimes you are on the good side, sometimes you are on the bad side. We have to be men and take responsibility to try to change this as quickly as possible.

“We work hard and the only way up is to work hard and try to improve. Of course, the fans are disappointed, we are as well.”

They will be even more disappointed after today and it looks like they are freefall. Arsenal will hopefully put some distance over Spurs in the table tomorrow, and also Chelsea, Crystal Palace or even (dare I say it) Bournemouth could leapfrog them as well.

Let’s all celebrate the best result of the day!

Sam P


  1. OT – poll taking place on the “Read Arsenal” site, the question being asked is :

    Who would you rather see go Ozil or UE?

    The latest figure is 61% want UE out vs 39% for Ozil.

    As for the spuds, this could be the beginning of the end…with that enormous debt to pay back.
    It will be interesting to see what crowd turns up for their first American Football game tomorrow night.

    1. They can vote however they want, Emery is going to outlast Ozil at Arsenal,even Ozil himself should have know that by now, you can’t just keep treating your record highest paid player like that if the club management is not involve, so Ozil can’t win, if he still want to enjoy top level football he should leave but on the other hand he doesn’t have to leave for the sake of his salary. I really don’t blame him I blame the people who gave him that salary.

      1. If we win and Liverpool win, we will probably be 3RD place but even at 3RD, there will be still some “fans” who want Emery out!

        1. We are third because of poor performances by so called other top 5 teams…we are bad it’s just at the moment other team are worse. We play dull defensive football and dont end up with any trophy either so why ppl like u were annoyed with Wenger n not with UE is beyond me. The very reason we have lots of fans around the world is because the style of football we played with winning trophies as well. Now I see boring George Gram style n worse no trophy to show for unless you consider coming 4th a trophy if you do than you my friend are one of those hypocrites who call them selfies Arsenal fans.

          1. Nope I’m not a hypocrite.
            I’ve said numerous times if we don’t finish 4th Emery should go

            You don’t realise Emery inherited Wengers mess and you can’t become Champions over night. It takes few years to fix Wenger’s mess that brought us down to 6th place

            And yes if we do get to 3Rd place then you are the idiot if you still want him gone.

            I don’t give a flying F*** about dull football if it wins us trophies ie like George Graham

          2. lol when Arsenal do well it’s because other teams are poor, but when Arsenal do bad it’s because the coach is poor, who is the hypocrite now.

          3. I don’t get the logic in that. If we are 3rd it doesn’t matter whether the other teams are good or poor,does it? Leicester won EPL in 2015-16 and some people claimed that it was because the other teams were poor but did it change the fact? Let us avoid idealism when discussing real life situations.

          4. Mohsan
            First you need to get your facts right before you spout off about boring and no trophy
            Georgie boy won the league a few times
            He gave AW a wonderful back line a d from there we went on to wins cups
            Unfortunately AW (and I love him for he gave us but not what he left us with) left a back line that is not good enough
            All due respect 4th spot is as good as a cup win for now ..when aw said 4th is where we are aiming for everyone condemed him. Right now I would take 4th all day long

          5. under Wenger, Arsenal were in free fall. We could have ended mid table last season if vulture was still in charge. The only positive difference between the 2 is that Arsenal have bought players – Wenger would not buy anyone and begged the hierarchy not to dismantle the team when they kicked him out. Lasr season Arsenal were 5th and reached the semis in the Eurpoa league. The season we got rid of vulture we were 6th and got to the semis of the Europa league. If Wenger had agreed to spend we would be better off but he did not.

        2. You forgot part where Emery choked last 6 games of PL. Amateurish setups and throwing away points gambling CL on winning Europa over top 4 finish.

          Remember the opponents? Remember point total over last 6 games? Let top 4 slip away.

          Then a departing Sarri and transfer banned Chelsea pasted Arsenal, and Emery’s locker of tactics was as bare and empty as old mother Hubbard’s cubbard.

          Emery is not future “coach”, no style or philosophy. He clearly doesn’t understand Arsenal DNA.

          Like giving a crab wings.

        3. Innit because Emery plays shitty football, we will be there because the other teams are playing badly ie spurs and Man U, Aston Villa has more ball possessions, created more chances, plays better football than arsenal football club. He flexes his muscles against smaller teams like forest but play stupid defenceless football against average team in the premier league. We were lucky against Watford and Aston Villa. We are 8 in creative bellow Aston Villa, we lack in statistics behind Leicester and Bournemouth.

          1. Here we go again with this other teams are playing badly, when Arsenal win it’s because other teams are playing badly but when Arsenal lose it’s because the coach is bad, am not a huge Emery fan but some never see anything good the man does and it’s not true.

      2. Eh-Ozil can win.He has a contract until the end of the 2020-21 season so he can easily just stay put if he decides to.Whereas Emery has a contract until the end of this season.Ozil will not go anywhere he doesn’t want to go.The more the club try and force him out the more Ozil will play hardball with them.And I for one don’t blame him. We supposedly have a coach who would improve our squad-I’ve seen very little of that.And if Emery is unable to get a player like Ozil to perform then is sums up everything about him and not the player.

        1. You’re right Phil.

          Why did Ozil, Mkhi, Kola, AMN, even Mavro become worse than under Wenger if Emery is such a good coach.

          And these ‘we’re in 4th place’ arguments were supposed to be finished last year when the same idiots were talking the same shit and refusing to admit shit performances would cost us in the long run. But, lo and behold, the same exact morons are again happy with our current place even if Brendan Rogers is doing as well as us on much smaller budget while playing attractive football.

          Really?? Worse than Brendan Rogers is being good enough for the Arsenal??

      3. Just as a follow up Lenohappy, Gnabry has told us of the three players who influenced him most and gave him the belief he would succeed, Ozil was one of the three – what a pity our club and coach have, it seems, decided to treat thisman in such a disgraceful way.

        One thing is for sure, our club is looking very much like a tinpot Sunday morning team over this shabby treatment and they will have gained nothing but a shot reputation as being a top club.

        It has nothing to do with whether one likes the player or not, the club will go on but the actions used by UE prove he is not a man, but a mouse.
        Hasn’t even got the cojones to be straightforward – he’ll probably select him tomorrow, such is his complete clueless ideas of our players….xhaka as captain for example!!!

        1. I can assure you that Emery is a man, it takes a man with balls to bench the highest paid player in the club history and if Ozil is valued so much in the club why hasn’t the club intervened? Am very sure that Emery will outlast Ozil in our club, because am sure the Emery is only following the club instructions and if you think otherwise then you are only living in denial sir.

          1. @Lenohappy
            You’re really contradicting yourself. You said, Emery is a man and yet you said, He only following the club instructions. Which in my opinion is a Yes man.

            I don’t see a Yes Man as a Man.

        2. Ken/ Phil, you know what they say about small minds. Emery has a track record of making particular players his enemies. He is a very vindictive human being. Wenger spent 20 years but he eventually left, so Emery is going to leave sooner or later. Ozil will leave too, so will other players, but to be kind, humane, gracious and accommodating and humble is the key to humanity.

          1. Good to have you and Sue on board Pat ( and good to have you back on the site too). I’m just so so disappointed. I honestly felt Ozil would be given a clean slate to work with this season but it seems it isn’t so.This twat of a manager seems intent on using 3 CDM and little or no creativity in midfield.It reminds me of when George Graham ditched Rocastle for John Jensen because he wanted less flair and more workhorses. Who suffers? The forwards and the supporters.With Manure seemingly intent on boring the world to death, Chelsea having an average squad age the same as Prince George and the 2-7’s now becoming the laughing stock we all knew they were even this clown Emery cannot blow a top 4 position this season. But to aim higher should be our philosophy.Why can’t the players have the belief that if we create we score more.Ozil will get game time sooner or later. This ridiculous story of not giving his all in training is a smokescreen for Emery and nothing else.And for all those who feel Ozil does not care and turns up for training to go through the motions and pick up his wages,you are wrong.This player wants to play.But he will not back down to Rmery and I admire him for that.He hadn’t gone running to the press.His Agent hadn’t said a word. Instead it’s down to this Spanish Dish Washer who spouts out the “facts” we are supposed to believe.F***ing Idiot Manager

        3. I agree with what you said Phil, I said it in my post that ozil doesn’t have to go anywhere because of his contract and his salary but if he wants to still enjoy football he will have to leave because sir Emery is not going anywhere, the only way I see Emery leaving Arsenal is if we don’t make top4 and I don’t think that will happen this season.

          1. If the hierarchy claim to be as ambitious as they showed in the last transfer window, then 4th should not be a benchmark for keeping a manager, when there may be other more world class alternatives. People must be blind if they think UE is a decent manager e.g. no tactics, cannot pick a decent 1st 11, enjoys slow football, thinks that useless Xhaka is world class – and dont get me going about passing it from the back!!!

        4. And Tierney and Bellerin have said how great Xhaka has been in the dressing room and what a great choice of captain he is. Guess since he’s such an inspiration for the team he also deserves to start matches. Same number of assists as Ozil last season actually, so he’s right up to your standards too.

          1. We should then employ Xhaka as a motivational speaker, because he is useless on the pitch. Surely you have eyes to see that!

      4. Lenohappy, spot on assessment; owner/management supports Emery’s stance otherwise they would have intervened.
        Ken, just let’s wait until the end of the season, when the owner/management will make the decision as to whether Emery has met the performance criteria set for him and if his contract will be extended into its third year.
        Also Ken, when did football clubs such as privately owned Arsenal FC take polls of supporters to determine management decisions? What were the participation numbers in the “Read Arsenal” poll and how representative of the fan base are they?
        I’m glad businesses I worked for or owned weren’t managed by polls.

    2. That voting is daylight robbery. please how will emery boast of 31%.That voting has been rigged.Probably our rival fans cast their vote in favour of him ?

      1. Were you in deep slumber for last few months? Ppl have been calling for UE head for long time now n I agree with them. We need to see good football the arsenal style n progression interns of result.

  2. Lowly Brighton? What of Watford? Remember how we were tormented by them?
    Am yet to be satisfied with any of our matches so far in PL. Europa league? A joy to watch our B team that supposed to be tried in PL.

    1. Well said. We couldn’t keep last placed Watford at 20th despite a 2 goal lead. Blame players for lack of steel and Blame Emery for lack of ideas and “tactics”.

      We have yet to play up to potential. We are all Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde between Europa and PL.

      Whistling past the graveyard at this point mocking Spuds.

  3. With a win for us and Liverpool getting a result at home against Leicester we will be 3RD place!

    So we must win tomorrow

    As for Spuds
    1. Lost 7-2 to Bayern
    2. Gnabry scores 4 goals in match
    3. Lose 3-0 to Brighton

    1. Must win games? Yeah like a wounded and limp utd team we drew with thanks to Auba; again.

      Must win last placed Watford match with their new coach? We choked away 2 goal lead to “save” a draw after getting played off the pitch in 2nd half.

      Call me cynical, but Emery doesn’t exactly inspire confidence does he? I’m nervous every match despite opponents, cringe when lineups are announced, and often nauseous watching our unidentifiable style of running about.

      1. Durand
        I’m with you on this
        Since the game against Burnley, I got scared every minute we want to play cos we only get points by luck.

        During Wenger last few years, we only say, we are not confidence cos we don’t know which Arsenal will turn up cos we know we get 2 Arsenal playing the same way but loses chances upon chances.

        But this Arsenal don’t inspire anything. Still got two types of Arsenal though but one in the EPL and other in Europa.

        I just pray Emery changes his approach to game and get us playing our beautiful football.

  4. Spurs losing again is hilarious 😂 but that injury to Lloris looks nasty and may well have ended his career 😔 here’s hoping he makes a good recovery 🙏

    1. I truly hope he is back fit and healthy at the very earliest opportunity.An absolute rubbish,error ridden GK who is so over hyped and over rated by some who know no better.

  5. While I take pleasure I’m the fact that Spurs are going through this, I’ll enjoy it knowing that Arsenal stayed in the same free fall position years back and no, we weren’t pitied, we weren’t left alone, the world came for us, Wenger had nights of torments from even Arsenal fans. Well now they’re in the same position, they should enjoy it.
    I’m still pissed we couldn’t whoop their ass at the Emirates all thanks to captain dumbhead who chose to blame the strikers and even let out that we were scared in a game.
    Hopefully United drop points too and Arsenal don’t end up phucking this up

  6. The guys upstairs have spoken with Emery and Emery knows where they stand on it. They didn’t give in to that increase it was the previous lot. Auba and maybe Laca deserve to be highest earners, but soon as you do that you are throwing around too many big numbers, the overall costs would shoot up too much.

    You need to reward the better players but that is hard to do right now. Guendouzi was on very little, we upped it but it is still tiny in comparison, he should be closer to one of our highest earners over the next season or two, we have to keep him here. Martinelli and Saka too, it won’t be long before teams come sniffing round and seeing if they can find another Gnabry or Malen. If Tierney keeps going how he looks right now, he’ll be looking at earning par to Bellerin on hs next improved contract. It was a bad move making one player at the club earn well above everyone else. The guys upstairs want him sold and Emery is just doing his job, the fans too, there are many fans who want to see this saga come to an end and they’d like Mesut to find somewhere where he’s a big player and can enjoy his football.

    1. Well said sir, it baffles me how some thinks that’s Emery can just make that decision without the club support, Ozil is our record highest paid player, and you can’t just treat him like that if the club is not in support of it.

      1. Lenoveryhappy, don’t you think the same club screwed around with Wenger in his last couple of years as manager? The same tactics they are now using, as you claim?

      2. Exactly Lenohappy, exactly.

        That is why I said the CLUB and UE are acting in such a disgraceful way – please read my comments properly.

        Then I said that UE has no cojones and here’s why.

        Why doesn’t he come out, as he did with Mustafi, let the fans know exactly what’s going on and we can move on?

        So why, if this was a club decision, did UE select Ozil as CAPTAIN against Forest?
        Is that sending out the message that the club have made “the decision” to freeze him out?

        You state he has cojones, that’s what he must be using when he makes selections like that after being told to freeze him out!!!

  7. If Emery finish in Top 4, his Fans(yes I’m once his fan but not anymore with this boring football) will commend him for bettering Wenger’s worst year forgetting Emery got lucky with the downfall of our other rivals. I can’t imagine Tottenham having the same form as Wenger’s last year, Man United having the same form like Wenger last year(finishing 2nd). Thank God this team was not improving like Liverpool who finish 4th in Wenger’s last year.

    Arsenal are not improving, our rivals are just getting worse every season and that is why it looks as if we are improving. I just imagine what would have happen if our rival was improving and we are playing like this.

    Emery Fans(excluding me) kept defending him that it was his first season, forgetting that Raineri won the league at Leicester, Conte won the league at Chelsea, Sarri who never won a trophy in his life won the Europa league and all this in there first season and good football to watch.

    Emery’s game against Man City and Chelsea in his 1st 2 games in charge was so good that people rarely critize him cos we see urgency and passion in the game despite the lose but after 10games,the pattern vanished cos he was scared and started playing football in a way only known to him.

    I don’t want him gone now, but to finish this season and if he changes his pattern to a beautiful football then he can stay but if he still play football like we play in the EPL, then he has to go even if he finish in Top 4 cos our rivals situation and Auba’s excellent will give us the Top 4.

    I don’t care which player he use, be it Xhaka or any other player, I just want beautiful football and the passion I saw in his first 2games.

  8. I’m so pleased to be acknowledged by one as wonderful as yourself RSH, I thought it was all over between us.

    As for my post, if another site is running a poll, perhaps the obsession runs deep within our fanbase and might lead to some on here to realise that there are other fans, on other sites, who have relevant views. ?

    Perhaps you never considered that possibility and find it uncomfortable to be advised about?

    1. Lol, that poll isn’t even convincing. Ozil still got 40% of the vote against a largely unpopular manager. Perhaps if AT LEAST 40% of a website sees that Ozil is past it you are the one that should consider more possibilities. It is a FACT that Mertesacker has come out and said that Ozil’s fitness levels are not up to par right now. Whose fault is that? Even Mesut’s friend has called him out when he really could’ve said nothing.

      1. Glad you checked it our RSH, it just goes to show that we are all obsessed doesn’t it?

        By the way, so pleased you are putting so much faith in what Per Mertesacker has said , I haven’t read that, so thanks for the information (just like my poll info eh?).

        No need to remind you that Per said AW resigned in front of the squad…how I wish that UE would keep the fans informed on such a regular and reliable way.

        1. ken, i didnt check anything out i went off of what you literally posted. And no, hearing what our academy coach speak is not on the same level as you scowering the internet to defend ozil’s honor. You havent even addressed ozil’s fitness levels yet still. As usual you have no real defense for any points I bring up. All you can do is deflect because you know that Ozil is useless.

          1. RSH, 61% vs 39% in favour of Ozil staying, where did you get40% from?

            I don’t know why you say I go on to the internet to defend Ozil….I go on to read, digest and observe anything to do with The Arsenal.

            WHY would I deflect anything to do with Ozil, along with thè 61% in the poll, I believe he is getting an awful deal from the club and has been given no opportunity to prove himself this season.

            If the club want him out, then why don’t they simply come out and say so? As they are playing it currently, they are forcing him to a corner where there are two outcomes.
            1. He sits back and takes the money that the CLUB offered him and puts two fingers up at The Arsenal for the treatment no other players has/had received.
            2. Put him on the trsnsfer list, offering to pay his wages. How does playing him for 120 minutes this season entice any other club to consider him?

            Tried to find mertesackers comments, could you give me your link on this?
            I have never had any reason to doubt Per’s account of anything he says, so if Ozil is unfit, then the club should make sure he is fit…but why then, was he made CAPTAIN and chosen go play against forest and burnley?

            The club should be honest, but they can’t can they?
            UEand Ozil don’t like each others footballing philosophy, one will go and one will stay…you hope it’s Ozil who goes and I hope it’s UE.

            I do have to say though, how you ignored completely Pers remarks regarding our previous manager, but stand steadfastly behind his Ozil observations…what defence do you have for that?

        2. @Ken1945
          And Wilshere said Wenger was SACKED. I guess in the end we just believe whoever says what we want to hear. Anyway, it was widely reported Wenger pocketed a golden parachute as it is normally expected when one is FIRED, so I checked the 17/18 finacials and see what I saw:
          “The exceptional costs incurred of £17.2 million were attributable to the changes in the first-team management, coaching and support personnel.”

          So I ask, would Wenger have been paid a severance fee for quitting? It doesn’t work like that. You cancel your contract, you pay your enployer. You get fired, you get paid.

          1. No QD, when one gets fired, one leaves immediately with no pay because of some kind of misdemeanour.
            I would love to work in a company that sacks people for not doing their job, but then says “here’s a golden parachute anyway”!
            A golden parachute or handshake is given when one is made redundant – not the same at all.

            AW resigned, agreed to stay on till the end of the season, in order for the club to plan for next season, was awarded the rest of his contract for services rendered and, finally, the club honoured him with the last home game celebration of his twenty two years of service to the club…culminating in him being presented with the gold trophy that commemorated The Invincibles.

  9. oh aye, the billy goats gruff is at it again . bet he will start calling for his god almighty mr.wenger to be reinstated. some guys will never give up . although full credit, he has not mentioned the 215 million spent by emery , yet !. nor has he shared with us how long he is supporting the gooners. lets bring wenger back , all will be well again , hahahahaha.

  10. Seems to me that there is two sides to Dick !………………a split personallity !
    One is good in the cup games when playing the youth who I like and then there is Evil Dick where in the league he plays his shirtlifting batty boy lover Xhaka !

    3️⃣ 3️⃣ 3️⃣

  11. Watching Spuds and Capt Harry lay yet another turd has made my Saturday quite
    sublime, however I concurr with those on the board positing that Gunners around the
    world may be singing quite a different tune following tomorrows fixture. Arsenal may
    be 4th in the table atm but NOTHING about there EPL performances thus far should fill
    fans with confidence that Emerys crew will roll over Bournemouth. Sadly Emery will trot
    out his usual suspects and employ his hyper defensive tactics and well Arsenal will
    struggle mightily with a very, young and dangerous group of Cherries.

    Now if Emery was consistent in his handling of underperforming players and benched the
    likes of Xhaka, Socratis, Kola and Luiz, as well as allowing the selected team to play
    a more expansive, attacking style of futbol (EUROPA LEAGUE ANYONE?) I would quite like our
    chances at the Emirates tomorrow and for the balance of the season.

    Ill sadly wait with baited breath.

    1. Oh I’m so looking forward to watching Xhaka blunder his way all over the pitch tomorrow & run over to Unai, at some point, to high five him! And to see that one of our players has been left at home to play on the xbox…
      Very predictable these days….

    2. Ace, isn’t that what we are all asking for?
      Consistency for all the players, not just those he can’t seem to manage.
      How can anyone say he is doing a good job, with such glaring inconsistencies?

      If the club have decided to freeze out Ozil, come out and tell the fans – as he did with mustafi.
      Yet another example of inconsistency – along with the tactics and style of play.

      1. Ken,

        It seems Emery is hell bent on reinventing the Arsenal wheel and honestly
        it should cost him his job if he continues to stick with certain favorites
        and constantly tinker with tactical decisions.

        This should be the Arsenal first 11 going forward






        *Ozil should be loaned out and Xhaka sold in January

        1. ACE, I am sure the team will be more in line with your selections on return from the International break, when all players are fully match fit.

  12. Wow, it’s like watching your enemy fell flat on his face and fainted.

    Is this the time Pochettino finally rides his llama back to Argentina? 😂

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