Tottenham legend sides with Ozil as fall out with Arsenal continues

Gary Lineker reckons that being omitted from the Arsenal team that will play competitive games this season can be soul-destroying for Mesut Ozil.

His comments come after the Gunners axed the German midfielder from their Europa League and Premier League team for this season.

Ozil signed a mammoth deal with the Gunners in 2018 and his performances haven’t been top-notch since that time.

The German was sidelined during the final months of Unai Emery’s reign and he was only restored when Mikel Arteta was named the club’s manager.

However, after some poor performances for the team, the Spaniard also gave up on him and started to build his team without the World Cup winner.

Arsenal told him to leave the club in the transfer window, but he remained determined to earn all the money from his current deal.

The club has now decided not to name him in any of their teams for competitions this season.

He released a statement accusing the club of lacking loyalty and vowing to fight on.

The controversial Lineker has backed Ozil but that was to be expected, the former England international has developed a reputation for some of the statements he has made on Twitter, especially on political issues, he is also very highly paid for sitting on his backside presenting MOTD so he probably has an affinity with Ozil of some sort.

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  1. Phil says:

    AdMartin- so explain the difference between you and Lineker. Don’t you just sit on your backside and offer your opinions?
    That’s my issue with you- it’s your opinion only. That’s probably why you had the censor control taken from you because you never see the objective.
    At least Lineker is still in a job whereas you had your nuts chopped off PAL.

  2. dmar Nelson-williams says:

    I have seen so many articles abkut oz and im kinda tired of it. At first I felt sorry for ozil and had sympathy. However, when I thought about it I thought what is the difference between him and sokratis say.

    We have all known for some time arsenal have not wanted ozil at the club. End of situation. Please leave amicably

    Its like not wanting to be in a long term relationship anymore. Yes your ex bf or gf may love you and still want to be together but if both parties do not agree it is not fair for one to stick around.

    Furthermore why should you give that partner keys to your house and allow them to waltz in and out.

    This is the situation with ozil. Sorry buddy 😞 . I love you many fans still love you but the fans are like the parents in a relationship. Over all arsenal have to have the players that are what they beleive are the right fit for them. Nkt what their parents ( the fans beleive) or anyone else.

    I feel for ozil and I do beleive this treatment is something to do with his comments around Asia and Muslims. He has clearly annoyed someone (possibly even stan k him self). We all know stan is a big trump supporter and has some questionable political views and past times (do your research if you don’t beleive me).

    Unfortunately I beleive oil has dragged this out too long and has now damaged his career. What club would want such a hot potatoe?

  3. ken1945 says:

    It now seems that, not only Lineker, but Merson and Wrighty are also finding this decision puzzling and feel obliged to comment on it.

    My view is that Mikel Arteta has the job of managing our club and he has to make the decisions and be judged by them, while being supported by the fans 100%

    The point I made previously though, is that this particular decision has been a disastrous one and should never have entered the media spotlight in the first place in the way it has – not necessarily for the player or the club individually – but for how it will become the talking point after every single game we play by the media, no matter what the result.

    This will not conclude the issue in any way whatsoever and our club should have handled this in such a different way.
    We can only hope it works out as the right one.

    I am past caring if Ozil will ever play again for our club and, in actual fact, I an a little relieved he probably won’t.

    The reason being, imagine if he had been selected and the game was lost, how he would be blamed no matter what.
    Even if we had won, the posts would be just as predictable as well – he did nothing, playing with ten men etc etc

    All the above is why I really believe that the two parties should have sat down and made a permanent decision that was acted upon immediately, with both Mikel and Mesut presenting the decision as a united couple – surely that wasn’t an impossibility, even at the eleventh hour?

    It seems to have slipped our minds that Mikel stated Mesut had two months to convince him that he could become part of his plans – then days later, dropped him from two competitions…I just cannot understand the message coming out from the club, while it has to be said, Ozil has kept a dignified silence until now.

    Food for thought once again

    1. jon fox says:

      Ken, Simon Jordan speaking on TALKSPORT today, said it is now such a mess and distraction all round that the club would be wise to pay his contract up, even if if costs more money by doing so, then letting him stay til next summer He said it is harming our club. He also read my mind precisely! It is harming us and our reputation each day he stays, even though MA has done nothing wrong.

      Gazidis was the one who made the huge contract mistake, rubber stamped by Wenger and Kroenke so they too share the blame.

      1. jon fox says:

        “Than” not “then”.

  4. JJ Pawn says:

    …it is easy. The stingy owners do not want Ozil to succeed. Arteta has been told to drop Ozil upon the insistence of the owners.

    Arteta could not allow Ozil a chance with the better players, as that would have been really good wins (not marginal as they took place) against weaker opposition. It would have proven that Ozil can be used this year, while earning 350/wk. With Partey, Ozil would have got back to level of service of the past.

    The treatment of players like Koz, Ozil, etc., will noticed by other players coming to Arsenal. (Eventually, the Wenger aura at Arsenal will end. I am already beginning to think of Arsenal not as my club, as a fan, but the club the owners have taken over.)

    It seems there is something more going on… the owners have an agenda. It will become more obvious in time…

    Arteta has a choice, he can carry on in this servile role to the owners, rewarded by some transfer funds… Or, he can publicly call out the owners and get the fans behind him, and the players, past and present, and rescue this club and maintain Wenger’s legacy, and its global brand.

  5. Stephan Larose says:

    What total stupidity from Arsenal. At least Arteta admits he doesn’t know how to get the most out of Ozil, but it doesn’t really make up for the fact that not only are the club wasting one of their absolute top talents, they are ensuring they won’t get any resale value for him.

    This just shows how much billionaires do not give a f&@k about people and put money before decency, conscience and common sense. So what if Ozil hurt a genocidal Chinese tyranny’s feelings. He should be commended! China’s money is covered in blood and racist hatred for Tibetans and Uighurs—both cultures being totally annihilated. Meanwhile, Kroenke’s wealth goes up hundreds of millions during COVID, so he fires dozens of Arsenal staff and lies to the players whose salaries he is asking to cut about their sacrifice being necessary to prevent firing staff. I mean, this is the stuff of infamy. Anything to put more money in filthy Kroenke’s wallet. Hard to stomach that a Arteta would go along with that.

    Now, we barely score goals, we fire our people and turn a blind eye to genocide so a billionaire can get richer. Ozil can provide the chances and the class for the club to win matches and survive politically, but he is ostracized instead. Certainly doesn’t pay to be the good guy these days. But mark my words. Cheaters and scum like Kroenke never prosper. This idiocy and total lack of decency will be bad for Kroenke before long, and sadly our club will suffer for it too. Very sad day to be an Arsenal fan. We are witnessing pure villainy.

    1. UNCLE JOSH says:



  6. SA Gunner says:

    Stephan Larose….your wisdom is waisted here. But I could not articulate your opinion better

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