Tottenham may have barred Mauricio Pochettino from managing Arsenal

Mauricio Pochettino is among the favourites to replace struggling Unai Emery at Arsenal.

Arsenal may be unable to name former Tottenham boss, Mauricio Pochettino as their manager after he was sacked by the Lilywhites.

Pochettino was sacked by Spurs this month after five years at the North London side.

The Argentinean didn’t win a trophy for the club but he changed their history, making them a consistent top-four side and also helped them reach the Champions League final last season.

Jose Mourinho was named as his replacement this week, and some Arsenal fans have been calling for their team to hire him.

Unai Emery is currently struggling to get wins from his Arsenal players and it seems only a matter of time before he will be sacked, but it unlikely that Pochettino will be his replacement.

According to reports in the media including the Express, there is a possibility than Poch may have signed an agreement not to manage Tottenham’s fierce rivals as well as any other top side in the Premier League.

Arsenals’ board has recently come out to back Unai Emery but their draw against Southampton at the weekend shows that things aren’t getting better and it is a wonder how much more mediocrity they can take before firing the former PSG man.

A clause like this is very possible, whether there was one in Pochettino’s contract I suspect is pure speculation.

I just feel that with everything the way it is at the moment it will be very unlikely that the former Tottenham coach will become the new Arsenal manager.


  1. I suspect this clause in his contract was true. It would make sense from Spuds point of view at the time. Shame though, as I would love him here. Don’t begin to know how other Gooners would react though. I suspect a few are small minded and would never want a Spuds man. I don’t think in that way. BUT RIGHT NOW MY CAT COULD MANAGE ARSENAL BETTER THAN EMERY. I actually asked him to apply and he answered “Me? ‘ou?” Sorry guys, I am scraping the barrel with that one. Anything to keep the helplessness of our clubs plight and blazing anger too, away!

    1. hahahaha, never knew ya had it in you jon, well played sir.i have a funny feline you may have some more of the same, let them out jon.why should anybody not want somebody from the spurs. one of our greatest sons, sol campbell, was a spur, until he saw the light and switched.

      1. gerry, I am geting to like your posts more and more. Not as much as my cat, obviously; even Arsenal only equals her! But I like my worst enemy more than what Emery is doing, sorry, make that ruining, to our team. It is 100% certain he will be sacked by May, SO WHY WAIT ANOTHER SINGLE MOMENT?

        1. Spot the “deliberate” ahem , mistake? My cat is male. But I have had thirteen over the decades and tend to regard them all as “hers”, with silly daft owner type nicknames names eg babs, sweetheart, kitten,etc. I know , I know! Pass the sick bucket! I also love dogs but can’t stand Mustafi, despite the likeness. I can’t stand Dracula though. CANT BEGIN TO THINK WHY!

          1. i too am a cat person jon, even though i depend on my guide dog so much. i thought when i read your above post that puss had changed gender. and theres nothing wrong with that either. people do it , so i am certain that if puss wanted to be a lady puss then you would have no bother accepting that, right ?, lol.

    2. I for one couldn’t care less if he’s from Spurs because he’s clearly a top manger with the potential to be great.
      Having said that, from Poch’s point of view this wouldn’t make sense for him. Why not go to a club where he’ll have all the readily available resources to succeed than rather go to a club where he’d have to rebuild?? Bayern, Barcelon and Madrid are interested and I wouldn’t even advice Poch to choose us over them at this moment

    3. Legal lesson,, it would be unlawful to coerce or force someone to sign a contract that effectively prevents them from working in their professional field. It’s called restraint of trade, so the story is most likely a lot of baloney

  2. Dont know if a clause like this can persist if they terminate the contract its then null and void no? He has absolutely no ties with them if they cut his contract short doesn’t seem legal.

    1. I believe so too. Such clause would be totally irrelevant and useless. He’s not a staff, he’s not under their payroll. They terminated his contract, so I doubt the club will have a hold on him or agreement with him to reject certain jobs. Afterall he’s man who needs to work and they ain’t paying him to stay jobless!! So I really don’t believe this rumors though

        1. unless there is a non-compete clause in the contract. Could be that payout is conditional on a clause – go to Arsenal and you don’t get the cash – not saying it is this way, just possible.

          Considering the great love between the two clubs that could be possible.

          1. Just seems like such a minute circumstance of it happening that you wouldn’t risk him not signing on because of it, just seems very unlikely to me

    2. Fair play,you beat me to it! secondly I doubt that he would signed such a contract, remember they came for him not the other way around, he was in a position of power,I thought I had heard everything on this site I guess I was wrong!

      1. Precisely bud! Sounds totally outside the boundaries of legality to me! And yeah there not going to risk not getting there man by putting on such a clause that’s so unlikely to happen anyways just sounds like media bs

  3. Though I don’t get the reaction that he didn’t win a trophy so he can’t manage Arsenal. Personally I see that as bûllshit, the man is a good coach and a good man manager.
    He’s young and knows how to compile a team.
    I wish we could get him too.
    He’s among these going coaches that’ll be dominating for the next century just the age of Ferguson,Wenger, Mourinho, I believe the next age will remain Pep, Klopp, Simeone, Allegri, Pochettino and a few others who can last long.
    Sad thing we might not get him though.
    If we get him or Simeone, I’ll be glad

    1. Thank you for speaking sense. They talk as if Spurs is known for winning anything major. Pochettino clearly has that world class coaching ability. I mean it’s clear for our eyes to see. He’s really overachieved at Spurs imo. He’s raised the expectations of what people expect from Spurs when they are nothing more than bottlers. Now all he has to do is go to a big club and start winning trophies which I believe he will. Poch with several world class players will be devastating.

      1. Spot on!I hear Bayern Munich want him but not until next season giving him time to learn German(pep anyone)also apparently their interim coach seems to be doing well or very well?? imagine if we had a board ready to get him and back him off,our team has quality, fairly young,youth coming through,some money=perfect marriage!!

      2. LOL, he literally bottled every final or semi-final, got 25 points from 24 games no less and inherited that side from Harry Redknapp. Give me strength.

        1. With all due to respect to Redknapp Poch is far better than him. Him bottling semi-finals and finals is not only down to him but his team too which was never ever going to win anything major

          1. Most of the teams they lost to were not better teams, certainly not the Man Utd team. But regardless, that is his record and that is what we have to judge him by. Surely there are better-qualified managers out there with a more proven record. Why should Arsenal accept second best?

          2. “Most of the teams they lost to were not better teams, certainly not the Man Utd team.”
            Yet you forget he got them there in first place?? If you’ve followed Spurs since Poch came in then you’d know he’s impressive. The stats(facts) taken at face valye can never ever tell the whole story. Accepting Poch also isn’t accepting 2nd best. That is a short-sighted way to loo at things considering the fact that clubs that are ages ahead of us in terms of history are looking at him.
            A lot of people are going to be eating their word years from now. Then some of us will still be here to say “I told you so”. How people argue against something so obvious is beyond me. Poch is a top coach and as it’s only a matter of time before he starts winning major trophies. He deserves a club where he can spend spend spend

  4. For sure there will be a 12 month ban on Pochettino managing in the Premier League, however Levy being shrewd will no doubt be able to negotiate any settlement. Poch and his Coaching team could spend 12 months Gardening Leave scouting around Europe but I’d wager he wants to keep them together and the Man Utd job fits the bill, would cost them their Compo as it wouldn’t be paid if they take up employment and Levy would get a tasty facilitation fee to boot, probably enough to pay The Spurs One 2 years Salary and Bonus’s about £20m.
    I was at OT in Sept 18 when we crushed Man Utd 3-0, going back on Dec 4th and hope for the same result, strange Mourinho wore that same Black Raincoat that Night and looked completely lost while Poch was ecstatic, Moura had ripped them apart no wonder Jose likes him, never expected things to turn out like this though.

    1. Exactly mate, and if we stay in this slump for another year or so we’ll be blaming the board for not getting him when hes at a big club winning trophies lol

      1. Funny thing is many are ready to give Arteta a chance as I also do and seem to really think he has good potential despite not much evidence of that but believe Poch will be bad for us

  5. keV:I posted a similar comment, completely biased and the man wrote that poch had all the tools,he was not backed up apart 3 or so players he has the same team/players except few years older,he was refused players,for poch teams to play the way he wants he needs to refresh his squad with young,fresh,hungry new players!!

  6. Probably.
    Levy HATES us

    He called the Real Madrid owner the day we bought Ozil to try to persuade them not to sell him to us.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a clause in his contract. Maybe they started doing it when Sol Campbell joined us lol

  7. It seems some Arsenal fans fail to realize that football has evolved. No allegiance anymore. There is always a price tag. It is about achieving success in the short term. Any manager can manage any team. Take a look at the serie A:
    Conte: Juventus, Atalanta and Inter milan
    Anceloti: Juventus, Parma, AC Milan and Napoli
    Sarri: Napoli and Juventus
    Allegri: AC milan and Juventus
    Ranieri: Juventus, Inter Milan, Napoli, Fiorentina, Parma, Roma, Cagliari, Sampdoria.
    Zlatan: AC milan,Inter Milan, Juventus
    Higuain: Napoli, AC Milan, Juventus
    Ronaldo De lima: Inter Milan, AC Milan
    Pirlo:AC Milan, Juventus
    No allegiance. You get paid to do a job. At the end, you either fail or succeed. What matters is the team winning trophies. I don’t care who wins us trophies. Some people even say they do not want Mou because he abused Wenger. So what? Who cares. Are you a relative of Wenger? Didn’t Wenger fail in those years? Both Wenger and Mou have moved on. They do get along now. So what is the big deal. We should employ anyone who has the potential to move us forward. A top manager who can bring success.
    3 candidates: Pochetino, Arteta and Nuno Espirito(Wolves coach)

    1. Nothing against Poch but I don’t believe he would consider us. He actually said so not that long ago.

      Allegri would be my first choice because he would immediately sort out the defence issue which has bedevilled us for a number of years. If we can’t get or afford him let’s look long term and try for Julian Nagelsmann.

      Anyway the board opted for Emery so who knows who they will choose but either way they need to get a move on.

  8. Arteta is not a coach and he has never been head coach of a team with league title and champions league ambition in his own right. It is too great a chance to take with him given how things are going right now.
    We Must go and get Pochettino, there simply isn’t anyone else of his quality who is available right now.

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