Tottenham prepared to battle Arsenal for relegated midfielder

Tottenham Hotspur has reportedly joined the pursuit of James Maddison this summer and is set to compete with Arsenal for his signature.

Maddison, the highly sought-after midfielder, is unlikely to remain at Leicester City, who will be playing in the Championship next season.

Arsenal has been interested in signing Maddison since Mikel Arteta took charge, and they now have an opportunity to secure his services at a potentially reduced fee.

However, according to Football Insider, Tottenham has also entered the race to acquire the midfielder and is confident of securing his transfer, despite currently not having a manager in place.

While Arsenal is expected to prioritise moves for players like Declan Rice or Moises Caicedo before considering other targets, this window of opportunity could allow Tottenham to make a decisive move for Maddison.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Maddison is a top midfielder, but we do not currently lack creative players in the middle. We need a midfielder that is more defensive-minded, like Rice or Caicedo.

After landing either of them, we could move for a player like Maddison, but Fabio Vieira could also step up and do what the Englishman can do for us.

Video – Alfie and Rob are back for the summer transfer window
Here is their first analysis of the summer, where Alfie and Rob discuss and predict every single possible Arsenal incoming and outgoing this summer, including fees and potential destinations for outgoings.

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  1. As an Leicester fan, I’d go and get him, hes been a huge player for us recently and deserves to be playing at the highest level.

    Good season for the Gooners this year, you played some brilliant football and can hopefully build from here to challenge City again next season.

    1. If you are a Leicester fan why on Earth would you be encouraging Arsenal to take him off you.? That’s a bit strange Guy !
      By the way every player in that Leiceter team should look at themselves in the mirror as they were better than what we saw of them this season and should not have been relegated.

      1. Because we are in a financial mess, have an enormous wage bill (80% of our revenue in the prem) and need to sell a lot of players to raise money asap as our revenue will drop by 2/3 next season.

        The parachute payment will cover the loan the club took out with Mcquarrie bank but given 8 players are out of contract already and many of the better players are on higher wages we have a massive re-build ahead and its no secret we need to sell before we can buy.

        Its been estimated Leicester will see 15-16 players leave the club and players like Maddison and Barnes are financial assets we need to move in and quick to start rebuilding a team to compete in the Championship.

        It would be great to see some of these players stay at the club and help us next season, but we simply can’t afford them unless they take huge paycuts and in reality at the stages they are in their careers will not want to be spending time in the Championship anyway

        1. Yes I feel bad for Leicester who have always been a club I quite like. I understand that your fans would be expecting to lose players and that must hurt. Do you fancy your chances of a swift return ?
          Prospects probably went south when your patron died and that was a really terrible thing.
          I saw Morgan in the ‘stands’ looking somewhat forlorn on Sunday. I know Vardy is getting on now, but he’s not been good recently (Rebecca’s jaunts in court probably didn’t help !). I do genuiney wish you guys the best of luck and a quick return. Leicester should be Premier.
          I don’t know how old you are, but do you remember Frank Worthington, Keith Weller, Alan Birchenall, Frank McLintock ? All decent players.

          1. Thanks, appreciate it.

            Yep it hurts and I am gutted but also angry and the way we got ourselves into this mess, over the past 2 years, so many bad decisions. Fans had been calling this out last season and had been vociferous all season that there were clearly problems. With the exception of a few games before the WC and 2 random games afterwards we have been terrible….abject, lacklustre, sleepwalking into relegation…as the media described it for months….and yet the board sat there and did nothing. God knows what the were watching that no-one else was.

            Clubs like Leicester don’t experience the period we have just had so to just sit on your hands and do nothing is incompetence of the highest order and they have destroyed everything they spent years building.

            On a swift return, I have no idea, the rebuild is so massive, god knows who will be there next season, although I actually thought Smith did a decent job given how few winnable games he had left to turn it around so we will see if he gets the job.

            I am in my mid 50’s so yes I do remember some of those players, especially Weller and remember Mclintock being the manager.

            I actually used to live in Islington and Belsize Park in the mid 90’s for a few years, was there when Wenger first arrived and took over from Rioch so had lots of friends who were Arsenal fans and my ex and her family were Gooners so we went to watch Leicester v Arsenal a few times…..invariably we went to see Wenger’s Arsenal beat O’Neill’s Leicester I mean, including the 5-0 at Highbury where O’Neill came over and apologised:). I decided to stop going to that fixture for a while after that.

            In truth losing the Owner was a huge blow for the club, and we are seeing the results of that now. He was far more ruthless, whether people liked it or not but made difficult decisions in the best interests of the club. He would never have changed the business model in 2021 to not sell one of our best players and re-invest which limited financial exposure…and when things turned sour under Rodgers, even early in the season, he would probably have made the change then. He definately wouldn’t have waited until it was too late.

            1. Months and months ago I could see something wrong with Brendon Rodgers’ demeanour. He was never the most demonstrative guy and always a cool customer, but he seemed to be even more understated and possibly stuck in the middle of his own private nightmare. He seemed so downhearted to me. It’s a shame it turned out the way it did but I wish you and your club all the best anyway.

              1. Thanks and the same to Arsenal next year.
                I like Arteta, an intelligent Manager playing the game in the right way and is building something there for sure.

                Hopefully you can push on next season, as in truth I am bored of City winning it every year.

  2. ODD THAT , AS I F I WERE THE SPUDS, I WOULD DISBAND THAT CLUB ALTOGETHER. Or else cut my throat,, through sheer misery!

  3. I can see Maddison at the Lilywhites and hope they get him (if any of the rumours are true). He is their type of player (with the exception of Harry Kane) FLAKY.
    We should stay clear of him and I doubt Arteta and Edu would seriously consider him anyway.
    Also it would be very much appreciated if there was no more talk about his team mate Tielemans because he is even less appetising to me than the aforementioned. Thank you.

  4. Spurs can have him and tielesman for free, I would prefer James ward-prowse or Eberechi Eze as a 2nd CM,they can influence games better.

  5. The confirmation yesterday about EsR staying basically dumps this speculation deep down into the ‘BOTTOLESS PIT’. Odegaardt, EsR & Vieira will be the trio rotated in the attacking creative midfield position.

  6. What kind of player would sign for a club without knowing who the DOF and manager are going to be??

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