Tottenham rank higher than Arsenal in the 2023 club rich list

Tottenham and Chelsea have surpassed Arsenal in the ranking of the most valuable clubs in the world.

Despite Arsenal’s strong performance in the Premier League this season and the notable improvements made under manager Mikel Arteta, they have not secured the top position among London clubs in terms of valuation.

According to the latest Forbes statistics, Real Madrid holds the title of the most valuable club globally, while several Premier League teams dominate the top ten.

Arsenal is ranked 10th with a valuation of £1.8 billion, trailing behind Chelsea, who sit in eighth place with a valuation of £2.5 billion, and Tottenham, who claim the ninth spot with a valuation of £2.2 billion.

Although Arsenal continues to progress and strengthen their squad under Arteta’s leadership, they will need to further enhance their financial value to compete with their London rivals on that front.

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is understandable that these London sides outranked us, considering we have been poor over the last few seasons.

However, the new Arsenal team will break new ground and we expect to become the leading side in the city soon.

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  1. I can’t honestly understand how the totts can be valued at £2.2 Billion when they owe Over £1 Billion on the stadium.

    1. Well when you buy a car on the old tick tock for £30,000, you put a deposit of £15,000 down and borrow £15,000. Your car is still worth £30,000 even though you owe £15,000. If they sold the club for 2.2 bil, they would pay the 1 billion and pocket the rest. What you owe doesn’t affect the value. A club is only worth what it is sold for. Do i think Tottenham is worth more than us? Not on your nelly buti am not buying.

  2. This due to the stagnation period we went for over a decade, followed by wrong appointees running the operations, hiring of failed players on mega bucks, etc. etc. Unai Emery was a breath of fresh air but some plyers could have been motivated to ensure he failed to protect the “legacy” of some failed masquerader. Mikel fought the war against these forces valiantly and vanquished their footballing carriers while we steadily go back to our glory days of the greats – Herbert Chapman, Tom Whitaker, Bertie Mee, Terry Neil, GG.

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