Tottenham star admits Arsenal now have the mentality to be successful

Dejan Kulusevski says Arsenal are more “mature” than Spurs

The win against Tottenham on the weekend was a massive win in our season, not only for the title hopes but the sheer fact it’s our biggest rivals. It would have also been a massive blow for Tottenham, who in the dying parts of the game, looked to be coming back. Spurs have become a much better team this season under new manager Ange Postecoglu, but they still lack the level of quality that we see in this Arsenal squad.

Spurs player Dejan Kulusevski was very honest after the big clash, obviously disappointed with this loss but had this to say in the Guardian: “They are much more disciplined and a little bit more mature,” Kulusevski said. “That is where we are lacking at the moment. What do I mean by that? They score on corners. We concede. It is quite easy. It is being strong in difficult moments like a set piece.”

“It [mentality] is all in life,” Kulusevski said. “That is the only thing that matters – the head. You can be how good you want in football but you’ve got to be strong in every situation. Arsenal have obviously done that in the last period. They fight to win the league. We still have to do that. We are improving in other areas. We still lack a little bit in that part.

“I don’t think it is about ambition. Everybody wants to win but then you have to sacrifice a lot for that. It is a lot. But talking about mentality, do you think it is easy to be down 3-0 at half-time and then go out and play 3-2 against the ones that are first [in the league]? That is also mentality. The second half was unbelievable. We are showing it … it is just that you have to show it for 90 minutes. If not it is difficult. We are showing it in bits but we have to do it much more consistently.”

And that’s just it, we’ve managed to come so far after struggling for so long. The club chose to believe in Mikel Arteta and the project he wanted to build and has let it ride out. A lot of Arsenal fans wanted Arteta’s head 2 seasons ago and if were up to them he would have got the sack, but the fact the club has showed belief in Arteta, makes me think that trickle down to the players and the whole club.

We’re not exactly were we want to be, but we’ve come far from where we were and with more time, I think we start to really dominant football again.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

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  1. Strangely, unbothered not being in UCL right now. I can’t imagine I’d be pretty against Madrid and we still have prem hope. In summer we need to make some additions to compete on both fronts for sure

    1. Reality shows us thatlosing to BM was a massive help to our title ambitions and I said even beforewe played PORTO THAT GETTING KNOCKED OUT OF CL, sooner rather than later was vital IF, as I now expect and predict, we are to win the Prem.
      I knew long ago that we had effectively only an extremely remote chance to win the CL as we are not yet at that level and nor do we havethe depth of squad quality that will require.
      All in good time though.

  2. Kulusevski is absolutely right. Meanwhile, on another note, I see Spurs blossoming under their current manager/coach. I like his enthusiastic and fearless style of play. If they can just build their defence solidly, I think they can be a force to reckon with in the league in a couple of years.

    My thought, though.

  3. Just to be clear here i Would love to see the spuds relegated .
    Do like there manager and how he has gone about things
    2nd season will see if he can live with the pressure and expectation of the fans
    As we all know the spud fans are fickle at best of times and if they get a glimpse of glory they all of a
    sudden expect honours 🎖
    On a one time only basis I do hope they take a point or 3 off City and if they do that and get into the CL off the back of that then I will toast them
    Onwards and upwards

    1. Easter Monday 1977, we beat them 1-0 with a header by SuperMac at Highbury to virtually relegate them. Well nasty in the Northbank, but worth it to see that lot going down

  4. I have one comment, which team won the double in 1961, and have done very little afterwards ⚪️?

  5. I was borne in 1961, after I opened my eyes Tottenham hasn’t been able to win the league. That’s also a gift of life 😁

  6. Bold claim from Dejan, i don’t think that will go down well with his team mates. i learnt he admires Arsenal, i’m pleased to know that.

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