Tottenham star wants to dominate Arsenal and set the record straight – Dream on mate…

Tottenham have not beaten Arsenal at the Emirates since 2010 and were slaughtered 4-2 just two weeks ago when they last came to visit, but the Tottenham star Harry Winks believes that it is now time for revenge. He told the Spurs website: “We need to set things straight because we didn’t perform to our best against them last time,”

“It’s a game we’ll all be fired up for and we really want to win. There’s a lot on it, not just for the fans but in terms of the competition.

“We approach every game the same, whether or not it’s Arsenal, whether or not it’s in the league or the cup. We want to be on the front foot, we want to dominate, but most importantly we have to be aggressive and match them physically. If we don’t do that then football can be difficult.

“As long as we do all those things and apply ourselves in the right way then there’s no reason we can’t come away with a win.”

Yes yes of course, if you do all those things, you will win, but the fact is that you WILL NOT dominate us and you WILL NOT match us physically. In case you haven’t noticed Harry, Arsenal players fight like demons whenever your Tottenham team come to the Emirates and you simply can’t beat us here. Do you have such a short memory?

In fact, since last March we have only lost one home game, and that was to the Champions Man City, so dream on Harry.

Come on You Gunners!!!!

Sam P


  1. gotanidea says:

    Hope to see some young wingers tonight and hopefully Saka can show better performance

    1. Martin says:

      Try getting the name right…………

  2. Sal says:

    want some of the youngsters to play as well, they need to get that derby feeling under their belt, want them to know what it means to play for the badge and grow stronger form playing in games like these, don’t care much if we win or lose, but would be delighted to make it two in quick succession 🙂

    the most important thing is game time for some of these players, and for some youngsters to show what they are made of, this is not a cup i would care to be involved in especially with the lack of depth in the squad at the moment.

    Still hoping for a great game but I don’t predict the same intensity being produced, as both clubs have an eye somewhere else, well it’s more important to them than us… so let’s do them a favor and beat them as nobody wants a clutter , we would be helping them with that trophy cabinet looking empty, tidy, and spacious now that’s christmassy . COYG!!!

    1. jon fox says:

      “Don’t care much if we win or lose” then “COYG”? Are you feeling well? Seems not!

      1. sal says:

        Since it s half time and I haven’t gone to the Emirates I can reply, i don’t care for this cup and don’t care for the result hence why I want our kids to play but a derby is a derby so I’m always rooting for the team, can t I say Coyg or are you looking for an excuse to have a go at me? Are you feeling ok?

        1. jon fox says:

          You can surely see how contradictory your muddled post seemed though. Thanks for the explanation. IT SHOWS HOW EASY IT IS TO MISUNDERSTAND CONFUSINGLY WRITTEN POSTS.

  3. jon fox says:

    Danny who ? Sam P, do tell. You mentioned Harry Winks and quoted him, yet without telling us who you meant , began talking about Danny. Odd , to say the least. Maybe others know who you mean but I am not a mind reader and would prefer to know of whom you are talking, please! I have to presume you meant “Harry”, not “Danny”.

  4. amo says:

    Tottenham is abetter team than Arsenal in almost all departments..including the manager. no doubt about it. Unai fears big players.. reason why he is not playing Lac, Ozil and Ramsey. honestly even owners will think twice before investing more funds.thay are only going to give him just enough cash to enable the team servive till they get amanager who is ready to utilize thier assets properly.its just my view.

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