Tottenham to beat Arsenal with eleventh hour hijack of long term target

It has seemed that the William Saliba to Arsenal deal was in the bag and just an official announcement was required, however, if the latest reports are to be believed then Tottenham are set to hijack the deal with a last minute €30 Million bid.

The source of this is the respected Mohamed Bouhafsi, chief editor at RMC Sport.

Translated via Google it says

A dramatic twist in the file #Saliba ! #Tottenham submitted an offer exceeding 30M € off bonus for Saliba. An offer exceeding the expectations of #ASSE . Meeting tomorrow to finalize the operation while #Arsenal had found a global agreement.

Now, if this is true and Spurs do beat us then it is beyond embarrassing because this deal could have been done weeks ago.

There is, of course, no guarantee that this is true, Bouhafsi could easily be wrong, it happens but there is certainly enough reasons for concern as things stand.

Why has this deal not been confirmed already with Arsenal? What is the delay? Only days ago everyone and their uncle was claiming that this was done and dusted.

This is now a case of wait and see but if Spurs do sign Saliba then Arsenal will have some serious questions to answer.


  1. Bouhafsi is not wrong.Spurs have truly come in at the eleventh minute as also confirmed by Ornstein.The fee and personal was agreed a long time ago.Arsenal could not afford to let Saliba go back on loan because they needed him which was the hold up.The obligation to loan him was the issue not the transfer fee.Realising he is the Mbappe of defenders they had to close the deal.He was promoted two tiers above his age to get to the France U20 team.Only something that has happened with Mbappe in recent times.

    1. If not for the obligation to loan Saliba would’ve been Arsenal player weeks ago.Spurs are looking for a long term Aderweireld replacement hence the last minute offer.They had never made any offer up until now.
      Unfortunately for them they fall short once again because Saliba has already picked Arsenal

      1. saliba can easily change his mind. Nothing is guaranteed anymore. And you said several times that Saliba will be an Arsenal player, so yes, if this doesn’t happen, then you are again wrong on another transfer.

        1. Oh yes Saliba will be an Arsenal player but that doesn’t mean another club can’t also bid for him.
          DONE DEAL=Fee and personal terms agreed.

          Saliba already chose Arsenal over other teams like Spurs and PSG who are both interested with Spurs only now making a late bid.I consider their bid to be useless as they can’t force him to sign for them

          1. If he chooses another club then you will be wrong Kev, simple as that. Will you at least admit this?

          2. @RSH I have been wrong several times and I have even stated I was wrong on Lemar,Leno and many others.I can tell you for a fact that Saliba picked PSG and Spurs over us.If he choose them I’ll admit I was wrong but he has already chosen us.I confirmed from a Saint Etienne ITK

          3. @Quantic Dream I didn’t say “DONE DEAL Saliba Has Signed For Arsenal”

            You can’t just take the term at face value if it is in a sentence like that. How anyone can read that sentence with Saliba and interpret as a signature is beyond me

            1. Actually you said

              2019/07/06 at 5:43 pm

              Saliba and Tierney are already done.Agent and manger talk means nothing as has been shown in many past deals for e.g Lacazette.Its money which does the talking

              There are many more examples Kev, I would suggest you stop digging mate

          4. I couldn’t give a toss what some hobbledehoy says on forums, it’s only a Done Deal when the club have announced officially that a player has signed. What’s the point of listening to all the rumours on forums etc cos that’s all they are, rumours, until announced officially. We all know that Arsenal are one of the most secretive clubs when it comes to signing players. If we signed all the players we supposedly made bids for we’d have a squad of 50 players !!

          5. @Kev
            Well how can simply agreeing a fee be declared a “done deal”? Does that mean if the player fails to sign you will come back here and report “undone done deal”: Saliba transfer has fallen through? You are being shady with your definitions Kev!

          6. @ Admin Martin you’re being smart.All this I said was in relativity of my initial comments which if you look at the sentence implied there was an agreement in place but no signature.

            It would be naive of anyone to have read my sentence and claimed we have signed Saliba and Tierney.Yes from ITK’s I can report deals being agreed ahead of time but for a signature it is not possible. I also dont see you arguing on my initial comment which you know you’d fall short of you do.

            1. No Kev, I have access to ALL your comments and you have made outright false claims like this one

              2019/07/04 at 12:25 pm

              Sorry to clarify Tierney’s medical will take place over the weekend/early next week rather than today or tomorrow

              100% wrong

              You need to stop now, you would be better served just to admit you said it wrong and that you meant this or that

          7. @Quantic Dream so are you claiming the statements “DONE DEAL! ARSENAL HAVE AGREED A FEE OF €30M FOR SALIBA” and “DONE DEAL GABRIEL MARTINELLI WILL SIGN FOR ARSENAL WHEN HE TURNS 18” are wrong statements??If “DONE DEAL” is considered in contexts in the above statements you’d see it means all agreements have been reached and that the move will happen.

            You are taking the word “done deal” at face value where it means a player has signed.I agree it means that but when put in the above sentences it means something different

        2. @Admin what about my right claims??I guess that will trump your argument of ITK’s just being fake people and also not suiting you narrative.

          Also you’re being smart again.Scroll down to that same comment you just brought up about Tierney’s medical.You’d see I clarified it wasn’t happening.I even provided an explanation to why I said so and I made it quite clear that it was a Photoshop work th a made him look like he was in London.I don’t want to remind you of my many right calls too

          1. Oh no, that comment WAS the clarification, previous to that you declared he would wear number 3 and have his medical tomorrow. And I am not being smart at all, I am simply quoting your comments in context therefore I would suggest you be smart and accept you have made serious errors of judgement. As for the ones you got right, well done, when they are the subject matter I will stand up for you but alas, they are not Saliba and Tierney and your done deal comments and medicals and shirt numbers are.

          2. You will stand up for me.That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard from you because even people have challenged me on several occasions for those I’ve had right.As I said simply look down at the replies and you would see I clarified the issue.

            I have had many transfer news wrong and have admitted them in the past so this isn’t a big deal for me

      1. FFS-stop believing everything this clown posts.Until the deal is signed on the dotted line and the transfer has been confirmed by both clubs there is no deal.@Kev knows nothing more than anyone else.Go back just a few topic headlines and he continues to say the deal is done.Now he is agreeing it is not done.STIP BELIEVING THIS GUY KNOWS ANY MORE THAN WHAT HE READS WHICH IS JUST SPECULATION

        1. Rubbish.As I’ve stated several times here DONE DEAL=Fee and personal terms agreed.You spout rubbish.Orstein has even confirmed everything has been agreed

          I confirmed Lichtsteiner,Iwobi’s contract,Kelechi Nwakali Porto B,Torreira,Sokratis,Martinelli.Saliba will also sign.

          1. Actually, Ornstein never said everything was agreed, he says it was in the final stages of negotiations with much of it in lawyers hands, he also said that Spurs are now pushing hard to make a deal.

          2. He implies the fee and personal terms have been agreed.You even posted it here that we agreed €30m for him which I said weeks ago.The fact that we are in negotiations doesn’t mean it has to do with fee and personal terms.Spurs pushing hard to make a deal is useless if the player ao doesn’t want to join them

            1. It cannot be a done deal if another club is able to come in. A done deal is, well, a done deal.

          3. That’s why I explained in my context that done deal doesn’t mean player has signed.It means fee and personal terms agreed.
            How can a player sign without Arsenal announcing it?

            When a deal is completed to sign a player another club can come in late as seen with Malcom to Barcelona where AS Roma fans were waiting outside to welcome Malcom to the club.The player has already chosen Arsenal though and I find it difficult as to how Spurs can sign him

          4. @Kev-has it been confirmed by the Club?No.Has it been confirmed but St Etienne?NoHas the player had a medical? No Has the player been seen at the Club?No
            There is no deal until until it is completed.
            There is a process.This process is not concluded.Therefore there is NO DEAL
            How many more times?
            Same old rubbish being spouted out by you.

          5. @Phil rubbish again.As I stated the fee and personal terms have been agreed.I have not said he has signed or had medical.Youre being ignorant.
            Go and read the story of how Barcelona hijacked Malcom from AS Roma.AS Roma fans were waiting outside for him to sign.The personal terms and fee were agreed.He was on his way to Roma until a last minute bid came in and he moved to Barcelona.

            Look at Barcelona activating Griezmann’s release clause which means the deal to bring him to the club is all done provided they have agreed personal terms?Are you naively going to say it’s not possible for another club to come in at the last minute and match their offer or perhaps surpass it??

          6. Ok so a done deal is fee and personal terms agreed.
            Then what is it called when the player signs the documents and is registered by arsenal at the FA rosters?

            I think you should give a new name to it when the club announces that they have signed the player and show us the picture of him signing.

            Any thoughts any one?
            I say lets call it super done deal.

          7. @Shekar233 the term “done deal” in my first ever sentence regarding Saliba was taken out of context.Its not just about the meaning of the term but also the context within which it’s used.

            On the first day I reported about Saliba weeks ago I said “DONE DEAL Arsenal have agreed a fee of €30m for William Saliba.We will pay £5m this window and pay the rest in instalments.”

            That is why I have said in my context, which is relative to the sentence, done deal denotes fee and personal terms agreed.

            I can also say “DONE DEAL William Saliba Has Signed For Arsenal”this in context means a signature

            If I’m negotiating a contract with you and I say “DONE DEAL” it means we’ve signed off the agreement.

            It’s all about context not just the term.

        2. You choose to ignorant of the facts.Done deal=fee and personal terms agreed.That is why Malcom to AS Roma was a done deal but Barcelona still hijacked him as he was going to sign for Roma.Roma fans were waiting outside for Malcom.
          Saliba has already chosen Arsenal so unless they can force him to sign for Spurs this is just a useless bid by Spurs and if anything shows how small their club is that even though we are out of the UCL he still picks us over them

          1. So if I walk into a car dealership, agree to buy a car and they agree to sell is it a done deal?? NO! Seriously mate look up what constitutes a done deal what your explaining is not or is everyone else on this site wrong? Your the one being ignorant here, if it were a done deal it would mean its done meaning no more needs to be done because it’s already DONE… jesus lol

          2. Naa you’re the one being ignorant because I’ve explained myself.When the fee and personal terms for a player are agreed I consider the deal to completed and thus done.Also do you think in agreeing fees and personal terms there aren’t signatures??Yes there are which gives the official approval of the terms of the deal.

            I have explained my context and it is ridiculous to think I have claimed Saliba signed weeks ago for us without the club announcing it.The fee and personal terms have been agreed.Another club has just come in late that’s all

          3. See this right here is what is making you lose ALL credibility what you just said is absolute nonsense!! Seriously mate Google the definition of “done” what your describing as “fact” is definitely wrong. Honestly if u cant get your head around what constitutes a done deal then why the hell would anybody take anything else you say seriously? I honestly cant believe what I’m reading right now, a 5 year old knows the meaning if the word “done” this is ludicrous.

          4. I don’t need to Google nothing.Mate I’ve told you if you don’t take my news seriously there’s no need to reply to me.You rather need forget your checked and you should up your football knowledge.

            You seem not to understand me.Since Arsenal and Saint Etienne have agreed personal terms and fee for on a the deal to bring him to Arsenal is completed and thus done.Note the term is “the deal to bring him to Arsenal”.Note that without these two requirements a player does not get transferrred to another club.Now due to the fact that these deals involve money another club can come in and match Arsenal’s offer for him or surpass it when they want.This is not to say something that is done must be done again.Its simply a case of another club surpassing an offer that has already been agreed upon.Its common sense.Seriously you’re really boring

          5. @kev you are only contradicting yourself. You should learn more okay. No insult little bro but the word “done deal” in the football world or any institution means everything is sorted and closed. A DONE DEAL is not referred to as fee or terms agreed??

            I read your post on here but it’s obvious we all are sourcing online for the same news that you claim to get from your famous ITK? Lol! calm down bro.

          6. After reading your last comment it’s now clear for all to see kev your like a parrot “if u dont take me seriously dont reply” as you have nothing of value to contribute to your side of the debate, and then getting defensive talking about my lack of football knowledge even though this argument isn’t about football knowledge anymore because you cant even grasp the knowledge of what the word “done” means this is just getting really sad for you mate because it’s now evident you dont have a scooby what’s going on. And I dont understand you? You dont even understand the language your speaking lol a four letter word literally has you stumped.

          7. As I said you ned to gst your head checked.The whole matter here is that I am being challenged for saying “DONE DEAL William Saliba will sign for Arsenal” and also accepting the fact that Spurs a trying to pull a useless late attempt on us.

            Now why people are taking “done deal” without the context I used it in is baffling.Before Arsenal signed Gabriel Martinelli it was reported that “DONE DEAL Gabriel Martinelli Will Sign For Arsenal When He Turns 18”.Now the interpretation of the sentence means all terms have been agreed and thus Martinelli will be an Arsenal player.This doesn’t mean Martinelli can’t be hijacked at the last minute on route for his medical because it’s all about money.Context is important

            “DONE DEAL William Saliba will sign for Arsenal” and “DONE DEAL WILLIAM Saliba Has Signed For Arsenal” are two different things.The first implies an agreement in place but the second implies the player has signed the dotted line.Stop taking “deal” alone as a term and put it in the context I used it.Im not a child to not understand such things

          8. My god kev there are literally no words lol I envy your ignorant bubble where you can just change he meaning of words such as “done” willy nilly.

          9. I give you the basis of the argument and you still choose to be ignorant.

            On the first day I reported about Saliba weeks ago I said “DONE DEAL Arsenal have agreed a fee of €30m for William Saliba.We will pay £5m this window and pay the rest in instalments.”
            Note this was before media come out with the same news.
            The “DONE DEAL” in that sentence was taken out of context and people asked me how could I use that term if the player hasn’t signed.Why wasn’t the context of the term in the sentence considered.You know English better than me so I’m sure you’d understand ” DONE DEAL” in that context which implies an agreement rather than an actual signature.Im still shocked as to how the context hasn’t been considered and I’m still being criticized

          10. Keep recycling the same old garbage argument all you want bud it’s irrelevant now as everyone here sees through your charade now and that’s all I wanted, the crap your spouting and defending is detremental to your own fan base yet you keep defending it through illogical absurdities… “taking out of context” hinestlyvthats the weakest argument I’ve heard done means done end of theres no weaseling your way out of it

          11. Well at least I know am correct.If anything you’ve spoken as much garbage as you claim I speak.You seem to have already made your mind up.Couldnt care less about what people think to be honest.The world is full of people who laugh at pthers but deep down their situation is like a bottomless pit.I just have to reply because I hate being misunderstood.Today has been long for me and I’m prepared to keep going as long as I am not misunderstood.

          12. Well you will have to keep going for the rest of your sad wee life mate as your completely misunderstood by everyone on here lol but if you keep it up so will I mate and that’s a “done deal” lol

          13. “Sad wee life”?Very funny.You seem to know a lot about me.Then at least we can keep on going and going.Its one thing for people to call me out but another to get abuse with that.The world is such that people want to inflict suppression on others but but they can’t take it back too

          14. When a fee and personal terms are agreed it is not a Done Deal, it just means that a fee and personal terms are verbally agreed between player and clubs. When the contact is signed and announced officially on the clubs website then that is what I consider a Done Deal.

          15. How is calling someone sad worse than ignorant which you have called numerous people on here? And no I dont know a lot about you just what I can see from your feeble unwavering inability to just admit your wrong about what constitutes a done deal, which is a really sad thing to do lol. Same time again tomorrow kev yeah? Good it’s a done deal pal 😉

          16. @Rory Johnson I have only called them ignorant because they have called me names.They don’t deserve rejected.It’s not like me to be dishing out all sorts of names against others as I have said is against proper conduct.At times when you are called out and attacked at the same time its difficult to not react.This is what society is coming to.
            I agree with people with what constitutes a done deal but how does my sentence imply a player has signed?These sentences are even used in several occasions by the media

          17. Well according to you the media is all lies anyway so why would you now use them to vindicate yourself? Just admit that you have been grossly misusing the term done deal which I know you will never do so we”ll just have to keep going with this nonsense 😉

          18. Trying to be smart.ITK’s get many wrong.Media get many wrong and also spout lies.However, when a deal is actually happening it would surely get to the media by which time the ITK’s have already gotten the info at times days,weeks and even months ahead of media.They will eventually come up with the truth.If you go on Twitter, Ornstein is used by ITK’s to prove they are legit meaning he’s also late relative to them.They just compare their info and his including the time of reporting.

    2. False,I am French and read l’, équipe everyday I don’t know what went wrong but on thing for sure the loan back was agreed, this was the player’s wish to stay one more season in France,I guess once again money talked or he changed his mind when he was made aware of the spuds interest who knows???

      1. It was not until recently that we agreed to loan him back.We need CB’s and we couldn’t afford to loan him back but knowing his potential We had to give in.
        We are short of quality CB’s

        1. So you are now agreeing there was no deal then.A deal is not concluded until signed on the dotted line.What you are now saying is there was an AGREEMENT.This is NOT A DEAL.
          A “Deal” in itself is not concluded until agreed and signed by all parties.An “Agreement” is not concluded until signed by all parties.
          If you used the word “ Agreement” and not “Deal” you woul£ not leave yourself so open to being corrected.But you seem to know this more than anyone else which is why you are so ridiculed.
          And still waiting for the reply to the Tierney medical you seem keen to avoid giving.
          Don’t worry about time-I’m sat with my feet up watching the tennis all afternoon so in your own time

          1. And in case you have forgotten @Kev let me remind you.
            You clearly stated Tierney had passed a medical at Arsenal after flying home from Austria where Celtic had a training camp.In reality he flew back for a Hernia operation.So what went wrong there then PAL?Yet another example of you being completely wrong.And quite an important issue I would have thought wouldn’t you?
            But again it’s just another example of you making yourself feel more important and relevant.You are not.You get too many major facts wrong being too excited in your fabricated falsehoods.

          2. No you’re wrong.When fee and personal terms are agreed there are signatures elsea everything is just verbal agreement.You are taking a “deal” in the context of the fact that the player has signed but thats wrong and you are also taking it in the business meaning without looking at the context of my sentence

            That is why media outlets use the heading for e.g “DONE DEAL Martinelli will sign for Arsenal when he turns 18”

            This doesn’t mean he has signed.It simply means all the terms have been agreed and this is approved by signatures from both clubs.Yes a player signing also means a done deal but you need to look at the context within which so said “done deal”.It would wlbe “naive” of you to think it means Saliba had signed.

            I have explained the Tierney medical issue in the previous article

          3. I have explained the Tierney medical in the previous article.Read it Now!
            You claim I live in falsehoods but you do not dare challenge me on transfer news I had right

        2. Ok so it’s a done deal, fee and terms agreed but he can still sign for someone else if he decides to change his mind.
          So done deal does not mean he will play for arsenal one day.

          1. Perhaps if Kev would say “Agreement reached” meaning transfer fee agreed with clubs and wages agreed with player. There is still room for other club to step in.

            “Done deal” means player signed with new club, and has been registered with relevant authorities.

            Done deal implies “i’s” dotted and “t’s” crossed, basically finality. Both parties are now contractually obligated, and legal document exists.

  2. Hi everyone…
    To your last sentence there… Whose gonna ask arsenal questions and who (inside the arsenal) is gonna answer that question ??

    This is now my own question… And please I need answers.

  3. Yes indeedy…we’ve got our arsenal back – in fact we never lost it, the new regime will show how tranfer business should be conducted.

    I am just waiting for the likes of Jon Fox, TMJW, RSH etc to come on and explain exactly what has gone wrong?

    I wonder if AW will get the blame for the spuds putting in a better offer than us, including playing in the CL next season?

    Of course it could all be a rumour…just like the one about us “getting our Arsenal back”!!!

    1. Ken, I became worried when Sven Mislantat walked away from Arsenal.
      Nobody has satisfactorily answered the question “why?”
      Could it have been the last Christmas transfer window, when this great club, racked with injuries to defenders, was restricted to loan deals and then only signed an AM?

      1. He left after just one year (did he even last that long?). I read somewhere that he left as he was overlooked for the director of football position in favour of another figure at the club.

  4. This is going to be a long and frustrating transfer window as usual

    Spuds know how to build a team. And spend money on the right players and don’t dilly dally like we do

  5. Arsenal think they are much more clever than they truly are. This is what happens when you haggle over details for over a month. This deal could’ve been wrapped up ages ago if Arsenal really wanted him. If he prefers Spurs over us then there is nothing we can do. And anybody expecting Tierney can forget it after looking at this debacle. This transfer team is even worse than AW’s team. How is that even possible??

    1. This transfer team is way better, but needs time to adapt this summer as Sven is gone. We signed 5 players last season, at very good prices, with an 80% success rate in regards to performances. Even Lichsteiner was barely a flop considering he was free, only on a year deal, and only ever brought in as backup.

      Yes it’s very worrying so far, but let’s hold judgement until the window closes. Even then, we shouldn’t forget the mess Wenger/Gazidis left, that the new regime are clearly, but unsurprisingly, struggling to deal with. Hardly any assets to sell, and players impossible to get rid of because of their high wages, and consistently awful performances.

      As I keep saying, fans are deluding themselves if they think the new regime could solve our problems in just 12 months. I feel 3 years minimum until we start getting out of this mess. Fans have underestimated the state Wenger/Gazidis left this club in.

      1. Sven’s departure has been known for months though. The adjustment period should’ve been briefly after he left. You cannot go into a transfer window as unprepared as this. Right now they are behaving worse than Wenger’s team. The Zaha bid was embarrassing, so was Tierney’s, and now we are in danger of losing out on a signing we’ve been in discussion with for ages. I realize talks take time, but this has been ridiculous and Arsenal should’ve known Saliba has been in demand from several teams and wrapped this deal up. It shouldn’t take half the summer to do this. Wenger’s team has had better windows than last summers so I don’t consider that an astounding success. It was a move in the right direction, but this window has been a massive failure thus far, and I don’t see it getting any better. Can’t sell a single one of our deadwood either. Even Jenkinson and Elneny are still here.

      2. And I won’t lower my standards for the club. If you aren’t cut out for the job, then leave. I don’t expect a quick fix to all our problems, but I do expect a competent team be able to execute transfers and go into the summer with a clear strategy. It’s not too much to ask I don’t think.

        1. I hope the uncertainty around this transfer window will be enough to make people realise, it wasn’t all AW’s fault. Gazidis has also left, yet transfers move at a sluggish pace. Something is going on behind the scenes when your talisman captain digs his heels in like that.

    2. Even if that story is true, spurs will have to loan him back too,the player WANTS to stay one more season in France!

  6. Arsenal haggling over pennies and run such an unnecessary risk. If we miss out again for pennies, serious questions and action must happen.

    With Sven we had targets, we had a plan, and business got done. Since his departure our business is non-existant.

    I’m nervous b/c it’s more of the same crap. I expect empty platitudes about “trying hard,” “did our best,” and “within our budget.”

    This club is behaving as if all is fine and we just missed out. Instead of the collapse over last 5 PL games, embarrassed in Europa finals, no options on the bench.

    Raul is failing to impress, and since Sven’s departure club is floundering.

    Nothing on Tierney, Saliba impotence, and only business is £6 million Brazilian kid we hope can develop.

    What’s going on? Are they even serious? A month now and nothing getting done.

    Where’s Raul’s famous contact book? Gazidis 2.0 by all indications, new management is a laugh.

    1. Durand, it really is a pigs ear at the club.

      It gives me no pleasure to remind those who blamed the previous regime for everything wrong, that the truth would gradually unravel and it is doing just that.

      We still get the same old posters saying it will take years to clear up the mess, well it’s been over two years since any responsibility regarding transfers and contracts were taken out of AW’s hands…now were being told it will take another two years!!
      Since then new signings and renewed contracts have been made, a total of more than fifteen altogether I believe.

      Remind me, did any player go on strike under the man who was “bleeding the club dry”?

      Remind me, did Kallstrom come on loan, stay for five months, play four times, score in a fa cup semi-final and was only a back up? He was a terrible AW signing and both men were slated quite correctly.

      Now I’m reading that Lichsteiner wasn’t a bad signing because he came on a free and, as it happened, wasn’t signed by AW, but should be considered a success as he was only a back up and signed for just one season at…get this…a reported £70,000 a week.
      I won’t bring Dennis Suarez into this, why I don’t know!?!?!?

      Wonder if anyone has bothered to compare the salaries of these players? I doubt it, because that would throw a different light on the affair.
      I did try, but couldn’t get anywhere on Kallstrom

      Can you see ANY subtle differences, apart from the fact that one was signed by AW and the other two (lichs and suarez)was signed after he left?
      All signings were awful and yet the simple admission that a mistake was made by the new regime cannot be made it seems.

      Did you see that our old sparring partner Griezmann has signed for Barca Durand? Another player AW wanted, that the club messed up on.

  7. this is DO statement.

    “Nothing is imminent,”
    “I’d be staggered if the Zaha transfer comes to fruition. In that position, they’ll have to look for an alternative option.
    “They clearly want to bring in someone who can provide width. I did see Malcom links. I don’t know about the current links but that is a transfer they’ve pursued in the past. That was a Sanllehi-led transfer so it wouldn’t be a surprise.
    “The Ryan Fraser situation, I don’t know a great deal about it but it was clearly there to be done at the right price and Arsenal didn’t seem to be able to – or want to go in at that price.
    “A lot of people have asked about Hakim Ziyech. Arsenal have analysed him and he’s not a player that they will be pursuing as far as I know. He would welcome the move and Ajax would sell for around £30 million but that’s on Arsenal’s agenda.
    “Left-back, we know they are primarily interested in Kieran Tierney. It’s a deal that’s there to be done but Arsenal need to get to the asking price or strike a deal.”

    Personally I’m glad we ain’t after Ziyech, I’ve seen people on here say stuffs and call for him to be signed but I don’t see anything special about him, I don’t know if we all saw the same games last season, so he had two amazing games against Spurs and suddenly he’s world class for €30 million.
    If he was that good, how come other clubs are interested in De Jong and De Ligt only?
    Why ain’t Ajax charging a fortune for him?
    In conclusion Arsenal’s transfer policy is a sham.
    Halfway last season, I was questioning why we were letting Sven go, and letting go of data and input analysis that the world is shifting to now, I was told Raul had contacts by some folks on here, while I questioned the reality behind that, most people failed to see it.
    Right now it seems as if we’re under Gazidis,what? has he lost his contacts?
    You all ignoring the fact that contact or not, those clubs he has connections with will demand fees?
    I would say Raul’s way is Nepotism but I don’t know if that’s taking it too far.
    Can you compare the only summer Sven was with us and this crap of a summer we having right now? Can you compare how quickly we identified the players we need and got em with right now??

    1. It’s clear Arsenal had absolutely no plan coming into this transfer window. Martinelli the only exception. Besides for that there was zero alternative strategy to not making UCL. Even if we did make UCL I doubt we’d have a deal done looking at how this club has conducted its business in the past. Beyond a disaster. Even if we do get Saliba, I have zero confidence we can get any other target. Tierney especially I have zero confidence will get done. None. Expect an unrealistic bid for Ronaldo on deadline day so higherups can say “we tried”.

      1. How must Unai feel, given that he is paid only to coach and others like Raul are in charge of the transfer contract negotiations?
        Losing Sven and the time taken for Edu to come on board doesn’t reflect well on the Club’s management.

      2. People keep talking of MArtinelli . I personally think that signing him was another waste of funds .
        He is not not better than SAka , Ameachi , Nelson ,IWobi , so why sign a player you want to develop for ^ million .
        He is not even Championship level .For the love of God he came from the Brazilian fourth division.
        Why sign him for 6 million when Lee Bowen cost 12 million .
        All we know how to do is waste money .

    2. @ Eddie Hoyte HAkim Ziyech is twice the player Zaha is .Go watch Ajax play there is a reason he was player of the season not Neres, De Lit or De jong.
      As for Arsenal this is a club on free-fall . If Spurs sign Saliba ahead of us then it simply means they are a better and more desirable team than us .
      All deadwood have dug their hills because we are nothing but a cash cow to them .
      Academy players are revolting , the captain is revolting , the fans are displeased and still we have no direction .
      Our future as a premier league football team is under threat as even Aston villa seems better prepared for the new season .

  8. Clearly no love lost between arsenal and tottenham.
    Clearly the player has many admirers. Everton, Wolves, Spurs..

    This is where the money men at arsenal will need to earn their wage. Make the deal happen and move on to the next one.

    I dont fault arsenal for not making this happen before. If you did a poll, I am sure 85% of fans will also say ‘yes we want him now’ (maybe even more so since Kos has gone awol). So if arsenal spent some time trying to pursuit this before a final deal can be agreed – so be it. That’s just what we would of wanted from them. Signings for now.

    So I will cross a void through any comments that moans about the potential transfer. Clearly a top talent that is young and his club dont want to loss. It’s not just all about what we want, we get.

    I hope it happens, consider even sending kos and offering 10m less…. and see if we can get him now.

  9. What the hell do people at the Emirates do exactly?

    As fans we identify weaknesses throughout the season and are able to identify which players we can bring in at a good fee to make us stronger. Even a 10 year old knows our weaknesses. The new guys are proving to be even more useless, I bet the German fella worked his magic last season and after his left only clueless people have remained.

    Damn we dont even have a captain let alone teams like Astone Villa are about to hit the 100mil mark.

  10. Tierney and Saliba added to defense can have us sorted for 6-8 years.
    LB Tierney
    RB Bellerin
    CB Saliba
    CB Holding
    GK Leno

    But hey, guess saving a few million is more important. The short-sightedness by the club is staggering. Pay money now, and we won’t need significant defensive invest for years!

    Look at Liverpool FFS! Their defense settled for years now, and we can’t get 2 deals over the line for around £50 million.

    £60 million from Adidas deal plus funds we had on hand, and we only have a Brazilian kid.

    We’ll waste £50 million on cast offs and bargin bins, and be stuck with them for years like we currently are.

    Club has to make a statement this window; they have to significantly improve team, not merely fill positions.

  11. reprisal attack by spurs. ? we are hijacking their ceballos deal so they came after us. it’s OK Saliba will reject spurs and we’d still get ceballos on loan with option to buy. Malcolm could be arriving now greizman has been confirmed by Barça.

  12. who cares if Tottenham snap him up, how on earth should we sign him and loan him back, when we needed a cb so bad. we should look elsewhere.
    and to Kev I do guess is time you stop carrying fake news around like virus, no one is interested in your rumors.

  13. It’s only a “DONE DEAL” when it’s announced on Arsenal FC’s Officially Website and he’s wearing an Arsenal Shirt.

    1. Not according to the benevolent and wisdomous being that is kev so you and all the rest of us must be wrong mate! Cant believe I’ve gone 30 years without knowing the true meaning of the word done 🙁

      1. Rory I run a Bathroom Showroom and it’s only a “DONE DEAL” when the customers have paid for the goods. If the customer says please order the goods and I’ll call you later and pay for it…….Guess what? It’s not ordered until that payment is made.
        PS. my sisters brothers Aunties daughter in-laws cat just told me Arsenal are in for Auderweild…… DONE DEAL! lol

        1. Wrong!Context is important.Different contexts mean different meaning for the same terms.
          The “DONE DEAL” term I used was taken out of context in my sentence regarding Saliba.On the first day I reported about Saliba weeks ago I said “DONE DEAL Arsenal have agreed a fee of €30m for William Saliba.We will pay £5m this window and pay the rest in instalments.”

          This implies an agreement though done deal can also mean a signature in which case I would have said “DONE DEAL SALIBA HAS SIGNED FOR ARSENAL”

          1. Thing is this Kev, you are basically saying that everyone has missed the context. Think about that for a minute, everyone wrong and you are right? Maybe you thought it was in context when everyone else actually read your words and took them at face value.

          2. What are you talking about when saying DONE DEAL WAS TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT!
            What are we meant to believe?You said DONE DEAL.It wasn’t was it?So there couldn’t have been a deal could there?
            Just admit you got it wrong.THERE HAS NOT BEEN A DEAL
            You are now trying to backtrack because you have been found out YET AGAIN and are now implying you were being wrongly interpreted.
            You are embarrassing PAL

          3. @Phil you call me embarrassing but you’re ignorant

            Explain to me how the SENTENCE “DONE DEAL GABRIEL MARTINELLI WILL SIGN FOR ARSENAL WHEN HE TURNS 18” is wrong??Is this to say there’s a signature in place already??

            If you read my posts you will see I have been saying in my context done deal means fee and personal terms agreed.That context was used when I said “DONE DEAL Arsenal Agree €30m Fee With Saint Etienne for William Saliba”.
            Why would I hide in saying Arsenal have signed Saliba??You are saying “DONE DEAL” means player has signed.So is this to say when you read my sentence it meant Saliba has signed??If so then I think you have a problem.Also there’s absolutely nothing wrong with my sentence and even media outlets use such all the time.
            Also as I stated before many media sources the fee and personal terms have already been agreed.So don’t even debate on that one.

            Admin, who am I afraid of that I can’t say “Arsenal have signed Saliba”??If you pit my words I context it completely trumps his argument.

            1. Can you explain the context here please Kev, I mean, this is the total of what you wrote

              2019/07/02 at 9:12 pm

              Kieran Tierney done deal!!!

          1. @Kev-I was in business for 30 years and I can tell you no deal was ever done until it was signed on the dotted line.This is true on ANY TRANSACTION.FFS listen to people who understand these things better than you do.
            A Deal is not a Deal until it is completed.
            Believe it or not you are wrong-just put your hands up and walk away from this one because you will not win this argument.And now trying to squirm your way pit of the hammering you are talking by insisting your words are being taken out of context is embarrassing.

          2. Man it’s common sense we know a deal is done when both parties sign.Thst is very true.

            But to claim the statements “DONE DEAL ARSENAL AGREE €30M FEE FOR SALIBA” or “DONE DEAL GABRIEL MARTINELLI WILL SIGN FOR ARSENAL WHEN HE TURNS 18” are both wrong will be a big lie on your part.To even claim it means both have signed is even s bigger lie.I have accepted getting many info wrong so this isn’t a big deal but my point is why aren’t you challenging my sentences which If I were to see you in the streets and showed you you’d probably have found nothing wrong with it

  14. They can offer him CL… right now, we can’t! I’m not saying he’ll walk straight into their team.. but which would most players rather play in – CL or EL? I know what my choice would be!
    Are we ever going to sign anyone?? The spuds didn’t buy for 2 (or 3?) windows.. we cannot afford to do that!
    The clock is ticking… hello Raul…. please pull your finger out, as this is becoming a very frustrating time for us all!!! ??

    1. No need to worry Sue. I believe the biggest motivation for players moving is usually money. As it happens most of the time, teams in the champions league can afford to pay better salaries hence the disguise “champions league football” is used just so that the player does not come across like a big, greedy mercenary. We offered Aubameyang big money and he quickly ditched the champions league for Europa. Lacazette the same. It’s about the money…always is.

    2. Sorry Sue but replying to the enigma known as @kev on the link above.You know who I mean-the legend in his own mind.
      So @ Kev-So I am a liar now am I?YOU get things wrong.YOU get called out.YOU cannot give any reasonable answer to every single person,not just me, who has brought you to task,and now I am accused of lying.
      Let’s get this correct PAL shall we.You have been spewing out your crap every single transfer window that I can recall.You offer no valid or reasonable response when questioned as to why you continue to post incorrect and fabricated posts,and now I am accused of lying.
      You make things up PAL and what’s more you know it.AdMart has shown your previous posts yet you somehow try to twist things as though it’s everyone else who has mis-understood.Your ego must have been really hammered today PAL.
      You have been found out and called out.Your responses are as poorly judged as your original posts.
      You would get more respect by just admitting your were wrong but you are obviously incapable of doing this.So you accuse anyone and everyone of taking your words out of context.
      You have a lot of growing up to do PAL

      1. I don’t need your respect because that would mean nothing.Its not the respect of humans that is to be sought in life.Many people even gain respect for the wrong reasons as ssen today.I have offered explanations to all your questions and I have even said if people want links for any transfer info they should ask.My ego has been hammered?Man I reading some funny things here.Youve painted this picture of me in your mind and the funny thing I’d you dont even know me as a person.

        You claim I spout rubbish every window yet at the same time accept I have gotten many right which even defeats that naive argument because I have stated that unofficial sources of info are bound to get many wrong.Once again ignorance shows itself.Youre already grown up but read your comments very well.If that is proper conduct then I might as well say society is doomed since the negative is slowly becoming the positive in society.Imagine a person like you trying to be abusive in calling me out

  15. For Gôds sake.
    Which Sultan/King can buy Arsenal fc from Kroenke?

    Please help us get our club back.
    I beg you…

    1. So you would rather sell the soul of the club to dubious middle Eastern money men for what, greater investment??? The club has already sold itself to a quiet american, the fans have no say in the running of the club, so the old arsenal will never return until the ownership changes hands.

  16. Arsenal caught dragging their feet in transfer negotiations again,if we miss out on Saliba to anybody let alone spuds i will be pig sick.

  17. Play for:
    A team in the champions League, with a manager that knows the league and has an effective style of play, with clear team structure, management and leadership
    A team in the Europa League, with a manager still finding his feet in the premier League, with no clear game management, leadership or long term planning

    It’s a no-brainer if I were Saliba. The only names we’ll be linked to are misfits who are pissing off their current club.

  18. @ Eddie Hoyte HAkim Ziyech is twice the player Zaha is .Go watch Ajax play there is a reason he was player of the season not Neres, De Lit or De jong.
    Only DE Jong has been officially sold so does that mean the rest are not good .They are a better side than us.
    As for Arsenal this is a club on free-fall . If Spurs sign Saliba ahead of us then it simply means they are a better and more desirable team than us .
    All deadwood have dug their hills because we are nothing but a cash cow to them .
    Academy players are revolting , the captain is revolting , the fans are displeased and still we have no direction .
    Our future as a premier league football team is under threat as even Aston villa seems better prepared for the new season .

  19. And Kev an agreement can be broke,and a done deal is when all have signed on the dotted line, he hasn’t even had a medical yet,we are no nearer signing him than we were two weeks ago mate,be realistic kev you are the only person in the fanbase that thinks this is a done deal.

  20. @kev, agreeing a fee and salary is not a done deal. If only you would change your terminology you would get a lot more respect on here. A done deal is when all parties have signed the necessary paperwork. If someone can come in and still make an offer it ain’t a done deal mate.
    Think I may get flamed here but part of the problem is players don’t want to play for Emery. Wenger, although he needed to go, was a name players wanted to sign for and play under. We chose second best and will have to put up with second best signings!

    1. Tommogun and GB-@Kev continues to make out he is the only one who knows what is going on when it is obvious to everyone he continues to just recycle what is on social media or the press that anyone can read for themselves.
      The only deal that is done I’d the young Brazilian kid.Nothing else has been concluded so there is no deal.
      It makes him look good in the school playground I suppose but he is so clearly embarrassing himself on this site that he does every transfer window then cries like a five year old schoolgirl when challenged.
      This is not the first time he has continued to spout nonsense and not be able to confirm the facts when they are not correct.Honestly,he makes most of his nonsense up.

      1. You’re delusional.I prefer not to be misunderstood.You said I claimed the deal was done but you ignored other parts of my sentence which will clearly mean it’s only an agreement.How anyone can claim “DONE DEAL Arsenal Have Agreed a Fee of €30m For William Saliba” is the same as Saliba signing is beyond me

        1. I’m delusional?HA HA
          Everyone takes you for what you are PAL-a quite pathetic poster who embarrasses himself with every word you write

        2. Kev, you wrote this on the 2019/07/06 at 4:38 pm

          Admin you are late once again but I don’t blame you as you choose to follow media.Its not really your fault.

          Saliba is a done deal and he will go back on loan.

          Where is the context that I am missing there?

          1. Exactly! Not to mention the way he worded that is some of the most condescending pompous crap I have ever heard in my life, like hes on a higher plane of existence lol

          2. I was wrong on that occasion as I wanted to prove you wrong after calling my news fake.But in truth it was my first comment regarding Saliba that was the focus.We agreed fees,personal terms and to loan him back which was later reported by media.

    2. @GB You need to look at the context of sentence and why I say my context not my meaning which would suggest I introduced the term.Different context or means different meaning for the same terms.
      On the first day I reported about Saliba weeks ago I said “DONE DEAL Arsenal have agreed a fee of €30m for William Saliba.We will pay £5m this window and pay the rest in instalments.”

      This “DONE DEAL” is what has been taken out of context and being used against me as a fact that it implies the player has signed.If you put it in context then you’d understand it means all agreements are in place and the player should join which doesn’t mean another team can’t match our offer as seen with Malcom to Barca at the last minute.

      Yes “DONE DEAL” actually means a signature in football but if put into context can mean others.That is why it was said that “DONE DEAL Gabriel Martinelli Will Sign For Arsenal When He Turns 18”.This means the agreement is in place and he will sign

      1. Here we go again – back to the context.There has been no deal.
        You are a complete embarrassment PAL.Everybody wrong but you are right?
        As many have said you have acted like a child.Most would have more respect if you just admitted you continually get things wrong but that’s not you is it?

        1. Most would have more respect if I admitted I was wrong??Then that certainly wouldn’t include you.When you call a person out you don’t throw an abusive words at the person and call the person arrogant for giving back.If anything I’m embarrassed at going at people who are probably 20 or 30 years older than me in this manner.Its a shame really.

          1. PAL after you giving your age earlier I can tell you in nearly 40 years older than you and doesn’t this show in this argument.You have spouted out your embarrassing falsehoods and been called out.You cannot defend yourself because you are wrong.So now it’s everyone else that’s wrong and not you.As I said PAL I embarrassed for you

          2. I’m saying you are probably 20 or 30 years older than me.If anything I would be more worried for you.How you can imply to have proper conduct after reading your own comments is beyond me.If anything it shows how society is falling down.Objectivity is being lost.Years from now the world is going to be some place.You’re embarrassed for me for transfer info??Sigh

      2. Kev, Kev, Kev, just say something like the deal has been agreed but it’s not over the line yet, for fùcks sake man just give in to reality.

        1. “Give into reality” I literally spat out my coffee when I read that lol amazing!

        2. Ayt.Next time I’m gonna rectify the issue.However, I won’t stand for abusive words because sometimes silence is not the answer.How anyone can abuse someone and then claim to have sense is beyond me

          1. You need to look back over your comments today PAL before you start saying it’s you that have been abused.You call people ignorant got not agreeing with your made up comments that have proved to be false.
            One thing I was taught was never defend the indefensible yet you are too childish to even allow anyone to question you when your previous comments have been proved to be false.
            You don’t know how to choose your words and that is a very dangerous thing in the position you have found yourself in today.Liar is another word you have used.Pretty childish PAL.
            Most of what you have written about Tierney and Saliba has been proved to be false.Which means it is untrue.I cannot recall anyone saying you were a liar.Stupid yes.But not a liar.
            When AdMart posted your original words together with date and time you were found out PAL.Still you try to argue.Has it got you anywhere? No.But you seem far to stupid to listen and even began digging out AdMart when he was actually trying to help you out.
            You seioudly need to grow up PAL and start by choosing your words more carefully.

          2. @Phil man I couldn’t care less about anything you’ve said and you should be the last person to advice.What a load of rubbish you spout.In your very first reply to me you used the word “foolish”.Now I’m sure you are about 30years older than me but because of the way you reply to me I just can’t give you that respect because it’s undeserving.Just look at your comments today.You are telling me I call people ignorant when they dont agree with me but I only do so because of the abusive comments.If you look through all the comments I have not said anything wrong to those who came clean.Its only those who called me out abusively that I used strong words.At least I have growing up to do but for a grown man like you you’re a disappointment.Youre a even bigger disgrace that you imply I am.Why would someone call me or my news stupid if that person doesn’t think I’m lying and it’s all made up.You really need to be serious.AdMart dares also not post my correct info because that wouldn’t suit the case.I have accepted many wrong deals but have gotten even less credit for the right ones.Imagine thinking you matter that much.I am called stupid and foolish yet you keep replying to me because you want to expose me.I for one don’t care what you think and I take delight in the fact that even though i have gotten many wrong I have gotten many right and will be getting many right too thanks to the fake ITK’s who always keep me ahead of media eve if they are wrong at times

            1. Kev, I literally posted, in full, what you said and you even admitted you got it wrong. It was you that called people liars and so on so please do not play the victim here, you are doing yourself a massive disservice. You made factual statements, in context, that was false and no amount of arguing that point will change that brutal fact. Have the balls to own it and acknowledge you made a guess and guessed well wrong.

          3. Oh admin did I jot accept it when I was being called out on Lemar??I also remember how due to criticism Resources had to be away for a very long time.Where I am wrong I will say I am wrong but where I am right I will hold on to it.If i ask Phil and some the deals I got right they won’t even be able to tell you.Why?Because they have an agenda and believe ITK’s are fake and doing so would defeat their argument thus they have to hold on to the wrong so that that argument hold.The argument of “guessing” too is as childish as it can get.Kust the easy way out of being ignorant to info.If you think I guessed then you also have a problem.

            Imagine an ITK guessing that Wilshere had verbally agreeexhis contract but would still be leaving.This wa confirmed by Wilshere in his video too.Be a man and te me you don’t believe in ITK’s.Stop with the excuse of it being “guesses”.You can do better than that

            1. Nope, but good try at deflection. This debate today has been solely about your false Saliba and Tierney claims, nothing else. You can defend yourself all you want but that will never change the facts that you made claims on those two that were blatantly false. So, please, drag up the past, your correct guesses as much as you want but that will not undo the damage you have done to yourself today trying to defend the indefensible. But decent try.

  21. Many called Walcott headless chicken, but Raul and staff redefining term and surpassing Walcott.

    Without Sven club appears so disorganized; floundering in market, are they “negotiating” or just talking?

    Losing good academy players, captain in revolt, fruitless negotiations, dead end Summer. No urgency, no ambition, no improvement.

    Meanwhile Kronke playing his fiddle on £500 million ranch while Arsenal burns. Thought Josh came to oversee club? Thought new management would instill “change.”

    We’re being MUGGED, but too loyal to the club to admit it. We will actually struggle to stay in Europa with current squad.

  22. @kev & @phil GET A ROOM!;)

    Another sorry window from the perrenial transfer blundering club that is AFC..Too many cooks spoil the broth whilst the owner would rather spend time at his other restaurants…

    only leads to bad service and sub-standard food.


    1. Honestly mate-if I ended up in a room alone with @Kev I would open the window and throw him out.When up before the judge on a murder charge I would just say in my defence “ Your Honour-you have taken my actions OUT OF CONTEXT”.
      To be fair the judge would probably let me off anyway when he heard who it was that was actually thrown out the window

    1. Let’s just hope he doesn’t take this comment “out of context” and become worse lol

  23. I think to avoid any further confusion in future Kev, you should refrain from using the term “done deal” when referring to “not done deals”. Other than that, I enjoy reading your rumours and I believe you should continue posting them albeit without that term you have continually and dreadfully misused and drawn all this scathing criticism on yourself..

  24. i really think KEVS behaviour on here is shocking and child like. i feel he is bringing this great page down a very slippery slope.he lies through his teeth and digs an even bigger hole to try and back track on what he has said. he reminds me of a five year old caught with their hand in the cookie jar and when challenged he says that this is being totally taken out of context, he was not, in fact, stealing the cookie, but merely checking for freshness.i have had more than enough of this loser, the page is being disrupted by his constant lying and arrogance .admin martin, far be it from me to tell you how to conduct your affairs, but i implore you to put some type of warning in place, KEV will definately do this page no good. can everybody be wrong ?. what would this page be like without the constant lies of this dunderhead. please suspend him, better still , deport him .

    1. It is fine staying on this particular page, if it flows over into other pages that are not relevant then I will act, there has been a lot worse in the history of this site, in fact, the record comments is over 900 and we are only at 116 so far, as long as it does not get too personal I am ok allowing this to run. Also, you should check out some of the Ozil, iwobi, Wenger threads down the years, they would make you weep. No one can say that Arsenal fans are all sheep.

      1. ADMIN MARTIN, you take my comments out of context sir, surely you must understand that . i thought it was a done deal that KEV would be deported, hahahahahahaha.

      2. @Admin Martin then be prepared because we are going to break the record today even if it means coming back to continue to tomorrow

          1. Dan-can we draw a line through Sunday do you think or at least draw a truce for the day.Mens Final day at Wimbledon.British Grand Prix at Silverstone.Cricket World Cup at Lords.Im also playing golf all day tomorrow so if I’m out of the loop I’ll pop back in on Monday if that’s ok.
            Just to bring you up to speed in a few words-KEV HAD BEEN CAUGHT OUT AGAIN WITH HIS TRANSFER RUMOURS BEING FOUND TO BE FALSE.
            Saliva has not signed
            Tierney did not fly in for a medical (it was a Hernia Op)
            Arsenal and Celtic did not keep transfer under wraps so as not to upset the Celtic fans.
            Please do not take any of my words out of context

          2. Once again chosing to be ignorant and only having an agenda.
            Nowhere have I said Saliba had signed and I’m not a coward to not state explicitly that Saliba has signed for Arsenal.
            You choose to believe what you want to.That doesn’t mean it’s true

          3. I’ve been reading them all Phil ,thought there was no need to get involved ,I’ve been calling him
            Out for 2 years now and he still never learns ,oh well,
            I’m playing golf tomorrow aswell ,just bought a Wilson staff f5 hybrid ,never used one before and I’ve been playing for 20 years ,best club I’ve ever used ,no more sliced drives .

        1. Kev, I have been on this site for a few years now and have always enjoyed the humour, the banter and different people’s opinions but until today I have rarely posted. You have certainly got everyone’s attention , so well done on that score. I do like to read your comments and on occasions you have alerted me to stuff I didn’t know was going on. Like most gooners on here I trawl through the internet etc to find any hope that we will make a significant signing. Like a few of the other people On here have said just change ” Done Deal” to something like ” Club/ player agree terms, now down to medical and signatures”
          That way everyone will be happy and will understand what you mean!

  25. For the love of God leave kev alone, whether he is lying or not it doesn’t matter only time will tell. If we end up signing saliba and Tierney I hope ya’ll attacking him will apologise. I don’t believe everything I read and I know many stories are made-up just believe the ones you want to believe and dump the rest in the trash.

    1. Before you attack anyone please get up to date with what has occurred. No one is questioning whether either player will sign, that may happen, but when someone says done deal categorically and then denies it using the context card then spends the entire day defending that, then, yes, they will be called out on it. We all love to debate but not to be taken for fools. So, with respect, stay on topic, it helps.

      1. I’m not taking anyone for a fool.Its only be people who choose to get fooled.To claim I said Tierney and Saliba has signed is wrong on your part because I can never be ahead of Arsenal when it comes to a new player signing for us because the signing will be announced.Speaks of an agenda.Imagine thinking I said Tierney and Saliba have signed weeks ago

        When it comes to fees and personal terms then yes I can be ahead but not for when a player signs which is usually announced just after the player signs.

        1. OK, this is now silly, there is no talking sense to some.

          Comments now closed on this thread

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