Tottenham to outrank Arsenal in UEFA for the first time since Premier League inception

Tottenham is finally set to outrank Arsenal in UEFA rankings because of their passage into the group stages of the Europa Conference League.

That competition is new and Tottenham are favourites to become its first winner.

While some have mocked them for playing in a competition designed for smaller clubs around Europe to participate in, it has given them an advantage over Arsenal.

For years, the Gunners dominated Spurs and finished above them on the Premier League table.

Arsenal consistently finished inside the top four until 2018 but they have been going downhill since that time.

While Spurs try to win the Conference League, the Gunners are at home because they failed to qualify for any European competition.

Sun Sports reveals that this would see Tottenham outrank their neighbours this season for the first time.

The report says reaching the group stages of the Conference League has given Tottenham 80.5 points, half a point more than Arsenal and that gap will widen as the campaign progresses.

Arsenal will hope to secure a return to European football at the end of this season and finishing above their rivals will be a welcome bonus.

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  1. So for all the “dross”, the weak and feeble, the kronkie buy out etc etc etc, it has taken just one year of not playing european football under MA to find ourselves the third rated London club in european football!?!?
    Ah well, those heady CL and Europa nights have disappeared for the foreseeable future, but with the “dross” players gone, along with the manager who ensured we were always in said competitions, we shouldn’t worry.
    30 players out and over £300,000,000 spent on their replacements since 2018, it’s only a matter of time… mind the gap and trust the process.

    1. Don’t forget the new regime would never again let players run down their contracts 🤔
      Arteta loves breaking records I’ll give him that 👍

        1. Isn’t your latest negative post now almost an hour late!


    2. Ken you realise that Uefa coefficients are worked out over a 5 year period right? In this case 2 Wenger years, 1 Emery year, 1 Emery/Arteta year and 1 Arteta year. Not sure how that is leveled at MA really, are you?

      Find it strange your attitude given we shared a similar position on Wenger that you are so harsh on Arteta. Seems to have more to do with your personal feeling towards certain Arteta supporters like Mr Fox and how they treated Wenger than any logical assessment of Arteta’s actual role. Others who were Wenger out seem to have emotionally attached our 5 year decline to the man singularly least responsible for it out of the 3 managers.

      1. Angus-@Ken 845BC unfortunately never feels Wenger was ever responsible for anything. Anyone can produce stats, records, data etc but these do not always give us what we need to know which is fact. And as much as Ken will defend Wenger the simple fact is that Wenger started the decline and we have been unable to stop the downward spiral since he was rightly sacked.
        And I’m with you on the financial support both Emery and Arteta have received. And just thank the Lord Kronke never trusted the ageing Frenchman with any more funds at the end. Mustafi and Xhaka at a combined £70m ? Says it all.

        1. Phil, so your happy with the situation we now find ourselves in, after AW left the club?
          Are we in a better position, both on and off the field?
          Are we battling it out for top four, five or six (AW ‘s lowest position with Xhaka and Mustafi)?
          Are we, instead, tacking on Norwich in a must win game that we crack open with a 1-0 win to move off the bottom of the PL?
          Are we seeing our club playing in europe as it did through all of the Wenger years, with the “dross” players you love to quote… tell me Phil, how did he manage top four with such awful players and even in his last season, finished 6th.

          Now, 30 “dross” players have gone and over £300,000,000 later, we find ourselves behind the spuds in both europe and the PL!!!
          Did that happen under AW with his “dross” players?
          Did you ever witness such tepid, boring, mind numbing football AW?

          You also have the knack of telling porkies in a subtle way my friend.
          I have never said AW was faultless and even wrote an article to that effect – if you choose to ignore that, then that’s your perogative.

          If you are comfortable with the money MA and Edu have been given and spent, then I’m happy for you and I’m sure Aubameyang will soon earn his salary, Willian will return his ill gotten millions and the reported £72,000,000 paid out for Pepe will show in his market value.. currently standing, I believe, at £32,000,000….I make that a loss of £40,000,000 but, as you say, AW made some terrible signings and since then and with his departure, everything in the garden is rosy… as was promised by the Wenger Out brigade.

      2. Angus, put quite simply, if MA had qualified for ANY European competition last season, then we wouldn’t be in the position this article describes would we?

        The two AW seasons we were in europe…. the one full UE season we were in europe…. the UE /MA season we were in europe…. the one full MA season we were out of Europe….. surely that tells us something?

        The season where we recorded our lowest placing for over half a century – nothing to do with MA then?
        This season our worst start since the 1950’s – nothing to do with MA then?

        I have no axe to grind re. MA as I want him to be the most successful manager we have ever had and YES I do have an axe to grind with those “fans” who abused AW to the point that he refuses to come back to the Emirates.
        Not that they wanted him to go, because it was time he departed, but left it a season too long, but the manner in which they went about it and still do today!!

        Perhaps the news that we are now below the spuds in European and PL status, might just wake them up to reality – mind that ever increasing gap meantime.

          1. Yet we still see posts from Angus trying to state otherwise and then to implying it was AW and UE…. along with Phil who, I must add, doesn’t endorse the current situation, but somehow he links AW to our current situation.

          2. I had my say on wenger and how he stayed too long when he was here. Yes the decline was started by him but it has continued down since he left.

  2. Seriously I can’t wait for the burnley game so I can laugh at all the fans that think arsenal is going down .. I firmly know arsenal will win comfortably..

      1. In reply to your post at 7.12 pm and your debate with Phil , it seems to me Ken that you BOTH have forgotten or chosen -I don’t know which – to omit the REAL villains responsible for our decline .

        I list them now, in no particular order: First, all the old directors who forced DD out, second Kroenke and third Gazidis.

        All those people betrayed our club, while all managers since and including AW, loved our cluband did the best they could, even if it was not good enough. REALITY!

        1. Jon, I agree with you reference the old board who sold their souls for the American dollar – I also agree that David Dein being sacked was probably the worst decision kronkie and his, then, board ever made – closely followed by the appointment of gazidis – AW stayed too long – UE couldn’t handle the pressure…

          BUT they are NOT to blame for the spuds being above us in the PL or the european ratings are they?
          It’s the fact that we failed to qualify last season and that, after all, is the subject of this article.

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