Tottenham tried bless them but they just not big enough for Arsenal targets

Tottenham have tried, you have to give them credit for that but if they did not know before they do know now, they are simply not big enough for Arsenal transfer targets.

They tried to hijack the William Saliba deal and what happened? the player prefers to sign for us.

They took us on for Dani Ceballos and what happened? He prefers to play for us.

They have Champions League football, they reached the Champions League final, they have the better squad, they have a world-class stadium and they have more money to splash and still, the players both clubs target choose Arsenal.

Why is that?

Because Arsenal is Arsenal and Tottenham is Tottenham and a few seasons of superiority will never change that, one is a huge historical club with a brand respected worldwide the other is a club synonymous with failure and a brand that screams second best.

Players know that coming to Arsenal means they are signing for a huge world-renowned club, whereas signing for Tottenham is signing for a club that simply does not have a winning culture and can fall as fast as it rises.

Arsenal is Gucci, Tottenham is Primark and the players know that. Primark may be in fashion and a successful business model for now, but it is still Primark lacking in history and class.

Gucci stands the test of time and represents class and history and that is Arsenal.

But nice try nonetheless.


  1. aMoistMuffin says:

    i wouldnt jump the gun just yet admin. either one of them players or both could still end up at Sp*rs.

    1. Admin Martin says:

      They may but does not mean that they did not prefer Arsenal because they did.

      1. Ian Millar says:

        How do you know that? From what I hear Ceballos only wants to come because he’s been promised more game time at Arsenal.

        1. Declan says:

          And he wants to be able to return to Madrid after the years loan.

    2. Tommogun58 says:

      i must agree with you there muffin,we don’t really know how much of what we hear is genuine so you could be counting your chickens before they hatch admin,sorry to pee on your fire,however I hope they do opt for us and put the spuds in their place.

      1. Dwain says:

        think Saliba will come based on being in advanced stages but spuds have pushed up the price and changed the structure of the deal meaning less cash this season if goes through.

  2. Francis says:

    Young players know that Arsenal is in a rebuild phase and thus they might get more playing time if they manage to impress the coach by playing well….On the other hand spurs have a settled squad and it will be more difficult to break into the first team…

    1. Jimbob says:

      Is the right answer. Nothing to gloat about here and apparently them lot only wanted Ceballos on a permanent deal, which he and real declined.

    2. Dwain says:

      lets be honest, 99.9% of players would prefer to join spuds right now but not if you are as francis points out looking for more game time.

    3. Phil says:

      Yeah-a settled side that won what AGAIN last season and finished with only a single point more than we did.In a transitional year.With a new manager.And no defence.Hardly an endorsement for them is it?

      1. Tissiam says:

        Phil you forgot injuries mam?

        1. Phil says:

          I didn’t forget them-just felt I said enough.
          We had practically no defence for most of the season.Bellerin,Kos,Holding,Montreal.But even then they couldn’t beat us.A dodgy penalty and an even dodgier free kick at the Emirates and we still stuck FOUR past them.A blatant exaggeration from Harry dah dah dah dah Kane to score another dodgy penalty from a free kick that had players offside at Wembley.We miss a pen and still they can’t beat us.And before they come back with the Carabao Cup QF I will remind them big clubs never take this seriously until they reach the final.

          1. Ackshay says:

            Exactly tottenham are in the best shape of their history both on-field and off-field yet they are just ahead of arsenal who are in a really bad phase in both areas. i applaud them on the good manner of running the club that made them close the gap to us but it just shows how much bigger we are. Example Livepool are in much bigger trouble than us for much longer and look at them now.

            There are 3 Big clubs in england who no matter what they are and do will always be huge, arsenal, liverpool and man utd. just like man utd will again rise to become a force in the future so will arsenal. only question is how much time more till they rise up?

          2. Dwain says:

            some of my spud mates make a fair point in that they had their challenges too last season with injuries after WC, playing at wembley etc. Feel its a bit like clutching at straws here, they’re better… for the moment and until we wake up and stop pretending our squad is even close it will stay the same. So much deadwood to get rid.

      2. ozziegunner says:

        ? ? ? ?

    4. Rico says:

      Ceballos is going to arsenal because spurs dont want a loan deal. The other guy wont get first team football at spurs but will walk in to your joke of a defence the season after next. Nice try though lol

      1. Rory johnson says:

        @Rico “Your joke of a defence” erm you a dirty spud? Get theee fook out of here you slime ball!!

      2. Coldzero says:

        Hoho it’s a Spud!

      3. Tissiam says:

        Rico,one more thing best spuds team ever, their greatest manager ever,worst arsenal team,new manager and you finished just a single point above us,stil haven’t won anything in the last 5 years,we built & paid for our stadium years ago, while the spuds with all the money involved in the game today still messed it up,how many times did you have to postpone it?? you are doing exactly the same thing we were doing 15 years ago,just copying us,not really pioneering stuff is it?COYG

      4. RSH says:

        Win a trophy. Any trophy. All you have to show is an pre-season Asia trophy the past decade. Bye!

      5. fair prince of Lagos says:

        good to have you here having a look in….at least you can see first hand how far ahead we are from your shite team. your best ever years just ended last season and boom sadly for you we are on our way back from our y’all feel about our worst season ever in 20yrs some yet we both got to a eufa final and we missed CL by falling just a point behind you. How sad again good players still choose us above you

      6. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Rico, I can still remember the last time you won the league, me and a bunch of kids, all around 8 to 10 years old, went to Edmonton Town Hall to mock you. I’m almost 70 now, seems a very long time ago, Ha Ha

        1. Sue says:

          Brilliant, Kenny ?

  3. Phil says:

    At last-A headline article that actually states the reality.We may not seem to be acting like a big club with all this transfer business dragging its heels but the fact is we are,always have been,and always will be a far far bigger Football Club than those Pikey Swamp Dwellers ( and apologies to all Pikeys everywhere for that comparison)
    When this Owner wakes up and actually realised the size and global appeal of his investment he might just realise what he has.And forget those Spuds and their so called domination over the last three seasons.Always remember-Form is temporary but CLASS IS PERMANENT

    1. Dwain says:

      it scares me how well they are run and setup, looking at the swiss ramble’s economic articles on both clubs. How did it come to this…

    2. Where'sMyTop4TrophyGone? says:

      Owner is well aware of the size and global appeal of his investment. That’s why he’s milking it dry. Arsenal can still fill the Emirates every matchday even if it sits right in the middle of the table with not a single superstar player. kroenke knows it and the transition the club’s in right now is the transition towards the safety of the midtable.

      1. Dwain says:

        yep didnt even reply personally, got his family to do the dirty work in speaking to the fans. I think we are competing for 6th with Leicester and Wolves this season and judging on end of last season Im not that confident of where we end up.

  4. Coyg says:

    I believe that with Ceballos, he wanted to join spurs but they want a permanent transfer only, whereas Ceballos wants a loan in order to prove his ability and return to Madrid. He is probably fearful that he may not get game time at Tottenham given the competition for places over there but is likely to walk into the starting 11 at Arsenal.

  5. Sea Man says:

    Nice can’t believe they have both signed for us, when is the presentation?
    Also loved Emery’s comments on big signings he must have known they were signed

  6. Danny Foster says:

    Ceballos wants a loan deal – Spurs rejected the idea of paying to develope Madrid’s youngsters on their behalf. We’re not desperate so if we can’t buy him we’re out the running – all yours

    Anyone reputable – SkySports for example – have confirmed Spurs never bid for Saliba – St Etienne used us to try and drive the price up but we didn’t really get involved.

  7. James Robson says:

    oh please… don’t get ahead of yourselves. An 18yr old who doesn’t know better and a midfielder who is only using the EPL to get back to Real Madrid next year. Hardly world beaters.

    Your club captain wants out. That would be more worrying for me.

  8. Wandile says:

    It’s easier to get into the Arsenal team if we have to be honest,so let us not fool ourselves.

  9. Innit says:

    Honestly. Spurs are in Champions League and have an owner more willing to Spend money to improve the team. One would think Spurs are more attractive at the moment

    The benefits at Arsenal:
    1. Pay players well
    2. More chances of playing because we 3. have a lot of average players
    4. Great long history
    More trophies than Spuds

    1. Little if any ambition
    2. Minimal spending to improve
    3. Not in Champions League for 3 seasons in a row.
    4. Barely in the Top 5 with little hope of improving

  10. Perry Davidson says:

    We are on par with Westham at the moment, mid-table prem and may win a cup. He will get more playing minutes for us, Spuds midfield is far superior to ours and would struggle to get on their bench each week.

    1. Dwain says:

      What really irks me is that not only are we depending into mid-table, our social media presence is full of Fam this Fam that. Its embarrassing and only attracts more of the same. You get me 🙁

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Well Dwain, what did you think of the language and accents used in the Adidas kit launch video?

  11. Goonster says:

    How we have sank. Now we are more focused on comparing ourselves to an average okay club like Spurs.
    We lack so much confidence in our own selves nowadays that we now look at the likes of spuds to keep our self confidence and Esteem up.

    We should be looking at the likes of Chelsea, united, liverpool, City etc. That is the aim. Not aiming for a low hanging fruit lik Spuds, Everton etc.

    It’s like comparing yourself to your poor neighbor instead of your more competitive spanking neighbor.

    We have sank too low. Kroanke, you piece of sheet.

    1. Andrew Elder says:

      They’re not even low hanging fruit, they grow underground!!!

    2. Andrew Elder says:

      This year marks 100 consequitive years in the top flight, the only club to achieve this. Be proud of our history Gunners!!!

  12. Tommogun58 says:

    Brilliant Quote Phil, I love it.

  13. gotanidea says:

    As a brand, we might be able to compare Arsenal with Gucci currently. But they cannot be complacent, otherwise the “Primark” will take over their throne

    Major trophy wise, Arsenal have been dominated by Chelsea in the last fifteen years. If this trend continues till the next five years, we can say goodbye to that Gucci comparison

    Kroenke Jr should have focused on selling our deadwoods and aging players. Arsenal cannot thrive as long as those players are still starters

    1. ArseOverTit says:


      The deadwood should go but I doubt they will find anyone stupid enough to part money for their services.

      Compare ourselves to Chelsea in terms of silverware over the last 10 years and we are more Poundland.

  14. Jonny says:

    You’ve only signed Ceballos because you were prepared to take him on loan…. spurs wanted to buy him…
    Shame arsenal can’t afford to buy him. Still enjoy him for 12 months!!

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Solves a problem for Arsenal; provides a class CAM while Ozil’s and Mhikatarian’s contracts run down and their wages are freed up.

  15. Adrian Wickham says:

    18 year old French man who has never played premiership football and who we loaning back for 30mil.
    21 year old who can’t get in the Madrid side (has a bit of quality mind you) on a loan deal
    Spurs have just signed Ndombele pretty much every club in the word was after 60mil
    Lo Celso from what I’m hearing is pretty much a done deal 60-70mil
    Toby Aldewiereld swap deal with Zanilio oh and sessenon
    Must be shaking in their boots

  16. Robbie says:

    i am not sure both deal will be good for arsenal

    Ceballos only seek for loan deal but dint want to be permanent transfer, he just wanted to get game time in hope to play in Madrid on following season.

    Saliba deal might be a loan back deal, given that Koscielny wanted to leave and with limit transfer budget available, without signing a good defender for next season will haunt arsenal in top 4 race

    This article mock spurs for not being able to attract player to play for them but wanted to play for arsenal but it also do shown how mighty arsenal had been fallen,

    if the rumors is true,arsenal accept a loan deal without inserting a buy clause in the end of the season for ceballos, it is typical small club mentally deal to get a good player for a season.
    Arsenal surely wont do these type of deal on 90’s although it nothing wrong for this deal.

    Champion league spot become more important for arsenal next season.

  17. Nicola says:

    The only reason they prefer Arsenal is that they can guarantee more first team football and European football even if it is the Europa.

  18. Mark Wahlbergkamp says:

    Sp*rs trophies per decade.

    1960’s – 5
    1970’s – 4
    1980’s – 3
    1990’s – 2
    2000’s – 1
    2010’s – 0

    SOMEHOW, they’re actually getting worse hahaha.

    Looking forward to seeing them win -1 trophies in the next 10 years.

  19. Gary says:

    Cellabos wanted 40 games and probably wouldnt get a lot of first team football at Spurs plus he’s worked with Emery before tbh and St Ettiene prefer the Spurs bid for Saliba but no deals are final yet…. Also Madrid first offered Spurs Cellabos as a part exchange for Eriksen so i even wonder if they actually wanted him? Martinella is an unknown prospect, Cellabos also tbh and Saliba if it happens wont been seen for a year so im not excited at all….

  20. Phil says:

    Well you certainly show what s big club you are-New Stadium (which will take you decades to pay for) and a waiting list of ZERO for season tickets.We have 65,000+ on ours and at least an eleven year wait.
    And why is it Arsenal will ALWAYS be a bigger Football Club than Spuds?One word PAL-BREEDING.
    You either have it or you don’t.We do.YOU DONT.
    And how do you know out transfer budget?You don’t.A bit like believing your own publicity you believe what you read in the press.
    Spurs will FOREVER be in our shadow.Your players are being paid EL money in the CL.Its why they are all queuing up to leave.Give it one more season of not winning anything and Harry dah dah dah dah Kane will be off.And that’s definite.He knows he will not win anything staying so will off as soon as the season is over.Its why Erickson wants out,Alderwirald wants our,Rose and Teippier want out.You have no money.You need to sell as you can’t afford to pay the going rate to players who have never won anything and won’t until they leave for bigger clubs.Its why young players given the choice will always move to Arsenal over Spuds.
    Know your place and admit you are never going to be considered a big club.

    1. Marc says:


  21. MadHatter says:

    “Don’t give you a seconds thought anymore” he says as he comments on an Arsenal site ?‍♂️
    Keep taking that deludamol bud and remember the complaints line is 0800 101010…. that’s 0800 won nothing won nothing won nothing lmao

    1. Rory johnson says:

      @madhatter I know lmao contradict yourself much!! Sadsack spurs fan coming here to try to validate the lie there bigger than us… finish a point above us with no silverware and all of a sudden there world beaters lolol absolutely pathetic!!

  22. Renyar says:

    Players with no ambition then

  23. Tissiam says:

    the loan deal is because real & Zidane were impressed with him after the under 21 tournament where he was the best player and want to give him more time,ceballos also sees himself playing for real next season and both club & player favour arsenal and saliba is only 18 years old so of course needs more experience,he was scooted by the biggest clubs in Europe,if he was that bad why is it that spurs submitted a better offer and agreed to the loan back? exactly they also see the quality, potential of the young player sadly he wants to join arsenal despite st Etienne prefering thé spuds higher bid, so you have no argument man!

  24. Where'sMyTop4TrophyGone? says:

    I am of the belief that the scum entered the race for Saliba just so that Arsenal have to spend more than what they originally planned to. Why not weaken the rival when you know they’re on a limited budget?

    1. Dwain says:

      who knows whats actually going on – all smoke and mirrors. Wouldn’t be suprised if they hadn’t even bid and its just a way to get more money and better terms. Its the same clubs that get pitched together for every player.

  25. Reyes says:

    spuds are gonna sell Danny rose…watch them come in for Tierny….scums??

  26. Nitsram says:

    Where did this idea that does have cash to splash come from exactly? Yes, they’ve made one big signing, having not made one in years, and let’s wait and see how much they actually spend after trippier, alderweirald, rose and possibly eriksen are sold. We’re supposedly still in for quite a few players, yet the only news I hear about them is that they are unsuccessfully trying to hijack or deals. This spurs-envy is very ungoonerlike, show some self respect!

    1. Nitsram says:

      *that Spurs have cash to splash

  27. Solly gunner says:

    Where are all these dirty spuds coming from today can’t they read No ?

  28. Bogus says:

    This banter page is far superior to AFTV

  29. Babatunde Jimoh says:

    So we got him coz he’s on loan but we have no option to buy him. Have we turned into Everton – we shouldn’t deny another player a first team chance for a loan player that we will never own.

    We would never have done that in the past.

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