Tottenham v Arsenal in yet another transfer tug of war

It seems that all summer it has been Tottenham v Arsenal in the transfer window and reports today indicate that yet another transfer battle between the bitter rivals is underway.

First, there was William Saliba who Tottenham tried to hijack at the eleventh hour and failed, then there was Dani Ceballos and again, Arsenal came out on top. Now, there is Barcelona’s playmaker Philippe Coutinho.

Over the last 48 hours or so the speculation was that Arsenal was attempting to sign the former Liverpool star on a loan deal with mixed reports on how credible this was.

However, according to Sky Sports, the Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has telephoned the Brazilian ace in an attempt to persuade him to join Spurs instead.

It is difficult to know with any certainty what is true and not true, especially in the last days of any transfer window but I have to say that it does appear that Tottenham are now the front runners.

To be honest, it always felt a little pie in the sky that Arsenal would sign Coutinho and the more prominent news is focussing on defenders making their way to the Emirates and not another forward.

One thing is for sure, we had better all fasten our seatbelts, it is going to be a hell of a ride over the next couple of days.


  1. Will says:

    Ozil rumoured to DC United now – Coutinho would make total sense in this case.

    The next couple of days are gonna see me wear out my F5 button!! ?

    1. gotanidea says:

      Even if both Ozil and Mkhitaryan leave, Arsenal should not get another CAM. We still have Ceballos, Willock, Iwobi and Smith-Rowe for that position, even Nelson can play as a no 10 if necessary

      Coutinho is not good as an LW as well. Luckily this deal would most likely not happen, due to the obscene loan cost

      1. Will says:

        Not one of those options you have names is as good as Coutinho so I do not see your point….

        I agree the deal is unlikely but you are wrong in saying we have strong options as a number 10.

      2. VICTOR says:

        But with RAUL everything is possible??

        1. Will says:

          Hopefully!!! ???

    2. Sultan says:

      Coutinho trived as an inverted left forward at Liverpool. Considering we have none there but Iwobi, I would love the transfer. Even on tranafermarket his position was left wing. He didn’t thrive there because he was in Messi’s shawdows. Always looking for Messi with the ball. I would love him. He has something to prove and that will bring out the beast in him. Pepe should man the other wing. Lacazette and Aubemeyang can kill themselves for the single striker role. It will bring out the best in them. Ozil and Mhiki can fight for the number 10 role knowing fully well it’s their last chance to impress us. Sign Malang Sarr and Djibril Sidibe on loan (Everton want to have him cheaply now)while you are at it and let the defence be sorted.

    3. Mohsan says:

      While you are at it, how about you wish for Ronaldo and Messi. Hell we might sign mbappe for you as well on loan….lol! many delusional fans when the manager has already come out and said in open we are not interested in Coutinho, we are not paying clubs upfront for purchases bec we have limited budget and you think we will sign Coutinho on 20-25 million loan. Being optimistic is one thing but not using your brain….what can I say my friend?

      1. Dan the cannon says:

        Mmbappe is a hit by Hanson in the 90s lol

        1. Welbeck says:

          Bravo ?????????????

          1. Sue says:

            ?? nice one, Dan ?

        2. Mohsan says:


  2. S.J says:

    Hmmmm.. I can’t catch my breath on this few days to transfer deadline day will we sign anyone or not?!!!

  3. Lenohappy says:

    25million for just a loan deal is crazy and if what I read is true the club must buy him permanently in the summer for 90 million.He’s a good player but we have other areas to spend that sort of money on.

    1. gotanidea says:

      The loan cost sounds ridiculous, especially when Arsenal still don’t have good CB and RB

      Coutinho is a silky CAM like Ozil, but he is simply not worth 90 M

      Arsenal are mad if they get Coutinho, because they could have spent that obscene amount of money to fix their defense

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Lenohappy and gotanidea, I would rather the money be spent on a tall strong DM like Doucoure or a CD, rather than Coutinho.
        If an attacker is required Arsenal should invest in Everton Soares, younger and lower cost.

  4. Lenohappy says:

    Mesut Özil emerges as a potential target for #DCU for the upcoming January transfer window. Contacts between the sides already established. Sources speak of a meeting between club officials and one of Mesut’s reps next week in Washington. They should just take him tomorrow.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      This rumour may have legs, if Ozil’s wife wants to further her modelling career in New York.

  5. Websurfer says:

    B..s.t. Maybe Coutinho is offered to Arsenal, but we are not interested. Hopefully not at that price tag. Papers and the media are exploding with fake rumours in these days.

  6. Toon Army says:

    I’m a toon fan no idea why this post came up on my news feed but you lads need some defenders and DMs, everyone is tipping us for relegation but I’d prefer schaar and laselles to mustafi and sokratis any day of the week. Best of luck with the season except Sunday of course

    1. Tas says:

      fate brought you here and now that you are here join us if you have strong hart ??

  7. Sultan says:

    Am running mad. This deadline should just come and windows shut. We should do better. Defenders are not hard to get. We should know what we are looking for and a player that will fit our style. Pique was rubbish at Manu but suited Barcelona. Everyone can’t be Van Dijk but you should know how to defend. Mustafi and co are just clown who are low on confidence. Defenders in times past can be gotten cheaply since time immemorial. We should know how to search what suits Emery’s style!

  8. Jaggi says:

    Dybala is off to our bitter rival, personal terms yet to be agreed. So this deal looks unlikely. We need defensive cover, that’s our priority!

  9. Timie says:

    If Spurs’ rumored accepted bid for Dybala is true, I don’t see them going for Coutinho again considering his loan fee.

    If Ozil’s rumor to DC is true, only then is Arsenal’s reported interest in Coutinho makes sense

    Hopefully either Rugani or Upamecano joins soonest

  10. Ackshay says:

    so we play with 2-4-4 this season with most match having tennis score

    ceballos ozil

    1. Ackshay says:

      ladies and gentlemen i present to you the 2019-20 epl champion
      arsenal with 200 goal scored and 100 goal conceded lol

      1. Tas says:

        Only if you throw in Zaha and drop Sokratis or Leno ?

  11. Obinna Richard135 says:

    These spuds are really getting on our nerves

  12. RSH says:

    Busy day it seems. Spurs linked with a lot of players and would be shocked to see more than one of them go through. I’m positive Arsenal are still just trying to get a defender and Tierney and laughed at the Coutinho loan terms. Unfortunately we are still interested in Rugani though, so nothing to get too excited about 🙁

  13. Adega Olatunji says:

    Laughing ?????

  14. Innit says:

    I would rather have him here than see him go to Spuds

  15. Welbeck says:

    How many times in the past has a player chosen Spurs over Arsenal?? I would literally wet myself if we managed to get Coutinho because he is worlds apart from anyone else in the team in that position.

    1. 350oz says:

      If I am a player, I’ll definitely choose Arsenal, a global brand and a chance to play with players such as Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ozil, and Pepe.
      In fact, I rather join Everton or Leicester than spurs.

      Playing for spurs is like being a farmer planting potatoes, if that makes any sense.

  16. Tim says:

    And where is keV?

    1. Ackshay says:

      Stalking Twitter for insider news lol

    2. Tardigrade says:

      Tagging along with Arsenal transfer team, I’m sure it will be a hectic final days for him ?

  17. GS88 says:

    Honestly I feel like swearing!why is it that every time we are linked with a player, those bunch of losers want said player as well?

    Flipping cheek!

    They haven’t won jackall for yonks and haven’t won the title for 58 years — since that time was have won it about 6 times and overtook them on FA Cups.

    They have been better than us for about 4 or 5 years, but still can win a major trophy.

    Their stadium is nice but ours is better, has much more colour and style than theirs.

    Seriously they really need to f**k off!

    1. 350oz says:

      I feel you, they are so euphoric after reaching CL final only to bottle it.
      We achieved that 13 years ago (2006 CL Final and lost to Barca).

  18. 350oz says:

    Spuds, their scouting staffs are **** so they are always after our targets.
    I remember after they sold Bale, they bought 7 players, all based on Football Manager lol (they are all wonderkid in the game). Only Eriksen turned to be good, the rest were sold.
    I sincerely hope Tanguy Ndombele turns to be a massive flop and becomes an unsellable asset.

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