Tottenham v Arsenal – It’s all about winning! You HAVE to win it!

Le Coq aiming to shoot down the Cockerel!

Francis Coquelin may have only been Arsenal’s Number One defensive midfielder for a few weeks, but he has been at the club for seven years now and knows all about our fierce rivalry with our inferior neighbours. The Frenchman knows that only one thing matters when we are playing Tottenham, and that is coming away with all three points…

“It’s a massive game for the club and the fans,” Coquelin told Arsenal Player. “I think everyone is looking forward to it. The Manchester City match was a big one, and this one has got a special something about it.

“It’s going to be a tough game – we’re playing away over there, so it’s going to be hard. I think with the month we’ve just had, the confidence is going to be high.

“Even at youth level, we got a lot of stick from their fans and the atmosphere was really good. It just makes you want to do even better for your team and win the game.

“When you play for Arsenal against Tottenham, it’s not about just playing your game, it’s about winning. You have to win it.

“For the fans and the team it’s a big game and it’s one we want to win.”

Spoken like a true Gooner, Francis. I have always wondered what it’s like for foreign players who arrive and then find themselves in the crazy atmosphere of a North London Derby – tickets for which are in high demand on It must be quite overwhelming for some of them, but I’m sure they learn very quickly that St. Totteringham’s Day is one of the most important days of the year!

With Coquelin in such a determined and confident mood, Tottenham had better watch out!

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  1. We on 42pnts, Spuds on 40, I win means we open that gap by 5points, and a loss means we sit 1 point behind them…….that’s how critical it is that we win esp against the Top 4 teams and to earn our bragging ryts against these spuds…

    1. Not only that, but above us we have Saints playing CryPal (guaranteed win) and Manchester United playing West Ham (1 win the last 6, also most likely 3p for the red devils). If we lose this match, the table will look something like this. It’s just too tight

      Chelsea 56p
      City 51p
      Manu 46p
      Saints 45p
      Spuds 43p
      Arsenal 42p
      Liverpool 41p

      1. No doubt aboutit is tight. But there are 15 games to play. Remember one thing, we were 7 points behind the spuds with 11 games to go in 2013. Yet Kos made it happen for us at Newcastle. Never underestimate Wenger. Never underestimate this group of players.
        I just want to win this game but we all know that NLD is open to absolutely every kind of result. My take is that we will approach it just as we did in the last 3 games. You heard this here for the first time.

      2. If we were to lose tomorrow then that table is as bad as it will get this season – I like our run in of fixtures and love Spud’s run-in more – their’s is much more difficult imo. And Saints guaranteed the points against Palace – like against Swansea last weekend?

  2. I don’t think spuds have the mental strength to beat us…..all the beatings over the years have left deep scars….they have had more opportunities to score in some of the NLD’s but still lost(very few times they played better than us)… pains so much to say this, but it is like how we used to be against big teams in the BPL, we would control the game and have more scoring opportunities but would still lose….however I feel those days are gone now, theres a new mentality in the squad and its showing on the pitch…..I think Alexis has had something to do with it….not all but a lot of it has to do with him

  3. In our push for 3rd place 3 points against our close rivals (and other teams too) is vital.

    Going into February with UCL coming up soon maintaining our winning streak and keeping the squad fit and refreshed is key.

    I love a win at the lane, both teams in good form and want to knock the other down the table. The team needs to be totally focused and bring back the 3 points.

    There is only one team in North – London!!! COYG

  4. Wenger just said Alexis will miss the spurms game….only dat guy is bk maan damnnn…I wanted a full strenght team but im still confident of beating those fools….same line up as last game will do for me….maybe rosicky for ramsey but I wouldn’t mind either…3-0 to the gunners…im confident of keeping a clean sheet again…feel strange saying that but its a habbit to this team now we wont wanna loose it and with the way le cog is talking somebody gunna get cog the f**k out

  5. Sanchez isn’t fit for Spurs… F*ck sake! Swear to God this always happens, our best players can be fit to face the Burnley’s of the league but when it comes down to the North London derbies we get injuries to decent players, it’s a f*cking joke.

  6. I think the lineup will be:

    Bellerin Mert Kos Monreal
    Walcott Ramsey Cazorla Ozil

    Bench: Szszcesny, Gibbs, Chambers, Gabriel, Flamini, Rosicky, Welbeck

    That’s my rough prediction of the lineup, it most probably won’t be exactly bang on but it’ll be something along those lines…

    1. For some reason I would prefer Ozil starting from the bench and replacing him with either TR7 or Welbeck.

      Its a gamble starting both Ozil and Theo in this type of a game considering they have just come back.

      How I with Wenger was playing mind games and only to field Sanchez at the last minute. Hope he comes back soon!!!

  7. F..k, Alexis Sanchez has been ruled out of the north London derby written in many sources, not good at all

    1. “Many sources”? its even on men!!!

      “on Alexis…
      The latest is that Alexis is not ready. He is not far away, the Leicester game is a possibility. He is of course very difficult to keep quiet! He is training but it’s light training”. Wenger

      Totally gutted men, I think he was run into the ground while many of our players were injured or misfiring.

      Anyway I believe the boys can still do the job though he will be highly missed. He shouldn’t be rushed for the Leicester game either, let him completely hear and get back to kicking arse.

  8. Surely St Totteringhams day is the day when Spurs can no longer achieve a top 4 finish or and above us?
    Seen it used twice today in reference to a normal league game.

  9. I wonder just how close Alexis is, and if we didn’t have the Champion’s League around the corner, would they risk him for this game?

    Still feel confident within out him, but would be a lot more confident with him.

    I suppose the lineup won’t look much different than last week’s, but I’d switch Theo and and Mesut, and play Mesut on the right. As he’s expressed before, when he’s on the right the ball gets to his left foot first and gives him the freedom to drive inside and link up.

    Bench: Scez, Gibbo, Paulista, Flam, Chuba, Tomas, Welbz

    I’d leave Chambers off, as Paulista can play Centrally or play wide. If there was someone else to play in place of Flamini I’d happily have them there, but at the same time I suppose he does bring a certain edge or bite to the game. I think Tomas and Chuba can bring something extremely dynamic off the bench should we need a goal. Both have the ability to penetrate and get North in a hurry, and Chuba seems to have the trickery to get beyond his defender. I personally would start Tomas next to Santi and bring Ramsey off the bench, but there’s no way in the world Arsene will do that. (If Ramsey doesn’t play well Saturday, will that be the final straw to help some of you realize he’s not playing really well right now? Man I hope he plays well, big game, but on current form I’m skeptical).

  10. A win is essential. Nothing less against the spuds or if we want to be assured of a decent league position. If we get the result then by the end of February we’ll be third I think, with March and April then deciding our season. Coygs.

  11. Sanchez is out…. NOOOOOOOOO! And now more Wilshere B.s. I’ll keep it short about Jack, because I honestly dont care what he does anymore. Truth is he’s average, always injured, and to this day is still living off the Barcelona match. He isn’t close to starting XI even if he’s fit

    Now for this Saturday, Alexis out is a HUGE miss obviously, but as we showed last weekend we can play just fine without him. I worry about Theo and Ozil playing in the same starting XI against a better attacking side though. Both of them have been known not to track back at all, and we can’t have that against better opposition. On the other hand though, the two of them would be great to have in a counter-attacking situation. Depending on how the game’s going, I would for sure like to see Rosicky at some point be subbed on. I dont know why anybody is cocky about Spuds match. They are in good form just like us, and we need to bring our best to get the 3 points. Our recent clean sheets are what especially give me hope we can get the 3 points though. Keep up the solid defending and we win, because with our in form attackers we are guaranteed a goal this weekend. COYG! And then Alexis better be back for Leicester…

    1. Agree RSH but with our more settled and better organised back 5 and the midfield trio of Coq, Santi and AR performing as they have done recently I think we can ease up a tiny bit on our obsession with Ozil’s (and Walcott) perceived status as defensive liabilities – we have something now close to balance. Properly balanced and organised teams can afford a touch more luxury in the attacking department imo. Regardless of their actual defensive ability – their mere presence on the pitch will have an effect in terms of how the spuds approach this game.

  12. what should we do to the Spuds?
    Mash them?
    Fry them?
    Boil them?
    Roast them?
    Lightly sautee them?
    Grate them to make hash browns?

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