Tottenham v Arsenal Player Ratings as Gunners put Spurs into crisis mode

Player Ratings for Arsenal’s dominant win at Tottenham by Peter
At the start of the summer when Spurs acted swiftly and bolstered their top four squad with shrewd signings like Perisic, Spence, Bissouma and Richarlison it looked certain that St. Totteringham’s Day would not be celebrated for some years to come.
North London looked white.
Well, this result certainly put that notion to bed. A comprehensive and dominant first half performance was enough to establish a worthy lead for the Gunners and relegate Spurs into ‘club in crisis’ mode.
Here are my ratings…..
Ramsdale (9)
Rightly named man of the match. Made two very important saves in the first half that prevented the game turning in Spurs favour. When Arsenal were under the cosh in the second half, he made several other crucial saves but was also dominant in crosses as well as his now customary incisive distribution. Furthermore, he wound up the Spurs fans and Richarlison – so what’s not to like?
White (8)
With the exception of one foray by Sessegnon nothing else came down his side whatsoever. Completely subdued Son throughout and still offered options going forward.
Saliba (7)
Stood strong when Spurs started to put the pressure on and made a couple of good interceptions.
Gabriel (8)
Another stellar performance by the Brazilian. Was on the end of almost every cross both in the air and on the ground. Had the measure of Kane and that is an impressive feat as very few defenders can handle him.
Zinchenko (7)
Popped up all over the pitch in the first half to great effect when Arsenal were on top. Shows incredible composure on the ball and plays with an admirable fearlessness. However, Spurs obviously pinpointed his pack of positional discipline in the second half and Kulukevski had considerably more freedom than he should have had as a result.
Partey (9)
I’m no tactical mastermind, but even I can recognize that if you give Partey space he will destroy you. Thankfully, Conte chose to ignore this in the first half and Partey duly obliged by tearing Spurs to pieces. Two gorgeous pre-assists and a sumptuous volley that probably has the goal frame still humming were the highlights, among many other notable contributions.
Xhaka (7)
Has developed an almost telepathic understanding with his midfield partner and covers well when Partey roves forward. Unusually didn’t provide Zinchenko with the same quality of support and the gaps down the Arsenal left were evident as a consequence in the second half.
Odegaard (9)
What a phenomenal footballing brain this guy has. Always finds space which is the mark of a great player. Has a natural intuition as to where the opponent is and reacts accordingly. Which makes him a nightmare to mark because if you get tight he’ll skin you, and if you give him space he’ll still skin you. And what a strike for the goal.
Saka (8)
Was unplayable in the first half. The Spurs defense did what most defenders tend to end up doing when he’s in that mood…. kick him. Has to be the most fouled player in the league. His attacking influence waned in the second half but still put in a great defensive shift.
Nketiah (7)
Led the line admirably and occupied the two central defenders creating space for the other attackers to function. Could have done better with his first touch when put through on goal, and has a tendency to lose concentration when the opponents are transitioning after an Arsenal attack breaks down. Still learning on the job.
Martinelli (6)
Not having the same impact recently in games and had started to lose the ball where previously he would never have done. Is still an exceptional talent but possibly needs a rest.
All in all a wonderful afternoon and North London is definitely RED. 
Peter Doherty


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  1. Sometimes on a wonderful win by a team it’s difficult to set up a rating. The forward players, midfielders and defence did there job very well plus including highly impressive Ramsdale. I can only score Ramsdale a 9.5 nothing more. Excellent performance by the team.

  2. Ode schooling the scum was the best thing to happen yesterday. Most spuds on SM laughed at us when we signed Ode. Him schooling their “better” team brought so much joy to my heart. Funny how every spud i’ve met or heard talk think they have the better team, better manager, and better stadium and are overall better than us ha ha (i give them the stadium though).

    1. Actually there’s was a good few prominent posters on here who thought it was a mistake to sign him.. couldn’t see what he brings to the team and when he didn’t have a influential game the man always worked hard….that is world class mentality 👏

    2. I don’t know if you listened to Conté post match interview?he was very complimentary to Arsenal.he described us as a real team,which plays good/technical football but also ready to suffer together.he also said we deserve to be top of the table.

      1. Yeah I saw that. Classy from Don Conte, however, it’s the dumb spuds who’ll shamelessly claim they are the better team. Even after yesterday’s rinsing some still believe they were the better team!

      2. That’s a massive compliment, didn’t hear the interview but Conte is a coach that don’t mince words.

    3. People really need to get away from calling other clubs fans “scum” whatever the history.
      Enjoy the win but respect rivals.
      Conte showed some class in his responses.
      As for people laughing at us, you should probably go back and read some of the stuff that so-called Arsenal fans were posting about Odegaard.

  3. Mikel 10/10. This is Mikel Arteta! This is is team. The moaners and groaners have left the building and this site! Some of the moaners were moaning when Conte went to Spurs while Mikel silently started the rebuild process, brick by brick. Kudos to our old boy Edu for working in tandem with Mikel. Kudos to the Kroenkes for sticking with Mikel as he went through the humiliations from our very own players and fans.

  4. I wouldn’t have believed we would win, so shocked with the first half result….

    Now am convinced we are going to win our fourth epl tittle soon.

    Let get trosaard and maybe Evan Toney

  5. Amazing performance. Who are the major differences who allows us to dominate quality of intelligence, passion, possession and movement. Two absolutely intelligent footballers who play like it’s their PHD in football……………Martin Odegaard AND Oleksandr Zinchenko. Highly intelligent footballers. Zinchenko is infectious in the best way possible.

    1. Completely see what you mean – they are very smart players and do lead the side in that way. Partey, white and xhaka are also crucial for their experience and/or calming influence, but i think zinchenko and odegaard are the top 2 in terms of football intelligence.

  6. Another ratings article that never even considers the vital need to first state and be agreed by those running JA, exactly what level of play each separate mark signals!

    Until all Gooners are singing from the same hymnsheet, then ratings articles are meaningless and a lottery of personal opinion.

    Obvious to me , seemingly alone though, Sigh!

    1. I fully agree with you Jon.

      There needs to be set criteria for the various positions in play and each criteria needs a mark adding towards a total for each player thereby giving an average or something of the sort.


      Tackles: 100% success rate = 10
      Ariel duels: 50% success rate = 5
      Intercepts: 1 = 6 2 = 7 etc
      Yellow card = -1 if saving team from goal but not due to their error = +1
      Goal = +2

      Obviously more thought is needed.

      What is your take Jon?

      1. sws More simple than you propose, which is far too convoluted and impossible for ordinary fans to properly compute.

        I say 3 is awful, 4 bad, 5 is below average, 6 is average, 7 is good, 8 very good, 9 exceptional and 10 hardly ever used, except for sublime Henryesue or Bergkampesque perfs.

        Simple and easy to understand is best and also the only way ratings can be of any effective use to all.

        You will neverget everyone agreeing what is “good”. against say “exceptional”, but my way is by far the most simple and therefore sensible, IMO.

  7. eddie had two great chances he’s just not at the level we need balogun would have tucked them away

    1. Not sure about balogun.He’s still young and could’ve fluffed those chances too. That’s a massive stadium with 60k+ voices doing their best to destabilize your mind. Only cold-hearted souls would calmly put away those chances.

    2. Nketiah is doing extremely well , and indeed he is surpassing my expectations.Martinelli is the concern in that his form has shaded off lately and now that ESR is fit I suspect Arteta may give our talented young Brazilian a well earned break.

      1. The position of Nketiah is strategic and difficult. You play in a tight and clustered area right in the box amidst many defenders and must react quickly but accurately. Same time must win back balls. All attention and tendency to come under criticism is there. Must give him credit to have the confidence to accept to play with all the pressure and demands of that position

      2. We must be watching a different player because if anything Martinelli’s football has been getting better and better, he pulls defenders apart with his pace, his positioning is good, he has now over a hundred games under his belt and I would rather trust Klopp who rates him very highly along with Arteta, but both he and Saka could do with a break, as referees do not protect Saka and allow the opposition to continue to kick him

      3. Nothing is wrong with Martineli, he’s been marked more, without much support from Zinchenko, who tucks in the midfield more on like Ben White who helps Saka more on the wing, so you see,
        We could really feel the impact if Smith-rowe comes in,as he doesn’t have the same energy as Martineli.

        Arteta should unleash Marquinhos, I believe he’ll shine.

      4. Part of that especially in yesterday’s game is their support. For example White overlaps Saka giving him space.

        Zinchenko goes inside doesn’t overlap Martinelli which often leaves him facing 2 players.

        Big reason Martinelli and Tierney is much more effective combo on the left than Zinchenko.

        No surprise Martinelli’s form has dropped, anyone’s would facing 2 defenders on the wing. Arteta understands I’m sure, that’s why Martinelli still starts and isn’t benched. He is active defensively, not sure ESR can offer that 90 minutes.

        1. Zincheko plays in that position when we have the ball so that he is a better position to stop any counter attacks. That’s what I believe Arteta wanted to moldNelson into……a defensive midfielder and right/left back…..Ben White plays the same way but the extra DM is from the left.

  8. Potter had no idea how Boehly and co signed Mudryk. Funny! If that’s the case then I’m very happy we let them have him. Boehly must’ve seen how badly we wanted mudryk and thought he must be very good, completely ignoring simple facts such as how the player fits in the manager’s vision. Good times I must say.

    1. I was wondering the same thing.did GP ask specifically for these players (including Mudrik)?they are definitely making his job harder if you ask me.what will happen when all the injured players(10/11) come back?can they register all of them? how is GP going to keep everybody happy when they are not playing?

  9. All late matches have been rescheduled except Arsenal vs Everton. And that’s not fair. Late matches dealt with us in the last campaign

  10. It seems alot of teams concentrate on Martineli more, as he’s our fastest player, I guess this is one reason why he seems to look quiet lately,
    Overall Arsenal is on fire, we just need 2 more signings for this window.

  11. It is very reasonable to grade all the players above 7 after such a crucial win. Which player performed below par? I didn’t see any. Why should Martinelli be given a 6? What did he fail to do right? It is rather unwise to give 6 after such a fine performance by all the players.
    Some of our fans have a bad habit of trying to find fault even where there is none! This is in very bad taste.

    1. Martinelli outrageous pass with his back is enough to warrant an eight, the only player who was guilty of a couple of mistakes was Zinchenko

  12. Watching the game on tv after coming back from the game, Partey’s thunderbolt was brilliant and my TV is still shaking from it. Great day, now we need Vieria and Palace to upset Man Utd on Wednesday and Spurs to beat City on Thursday, leaving us to finish the job on Man Utd

  13. Martinelli 6….SIX? You are deluded. Tottenham **** themselves every time he got the ball. 7 MINIMUM. Bloody!!!!

  14. Martinelli and Saliba look off colour since they have come back from world cup. Not bad but seem to be not on same level when they went to world cup. I don’t know the reason maybe they are tired or still under the effect of not winning world cup disappointment or maybe they are just having a blip in the form which happens to young players. What ever it is we are right behind every Arsenal player. Just need to beat Man united next weekend to sush their arrogant supporters specially Gary Neville.

  15. Now, where are the losers who said Tottenham had a better summer signings? Arsenal players went to that toilet bowl of a stadium and soiled all over the so-called better players according to the media. It’s just proves it, isn’t it? Give Arteta an average player, and he still can turn him into a world beater. Hint of the great Arsene Wenger. Mudryk who?

  16. I have never been a fan of player ratings as we win together and lose together so on. This note I would give a 10 to the manager and whole team
    This is based on the first half performance of being so dominant and making a spud side which regardless of what we think of them are still a good side and have the capability of turning over good side but us making them look very ordinary.
    The 2nd half knowing the spuds were going to to throw the kitchen sink at us as they had nothing to lose. We showed composure, discipline and the whole team digging in at times.
    I Understand we had AR as man of the match but the whole team defended like one.
    It shows juat how far we have come in such a short period of time as last season we would have fallen apart
    Well done everyone associated with the mighty Arsenal
    Manager, players and fans
    A truly memorable occasion yesterday which will live long in my memory Banks
    Onwards and upwards

  17. For me everyone did their jobs ,Odegaard was probably MOTM for me and obviously the keeper in the second half .
    Martinelli worst performance this season but he again he did his job in the first half .

  18. Odegaard is out of this world. His football intelligence is extremely high and he can guage the oppositions next move before even they make it. Even if he doesnt score or create, his handling of the game makes it so easy for the others around hm. Hats off to the Arsenal captain.

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