Tottenham v Arsenal Player Ratings – Petr Cech MOTM!

It is a sad state of affairs when our goalkeeper was the Man Of The Match in Arsenal’s woeful defeat at Tottenham yesterday, but the fact is that we could have been severely embarrassed if Petr Cech hadn’t been on the pitch.

Cech 8
Couldn’t do much about the goal, and he has never saved a penalty for us so that wasn’t a shock either, but he was far and away our best player yesterday…

Gabriel 4
How different from last week’s excellent display against Man City. He looked nervous and got riled by the Spurs strikers. The penalty was totally avoidable with Kane not even threatening the goal…

Koscielny 5
Not even our best defender looked comfortable in a very nervous display…

Monreal 5
Probably the least of the defenders to blame for our poor display, but still looked out of his depth…

Gibbs 6
Was a surprise inclusion but didn’t disgrace himself in attack mode. Maybe he will get a run now …

The Ox 7
A bright Spot in the game, threw himself into attack and defence but sadly with very little end product…

Ramsey 7
For a change he won’t be getting ripped to pieces by Arsenal fans. Maybe he is finally playing in his best position…

Xhaka 7
Played reasonably well until he was taken off in a tactical switch to bring on Welbeck…

Ozil 4
Shame the German didn’t turn up today, he could have made a difference! Bye bye Mesut….

Alexis 5
Another one who seems to have regressed in the second half of the season. He runs around like the duracell bunny, but like the bunny, didn’t really do anything much…

Giroud 4
Why was he started? We would have been better with another midfielder that may have actually got the ball occasionally…


  1. John0711 says:

    A little high for Ramsey and Xhaka and ozil and Giroud could easy score 3

  2. gooner4life says:

    hi john0711
    I think your marks seem a bit high i dont think they merit as much as that.

    1. John0711 says:

      I was being generous for the two of them

  3. jules says:

    7 for Ramsey, are you serious!? He was awful. Giroud is hopelsss. Anyone who stays down as he hurt his finger or something when we are attacking should be out of the club, such a big girl. Pathetic Wallcott. Wenger out, clear out needed.

    1. Irwyn says:

      Lemme ask a serious question, what in your opinion is a good game for Ramsey because when he has a decent game he still gets hammered and I’m no Ramsey fan but At least I’m fair

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        More like, when he has a decent game he gets a Hammerstring injury ??

  4. ArseOverTit says:

    Ozil < Erikson

    Erikson assists,passes, shoots,tackles, closes down and gives100% effort throughout the game.

    Ozil is a luxury and a passenger in big games.

    1. John0711 says:

      Spot on I think we should sell him and take what ever is on offer. I don’t think there will be many after him

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      Ozil doesnt even press or defend….

      1. lord wafflebury says:

        Exactly…i was at the game and he was awful…what has happened to him since he has been here?..a great player with RM, German world cup winner and regular winner of best german player by german fans !
        Also Xakha…saw him several times in bundersligia and he was a beast !…reminded me of viera and was glad we signed him…but Wenger seems to have coached the bollocks out of them…nowhere near the same players !
        Thought ramsey had a good first half and got in the box a lot but second half reverted to normal. Convinced a change of manager would get the best out of them again.

  5. gotanidea says:

    I hope next time Arsenal can get better defenders and midfielder like what Tottenham have. Players that have good ball control and passing skills, also very strong mentally.

    Arsenal staffs and fans should not chase another player based on his physicality, speed and workrate alone. For example, Moussa Sissoko, Danny Welbeck, Benteke, Andy Carroll, Olivier Giroud, Ozil, Sturridge, etc. Arsenal already have enough players like them and Arsenal will never win if they keep ignoring the other aspects of the game.

    Next time, Arsenal should chase players that are able to dictate tempo like Verratti, Isco, Rakitic, Modric, Mousa Dembélé, Yaya Toure, Silva, Mascherano, etc.

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    This is why we will never win anything…

    Instead of protesting players out and board out together with Wenger out….

    Fan protests only Wenger out which will not much difference when you have a team of mediocre players and useless board!!!

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      Getting rid of Wenger will be a start…

  7. Twig says:

    Sell Ozil…
    Buy Sigurdsson!

  8. frustrated gunner says:

    everyone below 5. ozil is more Turkish than german

  9. Red Dawn says:

    You think it cannot get any worse?
    Just wait until they announce the new contract and see just how bad it can get.
    Vote with your feet – don’t bother wasting your time and money supporting them. They don’t deserve it.
    I cannot believe I will be hoping for a United win on Sunday…
    Anything to speed the exit of Wenger…

    1. Janssen says:

      That will be a double injury to you. We will lose against Man U and Wenger will sign a new contract. If results mattered to this owner does anyone think Wenger would still have a job?

      Wenger is staying no matter what the outcome of the last few games. And so will Kroenke and so will Gazidas and so will Ramsey and so will Giroud and so will Mert and so will will Walcott, ok you get the drift. The only player leaving will be the one you don’t want to leave, Sanchez.

  10. ArseOverTit says:

    Write a personal letter to Wenger;


    Contribute a small (or large) amount of money to Chris Butlers just giving page so the protests can continue
    (A protest of ‘No New Contract’ printed on A4 is planned before the Man Utd game):


  11. Omonaija says:

    How on earth we find our admirable team in shattering position is giving me a chronic headache, more especially, when the the man responsible is only interested in securing his job at the expense of the club stakeholders. We seems to think no one else could do better than AW, this has been rubbished by Leicester and now a team with 10th last season is stealing the show already . Our England dominance was reduce to London dominance, and this was further reduce to North London dominance, and this is even under threat; spuds are about to have an equally good stadium, makes the top four easily, has more players in PFA team,dominated AFC with a make-shift team, score more goals and conceded the Least, and to make it worst; a 17 points gap. I wouldn’t have been this worried if AW is frugal as he normally portray but to my suprise this is the season he spent most and got the worst results in both league and UCL(10-2). Are we reacting and responding enough. Each time AFC players goes on tweeter for selfie, the next matches always comes with bashing. Can you imagine four away matches and we end up conceding 3 goals even against minnows. AW is not only destroying AFC but his CV won’t be attractive to big clubs in Europe. If he thinks he can do a Ferguson last strike and quit, he is only going to make himself worse off. 3 league titles in 21 years won’t attract a big club let alone you now extend it to 25. The longer Wenger stays the more he becomes a laughing stock in football.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Looking at that Tott team, I’ll say it again ..they are a good team, that’s it. They are nothing special, just some good honest hard working players with just enough creativity and two fine goalscorers with others popping up from time. They are tall which helps and young which gives them better stamina.

      Before we moved up our British core phase, I feel the team with Fabregas Song RVP Sagna Vermaelen Eduardo would have passed that Spu team to death.

  12. Elliot says:

    Wow! We lost to our rivals! Ox gets a 1 and the rest get 0.

  13. ArseOverTit says:

    Wenger Out

    Get involved:


  14. Jaketh says:

    7 to xhaka and Ramsey, no way. Our midfield got run over. I wouldn’t accuse too much Giroud and Sanchez on this game as they have been served so poorly. Ozil has to change or go. His job is to distribute and find the right pass. i haven’t seen him doing that for a while.

    Need to change our midfield trio for next season. Team will get better when that area start working efficiently. It’s not since cazorla gone out injured.

  15. Sarsfield says:

    Ramsey was absolutely terrible. He was a black hole with the ball

  16. Break-on-through says:

    To be honest I thought Ox had a bad game, but I think the reason for it was almost certainly down to Ozil and Gabriel. Monreal knew how to help out Gibbs and knew there was two CBs behind him when he did. Even though the first goal came from that side I thought we looked terrible on the other side (that stuff unnerves the team). Gabriel didn’t know when to go or when to stay, Ozil was back to that strolling mode and whenever I see him dong it at a time when he could’ve helped I feel like I could punch the head off him.

    I was expecting a big game from Xhaka, I hoped he’d start coming into his own and players would look to him, he was just poor. He showed some moments when he took things personally but it was only when the ref called a decision against him.

    Giroud, I said it to myself at the beginning of game that he should not play but it was worse than I even imagined. The thing is he’s been likes this for ages now, so what would you expect. Giroud and Ozil together versus a good side is probably the worst double act in the prem. They are rarely with the ball, can’t do much to get the ball back, and need things lining up perfectly for them to be effective.

  17. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I suppose Cech did save us from a Hammering ??
    Everyone else gets the Turducken Meter ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? There’s plenty to go round ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? That’s enough of Turd pushing for today… Maybe I might squeeze one out later ?

  18. ger burke says:

    dont see how ozil could have merited a mark of four. was he even playing .

  19. 268gunner says:

    I think we can all agree that the Ozil experiment has failed

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