Tottenham v Arsenal Player Ratings – Our new BFG (Greek) star of the show

Although we are never going to be happy with the final result, we certainly can’t complain about the performance of most of our Arsenal players, who really did look like a Top Four side for most of the game.

So let’s look at the player ratings and see if you agree or not…

Leno – 8
Stunning double save in the first half and dealt with most of Spurs attacks very well. Had no chance with the penalty

Mustafi – 5
He is being made the scapegoat but he wasn’t that bad. I didn’t even think he was so much at fault for the penalty. A harsh decision I think..

Sokratis – 8
Buy of the summer. Total no-nonsense defender.

Koscielny – 7
He actually looks like he is getting back to his best, despite all his problems. Kudos!

Monreal – 7
I’m glad he is also looking close to last season’s quality. Great player

Xhaka – 7
Another one that seems to have grown in the last couple of months as well. He will be getting less stick from the fans in future..

Guendouzi – 6
Sacrificed at half time, but surely it will take time to get used to playing games like this but did well anyway.

Mkhitaryan – 7
Looking like a fantastic swap for Sanchez at the moment. Has settled in very well and I have high hopes…

Ramsey – 7
Proves yet again why we should use him while we have him. I just wish he had taken the penalty…

Iwobi – 7
He is looking a lot more consistent lately and hopefully the arguments will stop now…

Lacazette – 6
Lively in the first half and to be honest I wish he had stayed on and left Aubz for next week…


Torreira – 6
Harsh sending off but looked back to his best for the short time he was on…

Aubameyang – 5
Obviously nervous, which will be explained in another post. Should have only come on if we were desperate…

Ozil – 5. Didn’t do much but should have started to be fair..



  1. How on earth micky gets 7 ??? MOTM for me, he produced many chances for oba and he was always tracking back making many recoveries.

  2. Like the classic named film – our 4th placed ambitions are GONE WITH THE WIND and that’s the reality. No pussyfooting around it and i am fuming.

      1. Mustafi tried his best to commit a technical foul to an offside opponent

        He defended well overall, maybe because he was instructed to stay behind instead of bombing forward like Bellerin

        1. He shouldn’t have started there just like how Xhaka shouldn’t have been used at LB against Palace.Im very sure many here expressed their displeasure before both matches when they saw both out of position.Lo and behold those decisions proved to be bad and will continue to cost the team as long as they are played out of position.How these two players with numerous defensive errors could be trusted out of position is beyond me.

          1. Because they are usually solid when defending and in air duels

            Maybe those defensive errors could be prevented had the attackers been able to bury the easy chances

      2. @Sue i think we needed to gain the confidence of a wembley win before going into the manu challenge. I fear the damage has already been done. You said it feels like a loss and you are right. I have suggested the penalty miss was the game changer – look at kane’s attitude and how he took his. If we played so well why are chelsea about to reduce us to 6th position?

        1. waal2waal we did play well, so at least we can take that positive into next week. I’m not looking forward to next week, as they’re a bogey team of ours (big time) 3 points is a must!
          I’m not saying Mustafi played badly, but that one moment of madness proved costly yet again.. the more you think about it, the game was full of what ifs & if onlys!! Oh well it’s done now, nothing can be done to change the result, so we have to go for it & get a result next week (without Torreira ?)
          That is a bummer about Chelsea, I thought Fulham had equalised just for the flag to go up ? we sure do go about things the hard way!!!

          1. Afternoon sue, hope your well? On topic I thought the team played well yesterday. The ref got some key decisions wrong and disrupted our flow. Yes mustafi was poor, but all of the guys fought for the shirt and we should be proud. I thought iwobi had a decent game, so I say it as I see it. Miki looked really lively and kos and sokratis were excellent. I felt it was 2 points dropped, but credit to emery and the players it was a good performance. Next week is massive now, but keep the faith gooners.

            1. Hey there Paul… what a game hey?! Those last few moments – the joy, the despair!! ?
              I agree with you, we did play well… were very unlucky… dodgy officiating once again though!!
              I’m really nervous about next week Paul… gutted we’ll be without Torreira… it’s about time we beat them though, so come on!!!!

              1. I had Henry so my language had to be kept in check ?! Yes the officiating left a lot to be desired, but the players desire was there. Yes torreira will be a big miss, but 1st game of the season aside (league) we have been good at home. We need a performance like spuds at home or chelski. Start strong and quickly and score early. Without wanting to sound all Kevin keegan I would love it if we beat them!!

                1. Is your son a gooner? I know what you mean, I have to try & stay calm in front of mine – very hard at times!!
                  Haha brilliant, I’d love it too ? how sweet would that be to put an end to their PL unbeaten run!! Hopefully PSG will beat them on Wednesday too!!

                  1. He certainly is. Hasn’t been up yet. We took my nephew to his first game this season and Henry was jealous. So next season he will definitely be coming. While family of gooners, dad, both brothers and nephew and Henry! Think psg will smash them in the week

                    1. Oh bless him! He’ll love that for sure!
                      Can’t be bad having a whole family of gooners… it’s just my son & I in ours…we’re surrounded by all sorts – City, United, Liverpool, Chelsea, West Ham & Reading (?) very eventful in our house ??

        2. Socratis is at Arsenal like for a second and he already knows the importance of winning NLD for the fans. The best I have seen play is against spurs at Emirate and yesterday at Wembly. The man is a beast of CB. People can blame Mustafi all they want but PEA lost us the 2 points. That was the worst penalty kick I have seen in my life. I have seen a better kick from a player on one leg in Agege. Watching Manu winning yesterday and Chelsea today made so angry at him for that lame kick.??

    1. I just looked at the fixtures of Tottenham ,Chelsea and Man United . We have the best fixtures.

    2. If Ozil had started he still would have done nothing. He can only play against Brentford and Reading type teams. As for Mustafi well enough said as all words have been said to describe this player. As a person he may be very nice but a footballer I’m sorry he just hasn’t got it. CB

      1. Ha brilliant. Mesut ozil world cup winner, played for real Madrid can only play against Brentford and reading! ?. I said on this site last week, I think ozil will go in the summer as he is not part of emerys plans and doesn’t suit the way emery wants us to play and that’s fine. And not starting hin yesterday again is fine and emerys tactics were impressive. However any home game ozil should start and yes against weaker opposition he should start. Ozil is a player you build a team around but unfortunately the finances are not there (cheers silent stan) to do this so he will be moved on. However your comments in my opinion are wrong. (Again that is my opinion) and I you as a fellow gooner are allowed yours. Best wishes Paul

        1. If building a team round Ozil why have players like Mustafi Xhaka who can’t pass can’t tackle and if it’s about give the ball to Ozil who gets robbed but won’t fight back but rather other players to win it back for him can’t see that as good coaching and worth 350K a week. CB

  3. Fair ratings and I agree about Sokratis as the MOTM

    But I would also give Ramsey an 8, because he pressurized the opponents a lot and finished Lacazette’s assist with an excellent move

    Mkhitaryan has been working very hard in the last several games and I hope he would not suffer another injury again, because Arsenal need his teamwork with Aubameyang to end the season well

  4. Imo Leno deserves the MOTM.His save proved to be crucial and prevented the goal that would’ve tilted the match in Tottenham’s favour.I’d also give Koscielny an 8.We were good in defense but more credit should be given to the likes of Guendouzi,Sokratis and Koscielny for the defensive effort.The left hand side was completely exposed in the first half and we were lucky Tottenham didn’t punish us.I hope we go and get a new LB this coming season.I also don’t get why Unai tries to tweak things when there’s no need to.Why play Mustafi at RB when there’s Jenkinson.Or are we being told Mustafi is a better RB than Jenkinson?He did the same with Xhaka at LB against Palace and he conceded a penalty.These things are not coincidental at all and he needs to stop them.We defended well but we were also helped by Tottenham’s lack of decisiveness.

    1. ? you’ve said mostly what I said on an earlier post Kev .left side was our weak point all match .and Leno and the 2 centre backs were top notch .

      1. Yeah it was really our weak point.I recall Iwobi on an occasion being the sole player who was defending against a Spurs player at that side.We were also a bit too defensive in the first half and lacked control.But I guess the plan was to hit them on the counter all along so it was understandable.Thank goodness Sokratis,LKoscielny and Leno are all in form.They are going to be crucial to our top four challenge.

  5. United will face

    Arsenal A
    Chelsea H
    Man City H

    Chelsea will face

    Pool A
    United A

    Spurs will face

    Pool A
    City A

    We will only face United of the top 6. Its a must win match. After that we will have Leicester, Everton, Wolves away but they are doable.

    Top 4 is in OUR HANDS.

    1. Haha Sue!
      The league is now in the ManCity hands. I prefer them winning the league to the Scousers??

  6. So Mustafi played well and was unlucky to concede the penalty?You must be joking.The guy is a liability and should not be selected despite his £35m price tag .We will be lucky to get £5m for him now.

      1. He gave the ball away needlessly the first 5 times he had it! He just isn’t good enough unfortunately, he tries and puts his all in but is a liability and not up to the required standard.

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