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This is turning out to be a much better season than any of us expected and incredibly if we beat Tottenham this weekend we could end up just one point below them in Third, and the following week we beat Man United, we are suddenly real contenders again, in fact probably favourites to make the Top Three, never mind Top Four!

But right now that is just conjecture, but it is not such a wild fantasy that we thought it was just a few weeks ago. The Spuds confidence must be shot after losing to Burnley and then getting trounced by their closest rivals Chelsea 2-0 on Wednesday night. They were 10 points ahead of us a few weeks ago, but now they are looking at us getting right up within touching distance and they are definitely going to be nervous, especially when they think of the way we embarrassed them at the Emirates earlier this season when we were being written off as no-hopers. Arsenal were outsiders that day but we easily upset the odds. On Saturday, Spurs are yet again hot favourites at 11/10 but why can’t we give them another shock?

But having said that, we have to note that Tottenham’s two latest defeats were away from home, although the venue has not made much difference to them this season, and they now have four defeats away and four at home. But form in front of their home fans must be taken into account, so let’s look at their recent form at Wembley….

Other than the strange Wolves game, their only home defeats have been to Liverpool, City and United so they are hardly bad, but comparing that with Arsenal’s away form would make the Spuds even hotter favourites to win this game. ..

At least Arsenal finally broke the away jinx with the win at Huddersfield, and we have since won our last three games as well. We look like we are getting into our stride and playing with confidence again. And of course when it comes to a North London derby the venue doesn’t really mean anything, and I have the feeling that the Lilywhites may be feeling the pressure a little bit more than us after their disastrous week. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could beat them and give them some real squeaky-bum time for the rest of the season!

Considering we are in such good form at the mo, and Tottenham are having their worries. It is definitely worth having a bet on Arsenal – at a great 5/2 from BetUK!

Emery seems to be rotating starting either Laca or Auba at the moment. It’s Lacazette’s turn today, so maybe back him to score the first goal @ 11/2

One thing I am sure we are guaranteed in our games nowadays is goals galore, our average away from home is 4 per game, so a price of 7/4 for over 3.5 goals seems a steal!

I know I seem hopelessly positive, but looking at our recent games I really believe we can do this. But if you are a pessimist like our resident tipster Dan Smith you may think we can’t beat Spurs. If so then maybe you should follow Dan’s tip of 2-0 to Tottenham @ 10/1. I sincerely hope he is completely wrong!



  1. just treated myself to “THE OZIL BOUNCE” skills . it’s been doing the rounds since his goal against Bournemouth. people thought he just chipped the keeper but no , he bounced it over and to think he has been doing this for a while and we didn’t notice…

    1. VCC I’ve actually known about this his bounce technique since last two years, he uses it a lot especially in one on one situations.
      I actually have a compilation of his goals with that technique on my phone, I’m surprised people just noticed it and even Ian Wright just noticed.
      When I first came across it, it was called the Ozil Technique, I actually thought it was over hyped till I watched a video of him doing that in training to score. I was surprised, I mean it’s his technique and others can’t do it but he does it easily and he’s even doing it in trainings for fun, he has used it to score against Chelsea and Liverpool

    2. And watching him v spurs does F:: all Lacesset should have stayed on and Mustaffi well the man can’t play to save his life. Monreal was man of match with Socretize second well done Iwobi and ,Mikaterian and Ramsey. Zacka needs selling Ozil is overrated by far. Everyone else played there best but our finishing let’s us down if we scrape 4th we will be lucky. CB

  2. I think we should be calm and focus…
    I would consider draw at Wembley a good result as our away form is dismal…
    We should field 3 at back formation… If we do that then we are gone…
    There has to be 4 at back
    AMN/Jenkinson. Sokratis Koscielny Kolasinac
    Torreira. Xhaka
    Mkhitaryan. Ozil. Iwobi/ Aubameyang

  3. I never get involved in the betting business. However I have a good feeling about this game. One thing I have been emphasising all of this season is that our team is not as hopeless as some people were trying to portray it. What has hampered this team’s progress have been the numerous injuries to our key players especially the defensive ones. Fortunately now some of these players like Monreal, Koscielny, Sokratis, Mikhtaryan and Maitland Niles have returned. I am confident of a positive result if we play our best football. I have never believed for any single moment that the Spurs team is better than ours. In fact it is only Man City and Liverpool which I could describe as being currently better than us.

  4. My line-up prediction:

    ………..Mustafi . Sokratis . Monreal
    Jenkinson . Torreira . Xhaka . Kolasinac
    …….Mkhitaryan ………….. Iwobi

      1. Or get hussled! Xhaka will start in this match over Guendouz; that’s why Xhaka was rested against FC Bournmouth.
        Back four of Lichtsteiner, Socrates, Koscielny and Monreal/Kolasinac.
        Ramsey or Ozil (in form) will be “coach’s call”.
        Hopefully Arsenal can start fast and strong and at least get a point at Wembley. COYG!

  5. Before the home NLD I was 100% sure we would be fine. I had even taken on some fans on this forum who predicted a bad result. However, this time I feel we need to be pragmatic and realistic (hello Jon) in our expectations. I’ll be ecstatic if we can pull this off but I’d be content with a draw.

  6. it doesn’t rest well with me hearing ‘Wembley’ described as the spuds “Home” – when we likely to have experienced far more big game successes at wembley than they have. I hope we approach our next [challenge] with the teamwork and desire shown against bournemouth because attitude is what will help us to claw back something rewarding from what’s left of this 2018/19 campaign.

    Certainly the spuds struggled to find the net even once (vs Chelski), whereas we have goals in our side i.e. G.O.A.L.S coming in from everywhere and from anywhere. Also we have a reinvigorated Koscielny to call on alongside Sokratis which is reassuring we have whats needed to get something from the NLD.

    Perhaps the away fans ticket allocation is likely to influence how this game eventually pans out.

    1. You are right about the Spuds REAL home. It is on a plate with sausages; bangers and MASHED SPUDS.

      1. lol Well in… @jon fox 🙂

        its 8.25pm iv only just now got in from Bishopsgate, EC2 Yates (*Cross Harbour Bar) – and now im attempting to catch up with reading all these comments before the NLD – COYG

  7. I would actually start Mustafi at RB like was done earlier for a bit for defensive solidity with Monreal on the left who will provide more defence that Kola.
    Only 1 striker as well.

    Mustafi Koscielny Sokratis Monreal
    Xhaka Torreira
    Mikitarian Ozil Iwobi
    (Auba or Laca)

    1. I like your team for tomorrow Roshan, and I would start with Laza and then throw Auba on the in the 2 nd half. And I want to see Master Ozil and Knight Mkhi against hard opposition to prove haters wrong.
      5pur2 have to be worried after 2 defeats and our 5 goals against Bournemouth.
      And we have to end their arrogance backed by fraking FA although it comes from their pure frustration accumulated over the years of snoring in our shadow.

      1. It’s our only chance of winning.
        Attack from the start, they are wounded hence show them no respect 4-2-3-1 allow the players to earn their keep.

      1. Or be hussled in the case of Guendouzi. Xhaka will start along side Torreira, as he was rested against FF Bournmouth.
        Arsenal should start with four at the back; Lichtsteiner (3 good games in a row), Socrates, Koscielny and Monreal/Kolasinac.
        Emery for once has players fit and in form, giving him some selection options. For once we are again discussing selections, as nothing is straight forward. Mhikataryan appears fully fit and his combination with Ozil first class. Ozil is now available to play regularly, has had a run of games and has a point to prove. If Emery shows faith in him and he responds, it has got to be a big positive for Arsenal. That’s why Emery is paid the big salary. Emery is a realist taking one game at a time and no matter how disappointed he has been, has not publically slated his players. He has stayed positive with no hissy fits like Mourinho, Sarri and Ponchitino. The recovery in the 3 matches following the debacle 1-0 loss at BATE Borisov is testiment to his managerial ability. The body language and team spirit shown by the players gives a lie to the claim by some that he had “lost the dressing room”.
        Arsenal need to start strong and fast at our “second home” Wembley. At least a draw is essential. COYG!

    2. I like this too, except I would start Kolasinac instead of Iwobi. Kolasinac can muscle his way on the left flank, that will consume much energy from SPUD’s right back in the first half, then Iwobi can sub in at second half and create chances.

      1. I will keep Kolasinac, Auba and (Guendouzi or Lichtsteiner) for the 2nd half… and unleash them to break 5pur2 even more.

  8. Roshan how can you relate Mustafi with “defensive solidity” when he is anything but ?Keep him out of the side and we have a real chance against Spurs.

    1. I agree with you Grandad but Jenks showed against Bournemouth that his not a PL level at all.
      Niles is maybe to young and can be bullied, so on the given day Mustafi want make a mistake (I hope), at least in the 1st half and he can send a long ball to our attack.
      Let s be totally clear… in summer I would sell Mustafi for 15-20 mil to the best buyer.

  9. Declan, in his last 3 matches Lichtsteiner has played well and showed the form Arsenal expected from a seasoned international. It makes one wonder if some players were carrying injuries and had to play when Arsenal was short of defenders. Mhikataryan also appears to have fully recovered. Hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) apart from the long term absentees (Holding, Bellerin and Welbeck), with the return of Mavropanos, Emery will have a full squad to choose from for the run in to the end of the season.

  10. It’s too early to predict where we will finish but one thing is for sure should we beat Spurs and Man U next than we take a massive step towards a top 4 finish. This game truly should be treated as a final by our lads and Wembley is a great occasion to leave our poor away form in the distant past and show the world we are for real.

    Having said that, I am programmed to fear these type of games after we had a few halfway decent results. Over the past 10 years, this is when we buckle under the pressure. Let’s see if Emery can change that habit.

  11. Mustafi at RB will be little Problem… Should have started with Xhaka ani Torreira…. And Aubameyang on left and Ozil Instead of Lacazzet..

      1. Kola has been our main driving force this season and they left him, Nacho can never match that offensive drive. This lineup is BS, Arsenal just killed my motivation to watch the game

  12. Not the correct line up to play against spurs and that too at Wembley…
    Kolasinac should have started instead of Monreal…
    Jenkinson instead of Mustafi
    Aubameyang on left and Ozil instead of Ramsey…
    Xhaka and Torreira as partners….

  13. Ok .. For me an absurd line up … Didn’t get rid of the Frenchman to see his team back in place 9 months later … If we win will take my hat off to the man … If we lose I will want him gone …

  14. I hope he proves me wrong but the first 3 names on the sheet for this game based on the last game would have been ozil, aubameyang and torreira so what the he’ll?!

  15. That lineup is little odd but we can’t play aubameyang on wings in big 6 away game. I didn’t expect ozil to start. Kolasinac not playing means we prefer safety to all out attack.

  16. We are not keeping the ball… We need to provide some space to Xhaka to pull the strings for his long balls….

  17. I can’t believe arsenal are letting Ramsey go for FREE. That’s a minimum of 40m (our reported transfer budget) down the toilet. Phenomenal double save by bernd leno. Emerys tinkering will be key here. We need some magic. Laca has been very poor which disappointing considering he knows he can’t play next match, I was expecting a lot more industry. Myhki in this vein of form is fun to watch.


  18. For f**k sake our strikers missed chances will cost the top4. They miss more chance than our defence concede.

  19. Same old referee and fa helping the Golden boy team. Clear offside all day.
    Mustafi will be massacred for this stupid foul.

    1. Mustafi has a goal costing error in almost every game he plays.
      Such a liability.
      Lacazette and Mustafi look to have cost Arsenal this game.
      Kudos to Emery for tactically surprising Poch.

      1. let me add Aubemeyang to the names of the three players that cost us three points in this game.

  20. fair result … solid defensive teeam performance but with mustafi in the team there is always an accident waiting too happen

  21. Mentally weak Strikers Lacazette and Aubemeyang. Clinical finishers on a normal day but bottlers when the pressure is on.
    Everyone else except Mustafi put in a very good shift.
    Torierra Red card should be appealed although I don’t hold out much hope of it being rescinded as we don’t have any England’s golden boys in our team.

  22. Gutted. Auba and Laca should be fined for wasting chances like that. I have more power in my penalty kicks than Auba showed.

    Mustafi should hang head in shame; why does he always cheap shot people? How many times has he stupidly pushed, shoved, or tripped people?

    Sell Mustafi for anything offered.

  23. If someone would kindly pack Mustafis things, I’ll drive him to the airport. 35M plus wages down the toilet. Rubbish performance. How many penalties has he given away this season? This is the 3rd one I can think of. It’s inconceivable that he’s been playing in this side for so long. Horrendous player. I would’ve taken the draw before the game but this feels like 2 points dropped. Missed a penalty. Missed 3 sitters. Conceded an offside goal and copped an undeserved red card. Great tactics by Emery almost pulled it off. Some of the lads really let him down today tho. Please Lord I don’t want to see mustafi in an arsenal shirt next season

  24. Away team strategy almost perfectly executed. Unlucky with the penalty decision but had enough chances to win this game. My only gripe is we gave them too much possession and invited pressure which backfired a little at the end.

    On the whole pretty happy with the performance, very much in the race for Top 4.

    Would have taken a draw before the game but now the match against United has become a must win!

  25. I think It’s the right time to appoint another penalty shooter in Arsenal.Auba is just a joker.I remember last season against Man city he took a similar penalty and missed it.Mustafi is another burden in defence.He gives away too many penalties

  26. I think It’s the right time to appoint another penalty shooter in Arsenal.Auba is just a joker.I remember last season against Man city he took a similar penalty and missed it.Mustafi is another burden in defence.He gives away too many penalties

  27. Just watched the replay of the PL miss by Auba(
    He should be fined a days wages for his effort)
    and wouldnt you know it that the hero who cleared the ball of the line ol Jan Vertognen was MILES
    inside the box before Auba even made contact from the spot. Even Rebecca Lowe mentioned it should of been an obvious rekick. Combine that with the
    obvious offside omission leading to the Spurs goal
    and the dubious at best sending off of Torreria and
    well folks you have the biggest screw job this year
    in the EPL.
    This cast of clowns should be suspended and sent
    to the lower leagues of English futbol where there
    performances should be monitored and critiqued on a game by basis. If there form continues to be egregious than fire there sorry asses. After today’s fix, they have no business anywhere near an EPL pitch.

    WTS the boys deserved better today and put in one
    hell of a shift. Unfortunately a few moments of
    madness and a lack of clinical finishing cost us a vital three points and sadly may be the difference in the end between a top 4 finish and another year
    of Thursday Night futbol.

    Masterclass by Emery btw

    1. ACE nice comments completely agree. 4 Spuds offsides on the play, ref had his choice whom to choose. Linesman obviously meditating and had eyes closed.

      Auba shouldn’t be taking penalties; not first time he made such a weak and feeble attempt. Even my Nan said “what a p#&%y” she could do better.

      Mustafi did fine as RB, but then had to go and prove everyone right with his stupidity.

      Not sure what chafed me more Mustafi’s stupidity or Auba’s spineless penalty. Truly hope Emery fines both their game wages.

      Both need a good ripping; not only by Emery but by teammates as well.

      Bottling is made of such stuff. New penalty taker required, someone with balls and cutthroat mentality needed.

  28. Sometimes I think if we had a clinical striker we would really be much higher the table. Not going to sugar coat it really gutted with this missed opportunity which may come back to bite us.

  29. The game was a travesty of justice. We dominated them and should have won fairly easily because they were poor but we failed to take our chances. I don’t get all the Mustafi hate, Kane was well offside and they shouldn’t have had a pen. I thought Iwobi played well today as did the whole team but Sokratis was my man of the match, he’s a beast. Poor pen from us but a good save, hey ho, shite happens. Before the game most people were saying they’d take the draw, but because we led for so long it feels like a loss. We are slowly rising back to the top, have faith fellow gooners.

  30. Everyone was happy to take a draw before the match but the way it drew was terrible….
    We should be having penalty taker like Danny Murphy…
    Mustafi error cost us but I think Auba and Laca more culprit in this draw… You always expect error or mistake from Mustafi but Auba and Laca at this level with this quality should not miss such chances… It should have been 2-0 at the halftime and 4-1 at the end of the game even considering that offside ….
    Horrible misses from Auba and Laca…

    1. What error are you talking about?
      The only error I saw was from the ref who missed the offside.

      1. There was no need to push Kane as angle was against him and he was shadowed by Koscielny….
        Mustafi did not even saw the ball… He just saw Kane and pushed him on his back…. That was stupidity….

  31. I think Aubameyang is the player I dislike the most in the team

    No zeal, No Passion

    I ask pple, what really is the difference btw him and Giroud?

    Both score MAJORLY tap-ins
    Auba better at one-on-ones
    Giroud very good with his head

    Both are very average players but I love to see a player who has zest, hunger and a fight – which Giroud has and Auba doesn’t

    Then Mustafi – OMG! He’s like the most senseless defender we have

    Iwobi was shit today – Unai should have removed him

    The substitution for Auba was way too early, we knew it would happen but let Laca hassle them a while long – u know when Auba comes in, the opposition defenders no longer have any work to do except during counters

    It doesn’t have to necessarily be Ozil for Ramsey – it can be for Iwobi

    1. I stopped reading when you asked what is the difference between PEA and Giroud. Are you serious? Then I just went back and carried on reading. You are seriously deluded, I’m not Iwobi’s greatest fan but he played well today, as did Mustafi. Are you a spud?

      1. With the substitution of Torreira, we sealed up the midfield and defense

        Tottenham had totally no clue to opening us the whole 2nd Half

        Just our attackers seemed not interested in adding a second goal

        Therefore, Tottenham could never draw the match if not for Mustafi’s needless error

        He doesn’t strike me as a defender, why’s tackling so difficult for him – Torreira does it all day – winning balls easily

        Iwobi wasn’t good enough, just like Laca – they sort-of played with too much “handbrakes” that wasn’t the best they could offer

        Auba has no best to offer

    2. You need to some self analysis before comparing and Giroud and Aubameyang…. Mustafi was senseless but you are also talking like senseless…

      1. Both Are Average

        TAP INS:
        giroud – 80% auba – 75%

        giroud – 10% auba – 60%

        giroud – 90% auba – 10%

        giroud – 25% auba – 55%

        giroud – 60% auba – 30%

        Overall TAP-INS seem to be both of them STRONG POINT (to scoring) with Giroud still having Headers as a very strong point

        Overall, both are VERY AVERAGE

        Lacazette doesn’t come below 50% in any of the above MODES OF SCORING – he just doesn’t have one as a STRONG POINT

  32. Imagine… even after loosing the penalty, the ball was still squared back ur path – u spinelessly allow the defender clear it off

    Giroud would have slided both the defender and the ball into the net

    Not that I rate Giroud but I know how we rate him to be average

    And I want to point out how average Auba also is

    Laca not a goal specialist too but he’s a bundle of talents, he’s always hungry, he’s always giving his all

    I love that type of zest to some lazy bones swimming in an overhyped glory

    1. If you look at that Penalty then you can clearly see how Vertonghen was way inside the box even before Aubameyang Kicking the ball… That Penalty itself should have null and void and should have been retaken….
      Think and see before commenting anything…

      1. Maybe. But even if there were 2 keepers there, a good penalty taker should have scored. Auba is not one (he only scores by chance).

  33. FANS need to relise we live in a culture of player blaming when our emotions are conflicted by a great team performance but not the result we deserved.
    Get a grip!!!

    Blame players when we are poor, fine.

    Celebrate them when they show the heart to play like today in a NLD.

    We don’t always get it right first time in our jobs do we? Let these humans also have the opportunities that you are given in your job. I feel for Laca and Auba today. But 9 times out of 10 they are predators

  34. Personally I think Man U have 3rd place in the bag.So it’s the 3 London clubs fighting for the last place.Howeve what happens if Chelsea win the europa league and finishes 4th in the league.Would that mean 5th also qualifies for champions league?

  35. 1 point was not bad at all before the match but very bad after the match.
    The refree committed a lot of errors.
    Leno was MOTM for me.
    Ramsey’s only plus was the goal imho.
    Laca and Auba wasteful as usual (we should have won convincingly were they not). But Auba tried today in winning his area battle(s) unlike his normal nonchalance.
    Mustaphi solid today apart from the stupid pushing.
    Iwobi was obviously tired.
    Ozil made Arsenal come alive when he came in.
    Torreira red card erroneous.

    Emery plan good, but players failing to execute it perfectly.
    We should sell Auba and Laca now we can get good money for them – they are good but not good enough.

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