Tottenham v Arsenal review – Gunners made to look like amateurs

The first ten minutes looked very promising with both sides going for it with end-to-end action, but after that the pouring rain put a right dampener on the proceedings, and both sides seemed quite happy to wait for an unlikely chance to appear.
The break came with just one shot on target for either side and we desperately needed a goal to liven up the action.

Unhappily the first came just after half-time when Kane leapt high above the Arsenal defence with Koscielny sprawled on the ground looking for a foul. Five minutes later Kane was inches away from making it two with another free header but luckily it went just passed the post. Arsenal were reeling and it looked like they were in serious trouble as Spurs tried to drive home their advantage.

The Spuds kept going and when Bellerin slid in to take Son out on the edge of the box, it was the perfect place for an Eriksen free-kick. It was a very good attempt but Cech was equal to it and pushed it over the bar. As the hour mark approached Arsenal had had just 2 attempts on goal whereas Spurs had had 10, and 3 of those were on target. Tottenham were crowding out the midfield and giving the Gunners no space whatsoever.

With 25 minutes to go Wenger was getting worried and brought on Iwobi and Lacazette at the expense of Mhkitaryan and Elneny. The Boss is banking on his attack to get the equalizer and at least we will see our two 50million+ strikers together…

Jack finally got a great shot on target but Lloris wasn’t sleeping after doing nothing all afternoon and dived brilliantly to deny Wilshere from a certain equalizer. At least Arsenal finally tested Lloris. But then Cech made another terrible howler and was lucky to get away with it, and a minute later Dele Alli came even closer, but past the post, Thank God!

Tottenham are all over Arsenal and we don’t look like we are going to get anything from this at the moment. I’ve only seen Lacazette get a touch once after coming on.

With 15 minutes to go Spurs had another great chance but Cech got in the way and the Gunners cannot get anywhere near Lloris’ goal. We are looking like kids against men and I can’t see us getting anything out of this game without a miracle, and we won’t get one unless Lacazette finally learns how the offside rule works in England.

With five minutes to go the Spuds have had 16 attempts to Arsenal’s 3 and Wenger bring on another striker in Welbeck, replacing Xhaka, in a desperate attempt to get another shot but we look like we are wasting everyone’s time. Lacazette got his one big chance but it was far, far over the bar and into the stands, so we are going to end the game with Wilshere’s shot being our only one on target with three strikers on the pitch. Lacazette has yet another chance in the very last minute, but his control was lacking again and it crawled past the post. Aubameyang would have chipped it….

Embarrassing isn’t the word, but we ge still one more chance thanks to Welbeck, but the freekick went straight at the wall….


  1. muffdiver says:

    the better team won – goodbye top 4 – its been emotional

    1. gotanidea says:

      Bye bye top four and hopefully bye bye to our Supreme Leader Monsieur Wenger as well

      1. Gunner22 says:

        Mate, who do you want him to be replaced with? Can you do the job?

        1. Nothing changed says:

          I will take anyone. Ancelotti could do, hell I would even take Conte. This club needs a fresh start. It is more important that we get a new manager than which manager. Don’t expect any new manager to win the PL or get back to top 4 pronto after the job Wenger has done on this squad.

        2. Sal says:

          yes anyone of us can do a better job at this stage of wenger career, the decline is obvious and questions will be asked at the end of the season. out and take kronke with you!

    2. Arsenal ja says:

      No one can blame the coach for that. Mhkitayan passing to ghost, ozil can’t make a thru ball and lacazette got good chance to score and missed. Remember it’s an away match and we tried in second half to limit them. This is a team that blew Liverpool and Manchester United away in first half. Stop with those negative headlines

      1. Konstantin Mitov says:

        This was shocking yet again! What has to happen in order to get a dead manager to leave our club? 16 away games to the top 6 without a win! And you still support him?

        1. McLov says:

          We might finish this seaspn with 10 defeats. Thats every 4th game lost!

          Only one Arsene Wenger indeed!

        2. Gunner22 says:

          Have some decency in your comments bro
          We did loose a game but no ones dead

      2. Dennis Moriarty says:

        The coach is to blame! He brought these players in, he sets them and dictates the tactics. The headlines are not negative, we were piss poor again against a decent side. It’s the likes of you that help keep Wenger in a job.

        1. Ignasi says:

          Arsenal Ja,

          WTF? It could easily have been 9 – 1 to Spurs.

          It was a nothing performance. Decent containment job in the first half, but we didn’t create any decent chances apart from Lacazette at the end. Lacazette btw, wow is just utter trash just like the Everton-reject Mustafi.

          1. Billy says:

            My god we should have lost 4-1 at least. Very poor tactics. The worse tactics I have seen for a very long time. I thought after half time we would have a go. Never got the ball or even looled like we would.

      3. Phil says:

        WHAT?Are you SERIOUS?Who else do you blame if it’s not Wenger FFS?His players.His team.His tactics.Are you so blinkered in your WENGER TONTED GLASSES that you do not hold him accountable for that performance?
        I thought we were having a season where we seemed to be treading water.I was wrong.We are going BACKWARDS.
        Cech-decent saves you would expect him to make but distribution embarrassing.Bellerin-nice hair band and that’s it.Mustafi-Solid defending awfully distribution.Kos-so obviously not up to it anymore.Monreal-solid game best of our “defence”.Elneney-Awfull.Whyare we not playing AMN as our CDM?Jack -Showed passion and tried to get on the ball but crowded out all too often.Zhaka-Just F**k OFF FFS.Ozil-We couldn’t get him on the ball.Mikki-now knows what a NLD is all about.Auba-Ditto Iwobi-JUST WHY HE IS EVEN ON THE BENCH SUMS UP WENGER F**king USELESS.Laca-So shot of confidence.Welbeck-tries his best.Not good enough.
        Pathetic performance and a pathatic response from a typical AKB who just can’t see past his continual failings.

        1. Kimmy says:

          Elneny actually had a good game. Xhaka is shite. Look at his movement before Kane scores. Bellerin was outnumbered. And Xhaka moves like he dont care. Xhaka is the worst DM in the league.

          1. Marto says:

            Why does Wenger always play xhaka ?

      4. Highbury44 says:

        On this site they blame the manager for EVERYTHING and they think a new manager will solve everything.LOL

        1. Durand says:

          Who’s fault then?
          Certainly not Wenger right?
          All he did was choose lineup, tactics, subs, and training leading up to game.

          Why fear changing managers? You would rather struggle with Wenger. Dear god man, FFS what does it take foryou to call for new manager?
          Out of europe all together? Missing top 10?

  2. gotanidea says:

    Just because of the freezing cold rain in London, most of Arsenal players lost their battle spirit? A ruthless new manager has to teach these rich spoilt brats a lesson:

    – Aubameyang: Pretty much useless because Mkhitaryan was in very bad form.

    – Mkhitaryan: I expected another good connection with Aubameyang, but his passes was atrocious and he was very lackclustre, unlike in the Everton match.

    – Ozil: Could not control the tempo, no penetration, did not chase the ball and just pass the ball without creativity. He looked cold, as if he wanted to go home and snuggle in his blanket. One of the worst players today and is definitely not worth 350,000 per week.

    – Wilshere: Another player that lost his energy because of the freezing rain.

    – Xhaka: No mistake and nothing special either.

    – Elneny: One of the few players that has good motivation today.

    – Monreal: Spirited but no penetration at all.

    – Bellerin. Pretty motivated.

    – Mustafi: The most motivated Arsenal player today and did a good defending job.

    – Koscielny: He is such a weakling, maybe because of the cold weather. His age really shows and it’s time to give Chambers a chance ahead of him.

    – Cech: If he is unfit, why played him? Ospina should be given the chance, because Cech is getting worse.

    – Wenger: If what Mkhitaryan said about Mourinho is much more demanding than Wenger, then it is useless to buy any expensive players. As he simply cannot motivate his players enough. LMAO + Xhaka + Mustafi are around 240 million, but they still play like this!

    1. Wenger's boy says:

      We could ov been 5-0 down b4 lazette, we are shite

    2. miker says:

      Agreed with
      1 auba
      2 Miki
      3 ozil
      4 almost, his delicious one to auba was onside.
      5 xhaka
      6 elneny ok
      7 monreal okayish
      8 bellerin can he cross
      9 and 10 mustafi and kos, I don’t know.
      11 as for cech, he kept the score line a little less embarrassing w

  3. Innit says:

    “attacking is in our DNA” LOL
    Not today.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I guess impotency is in Arsenal’s DNA 😀

  4. sol says:

    I just dont know why when Arsenal players perform the best,in the next game they will be injured. To what shall I attribute this???????????????????????

  5. sfgunner says:

    gutted, as long as they have kane, gonna be tough to beat…

    1. gotanidea says:

      It was just a simple header and the cross was not even from the byline, but Koscielny simply just wanna go home, because it was very cold

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        true but kane did push

        1. Elliot says:

          Not a foul IMO. Kane wanted it more.

        2. RSH says:

          not enough for that to be a foul. Kane was up earlier, higher, wanted it more and kos was ready to buckle. Good goal, must be said.

        3. Dennis Moriarty says:

          Kane did nothing wrong. Used his strength on a feeble minded, weak gutted defender.

      2. sfgunner says:

        kane 9 goals in 7 matches vs AFC, sorry he was the difference, his shots go in, ours go wide

    2. Marc says:

      It’s not just Kane. Arsenal were played off the park in every single position.

  6. Rkw says:

    Ok no discussion now … Wenger has to go … All home games need to demonstrate this point … Can’t have a fossil managing in the 21st century … No discipline no strength no ideas …

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      did u even watch the game and have a proper analysis?

      1. Rkw says:

        Clearly you didn’t … They dominated the game controlled the midfield we provided zero threat til the last 10 minutes … Your boy Iwobi was utterly hapless when he came on … A year at brentford to see if he is any good coz at the moment he ain’t an EPL player let alone a top 4 … Wenger learnt nothing from the Liverpool game .. They will press and score against most defences let alone a weak one like ours but they are vulnerable to speed …as we saw again today … So what does the fossil do puts in a couple of lightweight midfielders who are completely dominated … Wilshire left in no mans land with no support … Ozil and miki misplaced … Pea isolated … Equals no threat but lots of sideways passing … Did you watch the game or just high on wenger juice? … Wake up and join the realists

  7. sol says:

    I loved Wenger now I hate him the most………….thank u for what u did just go..go…go….go

  8. Alkali says:

    So much for Wembley being a second home

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      wembley was never a second home….spurs play more games than us this season there….plus 70,000 roaring fans make a diff in confidence

      1. Me says:

        So that is the reason why they could not be bothered?
        Spurs have played more games there and there was 70000 fans there.
        Can Wenger used that excuse for every away game we have lost then?
        Might keep him there for another 20 years…

      2. Dennis Moriarty says:

        John Ibrahim, stop making pathetic excuses for another poor performance. Wenger is finished, in truth he was finished five years ago but people like you beg for him to have continued control over our club.

        1. Dee23 says:

          “but people like you beg for him to have control over the club.”

          As if fans make a difference to Wenger’s employment. The board choose to keep him in not the AKBs. You can’t blame Wenger supported for him still being in his position. I’m pretty sure there are more of us that want Wenger to move on than those that want him to continue managing the club and where has our protesting or wishes got us?

        2. Kedar Damle says:

          Wrong… Not 5 years ago… 10 years ago mate..

  9. Elliot says:

    Schoolboy defending again. Decide to start playing in strikers in the 85th min? Anyways, the best team won and we were lucky not to lose by 4 or 5.

    1. Me says:

      If I was a school boy I would be insulted by that remark.

  10. sol says:

    with these players even Bold could win

  11. Sony says:

    Yeah deserved lost… Tottenham was just better in every department. Cheers to Bellerin and Jack they fought hard today and special mention for Cech he gave us atleast a chance (except for that childish pass lol) I hope we will buy new CBs in the summer there is not a good chemistry with Mustafi and Kos. What a poor passing today and what the hell the crossing is just ehm i do not have a word for that.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Tottenham players wanted it more than Arsenal players. Most of them looked frozen, jaded and just want to hug their wives under a warm blanket at home!

      1. Sony says:

        Wives check, huge salay check (Jack still working hard on that)

        1. gotanidea says:

          Hahahaha! Yes, it’s true, Wilshere, Ramsey, Monreal and Welbeck are still working on their last big fat paycheck

    2. @Sony
      Bellerin is the damn problem! He never creates anything and practically has zero flair or tricks to beat his man and make a proper cross. We need a new RB to challenge him he is getting far too comfortable at the back.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Bellerin, Xhaka and Ozil can slack off whenever they want, because they don’t have good competitors in the team

      2. Sony says:

        I can not argue with that, but today he was one of our best defenders and tried very hard and Son could not do much that is why i think he do not deserve low scores.

      3. Philip says:

        Spot on

  12. RSH says:

    Poor performance. Arsenal didn’t look convincing at any point in the match and you have to wonder how it’s possible to look that poor in attack with all those talented players. It’s quite shocking because defensively we were actually really good. Kos’ time is up though. Bellerin and Mustafi were excellent it must be said, especially Mustafi. Attack and midfield failed horribly and couldn’t string any passes together to get out of the Spurs half. But again, Lacazette had two chances, Ozil had a free kick at the end… This is why these players get paid enormous amounts of cash. To make the difference in the end and nobody took their chances. Mhiki was just bad today, final ball wasn’t there. Aubameyang in all the right places but no service to match his ambition. Europa league or bust now.

  13. Uzi Ozil says:

    The better side won.

    Wished that lacazette chance fell to Aubameyang. Lacazette seem to be low on confidence. Still a good player though. Anyway, we just missed a great chance to close the gap on the table. I think we finish 6th This season..

    Our nine win run at Wembley has ended and our away form this season is just terrible. That’s why we are 6th on the table. We have to go all out for Europa now.

    Can’t say we missed Ramsey Or some sold players. We were second best today. That’s it!

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      true such games we need players to shoot from out side like what city did last week

  14. Sandeep says:

    It was a defensive set up or what we didn’t attacked that much in the match first half was totally defensive.

  15. sol says:

    Laca was benched at the Emirates and I was expecting him in the lineup 4231…..and again he is benched…..let Wenger be benched….and see what happens…

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      he was given a chance and he couldnt finish it…

      1. sol says:

        only as a sub.

    2. RSH says:

      how is he supposed to be picked when he doesn’t take these opportunities? His finishing is Iwobi level all of a sudden. He’s a confidence player, so it’s probably just going to be downhill from here because he’s not going to get anymore real chances in EPL at least.

      1. Welsh_Ramsey says:

        If that turns out true than it’s a complete joke that laca will be sidelined while Iwobi is given chance after chance no matter how he plays. Lacazette losing confidence is down to Wengers poor man management. What did he think would happen when you bring a player in and use him as a sub or take him off every 70th minute. Than in January buy a striker and immediately drop him? How about using a formation that fits your best attacking players..

    3. Arsenal ja says:

      What ruthless coach could stop that? Conte got annihilated by Watford. Jose got blown away and klopp got whipped here. It’s a difficult place to play Tottenham. Everything is blame manager. Some of u don’t even knows how to kick a football much less manage. Players made errors today. Only top 6 team to contain spurs in first half. Check ur stats

      1. Shinoda says:

        So you’re saying it’s okay to lose at Wembley just because other teams have found it difficult to win there? And you wonder why we have a manager & players with a weak mentality. Spurs is a lesser club than Arsenal on paper in all possible ways & they just moped the floor with us.

        1. ed says:

          “Spurs is a lesser club than Arsenal on paper in all possible ways” – your completely deluded on paper theyre better in every single position

          1. RSH says:

            sad fact
            All their defenders are better
            None of our midfield is better. Wilshere the best shout maybe.
            Even all their attackers are better. Kane>Aubameyang, Son>Miki, Eriksen>Ozil
            Sad, sad, turn of events.

          2. IhateArseneWenger says:

            “on paper theyre better in every single position”

            No they are not ,you obviously know nothing about football of you think that , so instead of blaming it on the players , see the real problem and focus on that (Arsene Wenger)

          3. RSH says:

            When we say on paper are we talking about overall reputation or form? Because on paper, Eriksen has been amazing this season, better than Ozil. Son, Kane, Dembele, their whole defense has been as well. Arsenal have better known players that do nothing and have not been good in EPL for the past 2 seasons. Xhaka, Elneny, Bellerin, Cech, Kos, Mustafi, Ozil, Miki are all starting XI players that have been bang average for quite a while. Miki at least is getting a second start, but the rest of the players have no excuses.

        2. Marc says:

          The lesser club? Are you having a laugh? Wake up from your delusion.
          Cannot believe that comment???????

      2. RSH says:

        Who cares about some useless first half stat when we left with zero points? You think spurs are bothered they didn’t score first half when they walked away with the win in the end?? And who cares what Jose or Conte did. This is about what Arsenal are doing and it’s sticking with a manager that has ZERO chance of ever claiming the EPL title. So why is he here???

        1. sfgunner says:

          thumbs up

      3. RSH says:

        Wenger couldnt even win title when City, United, Chelsea were all terrible. He let flipping Leicester win. Arsenal still couldn’t find any consistency even when traditional rivals were all terrible. AW has no excuses for why his teams are bang average. Not blaming Wenger for this specific performance, but he is no help to this club anymore.

  16. John Ibrahim says:

    no luck…

    heavy rain

    referee quick to blow the whistle…

    linesmen quick to offside

    kane push

    70,000 cheering spurs fans

    1. Sony says:

      i feel like linesman was little bit off Abumeyangs frist offside was harsh and than they let Tottenham run free …..

    2. RSH says:

      And we were poor… but let’s blame it on rain. Not like it ever rains in England.

    3. gotanidea says:

      If they cannot handle such pressure and weather condition, they had better play only in the Emirates Cup in preseason.

    4. Me says:

      Are those your excuses?
      Or are they Wengers?

    5. Shinoda says:

      There’s always something/someone else to blame.

    6. Dennis Moriarty says:

      John, give it a rest!

    7. Marc says:

      Idiot! Just accept that the better side won!

  17. John0711 says:

    Awful performance best team won could have been 4-5 never mind 1
    What do we expect with elneny and Xhaka wanyama their sub is better let that sink in
    Mustafi awful not good enough
    Chec couple straight at him but looks poor
    And lacca ???? Wow just wow
    Wenger no idea how to get the best from players

  18. Lupe says:

    Honestly guys, lets take positives from this game. We could have been humiliated by Tottenham, i don’t know how i would have survived that. Better team won. Where was our 350,000k per week superstar? Don’t worry guys, we will see him against brighton. Lol. Wenger out!! Arsenal fans, don’t be fooled by this team.

    1. RSH says:

      and people wonder why I wasnt jumping for joy when Ozil signed. If he’s earning that much he needs to be a flipping leader, even when the rest of the team isn’t playing well. Rest of the midfield was also bad, but why isn’t ozil going in deeper to receive the ball and take charge of the game? He seemed perfectly okay staying relatively wide and losing the ball. It’s not good enough, and I’ve always said it’s not a disaster if Ozil left us.

      1. Sony says:

        I think he needs to play centraly. He is not good enough on wings. He is okay at best there. Anyway agree he was rubbish today as whole team was anyway, but atleast he tried. However our strikes tried to get as many offsides as possible like a competition

  19. Break-on-through says:


  20. ThirdManJW says:

    I missed the first 6 mins, and the odd min here, there, but saw about 82 mins, and I didn’t see Lloris having to do anything! Absolutely pathetic performance, and shocking management…as usual!

    Cech – 8
    Bellerin – 4
    Mustafi – 3
    Koscielny – 5
    Monreal – 5
    Xhaka – 5
    Eleneny – 6
    Wilshere – 5
    Ozil – 5
    Mkhitaryan – 3
    Audameyang – 5

    Subs: Iwobi – 2, Lacazette – 0, Welbeck – 3

    Wenger – 1 – I have no idea why Mustafi, Bellerin, and Xhaka started, and there was ZERO in game management. Even with only 2 mins left, we were still casually passing the ball around at the back, and passing short.

    Made me laugh the Arsenal fans thinking the future was rosy after the Everton. Just how many times are you going to be hoodwinked? Reality sets in just one game later!

    1. GB says:

      Bellerin 4 are you mad? He was outstanding in defence today!
      Mustafi 3! Yes you are mad.

    2. Sony says:

      Why is mustafi so low. He was pretty good and Kos so high did i think you mixed it. I think Xhaka was better than Elneny or same. Mikhi deserves 1 today that was rubbish and Bellerin was our best defender by miles

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Mustafi gave the ball away so many times I lost count, and silly fouls yet again. Bellerin also gave the ball away loads, and crossing was pathetic as usual. Those two need to be dropped for the rest of the season, and sold in the summer.

        Elneny was easily our best player, yet he gets subbed first. Not sure what Wenger was watching?

        1. RSH says:

          this is complete nonsense. Elneny was average like he always is, Bellerin kept Son in check for essentially the entire match, and Mustafi put out dozens of fires in the box the entire game. Crazy how mustafi gets slated when Kos was well off the pace of this game, and Mustafi had to make up for his half-hearted performance. Ridiculous you give Mustafi a low score because of a couple loose balls from passing out the back, and I can only recall one that actually led to any danger. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

          1. ThirdManJW says:

            WTF!! A COUPLE of loose balls? That is a lie, factually wrong! I don’t mind opinions , and you don’t agree with my ratings and that’s fair enough, but I won’t accept lies. I expect your apology Sir!

            Maybe Kos could have been lower rating as well, but cannot remember losing possession as much. At the end of day, utter rubbish yet again, and 100% fault of the manager.

          2. ThirdManJW says:

            Also, Spurs should have scored 4/5, so the CB’s were very poor!

          3. RSH says:

            haha get over yourself. Your ratings are all over the place. And your praise for Elneny makes zero sense. And saying Spurs should’ve scored more doesnt automatically mean our defense was rubbish. Arsenal had to push more as the game went on and our midfielders couldn’t string two passes together as well and were happy to give the ball away. Cech definitely stepped up to keep us at 1-0 .

          4. Sony says:

            Better Avarage than rubbish like Mikhi and it does not automatically mean defense was rubbish, but in second half it was rubbish defending. Another waiting for Cech 200 cleansheet

          5. ThirdManJW says:

            Like I said, I am happy for you to disagree, just don’t make stuff up.

          6. RSH says:

            what am I making up? You’re making up Elneny’s great performance.

          7. Break-on-through says:

            Some other sites are saying Elneny was one of the better players without really doing anything great. Just done a job but because it was a team out of sorts it never really amounted to anything.

            Going forward we know not to expect much of Elnenners, he doesn’t get the same understanding that Coquelin got even though he rarely misplaces a ball and rarely sells himself short. He’s a bottom of the pile player so for what he’s worth no complaints. No complaints other than Wenger having him allot closer to the Arsenal first team than he ever should have been.

          8. Sony says:

            I agree on loosing balls on Mustafi, but Kos was not better and when he lost possesion it was super dangerous and he left Mustafi to deal with it.

        2. Sony says:

          Well most of them gave ball away so many times and i just felt Elneny was okay at best. I do not agree on Bellerin his crosses were much better today and Tottenham defended well.

    3. RSH says:

      Mustafi 3 just shows you didn’t watch a second of this match

    4. Marc says:

      Wilshere, Bellerin and Mustaphi were the 3 decent outfield players on the park today. Cech did well too. Xhaka is hopeless and Ozil looks like he only plays for the money…..he has zero heart !!

  21. Adega Olatunji says:

    One more defeat to man city next week

  22. Me says:

    Absolutely hilarious.
    We are so f***ing far away from the likes of Spurs
    It should have been four or five.
    At least Wenger failed in beating a top four side so its not all bad news is it.
    And I cannot state how much I enjoy to see him fail.
    What a pathetic performance.
    What a pathetic team
    What a pathetic manager.
    Senile and washed up…
    Sooner he is gone the better

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      obviously u did not watch the game and juz slam

      1. Me says:

        Obviously I did watch the game.
        If you want to go rooting for something positive to say that will enforce a belief that Wenger is still a competent manager then please do.
        I find no positives in that performance – a team that had nearly four times as many shots as us with little effort.
        If you want to be happy then be happy..

        1. John0711 says:


      2. Marc says:

        John, did you watch the game? Are you still commenting on the Everton game?

        1. John0711 says:

          Marc apologies I thought we were playing Tottenham today not a very poor Everton I didn’t realise outback standards had dropped so much

  23. sol says:

    They scored @49 the sub. @65…WOW…..

  24. Durand says:

    Unfortunately we shrivel when teams press.
    Unbelievable that we still can’t cope with pressure, no ideas.

    Kos past it, think Mert actually made Kos look decent. 2 CB needed stat. Thinking Jonny Evans better than what we have.
    Give new boy Mavro a chance, can’t be worse than Holding or Chambers, not to mention Kos or Mustafi.

    Why no Sead?
    Iwobi not quality, looked like he was partying again.

    Outclassed by spuds, they turned up pressure and Arsenal cracked. We had 0 pace on wings, no steel in midfield.

    Arsenal got handled by younger london brother, we got out-wenger-balled

  25. reddb10 says:

    on a positive note we wont play in Europe next season which means the greedy blood sucking yank wont make more money. Maybe he will sell and F##k off

    1. GB says:

      Oh dear you really don’t know anything do you!

    2. Rkw says:

      We will get in to Europa league which is now as good as winning the EPL … Just ask stoke fans etc etc… No way the fossil van keep going at end of season if fans vent their frustration at home games …

  26. Sad Gunner says:

    Haven’t got BT Sport so couldn’t watch the game, but then we always seem to lose on this channel, as we used to on Setanta Sports.

  27. Me says:

    Man United get a world class player for free.
    Arsenal get a traffic cone for free.
    Even though he was for free it still looks a waste of money.
    Still – whatever confidence he had will be destroyed soon…
    Wenger destroys everything around him..

  28. Shinoda says:

    A few days ago I made a comment in one of the articles & I was worried about which Arsenal would turn up; the one at Chelsea in Carabao or the one that was humiliated at Swansea, I have been answered. Does the manager know what the Nld means to the fans? Do these players even know what the Nld is? That was just humiliating in every aspect. Wenger has made a fool of himself & the sooner he goes the better. We can’t defend, our midfield is weak & we’re always making stupid mistakes. We’ve not even played City & ManU… Say goodbye to top 5, best we’re getting is 6th.

  29. Boobman says:

    How is it we kept Afobe, Akpom when they were youngsters but let Kane go! I really fear for the likes of Nelson and Nketiah who won’t get a sniff of first team action again now the Europa League has become Wengers 4th place trophy this season.

  30. Innit says:

    Cech, Xhaha, Eleny were decent today. I still think Xhaka and Eleny lack the Quality to start but they did fine today.

    No creativeness. No spark. We were just AWFUL offensively. With Ozil, Mkhitaryan and Wilshere and Aubameyang/Lacazette we should have done a lot better

    Europa League is our only chance now. We need to focus on Thursday. Play our best players.
    This time play both Lacazette and Kolsanic. They are both too good to be benched.
    I think Wenger could destroy Lacazette or at least his confidence

    Also, Cech and Monreal weren’t 100% so why did Wenger not start Ospina and Kolsanic today?

    We need another Top RB by the way

    1. Wenger Doesn’t sign the right players (until too late but still misses 1 or 2 positions like defensive midfielder and centre back)
    2. Wenger doesn’t play the right players. Poor lineups
    3. Wenger doesn’t motivate the players
    4. Wenger is stubborn and doesn’t move with the times. Will not change
    5. Wenger is also too easy and loyal with the players.

    The board are nuts to keep him in charge


    1. RSH says:

      Elneny and Xhaka being bang average is why our midfield didn’t produce anything besides for Wilshere. They’re very passive players, you know they are playing, but they don’t do anything helpful. Elneny just makes basic passes and does basic marking. Xhaka… didn’t do anything bad this game is the most praise I can give him. That does nothing to help our attack though, and he was playing as a CM this game, needs to offer way more. They’re bench players, not starters.

    2. Boobman says:

      Wenger will be going nowhere as he will convince silent Stan and his lapdogs this seaon was a blip and he will get everything back on track next season.

    3. Sven says:

      Well, Cech had one of the games of his career, and Ospina sucks big time (seriously, look at his “exploits” for Colombia if you didn’t watch him in the cups).

      Agreed with everything else.

  31. Paddy Gooner says:

    Best team won. Kane is a beast. Dembele couldn’t be touched. Should have been 3-0 if not for Cech. Ozil and Mhkitaryan couldn’t pass or play and we couldn’t string a pass together in their half. Ozil was the biggest disappointment.

    1. Rkw says:

      That’s,only because we have no expectations anymore about bellerin mustafi xhaka elneny Iwobi etc … But yes he was poor but if we don’t play to his strengths it’s though for the guy

  32. Avenger says:

    It was expected Tot 1 Cech and Jack 0

    where are those Morons supporting Wenger?

    Arsenal is becoming a Artificial Entity not the Club
    once use to be Wenger Out again and again and again

  33. ThirdManJW says:

    See how relaxed Ozil has become since signing that ridiculous over the top contract.

    1. RSH says:

      never been a big game player, always one to give up. Fans had nostalgia glasses on when it came to Ozil this season and forgot how many times he hasn’t shown up for us. Arsenal board will do anything to please fans to keep milking the cash. Even give out undeserved contracts.

    2. Marc says:

      Ozil is paper tiger! No heart…..not a team player. Should get fined his entire weeks wages for not giving a s**t the entire game!

  34. Steven Wilson says:

    Serious question here, is Alex Iwobi actually a football player? He is absolutely atrocious, Granit Xhaka is slow and cannot pass and elneny looks like a really poor attempt at replacing Coquelin. We lack height in the team and rarely win balls in the air without fouling. We really need a collosus in midfield, a leader and true ball winner who can link with forwards and also break up play effectively.

    1. Sven says:

      In PES 2018, Xhaka’s speed is 64 and acceleration 65. A fitter Mertesacker as our main central midfielder. LOL

  35. bleeding gunner says:

    This in my opinion is the time to fire Mr Wenger. Someone must be held accountable for this.

  36. ks-gunner says:

    Not going to repeat my self as everything what needs to be said has been said already. Just one thing i would like to say.

    Wenger has killed Lacas confidence and losing this for a striker means his football death. Do feel very very srry for that guy.

    Also not that we need to exdent jacks contract bzt he needs to be named captain asap

    1. Break-on-through says:

      It’s true, he shot both Lacazette and Kolasinac’s confidence who both started off as good as we could hope or expect. Kolasinac added the extra muscle out wide after so many years of have f@@k all fight out wide, and when he came inward he scared them over to the other wing.

      Lacazette scored a beauty with his first touch, looked to have a steely concentration, before Wenger gave him a complex that the French league players have no stamina, then buys a similar player and starts him over himself to shoot any last bit of confidence from the lad.

      Some say the same for Ospina, he had a great season but then bought a new no1 who was winding down instead of up.

      1. ks-gunner says:

        This guy is currently struggeling to settle in big time, and arsenal are not helping. He was already under pressure, and what does Arsenal do, they call guys who trashed him on twitter to challenge him and make him look like a fool for the sake of entertaiment in the end

  37. Ozilla says:

    We lost every 50 50 ball and lost pretty much every ariel duel..we have no strength and lack height..tottenham kept getting possession because of this..when is Wenger going to see this is a problem?? Xhaka was supposed to be the answer, but he’s clueless defensively

  38. sfgunner says:

    not down on laca, at least he created opportunities. iwobi does not belong, this team needs to gel,

    1. Elvs says:

      Iwobi made the through pass to lacazette..if lacazette had converted that chance …

  39. Break-on-through says:

    Bring on City, do we looked scared, well, I’d say we should be but 5th or 6th place seems doable. That’s what I hate about this Arsenal side, one week we are on it, the next week we look a bottom three side. We aren’t a team, we’re a bunch of very good PL individuals to very average PL individuals. And having a coach that encourages players to express their individuality is why we are the way we are.

    I was a massive AKB in the day, I thought he was pure genius, honest to dog, and I still love the man but there comes a time when you gotta admit the truth no matter how hard it is to take.

    People are right, you have to ask yourself …are you a lover of Arsenal FC …or do you believe that there is no Arsenal without Wenger and he’s the reason you’ve supported them in the first place.

    Some are gonna say here we go all the whiners out in force and/but when we win the proper fans will speak. That’s the thing. I’m a huge whiner and am on cloud nine when things go right for our club. That is why it is enough already, he’s done ok in the last number of seasons cup wise. But just like you want only the best for the people you love most in this world, Arsenal should have it’s fanbase come together and want only the best possible shot we can get, if it means going through a few managers before we find the right one, so be it we done it before with G. Graham B. Rioch before sticking with A. Wenger. It’s someone else’s time when this season is done. If we win the Europa league (big if) hopefully Arsene will admit the truth to himself, he wont get a better send off than that Cup. Wenger should understand better than any man, woman, or child. How many players has he gone through which he deemed not worthy enough to fill the need we had to improve. He might give players more chances than the next manager, but there comes a time.

  40. Sven says:

    I fear I was right in saying we overspent on Auba. He’s only good in fast open play and counters, not much else in his arsenal.

    Would have been better if we went for a dribbling winger + a defensive midfielder.

    Still our main weak points.

    1. RSH says:

      It’s only been two games. Too early to say that, especially when the service was terrible. Already looking like this will go the lacazette route though. Arsenal dont know how to create chances with someone who runs off defenders. This is why getting rid of Giroud was a big mistake. He’s a player that became much more suitable for Arsenal.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        If it changed our tactics to countering our opponents it might work out better. But this was away to spu, something tells me that it’s the type of game Auba should be finding space in, behind the offside trap. The games that set out to keep the score 0-0 as long as possible and they having only one striker on the halfway line, Giroud was good for those ones – defensively and offensively – But yeah I agree, 2 games in with the games having the good v the bad.

  41. Tom says:

    The issue people talk about when they talk about Arsenal.

    The main issue about never replacing Viera or getting a DCM is because of trying to deal with the high press whilst playing.

    Football now is about either trying to be more Technical (Arsenal, City…) or High Energy (Liverpool, Spurs…)

    Today Eleny played like a quartback and it works only so much but doesn’t give that extra man in midfield against a 3 (today -Dembele,Davies,Dier) who press. So we can be pressed on the wing man for man, and pressed in the middle with opponents having extra spare man today.

    This is our dilemma. we lack players in Midfield who offer high energy in exchange for technical skill – Xhaka, Eleny, Ozil, Mkhit… If we get a DCM who can offer this (high energy), we need the ability to play in him too. But a single player who is high energy and technical as a DCM doesn’t exist.

    Personally with Coq being sold we could search for someone who is high energy DCM in the summer. Or knowing Wenger he will go and buy someone like Cazrola (who’s ball control skill was exceptional).

    Auba,Mkhit,Ozil…are top players. Age doesn’t matter when they are top draw. Auba is one of the quickest in league. Two goals less than Kane in Europe in 12 months and he’s brought for 60m – what’s Kane worth? Maybe 110m!

    If Arsenal solve – whether during Wenger’s stint or after this issue let’s see.
    Pep took a year to work it out. Plays technical players across his team. Keeper out to forward. Money has helped

    Personally Wenger needs to understand he can’t find the ‘total’ solution in his time left and he or Sven should focus on finding a player like Kante. (Who we didn’t get because Chelski offered higher wages)

    Of cause AFC need defenders but I’l be keen to go back for Lemar too. Young and full of energy

    Imagine how different AFC would be with also Lemar, Kante and Varane (French players in yester years we would of got!!!)

    1. Me says:

      Wenger needs to GO
      It is simple as that.
      The only thing he needs to know is that his time is up and its time to leave.
      The very last thing we need is that dribbling old fool wasting more resources on donkeys.
      Do you honestly believe that he can solve anything?
      Has ten years of abject failure not illuminated anything for you?
      Wenger is useless…

      1. Tom says:

        Cup wins since Emirates move and financial growth isn’t Abject failure.

        It’s not to the standards you clearly want and what most of us would want, but in times of over inflation and countries buying football clubs what do you want???

        If a company are failing you look to strategy not a random hope for a saviour.

        Strategy on and off the pitch I talk about. Talk of donkeys and dribbling old fools isn’t an educated argument/discussion!!

        But I understand if you are upset.

    2. Sven says:

      Bundesliga doesn’t compare always.
      Michy scored 3 and assisted 1 his first 2 with Dortmund. Are you saying he’s much much better than Giroud??

      Auba was good because of pace and Dortmund’s passing. Will be a very useful player, but not the kind that wins you cup finals or tight deciders.

      Keeping Giroud and buying a dribbling winger would have given us many more options than 3 playmakers + 2 physically-non-imposing central forwards.

      And, of course, we will regret not buying a defender when Chambers and Holding do their thing – you know, not being focused enough – and we crash out of the Europa.

  42. Me says:

    Arsenal are just shit – simple as that.
    For Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan see Lacazette and Iwobi in a years time.
    Wenger sucks the talent out of players and turns them into lazy, unmotivated players happy to just turn up and take the money.
    Its easier to take the flak for a day or two than to sit down and chose a competitive team and formulate tactics.
    Wenger knows that by Monday it will all be forgotten.
    Wenger sucks the life out of the club and its fans.

  43. Franko says:

    We are an attacking team my foot. The lack of ball dribblers is the reason we will never make top 4 again under Wenger unless another manager with different ideas comes in.

  44. Boobman says:

    why do my comments spend ages under moderation when there is nothing wrong with them. Other’s replies appear almost instantaneously!

  45. Welsh_Ramsey says:

    When has Ozil ever been good for us when isolated on the wing? It took over 60 minutes for Wenger to finally move him more centrally, but with Mihki coming off. Lacazette looks finally to have hit bottom on confidence. Not surprising when he comes to the club and either plays as a sub or gets subbed every 70th minute, than is immediately dropped for Aubameyang when he arrives. Iwobi was abysmal. Funny how so many were crying for a starting spot for him ahead of lacazette for “balance”. Most managers would use a formation to allow them to use their best players. Not Wenger, benching laca and pushing Ozil to the wing. Aside from our unsurprisingly awful defending, we lost this game down to tactics and how the team was set up yet again.

    1. Jan says:

      Wooow.. finally proper comment!

  46. i was a gooner says:

    Arsenal played not their natural game. they were playing not to lose, yet lost. negative tactics cost us.

  47. dutchy says:

    Wooooow AW subbed Xhaka!!! Best thing that happened today.

  48. Sue says:

    No bragging rights today…. thought we’d be up for it more than we were sigh….
    Another away game, another loss… Jesus this season really has been one to forget….
    I love Arsenal but sometimes I really don’t enjoy watching them & today was one of those days
    Next game on Thursday………..

    1. GB says:

      At last a proper post. I feel the same Sue.

  49. Jack reacher says:

    It’s draining we lost to spurs but more over than anything the way we lost was embarrasseing and shocking we were played off park most game that has concern us as fans spurs bullied us out played us hungry in every department it’s has fall with wenger when is time when he just accepts game has passed him matter of fact it has passed us arsenal fans aswell no control in middle very poor from xhaka and elneny and again dembele bought mortgage in midfield he’s the owner my god vieria would of knocked he’s house down but look we’re very poor and away from home sad really how wenger keeps he’s job is just pure stupidity but not just with today’s results over all away from home we’re relegation side go get Enrique before Chelsea get him and let but of class and youth take our great club back before Tottenham spuds leave us so far behind we won’t even complete this series lack lustrous club

  50. Highbury44 says:

    Ozil needs to be sold in the summer

    1. Phil says:

      Mate you are an idiot

      1. GB says:

        Lots of em here Phil.

    2. Sven says:

      No, but he should be benched for some big games.

  51. Midkemma says:

    ElNeny had a good game but I think he still passed back a bit much which allowed for them to press higher up, he didn’t end up being a brick wall stopping players from getting through but hassling while others done the real defending.

    Wilshere had a better game but the lump next to him allowed players to run past too much and although ElNeny positioning was good, he wasn’t stopping the penetration.

    I feel we lost the match in CM, it felt like a matter of time before they scored because how weak our CM was. I blame Kos for the goal but the CM allowed too much penetration to think our def would keep it tight for 90 mins.

    I blame Wenger ultimately, he doesn’t appear to be putting much faith in youth like he has in the last as I do feel AMN could have done a lot better in Xhaka role and offered some steel. It is Wenger who destroyed Laca confidence with dragging him off for Giroud constantly, it has hurt Laca.

    Bellerin had a good game defensively but his final ball was horrid again, the lad needs to be drilled on his final ball, he is starting to look more and more clueless on the ball as time goes by compared to the lad who used his instinct to get past players when he burst on the scene. His def work was worth of praise though.

  52. Umar says:

    Lacazette’s career died the day he chose to wear the No. 9 shirt at arsenal.

  53. Adam Criniti says:

    Not sure why Arsenal fans are so frustrated by today’s predictable result.
    This is sadly Wengers historical DNA against top 5 oppositions away from the Emirates and nothing is
    going to change until the Senile One is relieved of
    his duties.

    Haven’t watched a game since the Munich capitulation, wont till either Kroenke or Wenger is

    1. Phil says:

      They should BOTH go

  54. Abel says:

    Wilshere was crap all game. Too slow and held on to the ball for too long. Did give a couple of through passes to Aubumeyang though.
    Xhaka Anonymous and didn’t press the opponents enough.
    Mkhitaryan average game, did well tracking back but very poor on the ball and was clearly not up for the pace of this game.
    Ozil, quiet game, relinquished his creative role to Mkhitaryan. Was always man marked but didn’t do enough to create chances for Aubumeyang.
    Elneny, above average. Did all that was required of him as a hassler and ball carrier.
    Aubumeyang, average although he didn’t get any service at all despite Spurs playing a high line. Also didn’t press the opposition players enough.
    Bellerin, all speed and no brain. Did well in the first half as he was often forced back as Spurs overloaded his side. Offered very little in attack.
    Monreal, one of his poorer games, was more preoccupied with helping out his central defenders than keeping his opposite fullback at bay.
    Kocielny, very bad day at the office. Increasingly showing his age. At fault for losing Kane for the goal and immediately lost him again for another missed chance. Involved in another error that nearly cost another goal. Needs to lead the defensive exits in the summer.
    Mustafi, poor again. Aggressive but too error prone. Panics whenever he is put under pressure. Almost gifted Alli a goal when they made a harsh of a simple clearance.
    Cech, solid game, not at fault for the goal but did not inspire confidence with his botched clearances and his rudimentary right foot.
    Iwobi, poor cameo. Needs to improve his passes if he is to become a better player.
    Lacazette, frustratingly disappointing. Poor finishing with the two best chances Arsenal had late in the game
    Welbeck, too little time to make an impact.

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