Tottenham will play strong team against Arsenal

Arsenal have lost their last two games and are trying to avoid a third in tomorrow’s Capital One Cup game against Tottenham at White Hart Lane, but, conversely, Spurs have won their last three and are keen to keep their run going. Maurice Ponchettino’s men reached the League Cup semi-final last season so they are sure to be keen to go one step further this time, and Jan Vertonghen is quite confident going into this North London Derby.

The Dutch defender said in the Mail: ‘In the league we have City, Swansea and Liverpool coming for us. So it was very important to win (against Crystal Palace on Sunday).

‘And in the Europa League we want to involve all the players. We have a big squad and it was very important to win to go to Arsenal on Wednesday.

‘I don’t know who’s going to play (against Arsenal) but whoever does, everyone knows how important those games are for us and for the fans. We will play a strong team, I guess, and hopefully get the same result.

‘I think I lost only once or twice (to Arsenal) and I’ve won a couple so my record (against them is) not too bad.’

Having said that, Vertonghen is not sure if he will be featured in the squad tomorrow. ‘I want to play every game because I like to play football (but) sometimes it’s better for me to rest. I think it’s good that the medical staff and technical staff make that decision for you.” he continued. ‘You can still be fresh in March or April that way.’

Other than the runs both sides are on, there will definitely be changes from both sides, with Arsenal facing a difficult trip to Leicester next while Tottenham have an even bigger test against Man City. The question is; which team has the better reserves?

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  1. After the *swearword* on Saturday, this game is a MUST win. Even though it’s a cup game, we need to start winning again and get into some sort of routine and consistency. Most importantly Wenger needs to assigns someone to take charge on the pitch and lead the team. We cannot afford anymore red cards…I understand players get riled up but then we need the rest of the team to step in and dissolve the situation.

    1. I think the entire team could do with some management lessons of a sort, companies send employees on these types of things to weed out the leaders from the followers ..I think. Bring in some old Arsenal warriors, we all know which ones, and give them allot of time with our players maybe even pay them just to hang around so to rub off.

      1. Apostle Wenger Monsieur Arsene is an advocate of peace and meekness, he likes his players humble and sheepish.

  2. We have a much better reserve (or non-starting 11) team than Spuds…and a team that needs the game time too – they should be given that chance…

      1. > That was a CL, this is a CC game and that was away in another country and this is still in would u prefer we play our best team win here(not guaranteed) and get tired legs for and in-form Leicester side wknd…

  3. yea well am not counting them as easy..but we should win this please,after that we face in form Leicester city..hopefully we should win both.
    well aint surprised, i did a video of our Saturday game where Costa was supposed to be red carded after fouling Koscienly and his crimes, people have been viewing it a lot then this morning i got an e-mail that my video has been blocked cus its a copyright that the owners who claimed so is The Premier League.
    well aint that a blooody conspiracy? we call upload videos of goals without it being blocked but cant upload videos of fouls??
    are they trying to keep that video from people?

  4. How many new accounts are you going to open and pretend you are someone else. I think I have now reached the end of my tether with you….
    You think you can pretend to be old and then suddenly start insulting everyone again? Dream on….

      1. The LeCoqxxx that loves insulting people
        AKA Tank-Gunners
        AKA coqBRIGADES
        AKA Skidrow95
        AKA Budd supports piers petition

  5. The other day, someone referred to Tottenham as “Arsenal’s bitter rivals” and that made me sad. Lol!! Funny but **No Swearing** sad.

    So Tottenham do have a “strong team”??? Who knew???????

  6. If arsene decided to line up with the weak team that play against zagareb tottenham must win the game,debuchy shld be out of our squad,kieran shld be giving a new role after atleast 70mins or so,i thnk from the team that played chelski cech shld be left out to give him some resting moment bt if we dare repeated zagreb’s mistake definitely spuds wl win the game.SALIS DALHAT KWANKWASO UP UP UP GUNNERS.

  7. The writer of the article must research and verify facts before rushing to publish an article. First Tottenham reached the final of League Cup last season. Second Jan Vertonghen is Belgian not Dutch.

    I for one expect and would want to see big rotation with young players coming in as well. However, it looks it will be an experienced squad from what Wenger said. The only youngster who may feature is Iwobi. For those wanting to see Jeff take there was a picture of him that was circulated 2 or 3 weeks ago after an under 21 match that suggested he was injured in that match. He did not feature in the U19 champions league league last either, which buttresses the point that he might be out injured.

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