Tough love helping Arsenal star to perform

A lot of Arsenal fans have been critical of Arsene Wenger for the way the Frenchman always sticks up for his players and refuses to criticise them even when it is blatantly obvious to everyone that they have just had a shocker and cost the team badly.

That is Wenger’s way though and the players certainly seem to appreciate it, while it does seem better than kicking football boots at their face (as Fergie once did with David Beckham) or slagging them off publicly and dropping them to the bench at half time (Mourinho and Terry) or accusing them of all sorts and making them train with the reserves (van Gaal with just about everyone in the Man United squad).

However, there is a theory that some players respond better to the pressure of criticism and that seems to be the case with our England international star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. The 22-year old, set for his 21st senior cap on Saturday, has revealed in an Evening Standard report, that his dad is always ready to point out flaws in his performances.

Chamberlain’s dad was also a pro footballer who earned eight caps for his country and the Ox reckons that his critical appraisal is helping the Arsenal star to improve, while his mum thinks he can do no wrong. The Gunner does not take his dad’s words badly though and is glad that he can get an honest opinion rather than being told he was brilliant if he wasn’t.

He said, “He is a harsh critic but a realistic one. I always know I can go to him for honest advice.

“I can have the worst game of my life, come off the pitch and my mum will tell me I was great. That’s what mums do. But Dad has always been able to tell me in the right way whether I have done well or badly.

“There is always room for improvement and I have grown up knowing however well I have done, there is always something I could have done better.

“The way him and my mum have brought me up extends to my outlook on life and how I want to live the rest of it.”

Do you think that Wenger should perhaps take heed of this and try to be a bit more critical, or honest, in his own player appraisals?

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  1. The greatest friends u can ever have are those that will tell u to your face how bad they think you behaved or acted and till stick with u.

  2. The ox is a talented player no doubt, but he must focus more on consistency with his passing, and when goal scoring opportunity arises to put away chances that is given!

  3. The poll for august goal of the month –
    ‘Ox vs Olivier’ says it all.
    2 goals in a month, and ONLY ONE in the premier league….

    1. everything sounds bad or good depending on the context that text is put.

      1 goal in 4 games…and we just lost one.



  4. Here are the squad costs of top 5 teams in the UK

    ManCity: 408.8 Million
    ManU : 389.1 Million
    Chelsea: 297.1 Million
    Liverpool:251.1 Million
    Arsenal: 220.7 Million

    It is really hard to compete, when your squad costs half your opponent. Even if they have wasted a big chunk of that money it is still very difficult to compete.

    I thought if we spent another 60-70 Million in this window upgrading some of the positions that we all keep talking about with a couple of top players, we would be in the mix at the end of the year.

    For all of you that think “showing up” is enough look at the last 10 years and see who have been champions and then look at the list above.

    And for all those that think we cant compete monetarily with those guys another 70 million, which we have, would have put as smack in the middle of the pack right up there with Chelsea in squad spending.

        1. cholo has more balls than arsene, in fact, the south americans have more passion and balls than anyone else….

  5. I think AW doesnt slam his players in public, cause, as we say in my country you wash your dirty laundry in your house not in public,
    But I also think he does in private.
    We have seen halt time changes in players and attitudes in the past.
    We have also seen players change frm horrible games to another.

    Of course we cant be sure and of course it is very clear that he believes in his players, but I do think he puts them in their place in private

    1. I believe the same, but he must be more energetic in the matches, give more motivation to his players and discuss less with the referee.

  6. 2013/2014: Lets give wenger until the end of the season…… Arsenal grabs 4th
    2014/2015: Let’s give wenger until end of the season….Arsenal grabs 3rd…12pts off Leaders
    Summer transfer window: Let’s judge wenger at the end of the window………. 1 signing only….distress

    2015/2016: AKB comment = Let’s give wenger until end of time

    seasonal CycLe of an unserious football club!

    1. 2013 wenger spend 43m on the player we didn’t need.
      2014 wenger spent 32m on the player we knew the player chosen arsenal bc of london otherwise he would have gone to liverpool who offered more money than wenger.
      Anyways even 1 good signing every season is more than enough if he had signed the players we needed especially wc striker and dm. To me there was no improvement as we always grabbed 4th place no matter what and please don’t tell me winning fa cup as an improvement even relegation team can win it.

      1. “please don’t tell me winning fa cup as an improvement even relegation team can win it”
        Tell that to Liverpool and then just watch their reaction.

    2. The improvements of Carling Cups, FA cups and Emirates Cups are enough for some but in the league where it matters we have been off the pace by 10-15 points for a decade now and i have seen no improvements there.

    1. i heard carl jenkinson doing clean sheet on his first time being goalkeeper. that’s very promising !
      should consider for taking jenkinson back ,he is our answer to forward problems if own goal was injured / going on international match.

  7. “Breaking news” : apparently man city is going to make a 26m bid in the january transfer window for our top goal scorer “own goals”! I would be very upset if wenger lets him leave!

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