Tough Premier League has Klopp in awe of Arsenal boss

There are few, if any, Premier League clubs that have had more injury problems than Arsenal to cope with in recent years and the fact that we have always had the Champions League to worry about as well as the three domestic competitions has made it even harder for Arsene Wenger to cope.

Even now when the injury situation at Arsenal is not too bad, there are six first team players out of action, as you can see on Just Arsenal´s dedicated injury page. For a change, though, our next opponents Liverpool have an even bigger problem on the injury front and their new manager Jurgen Klopp is starting to wonder what he let himself in for when deciding to come to the Premier League, as his press conference reported by The Mirror suggests.

The German and his team have come out the other end of the festive fixture congestion in all sorts of trouble and that has made Klopp see the job done by the Arsenal boss in a whole new light, after meeting the Gunners before when in charge of Borussia Dortmund but never appreciating the things Premier League managers had to cope with.

He said, “My respect for him grows day by day. It’s really intensive to work in the PL. He’s done a brilliant job.”

The Liverpool boss also spoke about what he expects from Arsenal tomorrow, a very good team playing attractive and creative football.

He said, “We shouldn’t talk too much about my experiences of playing against Arsenal. We will find a current plan for this game.

“One thing is always the same [with Arsenal], they are a good football playing team.”

I get the feeling that Klopp is not exactly looking forward to the visit of Arsene Wenger and the high flying Gunners. Is he right to worry?

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  1. very charismatic man that jurgen ‘hamstring surgeon’ klopp

    but now hes in the intense goldfish bowl that is the premier league hes finding it harder .

    wengers 20 years deep in this….his OG status is confirmed.
    the snoop doggy dogg of this football ish.
    rolling down the turf…an his zips stuck , arsene sipping on gin and juice

      1. The stuck zipper he calls the sticky zizzup.

        Like I said, blue bus boys can’t F*** with this
        And dirty S*uds can’t F***with that
        s*** that Le Prof drops cuz ya know it don’t stop
        Mr. 3-points-tomorrow on m*********n Klopp!

      2. ‘I’m not saying I’m number one,
        oops I guess I lied,
        I’m number ONE, two, three, four AND five!’
        – ARS-1

        Betcha didn’t know Wenger was down with BDP!

    1. Games like one coming up against Liverpool make me nervous, because this is where we usually begin to screw up our title chances when things are looking up. We need a strong performance, and match their home-advantage intensity with our newfound good form against big teams. With City, Everton, United, Stoke, Tottenham away from home coming up, there’s plenty of room to ruin our title hopes. We need to start posing a big threat now, while still waiting for our other good players to return & make us stronger, or we’ll see our hopes disappear in the next few matches, as has been the case in recent years.

  2. Both are good managers and respectable at that! Not like mourinho who is arrogant and disrespectful ask Eva Carneiro!

  3. In regards to the previous article about captains leaving.. I was at the bournemouth game at home a couple of weeks back. The weather was as bad as pur performance, however there was one player that stood out and kept shouting at players to put more effort in and that was Özil. Can see him being a great captain.

  4. Dear Gooners , What really bothers fact worries me like HELL is that Our beloved manager never forecast future as he stuck in the past.Why I’m saying this? Well we all know this is the best chance we have to WIN the EPL,don’t we? In order to do so he has to spend NOT BIG but WISE. He will not add anyone else apart from El nany in this transfer. It is NOT ENOUGH..WHY? he’s sticking to OG and TW as attacking force but it is not enough WE KNOW.If we do not buy someone in the like of Aubameyang or Cavani just to mention now , we do not have a chance to do well in the UCL nor battle the EPL with Man shity.Me as most realistic and objective gooners know that IT IS NOW or NEVER…why not spending those 30-40 millions now instead of waiting for summer when Mr Guardiola will come to the EPL and all the big guns will love to make Shity Like Bayern is now? dominating the EPL for years to come when we could have bolster our team to be the other front runners? It is call planning for the future.Let’s get them now as in summer they will be way more expensive and get arid of the dead wood in summer so we just have to focus in another CB. Big name will bring more revenue in Merchandising and ticket sales for tours in asia plus we can compete against CITY but i know we will get same old excuse at the endo fo the season..we tried to find that special player and could not finid it so injuries derailed our title hopes..bla, bla..if this happens..Our coach have to GO.

  5. You think its tough now Jurgen? just Wait till the media turns on you. I admire him but he’s no miracle worker. Mediocre management has turned Liverpool into a mid-table team. A friend of mine, who happens to be their fan, told me he thought Skrtle was world class. Deluded lot.

  6. I will admit i was one of the ones to want Klopp at Arsenal, though its not going as great as he wouldve hoped for, it takes time to adjust to the prem and i still believe after the summer when he gets a couple of his own players in, ones back from injury and a pre season after this wake up call of what it actually takes to make it in this League he will do very well at Liverpool. I still think hes a great manager and character for the League, couldnt of been any worse than Mourinho!

    OT. Mentioning a new captain. After Arteta becomes a player/coach and Per drops to the bench my honest opinion for new captain has to be someone different and i said it before Francis Coquelin! He is a true Gooner, came through the ranks like Wilshere (youth cup winning midfield pairing) has completely changed the way we play as his protection is vital. Hes not afraid to get stuck in or bark a correct order to a star player not doing their role. He is a leader for this team no doubt about it just like Viera was and leads by example every game and stats back it all up, hes been a revelation for us and he is one of our own!

  7. OT:tony pulis has just said in an interview that it was disrespectful to attribute chelsea change of fortune to gus hiddink!!really as if mourinho has never offended other managers or people for that matter??

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