Transfer Fever! – And how Arsenal will win the title

The Ramsey issue; Transfer fever; Arsenal must win the Premiership this season!‏ by Usmanov

Ok before you give me that face – Yes, I shall myself, admit that statement above is a bit of an over-statement. But if I’m to be honest I’ll say that is the way I feel right now. I feel this is the season for Arsenal, and I’m pretty sure a number of Wenger’s lads will have the same feeling. Of late, Alexis and Santi have been very vocal about the need for us to start winning the big championships. So yeah, I don’t think I am demanding too much if I say that Arsenal must seriously consider winning the Epl title this season. Not next season, but THIS SEASON! Or else there is the danger that our best players who themselves are very hungry for top honours will start becoming unsettled.

What is more? The fans have patiently waited a very long time for the club to once again become Champions of England. Much of our financial restrictions have been lifted. We have some good money now. The Squad has got good depth in quantity. And to be honest, the first XI certainly isn’t lacking in quality. We have bonafide world-beaters in Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Özil and Petr Cech providing us a nice amount of experience and “Champions Mentality”. So what more do we need to do to win the title this season? For starters, I’ll suggest that the gaffer does the following.

Go with the “Tested and Trusted”

First, we must know our most trusted players and formation and avoid changing them unnecessarily. This is really important because this where the small talk of COHESION matters. I bet the reason we lost our opening game this season was that we deviated from our most trusted team formation –the one that has been working for us since the second half of last season. Little wonder we registered our first win of the season when we reverted back to the formation.

It is important that we should only change this formation when and only when there is an absolutely strong reason to do so.

Avoid too much “Experimentation”

This one is simple for me. If playing Theo Walcott as a center forward is an experiment still yet, then I say we avoid testing it out on important league games. If Jack Wilshere playing on the flanks – or anywhere in the lineup for that matter – is an experiment, I say we try it out only in the lesser cup games. Every single point will surely count for every team this season. We have to be clever with the experiments.

The Ramsey issue

Of recent, the talk among many has been about Ramsey’s new playing position in the starting lineup. Apparently, Wenger has chosen to adopt a formation with Ramsey in it playing on the right wing. I also have had my reservations about this new approach. However, I can’t argue against the fact that this system is a “Tested and Trusted” one. For whatever reason it has been working, Wenger should and will continue to use it so long it doesn’t begin to fail the manager. Maybe this system somehow provides a certain balance to our midfield. Maybe it makes us more solid defensively. Maybe it ensures that we can comfortably execute our possession-based style. Maybe it means that we can play with a very good passer (Cazorla) in the heart of central midfield so that our destroyer (Coquelin) only has to worry about destroying. Maybe it helps us create more chances, I don’t know. But what I know is that, overall it has been working well for us.

Transfer fever

It makes sense to me now more than ever what Arsene Wenger means when he says to find the top player(s) our team needs is not easy. Now it isn’t so much about the money as it was 3-10 years back. We do have some money to spend now. However, in the context of what is best for the team, it really is not easy to find top players that best fit.

When your team is good enough (fundamentally) to compete – and yes this current Arsenal team is good enough in that sense – for the EPL title this year, it becomes harder to find that player that will guarantee an improvement on the very best you currently have. Especially when you are operating in the transfer market on a financial level well below those of the likes of Real Madrid, Manchester clubs, PSG and Bayern.

In fantasy land, it is easy to throw about names of popular players as options for whom we should buy. Too often we tend to forget about how or whether this player will fit into our best formation/strategy.

Every team has (or at least, should have) a best formation – a tested and trusted method/approach/tactic/strategy that works best for them. Very often, only certain types of players can line-up in this formation so it can work. Like I said earlier, every team has one. Ours is a possession-based “4-2-3-1” formation with 4 central midfielders and a target-man striker playing in it. As awkward as that may sound, it is the approach that has been working for us since the second half of last season till date. It is the approach that the gaffer has adopted.

Hence any player we end up buying must fit well into this best formation and in the way that it is to be executed. So are you still looking for a clue as to who Arsene Wenger may eventually sign? Well, there you have it.

In conclusion, if I’m asked to say which player I feel we should sign if we are to have a better chance of winning the EPL this season, I’ll tell you straight away – Edison Cavani! But then again, maybe I am living in fantasy land. I just want my team to win the English Premier League title this season.



  1. Right now, JEINNY LIZARAZO is looking like a fraud on twitter……. Says Muzzi ozcan (the guy who says Benz ain’t coming to AFC) told her something shocking in secret!…. I’m wondering what!….. L()L

    1. arsene in desperation will probably sign an ozil type of buy or an even worse case a welbeck type of purchase…i insist that he should not sign anyone these transfer period so that our new manager who i expect next season will not have a lot of indispensable deadwood players….the squad is tight guys and i believe a good manager can win the league with these squad…i hope that arsene doesn’t buy anyone else for arsenal forever

    2. Signing benzema or cavani would increase our chance of winning the bpl.a strong DM needed to complete the charge.

  2. I know exactly who
    will be coming to
    Arsenal in this transfer
    window because Mr Wenger
    has instructed me to make
    the final decisions on every thing.

    1. @Davidnz……. U are starting to sound like “all guns blazing(Benzema done deal)” …. L()L

      1. Ha ha.
        I am just providing
        some comic release
        from his rambling.
        As if signing Benzema is a secret 🙁

  3. It wasn’t because of a lack of cohesion that we lost against WH – it was down to bad attitude with the team believing their own hype that this was their year and they just had to turn up to win.

    They weren’t professional in their approach and management is partly to blame for that too.

    Saying its a wake up call and we’ve learned is pretty pathetic but the response has been good.

    As for Walcott – good player but not a great player, inconsistent finisher and injury prone – a better winger than striker but a very good option for last 30 mins with his directness and pace- a bit expensive for that though -£140k pw- wow how much does he earn per minute played ?

    I’m convinced Bender or Moutinho or the polish guy will be signed after second leg of CL qualifiers.

  4. Don’t get paid 8m a year I know but for what it’s worth IMO a team without 6 world class out players and which regularly uses players out of position will not win titles at home or abroad … That has been arsenal FC for last decade and the results speak for themselves

    Ozil Alexis santi and kos fall in to world class … All our top rivals would b happy to take if offered chance and needed … Bellerin and wilshere might get there but certainly aren’t yet … Coq might also but overhyping 4 month spell is madness and belief that he would automatically start ahead of bender or pole is just idiotic .. Song had a great year before leaving for barca tiote had a great year for ncastle a Couple of years ago wanyama likewise for shampton last year …. None are world class …

    Giroud Walcott Ramsey ox (though jury still out and still have hope he will move up a level this season) fine for bench and domestic cup games but could be sold with no real,loss to make way for improvements

    Mertesakher has to go that’s a given

    So two world class signing in attack and DM are a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for titles but surely upgrades here here would help us improve ….that wenger refuses to acknowledge this is all fans need to know about his satisfaction with 4th place glory … Ambition should be made of sterner stuff

    1. On form Ramsey is world class, Alexis, Cazorla, Cech, Koscielny and Ozil are world class. In the coming seasons, Wilshere, Ox and Bellerin will be world class. So what’s that about not having WC players ?

      1. World class is like being pregnant you can’t be a little or sometimes … You r or u r not…As I said we have 4 … All the others are sometimes and possible … So no disagreement we need two world class players today if we r to win anything in next two years … Ramsey will never b though just doesn’t have the skills and running around a lot will never make up for that … Good bench player though

  5. Watching Sky’s Sunday Supplement – Neil Custis of the Sun – what a spoofer !!! what a rag !!!

    He reports “Neymar to Utd” in the paper and when asked on the show he says “well he probably won’t go but it’s possible”—–SPOOF !!!

    It’s not just us that has to deal with make believe transfer stories.

  6. Am always positive about Arsenal( my dear club) and Mr wenger but my GOONERS fans on Facebook and twitter thinks am not calling a spade a spade. Their reason(s) being that i defend Mr wenger on his Decisions concerning AFC alot AND always defending the players when they have a below per performance. NOW if you think am doing my duty as a gooner, thumb-up, if you think Otherwise, Thumb-Down…

    1. Being a fan our duty is to criticise as well, since both criticism and appraisal go hand in hand.

    2. I suppose your football team is a bit like your family – it’s ok for you to criticism them but you don’t like someone else doing it.

      To keep the family analogy going – if you keep telling them they’re brilliant and they’re not then you get lazy, spoiled children who think they can do no wrong.

      Then again I don’t think Daddy Wenger listens to his children but at least he’s not a nut job like his neighbour Mr Mourinho- I hear he bullies his family.

  7. It will all come down to how welll or bad we have done against teams like city united Chelsea and Liverpool both home and away. Some times the form is not with us and luck favours the opposition, those are the matches where we must not lose if a win is realistically out of reach. We usually strong against the above mentioned teams at home but we almost always lose points in these away matches. So the key would be to win our home matches against these teams and acheive atleast a draw at their grounds.
    In Chelsea’s past 2 seasons jose managed a home win and an away draw each season. It would be great if manage to take 4 points out of 6 against them, however, realistically speaking, with the squad we have as of now draws at both home and away against Chelsea will be a good result.

    1. If be delighted if Utd did hi jack the deal cos Benzema is over rated, over paid and the alleged fee is ridiculous.

      When we signed Ozil the RM fans were appalled.
      When we signed Sanchez the Barca fans literally cried.

      Mention Benzema to RM fans and there’s no reaction apart from great – hopefully we can get Reus now.

      1. You could not be more wrong!

        Both RM fans and club know his value as a top class centre forward. He is one of the worlds best.

  8. wenger does his business as soon as the player becomes available irrespective of time of transfer window. last year he did his business pretty early and this year also with cech. If he is not doing it means either the player is not available or he doesnt want him. Also big player move late in the window as club has to find equally big name replacement. I dont think benzema is coming as RM are nowhere near another big name CF. The least we can get is gotze and i think he will be perfect as he can dribble, create chances and most importantly SHOOTS which ozil doesnt. Also he will be healthy competition to ozil and future replacement of santi. I wont be surprised if we dont sign anybody !!!

  9. All guns blazing please take a look at your so called reliable source latest tweet he is now backtracking and saying its down to wengers stubbornness if benzema deal does not happen he also deleted tweet regarding Reus not playing cos he actually is so no need to say anymore about this idiot if u make up 100 transfer rumours your bound to get 1 or 2 right just shows he knows no more then any of us!!

    1. Are you talking to the dead! … “All guns blazing” is dead, I saw the Admin this morning shot him right in the head ….
      Eye witness …

  10. Wanyama wants out what an ideal signing he would be, 6’2 built like a brick aggressive can even take players on pass

    Like we all know if we can’t buy in attack let’s atleast strengthen our defence further.

  11. Take Wanyama, don’t haggle and send Bielik to Southampton for a season as a compensation.

    Then Focus on the WC striker and snap Van Dijk from Celtic.

    1. God no lads – this is desperation talk

      Wanyama is average – Schneiderlin was the one

      Van Djik – no better than what we have – I like Celtic but our reserves would win that league

      1. Wanyama allowed Scheiderlin to shine, just like Coquelin enables Cazorla. I ersonally think he is a good anchor.

        Agreed on Van Dijk, it is a gamble.

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