Transfer insider confirms Arsenal has attempted to sign Serie A goal machine

Gianluca Di Marzio has confirmed Arsenal’s interest in Dusan Vlahovic and says the Gunners are the only club to have attempted to sign him.

The striker is arguably the most sought after in Europe right now, and the Gunners want him in Mikel Arteta’s team.

Arteta has bolstered his midfield and defence, but his team still lacks a ruthless goal-scorer.

That description fits Vlahovic, and reports have linked the Serbian striker with a move to the Emirates.

Several European clubs also want to sign him, including Juventus, who beat the Gunners to the signature of Manuel Locatelli in the summer.

However, Arsenal is not intimidated by the other big-name clubs that want to sign him, and the Gunners have made their interest known, according to Di Marzio.

But he insists the player’s entourage is refusing to talk with them.

He said, as quoted by “In the summer there were a couple of concrete offers, with Atletico Madrid on pole. But Commisso imposed himself also hoping that Vlahovic would renew his contract. But the demands of the agents have been higher and higher not to renew. 

“In June, someone like Vlahovic, even if one year from the deadline, could be worth as much as 50 million. In my opinion Juventus will make an attempt in June . To date, only Arsenal have come forward but Vlahovic’s agents have not even answered the phone.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Mikel Arteta has done very well with the players he has signed for Arsenal so far.

In Vlahovic, he is targeting a striker that can finish the chances his team creates.

The likes of Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have been missing too many chances.

Vlahovic can guarantee up to 20 league goals per season if he takes his Serie A form to the Premier League.

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  1. Would it matter who we signed up top with Artetas tactics and team set ups seeing we had a top class striker in Auba who was banging in goals for fun until the magician took over .
    I would suggest wait until the summer to see where we are in the table before throwing more money at an average manager who has been backed heavily but no actually progress as happened over 2 years .

    1. Not being DISMAL DAN jonny boy
      Just saying how I see it .
      Is it not a fact that Auba was one of the top strikers in the league before Arteta came in ?
      Is it not a fact we have scored 13 goals in 12 matches so far played ?
      Please enlighten me how Artetas tactics have got the best out of our offensive players .
      I deal in facts not some silly agenda agaist a former manager to try and proven right .
      I wanted Wenger to resign just the same as quite a few other fans but I don’t keep trying to compare chalk and cheese .
      I will base my opinions on the state of our team the same I did with Wenger and Emery ,and Arteta is way below nice of them in terms of what I want to see .

    2. Since 2004,Chelsea have won the epl five times and the cl twice
      and could have won another if not for the bungling ref during Ballack’s time.
      Why?The power of money has transform
      ed football.Football is now a big business.
      Arsenal have fallen behind and the gap will get wider and become a yawning chasmif the gunners cant compete.

  2. dan kit,are u an arsenal fan,if u are u won’t be making stupid comments on this forum,mikel artet will not kill himself 4 never satisfied fans like,rate him by his level and then compare it to his accomplishments before blabbing here

    1. Mimi @
      Am I an Arsenal fan ?
      Not even sure by your silly post I should even reply ,so I won’t .
      TBF not even sure what your going on about regarding his accomplishments.

  3. Strange article, “most sought after striker in Europe” “we are the only team trying to sign him” the most sought after striker in Europe. The truth is, he doesnt want to talk to Arsenal because he isnt interested even though we are the only club in Europe to try. He wants another team and we aren’t in the game. Non article!!!!

    1. Actually Reggie, your observations prove it IS an ARTICLE, when a player’s agent can’t even be bothered to talk to The Arsenal!!!

      Just think about that for a second, let it sink in and then ask yourself this… was offering CL football year in year out THE important thing that some of us said it was?

      1. Ken, no team can guarantee CL football but they can sell the vision and the promise, problem is at the moment the club cant offer a vision or a promise that has back up. They cant see CL football at Arsenal next season, or even the near future. But he isn’t interested in Arsenal anyway, his heart is elsewhere.

        1. We did for twenty years Reggie!!!
          As for the players heart, he wants to play for a top club and for top money – we are nowhere near either and, in our history, have only been able to offer one of the two criteria to date.

  4. This player isn’t better than Adeyemi. I also believe if Balogun goes on loan where he plays in a higher level than now, he could be better than this guy in 2 years.
    Go for Adeyemi now and bring in Balogun in 2023 when Auba’s contract is ending

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