Transfer insider reveals £100M Arsenal budget for winger and ‘secret target’

Arsenal are in talks to sign an unknown striker according to Emanuele Giulianelli, but will turn to Alexandre Lacazette should talks fail to prove fruitful.

The journalist was the first to reveal the deal which would send Granit Xhaka from Borussia Monchengladbach to North-London this summer, and he has now claimed that there is a deal in place to sign Alexandre Lacazette, despite the club holding preference in another signature.

“Despite all rumours, Alexandre Lacazette, of Lyon, is still not the first option for the striker role [at Arsenal], but he is ready to land.” Giulianelli said.

“Arsenal are working on a secret name, not yet revealed, and the recent trip to Germany of some club members could mean something. Or maybe it was for [Julian] Draxler? No-one knows yet.

“What we know is when and if Arsenal realise that they won’t be able to take their first choice, they will take Lacazette. The budget ready for the striker plus the winger is about £100m.”

This report could ease the minds of Arsenal fans, who had looked increasingly likely to fail to bring in the proven goalscorer the squad craves, with Lacazette as the back-up option.

Reports that our strike-target could be based in Germany could well mean Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a possibility, but I think the more realistic capture of Javier Hernandez could well be in line.

The Mexican scored an impressive 17 league goals for Bayer Leverkusen last term, after being shunned by the then Man United boss Louis Van Gaal.

Sir Alex Ferguson clearly saw a talent in the forward, and I for one have always had a soft spot for Chicharito, despite playing for the Manchester Red.

Would you be happy with Hernandez as back-up to Giroud?

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  1. PSG have baulked at the €50m price tag of Lacazette could this be because he’s not good enough?Lacazette is not wanted by other big teams he’s clearly not world class!

    1. Yes that may be true
      Also you need to be careful with Ligue one stats
      Giroud scored 21 Ligue goals for Montpelier the year before he came here
      Then scored 11 PL goals (but then again he didn’t have Fabregas or Ozil to assist him that season).

      I still think Lacazette is better than Giroud and young enough to improve
      I agree he hasn’t proven WC yet

      1. I have to disagree with you Lacazette is not better than Giroud,I think our desperation for a striker is leading to us having our judgement clouded,his numbers in Ligue 1 are nothing to write home about and there’s no way he should be commanding a fee of €50m!

          1. What if we end up buying Aubameyang? That would be an early christmas for us Arsenal fans.

    2. Lacazette is okish, but can it be Benzama? Real has not spent big money this year, and they coped without Morata and injured Benzama last year, now they have Morata back, Suso is playing well, so if they get Auba they will sell Benzama for big money

    3. Lacazette is good enough for what we need. It’s understandable why most Arsenal fans don’t understand this. It makes me even more optimistic about our prospects of signing him this summer.

  2. Well its not Aubemeyang
    He said that he will only go to Real Madrid, no other club or stay where he is.

    I think Wenger will get a forward but I think he won’t get a quality CB that we definitely need

    Again, we need a CB, striker and Winger to compete this season

    1. You think Wenger will get a forward?where’s this blind faith coming from?the worst thing that happened was Leicester winning the league as he and Gazidis have already started using that as an excuse as to why we don’t need top class signings

      1. Lets face it, Mr Wenger and Co. would always have an excuse for not winning the league, and not dipping into the honey pot to purchase world class players. If it wasn’t Leicester, it would have been another team, not Arsenal, and £40m +1 excuses!

  3. This guy is fake and I don’t know how Arsenal fans falls in his trap. He is just increasing his followers on Tweeter by making these statements. He is the same guy who was 100% sure that Benzema is flying to Emirates for medical last summer. Don’t believe him.
    I don’t believe any rumor unless it is on Sky or BBC.

    Don’t raise your hopes too much Gooners else at the end you will be disappointed.

    1. Yep, this is what he said last August: “Italian journalist Emanuele Giulianelli claims Karim Benzema has sealed Arsenal transfer and will join next week”

      1. He has also reported
        1. RM isco to arsenal
        2. Arsenal agreed personal terms with lukaku
        3. Liverpool not to make bid for gibbs
        4. Arsenal inquire abot dele alli
        5. Plus a load more
        Obviously a very well connected journalist, or one who mekes up loads of stories, I will go with the latter.

        Forget this rumour, waste of time.

  4. Id personally take Chicharito over Lacazette any day (not saying he’s my #1 striker want; just basing my comment off the article). Bundesliga is a better league than Ligue 1, Chicharito is better in the air and arguably just as clinical. Chicharito is older but watever. Early this year at OL, Fekir was the main man up top and did better than Lacazette. More of a #10 imo but the guy was producing. If I remember correctly he had an early season hat-trick before going down with that injury. OLs next big thing is him.

    1. @nygooner – I agree with you. I like Chicharito. I don’t think he is world class or anything like that but I think he brings us a lot more than Giroud does. The fear would be that Wenger uses him as a substitute and keeps Giroud as our main striker. To me, as long as our main striker is Giroud we will not win anything big.

      It is also nice to know that Chicharito has had some success in the PL whilst Lacazette has yet to prove he could handle the PL.

      I think Chicharito is a good finisher and a much better finisher then Giroud I also like the speed advantage he brings over Giroud. I said it many times this summer, Giroud’s lack of speed greatly limited our strategic options and also prevented Ozil from using his full repertoire of defense splitting passes simply because he knew Giroud could not get to the end of them.

      1. @Jansen
        As a sub or main striker, I feel Chicharito would still make a huge difference to our squad.

        1. True but that is only becuase we have no striker sub since Welbeck is out. All the others are either failed projects or don’t seem to have Wenger’s confidence.

          The real change to our chances of winning a major trophy will be once Giroud becomes our sub and not our starter.

          1. Giroud brings power to our front line, we currently have many really fast players in our attacking lineup but not many with a strong presence like Giroud (Welbeck is quite strong as well but his injured).

    2. Chicharito is a good finisher but does not create a lot of chances for himself. I think he’d struggke to find net for Arsenal. He should keep his confidence up in Bundesliga and seal his position for country. No PL.

  5. Well the big thing is the big 4 clubs United & city Liverpool Chelsea then we have lestster tottingham West Ham I would go as say 2 more up there so point I’m making is they have all got players in and will still buy but I just don’t think AW will. This will be the last season for him and I think M O and A S will go next year. Arsenal might be holding cash for the new manager. I don’t think they have been giving him cash and would like to read his autobiography In a few years

    1. I think you are correct about club not releasing funds from cash reserves and wengers biography will be very interesting. With regard to cash for new manager to spend, I think it will depend on the circumstances at the time, iI do not think they are holding back cash for the new manager.

      I share your concern about AS and MO and other top players.

  6. I have great doubts about the 100 million budget. Of course it would be a wet dream if we signed a striker and a winger for a combined value of 100 and it would make my season, what ever the results (if they were both starters).

    However it would seem entirely outside the spending pattern of the club and entirely inline with all the bs rumors journalist like to circulate about our beloved club.

  7. Good news for Arsenal fans if it is true. I think this journalist has truth in his past leaked information though failed on some cases. Let us wait fot it with hppe.

  8. Omg this Emmanuelle Giulianelli guy again? Didn’t he say Higuain and others were coming and deals were made and accepted like 10000000 times already? As soon as i saw the title i was thinking please don’t let this insider be this guy and baam it’s him again ahhhh!!!!!!

  9. Forget Aubameyang, as his mind is only set on Real Madrid.
    The only other striker that’s based in Germany, who’s name has not been mentioned much in the rumour mill is Lewandowski ?

    Apparently, it’s Our top chief of negotiations Mr Secret Squirrel – Law who’s out in Germany.
    My guess would be that they are out there for Draxler, which makes sense, as it links up with the older stories of Ozil tapping up afew of his young German team mates, during the Euro’s.
    Draxler has the potential to be converted into a striker and to have him and Mahrez in our team, that would be something special.

  10. Click bate alert!! ? ” Midfielder deal sealed”
    Be prepared lol…. ??
    Midfielder tells close friends that he will arrive at Arsenal on Saturday.

    ?@ Admin.

  11. 12 years of lies and spreading rumors to sell season tickets, and Jessie’s is the most dishonest way of running a club like Arsenal. Nothing has changed this year. Wenger can’t do all of this by himself, Stan Kroenke is the greedy American owners behind all of this. As soon as I right this he unlistes his AKB dogs to give me thumb down to show that most Arsenal supporters don’t agree with this. To kill a snake you must crush the head, chocke the only means of their income and ban their season tickets and Arsenal sales. They charge you the highest in the world but give low class team. Time to do something.

  12. Title of this article is incorrect, Emanuele Giulianelli is not a transfer insider, title should read “Transfer Outsider Reveals”……………”.

    The guy just makes up stories to fit known facts or fans concerns.

  13. There’ll be no Wenger Biography about the Arsenal guys! Arsenal have always seen to that with golden handshakes! It’s why we are considered a classy club? We are private in all our affairs including transfers

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