Transfer is “complicated” player and buyer wants the move

Lucas Torreira’s move from Arsenal to Torino is being made complicated by the Italian side’s proposal to sign the midfielder, according to Tuttosport, via Star Sports.

Torreira is set to be sacrificed by Arsenal in this transfer window as they look to bring in the likes of Thomas Partey and Houssem Aouar.

The Uruguayan has fallen out of favour with Mikel Arteta, and he will be smart to leave if he truly cares about playing football.

The Gunners want £22 million from his sale and Torino is keen to land him.

The Italians are looking to get him on a loan deal for the season with the option of making the move permanent at the end of the campaign.

The report claims that Torino’s loan bid is complicated, and that is making their offer tough to accept.

The Italians want to pay for the loan move, but making the deal permanent is dependent on some objectives that will “include qualifying for the Europa League, registering a specific number of appearances, goals and assists, and receiving a certain amount of international call-ups.”

Apart from the loan fee, the amount payable to make the transfer permanent will depend on him meeting the demands of those clauses and that is holding up the deal.

One good thing is that both the player and the Italian side are prepared to enter the new season together as partners.

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  1. If this is true then Torino is one deeply conflicted club. on one hand they really want the player but then theyre gonna give us unrealistic conditions like we’re the buying club? like WTF?

  2. Lmao… I keep saying Arsenal’s actually mad at them for while now regarding their transfer offer.
    This is the reason.
    The greedy f##ks backtracked from their permanent transfer offer, and switched it into a loan.

    BTW Arsenal have agreed personal terms with Brentford goalkeeper David Raya,
    on a 5 year deal worth £40K a week.

    He has made it very clear to the club that he wants to join Arsenal.
    He’ll probably stay there on loan, then we pay his fee when we can finally have him

      1. Lol… Sue, like Josh once said, Be Excited, but this time Be Prayerful, be prayerful we sell these players we don’t want and we free space for players. If we do, you’ll be getting your dream of Aouar and Partey.
        It’s only complicated because we need to balance the non home grown quota.
        Arteta already said it’ll be complicated.
        Surely if we move them out, we’re bringing the boys in😊😊
        I think one of Ornstein or Fabrizio already confirmed the fact that Partey won’t go anywhere if he’s not coming to us. He’s refusing to sign for Athletico for now.
        He has n agreement with us, he has rejected offers from other clubs. It’s either Arsenal or Athletico.
        But definitely you’ll see some action😉😉

        1. And all Arsenal has to do is come up with the €50 million. Arsenal is playing a game of chicken with Atletico Madrid, with the only card Arsenal has is that AM may end up with a disallusioned player, who sees his contract out. Given his age and the length of his current contract, he may just re sign for the extra money.

        2. Thanks Eddie! Waiting for Auba was bad enough… been on tenterhooks for the last month or so, what’s another 17 days!! 🤣🤣🤣 Pray for Partey haha!!

    1. F***** em. LT should consider Fiorentina, these scammers will most likely renege on any deal with the club . Then it’s gonna be lawsuits left right and center that’ll ruin LT’s career as the clubs slug it out in court.

  3. Tell them the price; half now and half when next season starts is reasonable. If they are serious and want to do business, then get it done. Otherwise jog on and good luck with unrealistic demands in further dealings with other clubs.

  4. Why is it that when we want to sell a player, the old chestnut of “if he really cares about football” etc is paraded out?
    What if the player doesn’t want to move, maybe for family reasons, not wanting to regress club wise, or, God forbid, the money doesn’t match what he’s earning?

    I have no idea what Torreria wants to do, but just because we need to sell him to raise money, suddenly the onus is on the player…. whoever he might be.
    It seems, in this instance, that MA wants him gone, we should support that 100%,but let’s not make the player the sacrificial lamb.

    1. I don’t see any body making Torreira a sacrificial lamb Ken, perhaps there’s something you want to call our attention to, as even though you won’t say it, I’m sure you had a certain Ozil in mind when writing this comment. Because that’s the only person I’ve ever seen fans use the words “if he really cares, he would move” and rightly so too, I might add. If you don’t feature in the coach’s plans, why on earth will you be comfortable earning money and doing nothing if you are truly passionate about what you do, I expect him to be pissed at the seeming humiliation and take a pay cut to go join another team and prove everyone including the coach wrong for not believing in him. But truth be told, he doesn’t have anything left to play for, no new motivation, he’s retired from the national team after already winning the world Cup, he’s happy to get his wages for the next 8 months because there’s zero passion anymore. We don’t need that right now, we need hungry players and don’t give me his “I’m ready” PR stunts either. No one really believes that, if he was indeed ready, the coach is not blind not to see it in training and say yes he’s really ready and put him back in the team.

      1. There is no evidence that Lucas Torreira has been viewed by Mikel Arteta as being surplus to requirements; however there is plenty of evidence in Torreira’s statements that he and his family are unhappy in England and want to transfer back to Italy. The player wants the move.

  5. I’ve read that Torreira has had trouble adjusting to life in London. I can imagine that: new language, big city. And not making the progress in his career that he expected. Italy might suit him better. I enjoyed his hustle-bustle style.

  6. Who owns Arsenal? Does he/ do they think they are trading in used clothing. What’s all this ‘high financial jazz’ horse-play? If interest in the club has waned, it should be given back to AST! Just take a look at SW.6, to the south of NW5!

  7. Roma are hopefully gunna make a proper bid for him now
    He’s always struggled to feel settled here apparently
    Nothing to do with arteta
    Good luck back in intaly
    Just fecking do it quickly so we can get aouor if we miss that chance I’ll not be getting out of bed for a few months 😁😱😭
    Partly great play but also there’s 3 very good replacements if we don’t land him
    Just get it all done before my brain melts 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

    1. Just saw this on Twitter:
      “Significant Chelsea and Arsenal news expected in the coming days.
      Chelsea will make another move once Mendy signs. Arsenal are ready to do a madness.”

      A madness??!! 😄 It’s going to get worse, Solly and not just our brains 😆🤯👍

  8. If these are the unrealistic demands of Torrino, forget about them and think of Florentina or Roma. They are also interested in LT and would be more serious.

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